Workday form of control and cost accounting of labor and the distribution of income among farmers, used in collective farms in 1930-66. All DOS. types of work in collective farms were broken up into bits from 0.5 to 2 T. Main. field work were evaluated at higher discharges at lower utility. In practice, there was a trend equalization payment. Wages in the collective, according to the Model Rules of s / x Artel 1935 was conducted up to ser. 1950 as a residual. Of crop production and live-va farm primarily handed state-woo with / agricultural products supply, return the seed loans, paying for the Read more [...]
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TROFIMUK Andrey (03 (16) 08.1911, der. Hvetkovich, Kobrin. Y. Grodno province.), Petroleum geologist, academician. ANSSSR (1958), Corr. (1953), Dr. geologist. Mineralogical Sciences (1949), prof. (1960). Hon. Worker. Scientist of the RSFSR (1957). Rod. to cross. family. He graduated from Kazan. University (1933). He worked in the oil exploration and industrial. Since 1955, dir. All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Oil and Gas, 1957 Dir. Institute of Geology and Geophysics SB RAS. 1962-72 taught at Novosibirsk University are. Regular. Tr. devoted to the problem of the origin of oil and gas. Read more [...]
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TOKAREVA Maria (25.03 (06.04) .1894, Nikolaev 27.01.1965. Sverdl.), Actress, Nar. Art. RSFSR (1950). Rod. family servant. Acting skills gained in the Ukrainian kult.-raising on the island of Enlightenment. Theatrical career began in Simferopol, continued in Tbilisi, Mogilev, Nikolaev, Bryansk, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl. Season 1913-14 worked in the touring troupe M.Dalskogo. From 1931 to Sverdl. Drama Theatre. TV images were subject to dramatic and tragic sound, as well as typical. Roles: Shura (Egor Boulichev and other Gorky, 1933), Spring (Spring Love K. Trenev, 1934), Anna Karenina (Leo Tolstoy's Read more [...]
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Mikhail Petrovich Petrov

Mikhail Petrovich Petrov (08 (21) .11.1905, der. Monashevo now Elabuzhskij district of Tatarstan 29.11.1955, Izhevsk), UDM. writer. Outcast. WWII. Rod. to cross. family. Graduated sovpartshkolu and UDM. Pedagogical Inst. He worked as an employee of the gas. UDM. Commune w. Hammer, cond. book publishing house. Reprinted with 1927 Max. Math. books of short stories and essays tooth for a tooth (1931), Through the Fire (1932), Sb. Spring poems (1934), the play servant (1931). On the subject of romantic poem Italmas P. (1945) composer Korepanov-Kamsky write one. ballet. In the novel Before the Dawn Read more [...]
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Machine and tractor stations (MTS)

Machine and tractor stations (MTS) State. c / x enterprise created for tehn. and organizational assistance to the collective farms. Lack of a / v equipment necessitated its centralized distribution and use. First MTS was created in 1928 in the Odessa region. W. predecessors MTS were rolling and grain cleaning items, as well as organized in the spring of 1929 cereal district tries Coorg., Trinity and Tyumen env. tractor columns. On their basis in April. 1930 W. completed the creation of four MTS Lebyazhevskoy, Petuhovskoy, Shumikhinskaya and Schuche. Regular. Manuf. unit of MTS was tractor brigade. Read more [...]
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KURGANSKIY Wheel Tractor Plant

KURGANSKIY Wheel Tractor Plant Regular. in 1950 in Kurgan-based enterprise existed from 1941 Uralselmash and MY. presspodborschiki, harrows, Silage cutters, threshers and others. During the second floor. 1950 due to increased demand cum. x-va in heavy machines redeveloped to produce wheeled tractors. During the reconstruction of the new buildings were constructed, introduced the latest equipment, established manufacture of parts and assemblies, and zd from 1960 became Mfr. two types of tractors brands Minsk avtoz yes. In 1970-80-zd continued to build powerful., Built electroplating, introduced Read more [...]
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KURGANSELMASH zd DOS. in 1904 in Kurgan as cast iron, brass casting zd engineer S.A.Balakshina. Since 1905, the plant was started no. maslodelatelnoe equipment, s / x machines and water mill turbines. In 1918 nationalized. With Ser. 1920 zd expanded and remodeled. In 1941, the mound was evacuated a number of s-ing united with K. Uralselmash to-ing in 1950, was divided into two s-da: K. and Kurgan zd wheeled tractors (KZKT). In 1950 K. again undergone a renovation and became a member of the same name. Manuf. association, and in 1992 became a stock of CMV. It produces a domain installation, tanks, Read more [...]
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The Angry Register

International mag, February 1999The Furious LodgeYour pressing inquiries around the reality, answeredBy Hampton SidesI've heard that the north Rod is moving! Is my 1950 scope superannuated?— Mel Saltaine, Ojai, CaliforniaThe more we discover astir the impulsive shipway of our satellite, the more we learn that those concepts we worship for their sensation of permanency and rescript are lonesome umbrageous readings of a earth in combine. Looker the Read more [...]
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Why ruble liberated from the dollar

On March 1, 1950, according to the decision of the Union Council of Ministers of 28 February, the decision to cease in July 1937 calculation Foreign currency exchange rate of the ruble to the U.S. dollar based. Continue this course determined on the basis of a continuous gold content of the Soviet money and, consequently, the average price of gold in the Soviet Union and in the world market. For the first time the national currency were "decoupled" from the U.S. dollar. However, it lasted long ... Based on current global financial and economic developments, such monetary policy today Read more [...]
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Where did the idea to us about the end of the world

So why are we still so often think of the end of the world. Trying to find an answer to this question has been raised many sources and read quite a few books on the history of the ancient worlds, as well as many others. And now I will try to briefly and clearly analyze what had been collected up to us to give a clear, I clear answer why we think about the end of the world. The first sources talking about is what we are waiting for doomsday Archaeologists have been found on the remains of Babylon dated 2000 thousand years before Christ. This suggests that not only with the advent of Christianity Read more [...]
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Weasel family. Wolverine

Wolverine has a large trunk, up to 70 cm scalp hard, shiny, hair coloring, dark brown, brown and light brown, from shoulder to rump along the walkway and light stripes. Wolverines are found in northern European USSR, in Siberia and the Far East, including the Kamchatka Peninsula and beyond USSR - In North America, in northern Scandinavia and occasionally in Manchuria. Extraction usually come out at night. In February and March, a female cub born 02.04. Food Wolverines - birds and animals, including even such large as deer and elk. Do not give up and wolverines from frogs, fish and carrion. Read more [...]
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