Alexander G. Friedlander

Alexander G. Friedlander (02 (15) .07. 1906, St. Petersburg. 13.09.1980, Sverdlov.), Composer, conductor, professor. (1980), Honored. Art. RSFSR (1958). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from Leningrad. Conservatory (1933, cl. A.V.Gauka). 1939-41, 1947-74 conductor of the symphonic orchestra. Sverdl. Philharmonic 1941-43 Ch. conductor Sverdl. Theater op. and Ballet Song and Dance Ensemble UrVO. Since 1946 teacher of Ur. State. Conservatory. Op cit .:. Snow (1962), Pitertsy (1965) Cake from Heaven (1970); ballet The Stone Flower (1944, 2nd ed. 1947 3rd 1975); Bride (1958); choreographic Read more [...]
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Svedomsky Pavel

Svedomsky Pavel (1849, St. Petersburg. 1904, Switzerland), the master ist. painting. Younger brother A.A.Svedomskogo. In 1879 he received a silver medal for the painting IAH Moscow burns and daughter Camellia; Evils in 1889. medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1793 for the painting. Jacquerie. Among others. Works: Two Roman with a tambourine and flute (PGHG) Two women at a fountain (1889, RM), Mary Hamilton before his execution (1904, Omsk muses. Fig. Claim-in), Ermak (Sarapulsky Local History Muses.), Painting in the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev: The Resurrection of Lazarus, Entry into Jerusalem, Read more [...]
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Svedomsky Alexander

Svedomsky Alexander (1848, St. Petersburg., 1911, Rome), painter, landscape. Childhood, as well as his younger brother, Paul A., held at the family estate Mikhailovsky zd (Osinski have. Perm. Lip). Education brothers received in Acad. thin. Düsseldorf (the second floor. 1860) and in the studio in Munich M.Munkachi (early. 1870). Mn. traveled Zap. Europe. In 1875 he settled in Rome, lived in Russia in the summer at his estate, where he had a studio. Participated in the exhibitions: Intern., IAH, of St. Petersburg. the Society thin., Mosk. the Society lovers thin., Perm. of the Society of lovers Read more [...]
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Kalashnikov Mikhail Kalashnikov

Kalashnikov Mikhail Kalashnikov (B. 11.10.1919, p. Kurya Altai Krai), a prominent arms designer, Dr. Sci. Sciences (1971), the gene-l-Major (1994), Lieutenant General (1999), Honored. Worker prom. USSR (1989), Honorary Professor. Izhevsk State. tehn. University (1994). Outcast. WWII. Since 1948 lives in Izhevsk (UDM.), Working in JSC Izhmash (Izhevsk Machine Engineering until 1975. Zd in 1979-92 ON Izhmash) constructor, a leading design engineer (1949-57), Head Office, Chief of the Defence Technology (1957-67), Designer (1967-79), 1979, Ch. Designer Office on Small Arms. Created by AK Read more [...]
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ISTRATOV Yuri Ivanovich

ISTRATOV Yuri Ivanovich (10/29/1928, Sverdlov.), Art. cinema, a painter and graphic artist. Pers. Cinematographers' Union and the Union of thin. The Russian Federation. Hon. Worker. Arts of the RSFSR (1973). Laureate of the State. etc.. RSFSR (1975). Rod. family servant. Graduated Sverdl. thin. School (1948), art. Faculty of VGIK (1954). From 1954 on St. Studios. Hood. cinema and TV films, TV shows, plays, concerts Sverdl. TV. Participated in the production of thin. It's time to film the taiga snowdrop (1958 Ya.Lapshin diploma 2nd century. encouraging diploma and the All-Union Film Festival, Minsk, Read more [...]
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Zababakhin Evgeny

Zababakhin Evgeny (16 (29) .01.1917, Moscow. 28.12.1984, Chelyab.-70), a physicist, academician. Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1968), Corr. Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958), Dr. Sci. Sciences (1953), the gene-l-Lieutenant (1977). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the BBA im.Zhukovskogo (1944). C 1948 VNIIEF rose from junior scientific. employee. to the deputy. Chap. Designer and scientific. hands. 1955-84 scientific. hands. VNIITF. AZ by Tr. in the region. Gas Dynamics and the explosion of theoretical physics. Developer of nuclear weapons and nuclear explosive devices Read more [...]
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Grechishnikov Vladimir Fedorovich

Grechishnikov Vladimir Fedorovich (26.06 (09.07) .1917, Ufa 15.08.1958, Chelyab.-70), the constructor in region. nuclear weapons. Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the Bauman Higher Technical School (1939). In 1939-40 -inzhener constructor CIAM im.Baranova, 1940-41 st.inzhener constructor Kirov s da in Leningrad, 1941-47 hands. group vice. Chap. Designer SKBM Lv. turbo. s-yes, c 1947 Head of Department. VNIIEF, 1955 Deputy. Chap. Designer VNIITF. Participated in the development of the first nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, the creation of nuclear weapons adopted by the arms, Read more [...]
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28.08.2004 Calendar of memorials

September In 1878. Consecrated Alexander Nevsky church. In 1948. Organized Nizhnetagilskij Civil Engineering. In 1958. City station of young technicians (GorSYuT) received a new building. In 1958. Put into operation the camp of "900\\\\\\\" on NTMK. September 1, 1958 year opened a school №64. 1963. Commissioned two workshops at the factory plastics fluoroplastic and urea resins. 1963. For the first time in the Soviet Union built workshop heavy lens on NTMK. 1993. September 1 Polytechnic High School opened its doors to Read more [...]
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26.05.2004 Calendar of memorials

May May 1898 g. Nizhny Tagil created the first society of hunters as a branch of "Russian society of the right of hunting.\\\\\\\" May 1928 g. Sverdlovsk took 1st Ural Regional Congress of the Russian Red Cross. May 25, 1938 Mr.. organized by the claims and the legal department at Uralvagonzavod. May 29, 1958 Mr.. Sverdlovsk Oblast Executive Committee decided to open in Nizhny Tagil Regional College of Music. The official opening of the school was held November 11, 1958 May 27, 1998 Nizhny Tagil visited Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Read more [...]
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14.01.2003 Date January

50 years January 15, 1953 opened a savings bank category II in the management of the trust "Tagilstroy.\\\\\\\" 60 years ago January 20, 1943 the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on decorating plant №183 of them. Comintern (UralVagonZavod) People's Commissariat of the tank industry second Order of the Red Banner. 55 years ago January 23, 1948 organized by the Department of Nizhnetagilskom Sverdlovsk Branch of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation. 45 years ago January 27, 1958 issued an order of Chief of the labor force at the Read more [...]
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08.10.2003 Calendar of memorable dates

14 October 1928 IN N. Tagil opened the 1st Nizhny Tagil District Congress of the society of friends radio. October 15, 1933 On the basis of order No. 552 "URALS Energy " organized a new area of operation of networks and substations center, N. Tagil Nizhny Tagil electrical network. Ntes 70 years! October 15, 1948 Open 2-clause tram route Savatovsky village the city centre. October 25, 1938 Received the first batch of phenolic oil in Nizhny Tagil plant (Uralkhimplast) the birth of the plant. October 25, 1958 Cement and slate plant commissioned Read more [...]
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03.11.2004 Calendar of memorable dates

October 1893. Developed the "Rules of safety precautions for all operating in Nizhny Tagil plants ". 1898. In Nizhny Tagil is open when Vvedensky Church Sunday school for 80 students, male and female aged 9 to 45 years (only in the diocese). 1938. Put into operation the main industrial plant peat-chemical plant on the basis of which was established later plastics plant. 1943. In Nizhny Tagil sent to work Leningrad State New theater, which during the war gave the city 470 performances. 1958. Commissioned Nizhny Tagil furniture factory is one of the Read more [...]
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Khrushchev's attack on Orthodoxy

In light holiday of the Holy Virgin, October 14, 1964 an extraordinary plenum Central Committee sent a resignation NS Khrushchev. At the plenary session of its reasonably accused of many strategic mistakes, including the "excesses" in politics but to religion. Providence or pet it, we will get what God paid Khrushchev - the day of the Holy Virgin - for blasphemous, cynical actions against the church   In October 1958 the second, half a century ago, the beginning of the "all-union" campaign against religion, particularly against the Russian Orthodox Church as the most Read more [...]
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Weather Squadron

Konotop gunners preparing college-radio operators for long-range aircraft. Jet bombers Tu-16 is supplied to arm. Here on this and I got in the crew of Captain Paul Petrovich Yepishin. We distributed first in Estonia, Tartu. Here on the ground stood Air Army Major General Gusarov. Made the first flight in the city Soltsy - it Novgorod region, surrendered flight training, and in 1958 began to gather on the North. Flew to Olenegorsk, is there such a high settlement. Solid airfield - runway is 4 kilometers later it for another half-mile lengthened. Here I was a sergeant, commander firing installations Read more [...]
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With the development of fiber optic endoscopy in the diagnosis of gastric diseases, especially cancer, has become paramount. In 1958 Herschowitz, V. et al. [Demonstration of a new gastroscope ..., 1958] have created a completely new apparatus for visual examination of the stomach, where the lens system has been replaced by a beam of light guides. The advantages of this type of devices are: 1) the safety of the method (percentage of complications according to K. Ariga, 1966 - 0,03-0,001), 2) ease of research for the patient; 3) high image quality, and 4) lack of a "blind" zones in the Read more [...]
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Gray groundhog – marmota baibacina kastsch. Distribution and abundance in Kazakhstan

Outside of Kazakhstan in the north lazybones was common in the steppes of Trans-Urals. Currently, he remained there only isolated settlements in the southern part of the Chelyabinsk region - Bredin-Soviet, Kizilskoe, Poltava, and Varmenskom Kuyurgazinskom areas (Schwartz, Peacock, Daniel, 1951). In this Kustanai region animal found in the northern regions - Fedorov, Mendygarin-Soviet and Presnogorkovskaya (Sludsky, 1939 Tkachenko, 1959). In the North-Kazakhstan region it is found in the area Presnovskom (Tkachenko, 1959). Next, the northern boundary of its distribution goes to the lake. Selety-Tentiz Read more [...]
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Indications for non-operational treatment of ureteral stones 3

As can be seen from the above, the indications for non-operative treatment should be considered: the degree of violation of the outflow of urine, anatomical and functional status of the upper urinary tract and the presence or absence of infection. Of these conditions, you should keep in mind before applying the non-operative treatment, LN Pogozheva (1945) recommended that necessarily take into account anatomical and functional state of the kidney and ureter. Experimental and clinical studies of many authors (Babies, Renyi-Vamos, 1957; Widen, 1958, A. J. Pytel, 1959, NA Efendiyev, 1959, and others) Read more [...]
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Biochemistry of enzymes

With the advent of highly crystalline preparations of various enzymes enzymological studies began to develop rapidly. Under the theme of this book we will be interested mainly proteolytic enzymes and lipase. For therapeutic use most promising hydrolase. Enzymes that break down proteins - it's mostly proteases, which include, for example, trypsin, chymotrypsin, plasmin (fibrinolysin), pepsin, papain, bromelain, ficin, fungal proteases and other enzymes extracted from tissues. For enzymes that cleave the ester bonds are mainly lipases, specific and non-specific esterases, phosphatases and Read more [...]
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Fallopian tubes

Fallopian tubes (Functional or anatomic), as noted by the AP Goreglyad (1958), D. 3. Lurie (1958), EA Meal (1965), Leeb (1966), is a common cause of female infertility. This explains the importance of identifying the anatomical and functional status of the fallopian tubes with the recognition of the causes of infertile marriages. To identify anatomical and functional status of the fallopian tubes are widely used radiographic methods, including more detailed information will provide roentgenokymography (Fochem et al., 1967; Kohoutek, 1967), cineradiography (LP Bakulev, 1961 Georgiev Lalova, 1969 Read more [...]
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Gray groundhog – marmota baibacina kastsch. Sex and age composition of the population

In general, sex composition of the population is close Baibakov 1:1, but the males slightly more. However, different age groups, sex composition of their significantly different. Thus, in 1957 was at with. Ladyzhenki of two or three-year-old animals to catch 56% of males. In 1958 was the lake. Shonndy Kul in profit - four-animals - they were 54-55% " C among older individuals more female dominated. In animals older than five years, they were 57.4%. But sometimes permanent shelters are in the 20-30 m and the animals often move from one hole to another or even graze together. These Read more [...]
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