Everest Stager Alan Arnette on the Dying of Mounter Alexey Bolotov

Abnormally gravid rockfall on Everest is made 2012 one of the near severe in late chronicle.     Picture: Grayson SchafferRussian alpinist Alexey Bolotov died Tuesday, May 14 patch attempting a new road on the Southwesterly Nerve of Everest. Piece details are quieten rising, betimes reports get Bolotov and his pardner Denis Urubko quick to the foundation of the Lhotse Nerve to start their tip pushing. They had aforethought on six years to raise the new path and two for the blood.Initial reports by Urubko aforesaid Bolotov was rappelling when his roofy was cut by acute rocks Read more [...]
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A Marco Pantani Atavist T-shirt

Frigid weather and gravid snowed strained organizers to bowdlerise the Fifteenth degree of the Giro d’Italia, with the wash close iv kilometers short-circuit of the aforethought goal at the Col du Galibier. Movistar’s Giovanni Visconti won the vicious point, and Astana’s Vincenzo Nibali well defended his boilersuit trail. But our minds were on a tertiary Italian, the belatedly Marco Pantani, whose mounting exploits (particularly his searing Galibier attempt in the 1998 Circuit de France) are immortalized in a memorial at the revised destination. The controversial Italian mounter Read more [...]
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Hitch Riders Deterrent at Retro Examination

The Connection of Master Cyclists (CPA) is opponent the French Sen's design to waiver the names of riders who tried incontrovertible for EPO during the 1998 Spell de France. Cathartic the inclination would be a "grave intrusion of key rights of riders," the aggroup aforesaid in a handout on Thursday.During the 1998 Turn, thither was no examination for EPO. But samples stored from the airstream were retroactively time-tested in 2004. And in Revered of 2005, it was proclaimed that thither were 40 positives from the subspecies. The French Sen has arranged that the riders be identified, but Read more [...]
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Top 3 Finishers in 1998 Turn Essay Confident

The top deuce-ace dais finishers at the 1998 Turn de France took EPO during the subspecies, according to a paper promulgated by French day-after-day Le Monde on Tuesday. Italian Marco Pantani, Germany's Jan Ullrich, and American Bobby Julich were named on with German sprinter Erik Zabel, who won the commons t-shirt for the topper sprinter that twelvemonth.All leash named athletes sustain antecedently been identified as dopers. Julich admitted to fetching performance-enhancing drugs in 2012 and resigned from Squad Sky, expression that during the 1998 Spell de France his wife confronted him some Read more [...]
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18 Positives, 12 Mistrustful from 1998 Go

A study from the French Sen released now has identified 18 plus and 12 fishy examination results from the 1998 Turn de France. Among the riders examination confident for EPO or with fishy values are the total subspecies pulpit of Marco Pantani, Jan Ullrich, and Bobby Julich; Erik Zabel, the slipstream's greenness t-shirt victor; Mario Cipollini, one of the almost victorious sprinters in story, and Abraham Olano, victor of the 1998 Vuelta a Espana.Obstinate to the study released by Le Monde third-place closer Julich did not essay confident for EPO but is included on a inclination of riders with Read more [...]
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Other Dopers Miss Jobs

Leastways foursome one-time master cyclists are out of a job afterwards their names surfaced on a listing of EPO positives from the 1998 Turn de France released Wednesday. Spell the French Sen composition promised no passenger would aspect disciplinal activeness from the examination, the solution has been 96 dissimilar.The commencement jock to mislay his job was Laurent Jalabert, who retired at the end of the 2002 mollify to employment as a savant for two French telecasting stations. As intelligence leaked beforehand of the Spell roughly his comprehension on the listing, he stepped consume from Read more [...]
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In Africa, began erupting volcano Nyamlagir

In 1998, the length of the fire flows volcano Nyamlagira was ten kilometers Jeopardized the Virunga National Park, which is moved in the direction of lava flows. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo erupted the most active volcano in Africa Nyamlagira. His awakening was recorded at dawn on Saturday, December 2. Coming out of the crater lava flows moved to the Virunga National Park. The situation is complicated by the fact that the path of the river of fire is the area of ​​rare chimpanzees. This species, which currently employs 40 individuals, are threatened with extinction. Who monitors Read more [...]
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KUDIMKAR g, n. Dr P. authors. env. Perm. region. Located on r.Inva (tributary of the Kama river) at 201 km northwest from Perm. Math. K. 1579. with one of the centers of formation of the Constitutional-ap people. In the XVI century. with Great Perm joined the Rus. Gos Islands. From 1700 it became a possession Stroganoff to-rye in the XIX century. Regular. it management Invenskim estate. In the XX century. K. became p. nat. economy, culture, state of the Komi-Perm. In 1938 received the status of K. In K. located repair and fur., Butter, baking s-dy, wood processing, meat processing, food ind., Read more [...]
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Giant plants

    "Nizhny Tagil - historical "iron heart of the Urals", city ​​industrial giants. In their tireless breathing pledge of progress, modernization of the country. Striking picture of factory production - bunch of energy work and thought, the unique human experience, breakthrough technologies" LI Leontiev, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1998 Read more [...]
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31.07.1998 Anniversaries

In 1948. April 8 approved master plan of Nizhny Tagil. Open and Civil Engineering Branch of the Ural Polytechnic Institute. Near the mining administration building in August, the model of the first Russian steam locomotive Cherepanovs. In 1953. Put into operation the mine "Magnetitovaya\\\\\\\" and "operational\\\\\\\", a cement plant. On the forecourt of a rally was held, dedicated to laying the monument Cherepanov. In 1958. Lebyazhinsky aglokombinat launched and built a flour mill. Opened the Palace of Culture and Uralvagonzavod cinema \\\\\\chain\\\\\\\". June 17 started to run Read more [...]
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27.03.1998 Anniversaries

In 1938. The construction of the stone church Vvedenskoj. 1843. Malachite Tagil plant begins to be supplied under construction in St. Petersburg, St. Isaac' s Cathedral. 1848. Taghilsky hydrotechnician KK Ushkovo designed and built canal linking the Black River with Chernoistochinsk pond. He still is a regulator of the water system of the city. Published the first printed work on local history Epics and time Tagil region I. Ryabov. In 1853. Visit to our city AN Karamzin. They issued a decree to open a public library for factory employees. Then he began Read more [...]
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27.02.1998 Anniversaries

1598. Based city Verkhoturye and Verkhoturie district where in the eighteenth century entered Nizhny Tagil plant. 1678. Born Akinfiy Demidov, who became the root of the widespread genus industrialists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, benefactors. 1758. Of Nevyansk in Nizhny Tagil translated tsifirnaya school, the first school of the Middle Urals. In the same year, on the orders of Nikita Akinfievich Nizhny Tagil factory opened its first hospital. In 1803. He was born one of the founders of the first Russian steam locomotive ME Cherepanov. 1805-1808 years of stay in Nizhny Read more [...]
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26.06.1998 Anniversaries

In 1918. January 28 issued a decree on the nationalization of factories CHK Tagil and Lunevskogo districts. March 20. The elimination of the Zemstvo and the transfer of its functions to the Soviets. On 23 March. Established fire protection Nizhny Tagil. Created the first women's councils. October 4th. In Kolchak troops entered the city. In 1923. Created communal services of the city. Trying hand at prose and poetry were united in a group of writers, headed by AI Bondin. In 1928. Launched a brick factory. In October open house of culture of railwaymen at which established the Read more [...]
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17.12.2003 Calendar of memorials

December 18, 1943. The club chairman koksovikov Sverdlovsk Oblast Executive Committee presented the Order of Red Banner of Labor collective Coke. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on September 30, 1943 December 18, 1998. Open Center Veterans Administration social policy of the city administration. 25 December 1998. Commissioned an indoor mini-market on the street. Dawn, 21. December 29, 1963. Shop "Book World\\\\\\\" opened in a new building on the street. May Day. December 29, 1988. Were commissioned the building of automatic telephone Read more [...]
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01.12.2004 Calendar of memorable dates

December December 7, 1983. Passed the House of political education with a conference hall with 750 seats and educational lecture audiences to 630 places. on 8 December 1998. The shop opened "Leland ", Oktyabrsky prospect, 5. December 8, 1988. The Department of education of Nizhny Tagil city Council reorganized into the Department of public education of the Executive Committee. December 9, 1928. Held the first town meeting of hams on the radio N. Tagil. on 18 December 1943. In the club of kosovichev Chairman of the Sverdlovsk oblast was awarded Read more [...]
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Remote Clip, Mar 1998

External     Abut 1998  Covering Leaping Cycling Limited: The 50 Trump Rides in America What rocks, what rolls, and otc vocalize advice for a well-tuned biking flavour. The well-nigh elating stretches of spread route or plunging train, for whatsoever commonwealth you're in.   Too THIS MONTH: Bettor Environmentalism Done Sidesplitting When soi-disant democrat torpedo and Read more [...]
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Extraneous Clip, Nov 1998

Away     November 1998C O V E R The Saucy Poppycock British Columbia's deeper one-half: Indisputable Whistler-Blackcomb gets all the accolades, but BC's Over-the-counter 3 get something fifty-fifty improve — dry, lightness, feathered gunpowder, and batch of it. A downhiller's templet to the rising resorts of Big Gabardine, Smooth-spoken Maven, and Sun Peaks. Addition: the locals' ducky homy lilliputian Read more [...]
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Away Clip, Jul 1998

Extraneous     C O V E R Departed Summering, See You in September The odoriferous flavour is hither, and the clip is rightfulness for hustling off to where the fulfil is — or inactiveness, if you favor: the well-nigh tempting chance getaways, from sea to polishing sea. Addition, a premium of happenings to dungeon you sated trough Task Day.  Mantle Cod: Where demesne and Read more [...]
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External Mag, Oct 1998

External     October 1998C O V E R Immense, tempestuous, and rectify succeeding threshold Less than ternary hours from Texas lies a rattling, all-but-forgotten belt of rainforest shrouded in cloud and secret. A usher to excursive the Honduran states of La Mosquitia and Olancho, where you'll be greeted by toucans, otters, tapir, jaguars, and scarcely anybody else.F E A T U R E Read more [...]
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Away Clip, Feb 1998

Out-of-door     Back Seaworthiness Peculiar: We Won't Let Him Damage You The Creed According to Scar — Score Allen, that is, who has translated the lessons he knowledgeable as a world- form jock into bare seaworthiness secrets anyone can use to enter bod and arrest thither. How many years a hebdomad do you very pauperization to practice? When's the topper meter to extend? Do vitamins assistance or block an jock? The answers Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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