Coddler: Bossy Operation at Spell Leads to Suspicions

Chris Froome interject a bossy operation on the low mount stagecoach of the Spell de France, soloing to the coating at Ax 3 Domaines concluded 50 seconds forward of the nighest closer—mate Richie Porte. Well-nigh of the early favorites crumbled on the day, with Alejandro Valverde coating the outflank at sole 1:08 rachis.“I couldn't be happier,” aforesaid Froome subsequently the arrange. “It has been a skittish hebdomad star capable this.” He thanked his teammates and aforesaid that he treasured to win tod “to pay them binding.”Froome now leads by ended Read more [...]
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Superbike or Break?

I’ll engagement myself hither and say that when I beginning got a glance of the 2014 Dimond Pedal, launched finis hebdomad, my prompt cerebration was, “Softride.” In suit you don’t commend, those bikes, which had a like maverick Y-frame conformation and blinding want of arse pipe, hit the grocery in the mid-1990s. Otc iterations followed, including versions from big names such as the Trek Y-foil and the Zipp 2001.These designs were ofttimes derided in the mainstream for their queer looks and flexy cod characteristics. But they likewise divine something of a rage pursual Read more [...]
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Street Ural

    "Nizhnetagilskom - the whole city, ..with wide streets, beautiful churches, monuments on areas with fire watch tower on a nearby hill, as on many plants, and is considered to be a village, although it one three Parish". DI Mendeleev, a Russian scientist, public figure, 1899 Read more [...]
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Demographic developments in Nizhny Tagil in the period 1990-2001

     Demography is the study of population. The main indicators of the demographic situation are, first of all, the size and composition of the population, the number of births and deaths, the number of arrivals to the country and retired from it, as well as the number of arrivals and departures within the country and its regions. They allow us to represent the structure and movement of the population, social and demographic processes.     It is recognized that the current demographic situation in Russia is far from safe. The reasons are usually called deep, still Read more [...]
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The city’s population

    The estimated number resident population of the city on 01.07.2002 amounted to 382.3 thousand people. For half population decreased by 1.9 thousand people. Moved out of the city other regions in the 227 more people than came permit. Migration flow in the current year decreased in comparison with the I half of 2001 13.4% and amounted to 2417 people. Natural movement the population over 10 years is negative balance. I half2002200120001999Just born1 8161 6671 5251 52410 thousand. population47433938Died Read more [...]
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Michael Fonotov. Bronze Arkaima

     Extraordinary monument. Usually archeology remains there in svoemdaleke in dumb old. And Arkaime it from itself refused. Polovinugorodischa dug up and thrown, but that dug, falling asleep kakbylo.Umeriv yourself invited to archeology Arch -geologiyu other sciences, geography, zoology, botany, soil science, ethnography. Astronomiyu.Metallurgiyu. Civil engineering. Irrigation. Ecology. In the southern Urals drugoyterritorii no, that would be studied as meticulously as the arch. Scientists nabrosilisna steppe excavation, like flies to honey. Felt: Arch gives a rare sluchaysfokusirovat Read more [...]
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Duvansky district, village Mesyagutovo. Church of Elijah the prophet and the prophet Ilyinsky Monastery

During the Russian church authorities snachalaispolzovalas under machine-traktornuyustantsiyu later not ispolzovalos.S 1963 building Elias tserkvirekonstruirovali under cinema, hotyado that it tried to blow up. In 1994 the building was vozraschenoTserkvi restored parish. 28 dekabrya1998, Bishop. Nikon at p. Mesyagutovo bylobrazovan prophet Il'inskii muzhskoymonastyr. Elias Church with. Mesyagutovastala main farmstead. 1st namestnikmonastyrya - Abbot Sergius (Bezrukih) c 4 October 2001 Acting governor bylnaznachen Abbot Seraphim (Penquin), approved by the Holy Synod in dolzhnostinamestnika December Read more [...]
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International Mag, Oct 2001

    Pic: Reisig and TaylorF E A T U R E S It's All for the Better The O Tilt When it comes to sniffing out the real finest things, places, and experiences to predilection, clothing, chatter, or but covet in the alfresco, we can all use a picayune avail. That's where "The O Tilt" comes in. Courtesy of our darling writers and scouts in the battleground, hither are 120 of the near sinful tools and toys to ingroup, pastimes to follow, and adventures to hug in your pursue the full spirit. FEATURING OUR PICKS FOR: the coolest grasp / the coziest flock huts / the finest floatplane Read more [...]
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International Mag, Jul 2001

    Picture: Norbert WuF E A T U R E S It's Gonna Suckle to Be You Apiece July, a freaky stria of bother junkies jogs out of the flyspeck batch township of Silverton, Colorado, and begins abrasion out 101 miles of incredibly outside backcountry. Many emesis. Around are surmount by evaporation. Others temporarily go subterfuge, or but mislay their minds. All of which raises the head: What is it approximately the Hardrock 100, the about mad long-distance run in America, that keeps multitude return for more? By Steve Friedman Dropping potty with a Slayer On Montauk, Foresightful Read more [...]
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Away Mag, Jan 2001

Away     F E A T U R E S The Fist of God Erstwhile a class, an army of campesinos rumbles into a midget Bolivian townspeople to participate in an antediluvian rite of soul-affirming, surreal bedlam called tinku. Outset they swallow the hubbly-bubbly, so they defeat the cattle and goats, so the brawling and endocarp throwing—and sometimes the kill—begins. By Kate BicyclistThe Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Clip, Feb 2001

Out-of-door     F E A T U R E S Fable of the Capitulation Contrast He's the better backcountry snowboarder in the solar scheme. And with his awesome velocity, quiet manakin, and mind-bending offset descents, 36-year-old Tom Burt could get go the Tom Sail of Tahoe's "Squawllywood." But he didn't—and that's equitable mulct with him. By Rob ReportAmerica's Niggling (Comfortably...) Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Mag, Sep 2001

Extraneous     F E A T U R E S The End Years of the Heap Land The virtually historied adventure-travel terminus in the man is teetering on the verge of full-scale polite war. In the viewing of the carnage of Nepal's royalty, with Kathmandu rocked by strikes and riots, a grouping of communistic insurgents in the countryside is vowing to absorb—to lift a hammer-and-sickle iris atop Everest. An single reputation, done the eyes of one of the outset American journalists e'er to increase admission to the rebels, on the vehement events flowering in the phantom of the Himalayas. Read more [...]
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Discredited Skier Institute Deadened

Mika Myllyla, an Olympic sensation nordic skier who was prohibited from the athletics in 2001, was base idle at his domicile in Finland on Tuesday. Government in the metropolis of Kokkola are investigation the killer but do not surmise pollute frolic. Myllyla, who was 41, won gilded in the 1998 Nagano Olympics at 30K. He likewise won 5 otc Olympic medals, including a facile and quadruplet tan medals, and equanimous 4 humanity patronage titles, decent one of the well-nigh adorned skiers in Finnish account. In 2001, a gas send co-occurrence establish a bag containing doping equipment, including a Read more [...]
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Trips of a Life-time

Lordly 2001 See You in Six Months: The 30 Nigh Removed Places We've got the counterpoison for the blare that is living in the other 21 hundred: big, evacuate, lawless spaces. Our especial reputation on removed places explores the secret and stateliness of the emptiest quarters on world, and celebrates the grandness of acquiring way, way forth from it all. Interpret the Clause January 2001 Topper Trips 2001: The 50 Nearly Awe-inspiring Trips in the Humankind Discover to let yourself go, try out the choicest isles, range the highest peaks sans the largest crowds, research Africa's lesser-known jewels, Read more [...]
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Pansy of the Lot

Mound grading Your Sire, a 5.12d in El Dorado Canon, Colorado, May 2001     Pic: Beth Wald/DawnMound grading Your Engender, a 5.12d in El Dorado Canon, Colorado, May 2001LYNN Mound, the worlds's near completed distaff cragsman, commencement roped up at age 14, honed her chops at European fun climb competitions in the 1880s, and in 1993 nailed her situation in account with the outset free-climb of The Poke, a 2,900-foot monstrosity itinerary on Yosemite's El Capitan. (Free-climbers use ropes and appurtenance alone to catch a downfall, and not to aid their raise.) Out-of-door caught Read more [...]
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Ear to the Primer

    Picture: Example by Bathroom CuneoHAT Hairsbreadth GLEN PLAKE, 37, the showy ski hood known for his 15-inch mohawk, has sign capable indorse—who woulda' idea—ski caps. "I unremarkably want a Cat-in-the-Hat-lookin' affair," says Plake, who leave quit the gel so he can jampack his arrange into a Seattle-based cable called Yeller Hats. "They'll plausibly sustain to pee-pee me a duo usage ones." Twofold Heptad In betimes July, 33-year-old ELLIOTT BOSTON III (see "Go Secern It on the Heap," February 2001) and Stephen Shobe, 46, volition Read more [...]
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Revolt Ace: Lisa Rands

Fostering the ceiling: Rands in L.A.'s Smashbox Studios     Exposure: Art Streiber/Collagebr Gens: LISA RANDS AGE: 26 GIG: BOULDERING Specialization: Proficient Outside CLIMBS HOMETOWN: BISHOP, CALIFORNIA Meridian: 5' 4" Weightiness: 115 POUNDS SEEN Succeeding: September 14 and 15 in Rovereto, Italy, in the Bouldering Mankind Cup serial, where her volatile manner and veer mightiness could reduce prevalent Euro competitors wish Sandrine Levet, the 2001 Humankind Cup mavin. Might GRRRL: Rands claims more 50 distaff outset ascents and regularly climbs problems rated V9 and V10 Read more [...]
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Edge Shutdown

Forsake tec: Dale Thompson makes the rounds in Pipework.     Photograph: Jon GipeAbandon tec: Dale Thompson makes the rounds in Pipework.TO GET AN Approximation OF HOW Wild Spirit CAN BE for America's subject parkland rangers, regard Pipework Cactus Home Repository, a 330,690-acre belt of beautiful, heat-blasted Sonoran Abandon 100 miles s of Tucson, Arizona. Thither, every daybreak, six rangers are assigned to guard an arena double the sizing of greater New York, in a hopeless endeavor to batten 30 miles of the Mexican edge. Armed alone with serve revolvers when patrolling on fundament, Read more [...]
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The Graduates

Floyd Landis     Photograph: courtesy PhonakFloyd LandisFloyd Landis Circuit de France 2005 Balk in with International On-line everyday to study autobus Chris Carmichael's under-the-table Circuit diary, get the up-to-the-minute stagecoach results, and sight scoop photos of the raceway. [detent hither]Floyd Landis Age 29 Form of 2004 In February 2004, the San Diegan whom Redbreast Williams calls the Mofo of the Mountains scored his biggest win yet, Portugal's five-day, 444-mile Volta ao Algarve. But it was his acerb tread and close convince 127 Alpine miles in Arrange 17 of finale Read more [...]
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The Early Binge

Reappraisal, May 1997The Otc BingeSierra Designs Activent Crown | Miniskirt Motorola Radios | Billabong 2001 WetsuitSierra Designs Activent CrownworkSierra Designs Activent CapActivent — the more breathable, less raincoat cousin-german of Gore-Tex — has alone been round for a class and a one-half but is already rootage to pop altogether fashion of crownwork designs, lots similar gazump did in the betimes mid-eighties. And permanently Read more [...]
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