Again, not that …

Black trail that year lasted almost until the New Year. No, I say that it was warm, it is impossible. Frozen ground, here and there compacted concrete hardness wind up scraps of snow in different sizes ... The game management areas are called wind snow board, while the archaeologist, historian and writer Lev Gumilyov I read still very expressive: the formation of "aeolian origin." Here's how! Photo by Alexander Lebedev But whatever It has been calculated in such a situation, see the following hare or someone has not worth. There has to be guided by the guidelines Read more [...]
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If not for the dry grass rustled, I'd never seen a hare, which was held under the ground about 5 metersPhoto: Sergey Fokin In the 80 years I have been the Anglo-Russian vyzhlets named Danube. He was a strong viscosity, excellent voice and good preparations. With him was taken a lot of rabbits, foxes and raccoon dogs bit. One of these hunts I remember as never before.It was about 1985 in late December. Before that, a few days does not fall out fresh newly-fallen snow. So, I left the house almost dark. The street was cold –14°. I had to go far in the so-called forest roads. Read more [...]
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Hare in the fog

Dear friends, I recently had a birthday, and what would we please friends with comrade drew a small comic - "On the hunt for a hare"Events painted these pictures were almost real. We really hunted in the cloud…really a little dog did not suffer from the unfortunate hunter shot…actually the dog caught a wounded animal, and even bite him, but he somehow miraculously broke and the dog came back with nothing… and really managed to get a rabbit joint efforts. In general, everything happened very close to these pictures, and I decided to «And what it does not report on the Read more [...]
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There was a case

Looking through his hunting diary, I brush up on a few episodes, struck me as interesting from the standpoint of not quite ordinary circumstances (comedic, dramatic and otherwise), in which we sometimes find ourselves hunters. We offer our readers three such episodes.Photo Matt / PlaguedAfter the end of the spring season, a Saturday, left two of my friend and I on patrol. It really counts to us as trudouchastie in improving and protecting wetlands. We got off the train at ten o'clock in the afternoon and went to maloezzhenuyu logging roads.When crossing it with the river Read more [...]
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Olivier for hare

More than forty years separates me from that memorable hunt hare, after which I have learned a lifetime that a person only proposes and disposes of his Majesty the case. The telegram came at noon: Meet, car number 12, 6:00 arrival time 55 minutes. Brother Victor goes to visit! Photos Juan ROBINSON In the morning I I woke up early; on krasotischa street, white, white! So much waiting for oblique potropit fresh snow. By first snow bunny has no purpose, no natorel in confusing tracks. A so in general, and young people sdvoyki loop, and all Read more [...]
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It seems, got …

For some time now I never go hunting with untested people. Once it so happened that the father of a childhood guarded me from random encounters with hunters whose passion took precedence over prudence and caution. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Almost all the people around us were serious hunters who do not only the perfectly fulfilled the safety requirements for handling weapon, but and require similar conduct of others.And once in our team was a random person. He was checked for then headed by Pope factory, so do not deny his father I ventured out of Read more [...]
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Nontraditional methods

All hunters are well aware that hunting is necessary to observe the silence, because sometimes the slightest movement or rustling is enough to beast you saw. I want to tell a case of hunting practices, when thanks to the noise managed to outwit and get the beast.Photo by Alexander Nazarov The first occurred to me at the age of 15 years (already back in 1973). I am 12 years, went with his father to hunt hares, and with 14 years he already began to trust me a gun. Thanks to him for this: it is because I had a gun, I was not interested and homemade shotguns is not safe, who is fond Read more [...]
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Toward the close of the outgoing year

Before the New Year was 12 days. Of course, I get to hunt for rabbits. But, truth to tell, weather for hunting was not the right, or rather, just bad. Common sense told to wait and wait for the exit time when will fall frosts, and the land will protect fresh snow. That may be so, but where did you see, dear reader, hunters are always guided only by common sense! So it was this time. My longtime friend and associate of Ivan hunting wanderings proposed in the penultimate weekend of the outgoing year to go for the hare in the Ivanovo region to his brother-- Alexei Dementiev. After Read more [...]
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Christmas story

That work, the household chores, and even the weather itself to make adjustments in our ambitious plans for hunting. Opening the refrigerator again, I caught myself thinking: maybe blame last year's hare, is pushed into a corner the freezer? It would be necessary to use it, closing the book trophy 2012. Fireworks, exploded under the window wakes me at lunch the first day. Happy New Year!Quoting myself a sense, I go out to communicate with his best friend Andrew Shulyupinym, satellite forest wanderings and mentor in fishing matters. – Maybe tomorrow mash, hops expel from Read more [...]
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Case of the hare hunting

On the eve of a little snow fell, so help during tracking birds. In the evening he came to see me in-law relation, and we discussed our future way out: he takes the two hounds hunters, Russian piebald Gonchakov Chaly and Bayan extends beyond Ignatichem, and together they are suitable to my house early in the morning.Photo: Victor Rudman As agreed in the eight in the morning, we walked briskly through the village, to go hunting today discussing a plan. Gonchakov Chaly and Bayan were torn off the leash, bullied paws on all the bushes and pillars that fall along the way. Country lazy Read more [...]
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