Abdominal wall fascia

Leaf surface (f. superficialis abdominis) is well developed and covers not only the outside oblique muscle, and the anterior wall of the rectus sheath. Below the navel, this fascia sends several dense bands, receiving the name praschevidnyh ligament (ligg. fundiformia), covering the sides of the penis, and ligaments, the suspensory penis or clitoris (ligg. suspensoria penis s. clitoridis). Own fascia Belly (f. propria abdominis) covers both sides of internal oblique muscle of abdomen. About superficial inguinal ring fascia with the internal oblique muscle goes into the scrotum by the spermatic Read more [...]
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Male and female genitals (Organa genitalia) although perform identical functions and have the same embryonic germ, but in its structure are very different. According to the internal reproductive organs is determined by gender. Male: Male sex organs are divided into two groups: 1) internal - eggs with appendages, and vas semyaizvergayuschy ducts, seminal vesicles, prostate, and 2) external - sexual member and scrotum.Testicle Parorchis Deferens Funiculus The seminal vesicles Ejaculatory ducts Prostate Weber's organExternal male genitaliaPenis Erection and ejaculation of semen Male urethra Urethrogram ScrotumLayers Read more [...]
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Muscles of the anterior abdominal wall

Rectus abdominis (M. rectus abdominis) guys starting from the outer surface of the V-VII ribs and processus xiphoideus as belt width 6-7 cm, down toward the pubic bone and is attached to the center of tuberculum pubicum symphysis. This muscle has 3-4 tendinous intersections (interseptiones tendineae), which are fused with the front wall of the rectus sheath, representing tendon lateral abdominal muscles. Innervation: nn. intercostales, n. lumbalis (ThV-XII, LI). Function. With the reduction of recti is lower ribs, ribs fixed - crunches. Muscle raises the pelvis in the event that the lower limbs Read more [...]
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Rectus sheath

Vagina direct abdominal muscles (Vagina m. Recti abdominis) Formed three broad tendon adhesions of the abdominal muscles in a box, which lies just muscle abdomen (Fig. 168, 169). Tendinous intersections rectus spliced to the inner surface of the front wall of the vagina. The structure of the vagina at various levels has some peculiarities. In the formation of the anterior wall of the rectus sheath is involved aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle, and partly aponeurosis of the internal oblique abdominal muscles. The tendon of the internal oblique muscle to the area between the lines connecting Read more [...]
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Lateral abdominal muscles

External oblique muscle of abdomen (M. obliquus abdominis externus) steam and wide. Teeth starts from 8 lower ribs on the side of the chest. The teeth of external oblique abdominal muscles alternate with the teeth m. serratus anterior (see Fig. 166). Muscle fibers are directed forward and down. Starting from 4-12 ribs. The teeth on the edge of moving muscles rectus muscle aponeurosis and muscle teeth starting from VII-XII edges alternate with large teeth and the back muscles are attached to the outer line of the iliac crest. Lower edge of the aponeurosis of external oblique muscle of the Read more [...]
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