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Guys: BPA May Pee You Less Aphrodisiacal

BPA (bisphenol-A), a toxic intensify ill-used in fictile output, has been coupled to front cancer, former pubescence, and sterility. Now, a discipline on cervid mice released Monday by the University of Missouri base that BPA vulnerability makes virile mice less attractive to distaff mice. Manlike cervid mice open to BPA done their generate's uterus and tried in a snarl showed a departure of spacial encyclopedism abilities—a virile prevalent trait—appearance less masculine and less attractive to females. BPA-exposed males were jilted two to one by both BPA-exposed and BPA-clean females. Read more [...]
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Sleepers: read minds

On the planet are born sometimes unique people with paranormal abilities. They can use this to enter altered states of any image, and does not play the role that it is - an animal, an object or a person. In addition, these people are very easy to "read" the thoughts of others, and can be found in the unconscious person such information as the person concerned does not remember. In addition to this unique person can "impose" artificial person memories. Such people are called sleepers. Throughout the world to find a person 10-15, no more. It is known that there are ways of Read more [...]
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Medium from the UK described her communion with the angels

UK resident Jane Morris told reporters about his unusual abilities: A 32-year-old woman claims to be able to see angels, and even talk to them, writes Daily Mail.According to the medium, she began to see spirits and angels as a child, but learned to communicate with otherworldly creatures just a few years ago. According Dzh.Morris, angels live among the people and it is almost every day, and several times a day."They do not have faces and human bodies, their" voices "can not hear, but I can talk to them and understand how they feel, noting the brightness of light emitted by them", Read more [...]
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My child has a six sense

The "My child has a sixth sense" will allow viewers to get to know sverhodarennymi children and their families. Show psychics are very popular in our country, but we can see there are already professionals, people who have learned to live with his special gift. But how hard it was to realize his childhood otherness, to cope with their own abilities and not lose touch with family and friends are often skeptical of their gift, we do not know. One of the children is able to predict the future, one sees the dead, someone treats hands, they all have different abilities, but all of them Read more [...]
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Christian Friedrich Heineken — the child of mystery of the past

< ![endif]-->The genius of man is often perceived as the greatest gift of God, especially when unusual abilities manifest in a child from an early age. These children have always been surrounded by an aura of mystery and mysticism, and the admiration and awe. Information on birth  children - geniuses put to us, and from time immemorial, rather vague, and certainly the most flamboyant of the child prodigies past eras is Christian Friedrich Heineken, known as the world as "Baby of Lübeck." Fate rarely favorable to such wonderful children, and short, like a flash of life star Read more [...]
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Comments on starring abilities of despatch guides

Jon KrakauerComments on starring abilities of dispatch guidesDoubt: Mr. Krakauer,I scarce precious to remark on the Watershed program this yesteryear even which revisited finish class's mount. I sensation your row bear told the report full-strength and your "monition" of those adept guides tortuous was right the scrape. I'm indisputable you cognize all too good that in severe undertakings, the experts motivation to be in tutelage and yield onthe Read more [...]
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British scientists have proved the futility of IQ-tests

The authors note that the indicators of intellectual abilities vary from a minimum of three components - a short-term memory, the ability to reason logically, as well as the verbal component.Popular and widely used standard IQ tests do not correctly reflect the level of intellectual abilities, as they depend on a number of different sub-systems of the brain - the conclusion made by the British and Canadian scientists on the basis of large-scale experiment with over 100,000 volunteers. History tests for "intelligence quotient" - IQ (intelligence quotient) - began in 1904, when the British Read more [...]
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From each according to his ability

There were such great people, and had outstanding abilities in multiple areas. For example, the great Russian scientist, initiated the creation of the University of Moscow, Mikhail Lomonosov was a physicist, chemist, geologist, geographer, writer, linguist and historian. He was a prominent figure in each of these areas and has left an indelible mark in the treasury of human culture. Or Leonardo da Vinci - the world-famous Italian painter and sculptor - was also an architect, engineer and scientist. They are open and some of the secrets of the human body and of the bodies. Such examples are Read more [...]
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