What Laika need Yakut hunter?

In the taiga of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) native huskies since ancient times were used only for hunting, sled and reindeer herding kept in the tundra. Even pictures can be seen on the rocky plots moose hunting with dogs.Tuva Laika Aboriginal huskies since the early 1970s, began to deteriorate everywhere, mingling with all kinds of breeds and hybrids brought. The reason, as elsewhere in Siberia, — arbitrary content. Exported from Yakutia huskies factory to create the type of Eastern Siberian huskies well proven. From Pirate (ow. Filippov NE), brought to St. Petersburg, Read more [...]
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Venison in the kitchen aborigines

More than fifty years I have been working in the Far North. Every year in different regions for a long time I have shared shelter and food to the indigenous peoples of white silence and green sea taiga. Photos Tomi Knuutila / flickr.com The basis of their power make environmentally friendly products — meat and fish, which are rich in protein, fat, close-up — and trace elements, vitamins and other valuable substances. This allows the indigenous peoples of the North in the harsh extreme conditions support the physiological status of the organism at an optimum level.Knowledge Read more [...]
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Darwin, Darwin, He’s our Man!

Extraneous cartridge, Border 1998Darwin, Darwin, He's our Man!Like old account: New guy moves into your ecosystem, invites a few buddies concluded, and the future affair you acknowledge they've course selected you out of theater and habitation. Introducing your Incursive Species All-Stars.By Wade Graham Imagine if dead at every company thither was a oafish gatecrasher, billboard the hors d'oeuvres, exhausting the biff arena, snarling at the guests. Pic Read more [...]
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Australian Parliament recognized aboriginal natives

The lower house of the Australian Parliament passed the bill on recognition of aboriginal natives of the country. It is reported by The Sudney Morning Herald.The document recognizes the "unique and special place" in the history of Aboriginal Australia. He was supported by both the ruling coalition and the opposition, writes The Australian.The bill is an important step on the way for a referendum on introducing amendments to the constitution to recognize Aboriginal natives of the country. Him in November 2008, has promised to hold the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, but his time repeatedly Read more [...]
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Genetic research has linked the Australians and Indians

Perhaps the Green Continent not been isolated from the outside world for thousands of years - contrary to what we thought about it until now ...Some Australian Aboriginal 11% are descendants of immigrants from India, who made it to the Green Continent about 4 thousand years ago. Migrants brought with them not only genes, but also new methods of manufacturing tools, as well as ancestral dingoes.The conclusion reached on the basis of large genetic studies, contrary to popular opinion in the science of history that Australia has had no contact with the outside world since the initial colonization Read more [...]
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Appendix 3: extraction of meat: traps, fishing and hunting

Dear natives! There is something that I was really worried. Have you met someone who was trying to hunt deer with a knife and his bare hands? I have heard of people who were capable of it, such as Tom Brown, Michael Able to survive, which was hunting wild boar. I was wondering if you heard any real, life stories about this? Sincerely yours, - John T. Aborigine meets Wow! I had a similar experience aboriginal. ...15 winters ago. One sunny morning, a friend called native to the cave. Friend said that he had killed a deer last night and asked to come and help Aboriginal Read more [...]
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Hiking food

Aborigine! I'll be going on a trip and plan on forestry to survive due to the fact it will offer nature. The question is: what knife you recommend? What do I want in the first place I look for when searching for edible plants and suitable for animal feed? Aboriginal response Aboriginal very pretty penny knife, such as Mora and Brusletto, another - a small hatchet. I would recommend to take the one and the other. Bring more food supply for the entire journey. Hunting and picking berries - that's fine, but there may be unforeseen situations. Do not forget to look out for Read more [...]
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Camden, Maine

Camden, its shield, and Penobscot Bay from a mellow rest on Ride Battie     Photograph: Walter BibikowDON'T Annoyance Looking A PRETTIER Township; none exists. Schooners bob on Camden's glossy nurse, restrained by a lilliputian island with its identical own beacon. Mapled lanes weave among rows of vivid Federals, Capes, and Victorians, tricked out with decent bay windows, widow's walks, and shutters with historically chastise blusher jobs to found a Ralph Lauren housewares demarcation. The 1928 brick library overlooks a settlement commons intentional by Exchange Common creator Frederick Read more [...]
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