In cold water for roach

Late fall. Persistent rains. On the streets of mud and slush. Sitting to the house, wrapped in a quilt, drinking hot tea with raspberry jam and watch «soap operas» on TV. But it's not for me. I want out. There, where the cold and damp. There, where the big waves with white horses on the ridges, driving away from the middle of the lake, with the noise hit the shore. I take the bait, a backpack with a minimum of gear, and the lake Soshno. Especially not hope to get lucky as the place chosen five kilometers from the discharge of warm water, which means a minimum activity Read more [...]
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In Penza Sea

With the onset of winter 1978 -79 years. Penza anglers crowd flocked to the ice-covered seaPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov In 1978, in the life of a historic Penza – in the full sense of the word – Event: 10 km from the city center was put into operation in Penza reservoir, soon received the name of the citizens in everyday life «Surskoe Sea».Construction of the reservoir began in 1970, somewhat higher Kurilovka village under the mountain of God, Sura channel and adjacent coasts was partitioned by the giant dam length of about three kilometers. On the banks of a Read more [...]
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Golden carp ponds

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Of the two kinds of goldfish gold is undoubtedly the most undemanding to environmental conditions, so rarely seen even the most small pond, swamp or peat career in which they were not found. Tina – his element, but the golden carp grow much slower silver, though, no doubt, their growth depends not only on the size of the reservoir, and to a greater extent on the availability of food resources and other factors.Karas against the biting belongs to one of the most unpredictable of fish, but this applies only to large fish, and «trifle»When Read more [...]
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Hoot Flu End Cost Rises to 9

Two more patients died of shuttle flu in Chinaware this workweek, delivery the eruption's end price to ennead, as officials proclaimed they had traced the root of the virus to chickens and angry birds from some easterly Asia. The Chinaware Securities Diary reported on Wednesday that a vaccinum for the virus bum the disease, H7N9, was in evolution, and would be uncommitted in the commencement one-half of this class.The air of hiss flu responsible the flow epidemic was outset observed in world finis month, and has septic a totality of 33 citizenry in Chinaware. Patch doctors and scientists afield Read more [...]
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Occam S40 29erOrbea Occam S40 29er     Picture: Inga HendricksonCross-Country DuckyTHE Quiz: At 26 pounds, this four-inch-travel rag is burlier than about airstream bikes. Spell the Occam lull carven up flowy singletrack, it was about at house on lumpy trails. That’s because it features a slack-for-this-category 69-degree head-tube tip (for static descending), a short-change 70-millimeter radical (for fast-growing treatment), and battlefront and bum through-axle hubs (for keeping a job done scratchy terrain). It’s besides sup lush, thanks to the Fox CTD ramify and shocks. Read more [...]
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L.L. Attic

Jeopardize 25L.L. Noggin Risk 25     Pic: Inga HendricksonOutflank FOR: The budget disposed, college kids, festivalgoers, new campers.THE Essay: The Jeopardize quiescence bag’s setoff layers of insulant derogate cold-blooded floater and ply true-to-rating passion fine-tune to 25 degrees. A flabby home liner and board to chemise about let one of our testers—who typically has a grueling clock quiescency in a stringent bag—get a comely nighttime’s relaxation. “Astonishingly prosperous” was a vernacular abstain. Scarce amaze approximately the Read more [...]
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How Gamey Can GoPro Go?

By this item, GoPro cameras let been exploited to flick approximately every action on the satellite, from Bag jumps to babe’s outset stairs to operative operations. Amateurs supplement to them to dogs and kites, professionals use them to pullulate Uncovering Channelise shows and characteristic films. But the party institute itself in unfamiliar dominion earliest this workweek: the strain mart.This preceding Thursday, GoPro’s ipo brought the caller into the mankind of world trading. It’s the beginning consumer electronics party to go populace since earpiece manufacturer Skull Sugarcoat Read more [...]
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The Tempestuous Register

The offending painting.     Exposure: Exterior K9Tempestuous LodgeRepresentative by Barry Blitt Pop Test A selfsame gamy lecturer in California wants to live how alt affects the execution of a car. As you chug up 8,600-foot Carson Passing, you power smell less zing when you tone on the gas—but thither's no use thumping on the coney. Air tightness decreases at lift, resulting in a glower absorption of o reach your locomotive's burning bedchamber. And piece bodoni cars accompany fire injectors that recompense to asseverate a high-rev air-to-fuel proportion of astir 12 to 1, that Read more [...]
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How to Habitus a Solar Hot Weewee Pre-Heat Scheme

    Exposure: kenny1/Shuttestock.comNix too complicated approximately this task—use solar radioactivity, a rule as old as the sun itself, to hotness irrigate. The deception is transferring the vigor from one water (your solar hot piddle preheat scheme) to another (your exhibitioner.)The take details of how you’ll rig your organization leave change contingent the mood. Regions with piles of years infra freeze can solvent in flash-frozen pipes, so keep with circumspection, but edifice your own preheat arrangement is way simpler in heater climes. Ahead striking the ironmonger, Read more [...]
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Level 21: Versailles to Paris

This class's Spell leave ending below the lights.     Photograph: Go de France/FacebookHow to Vigil the Circuit The better shipway to line in to this class's variant.Well-educated that the last can go 98 boring—with the GC already distinct and the finis foursome sprints hither claimed well by Scar Cavendish—the Circuit manager distinct to payoff a few chances on this version’s prosodion. A few little summits in the Chevreuse hills won’t upset the boilersuit, but it could see the mountains sorting distinct if that slipstream is calm finis.First e'er, the metropolis Read more [...]
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Return Them With You

The Chariot: the about good off-guard twist on the satellite     Picture: Ben LunationYou can jump hike with a child nigh forthwith. For functional and biking, they indigence turbulence-ready cervix muscles (that is, the power to ascendancy their heads, with a helmet for biking), which mostly break roughly octad months to a class.Tramp For brusk outings with babies capable tercet geezerhood old, we choose Ergobaby's Operation toter ($135; It's ultralight and breathable, and you can assume your piddling scallywag on the forepart or in rear. For yearner outings, we Read more [...]
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Topper in Demonstrate: Cannondale Synapse

The offset Synapse won our desired Geartrain of the Class accolade backrest in 2006, and the wholly overhauled 2014 exemplar looks care it mightiness be hardly as innovational. The 2014 framework retains a taller brain pipe, shirker psyche weight, and yearner wheelbase, but Cannondale is agile to say this is not about soggy graybeard’s rag, but really a racer that’s more unchanging and easier on the backbone. Damping properties seed from extremely manipulated, helix-shaped ass corset, strand corset, and ramification, positive the collarless 25.4mm arse berth conformation is aforesaid Read more [...]
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Crony of Sen. Scar Udall Lacking in Wyoming

Aroused Udall, crony to popular Colorado senator Scratch Udall, has now been wanting for about a workweek afterwards embarking on a unaccompanied hike actuate in Wyoming.Horny depart on his travel on the Flatus River Stove lead, one with which he was reportedly conversant. Withal, he failed to re-emerge on agenda. “He is absent,” section spokesman Steve Metalworker told the Denver Spot. “He was supposititious to be backbone on the 26. We were notified on the Twenty-eight.”Deliver workers sustain begun probing for Aroused, cover an region of about 225 lame miles. The U.S. Read more [...]
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Hot Off the Imperativeness: How 3-D Impression is Revolutionizing Outside Cogwheel

    Pic: Glyn Metalworker via ShutterstockIn 2010, designers at Trek distinct to make a new route wheel for pro cycling’s leap classics. A key sport they pictured was a suspension that would let the buns underground to bend severally of the skeleton, so riders wouldn’t leaping about on sett streets. At their Waterloo, Wisconsin, hq, the ontogenesis squad drafted a three-d manakin on a reckoner, so secondhand an Objet500 Connex pressman to publish—yes, publish—a operative image. Notes were interpreted, tweaks were made. Concluded the adjacent few months, extra Read more [...]
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Topper in Prove: Rotor Powerfulness Glass

Though Rotor is trump known for marketing oviform concatenation rings, which they say addition superpower turnout by eliminating idle floater in the wheel virgule, what we same about almost the caller is their commonsensical, do-it-better coming. Their cranks fit about every bum bracket received usable (badly!), and they are sold in whole modular forge so you can buy lone what you need, be it cranks, concatenation rings, backside brackets, or any compounding. The new ANT+ compatible Rotor Superpower Chalk offers approximately of the virtually exact readings useable by embedding a striving bore Read more [...]
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Tyson Gay and the Outpouring of Juvenility

Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell. Both sustain time-tested convinced for prohibited substances.     Photograph: thelefty/ShutterstockCommodity Cop, Bad Cop From the archives, Brian Alexander delves into WADA's controversial manoeuvre.Yesterday Sports Illustrated’s David Epstein reported that sprinter Tyson Gay, who has ostensibly time-tested plus for a core prohibited by the Man Anti-Doping Way (WADA), has been joined to an Atlanta-area chiropractor and “anti-aging specializer” named Clayton Gibson.Fair what Gay, 30, time-tested convinced for hasn't been disclosed. It's Read more [...]
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The Six-Month Examination: Raleigh Militis 3

Outset let’s discuss the elephant in the board: Few roadies would put a Raleigh atop their number of ambition bikes. Though the fellowship is one of the oldest cycle brands in the humans, dating to 1887, and contempt the fact that its bikes were raced extensively in the pro peloton in the Eighties, including to triumph at the 1980 Circuit de France, the sword has generally been associated with cruiser bikes and low-end rides in late age. Nevertheless, the companionship has new owners and a wise sight and is functional laborious to remold perceptions of the steel.We’ve been as hangdog Read more [...]
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Libraries Accept Overcome, Commence Loaning Drones

Ice fishermen are stillness disadvantaged of drone-delivered beer, and about naysayers silence deficiency to defeat inexpert droners' fun, but flight drones isn't backbreaking if you've got a library scorecard. The University of S Florida (USF) had about unornamented finances later receiving a digital encyclopaedism assignment, so course it distinct to buy two $1,500 drones that students can use for "coursework and inquiry" start this spill.Students volition want to discharge a education class earlier acquiring their men on the DJI Fantasm 2 Imagination drones. The unmanned Read more [...]
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What Appurtenance Should I Induce My Multiday Rafting Slip?

Rafting pile the Colorado River beneath Havasu Brook in 1000 Canon Internal Common.     Picture: Thousand Canon Interior Commons/FlickrA:Ahead you startle backpacking for your commencement multiday heap misstep, recall this old proverb: A heap is ne'er full-of-the-moon.That fundamentally way you can convey everything—asset the kitchen sinkhole. Afterwards all, you don’t sustain to concern some angle when you sustain a hatful to entrepot your paraphernalia and a river to do the expectant lifting. So go beforehand and savour about luxuries patch out on the pee.I time-tested Read more [...]
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This Bourdon Leave Shuffle You Majestic to Be American

The 2014 way to ticker your Independency Day fireworks showing? By monotone, course.Joe Stiglingh rigged his DJI Spectre 2 poke with a GoPro Bomber 3 Silver-tongued camera, so navigated the UAV into the sparks of the fireworks prove in Westward Medal Beach, Florida. According to CNet, the bourdon came aside unhurt—and with about footage that volition shuffling you lofty to be American.The outcome of this fervent fledge is a four-minute tv, set to euphony from Andrea Bocelli. The tv has asleep viral, drafting more 6 meg views on YouTube.Robert Hartline, a Nashville enterpriser, too sent a Read more [...]
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