Low-frequency ultrasound-1

The absence of nystagmus in one direction is not only in this kalorizatsii ear with hot water, but also in the other ear kalorizatsii cold water, but if in the other ear, pour hot water, it turns normal nystagmus. In these cases, there is no loss of excitability of the labyrinth, but there was loss of nystagmus in one direction during stimulation of both labyrinths. Sometimes we find the prevalence of nystagmus one side. It remains to emphasize that such a preponderance of nystagmus, or loss may be either in the caloric or rotational in the sample. In the absence of nystagmus is stored in standard Read more [...]
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Caloric test

We begin to caloric test injection in the ear 10 ml of water 16 °. It irritation exceeds the threshold, but given the significant individual variations in healthy people, and the fact that the overwhelming majority in this irritation occurs nystagmus, we stopped at this dosage. According to our control data related to people under the age of 30 years, nystagmus usually appears after a latent period of 15-20 seconds and lasts for 60-80 seconds. The absence of nystagmus after 10 and 20 ml and its appearance at 50 ml we see as reduction excitability; absence nystagmus at 50 ml - as a sharp reduction, Read more [...]
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Renal aplasia

Renal aplasia - Congenital absence one kidney. In this case, ureter either completely absent or only develops its caudal part at different length. The only kidney, sometimes slightly enlarged, fully compensates functionally absence the opposite kidney. Although this anomaly does not occur often (sectional data, one for autopsies 500-2500) before nephrectomy operates must verify the existence of the other kidney. If, along with a complete renal aplasia aplasia ureter, when cystoscopy is no corresponding mouth ureter and even half of the cystic triangle. If in doubt, doubt allow pnevmoren, pnevmoretroperitoneum Read more [...]
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Anomalies of the scrotal

Doubling of testicular. It is extremely rare in the testis doubling the one hand if the eggs on the other side. Anorhizm. Very rare anomaly is the absence of one testicle (monorhizm) or both testicles (anorhizm) and intraperitoneal adhesions both testes (sinorhidiya). Slightly more common hypoplasia of one or both testicles, sometimes not exceeding the size of a pea. In the latter case, there may be signs of evnuhoidizme - underdevelopment of the penis and prostate cancers, obesity, sparse facial and pubic hair, thin voice, the absence or reduction of libido and erectile dysfunction (not always). For Read more [...]
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Metabolic disorders

During exercise in athletes frequently encountered disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. Intense exercise can cause a decrease in blood sugar - hypoglycemia, which sometimes up to 40% instead of 100-120 mg mg% is normal. Hypoglycemia, reaching to the lower level, is a pathological condition called hypoglycemic shock. Usually, this condition occurs when the long running and swimming, skiing and cycling races on long distance. It manifests itself in feelings of hunger, fatigue, dizziness and loss of consciousness. When hypoglycemic shock, immediately enter the body sugar (through the mouth, and Read more [...]
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The diagnosis of rheumatic carditis-8

In this case, for a syndrome of primary rheumatism uncommon: a) the chronological relationship of the disease with nestreptokokkovymi infections, stressors, and b) a truncated or missing latent period, and c) the emergence of the disease in middle and old age, and d) a gradual onset, and e) the full absence joint syndrome early in the disease, e) emotionally charged nature of cardiac complaints, g) absence or weak expression of laboratory signs of activity in clinical manifestations of carditis: a) the presence of symptoms of asthenia, vegetative dystonia, thermoregulation disorders early in the Read more [...]
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The diagnosis of rheumatic carditis-4

Protracted return carditis may mistakenly diagnosed and given some options for congenital heart disease, or a combination thereof. Patient M., aged 15, was admitted to the clinic of the Institute of Medical Sciences rheumatism 31 / X 1967 complaining of pain in the heart, shortness of breath with a little exercise, seizures, severe weakness, dizziness, accompanied by fainting. Gradually increasing breathlessness notes from early childhood. Grew weaker child. At 6 years of age diagnosed congenital heart disease. In 1966, performed cardiac catheterization. Prospective ASD rejected. In May Read more [...]
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Fertilization in forensic respect

The need to establish a man's ability to conceive may be in the investigation of various sexual offenses and the settlement of civil cases, such as the disputed paternity, divorce, etc. Fertilization possible if the sperm normally formed sperm motility and free passage through their vas way. Failure to O. may be due to bilateral degenerative seminiferous epithelium of the convoluted tubules of the testes (see) and their atrophy resulting inflammatory processes (eg, tuberculosis), mechanical injury, radiation injury (X-rays, radioactive substances, etc.), the absence or hypoplasia of the testicles Read more [...]
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Prepiloricheskaya atresia

Prepiloricheskaya atresia - This is a rare congenital anomaly in which there is closure of the lumen border membrane of the stomach and duodenum, in the pyloric stomach. Clinic and diagnostics. The main symptom in this form of obstruction is vomiting that occurs after the first and second feeding. Always without vomiting bile and greenery. Meconium may depart within 1-3 days, but the chair of the transition will be. A characteristic feature is the presence of small epigastric bulging and retraction of all the other departments abdominal cavity. 10. X-ray of a newborn with prepiloricheskoy Read more [...]
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Movement without landmarks

In the absence of benchmarks. In the tundra, steppe, where no guidance, or in poor visibility can move by the alignment. Steering tourist traffic control direction, while at the end of the group, he sees the whole chain of tourists can compare it with a given azimuth direction and - to warn of deviations. In the presence of the sun (moon, stars), you can move in measuring the azimuth angle of the direction in relation to these heavenly bodies. Every half an hour of their position in the sky should be specified with the help of a compass. Of the techniques of the most common orientation orientation Read more [...]
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Boil water with no utensils

Most universal and yet the greatest volumes consumed substance on the planet without which life is impossible any living organism is known water. It is part of 70% of the human body. Every day for various purposes is its heat treatment. Invented for this very large range of different dishes and appliances. Everyone is so used to them that probably hard to imagine how you can boil water in a simple .... paper. In terms of survival, this method is very useful. We need to take a piece of paper and it is better if not from the newspaper, but something closer to one for a longer period of operation. Read more [...]
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A short dictionary of terms teratological

Ablephary (ablepharia) - no age. Abraham, synonym acheiria (abrachia, acheiria) - the absence of the upper extremities. Agenesis - congenital absence or hypoplasia of the body part or parts of the body. Aguirre (agyria) - lack of convolutions of the brain. Agnathia (agnatia) - absence of the lower jaw. Adactylia (adactylia) - Bespalov, no fingers. Akarda (acardia) - lack of heart. Akor, synonym Aniridia (acoria, aniridia) - the absence of the iris. Acrania (acrania) - the absence of the cranial vault. Amelia (amelia) - the complete absence of limbs. Ankyloglossia (ankyloglosson, s. Frenulum breve) Read more [...]
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Whooping cough

Terms isolation of the patient Insulation terminated in the absence of clinical events at 31-day illness without bacteriological research, on 25 - 26 th dayIn the presence of double-negative culture results throat secretions, held from the 10th day from the onset of the disease at intervals of 1 - 2 days. Terms of supervision for persons who have had an infectious disease, and activities undertaken during this period Observation and activities are not carried out Terms of isolation and surveillance of persons who came into contact with the patient prior to isolation Children up to 7 years without Read more [...]
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Kidney and urinary tract

Diffuse glomerulonephritis (In the inactive phase, the I-II stages of the process activity). Evaluation of "significant improvement"Can be achieved in patients with staged treatment of signs of activity and elimination process, the complete disappearance of signs of intoxication, persistent normalization of urinary sediment, the concentration of renal function, markers of protein and lipid metabolism. 'Improvement"Means a reduction or disappearance of signs of activity in part of the process, improvement renal function by laboratory studies, in the absence of a difference of Read more [...]
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The effects of alcohol on the fetus-1

Each two-third child with fetal alcohol syndrome have heart defects, and every 2nd - malformations of sexual organs (hyperplasia girls clitoris, doubling the vagina, pseudohermaphroditism, boys - undescended testicles). Less common defects diaphragm, abnormal shape of the chest, hydronephrosis, liver spots, multiple hemangiomas of the skin, abnormal growth of the teeth. Have a doubling of the urinary tract, hypospadias, excessive hair growth, especially on the forehead, absence anus, narrow high palate, and others (Mehtansky GP, 1975). Research conducted at the University of Washington, showed Read more [...]
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According to the World Health Organization (1979) is the one barren marriage, in which there is no pregnancy of his wife, provided regular sexual activity without the use of any contraception for one year, and subject to the spouses of childbearing age. This definition accurately reflects the formal and the facts of the problem. However, the question arises: to what gradation of disease should include absence children in married couple if they wish to have offspring? It is clear that infertility - A phenomenon not only antifiziologicheskoe but largely antisocial. This is not always a disease Read more [...]
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Psychological and social aspects of infertility

Infertility in marriage - one of the very severe stress. Personal characteristics of childless spouses are significantly different from people of the same age and social status, but with children. Psychological tests are characterized by greater instability, fear, self-doubt, the difficulties of social contacts. Guilt for the absence of children in the family is higher in women. However, these same patients more developed qualities such as speed of response, the feeling of tension and emotion, indicating the presence of a constant focus of depressed mood. Despite the strong evidence of significant Read more [...]
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The main causes of infertility in women-12

When treatment failure sex steroids used direct stimulation of ovulation. Perhaps the use of Clomid (clomiphene Clomid) - active antiestrogen. Effect of clomiphene is based on its ability to compete with natural estrogen at the receptor level. Introduction 50 mg clomiphene for 5 days causes the load of peripheral and central receptors in the days of taking the drug. Then there is an increase of FSH and LH in response to lower concentrations of estrogens: triggered a negative feedback mechanism. Release of FSH and LH results in stimulation of follicular development, increased secretion of Read more [...]
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The main causes of infertility in women-11

Treatment of extensive lesions Endometriosis - Usually surgical. However, surgery is not always saves the patient from the inherent endometriosis complaints (lower abdominal pain, painful menstruation and dramatically infertility). In recent years, become increasingly common combination therapies of this disease. Most authors consider an optimal hormonal therapy before surgery, then surgery and hormone therapy again. Hormone therapy is done drugs that suppress ovarian function and turn off ovulation. These drugs are combined estrogen-progestin contraceptives (nonovlon, bisekurin, anovlar) Read more [...]
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Abnormal development of the prostate

Complete congenital absence of the prostate — a very rare congenital anomaly, which occurs only in conjunction with other abnormalities of the genitourinary system (absence of testes, bilateral cryptorchidism, bladder exstrophy, and epispadias psevdovaginalnaya hypospadias). More common congenital hypoplastic prostate, usually observed in combination with hypoplasia of the genital organs, and in pituitary infantilism — with unilateral abnormalities of the upper urinary tract and kidney hypoplasia.

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