Danger on the road. What to do?

• The dirt on the road. This means that during a rotation you may overtake a tractor or wagon, to overtake that should be used with caution. You need utmost attention to the adjoining highway, country roads, especially when in close proximity and direction to the highway moving tractor or cart. • Cow dung on the road ahead, perhaps there is a herd. In this case, you should stop and wait until all the animals leave the roadway; in any case not zoom, because the frightened animal may not recoil in the direction of, and on you. • Near the road is a dog (cat). At any time Read more [...]
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The danger during the night. What to do?

If you are not a taxi driver and do not earn a living passenger, never take people voting in the dark. However, there are many ways a more reliable stopping drivers at night - for example, using a simulation of the accident. 1. Seeing a possible accident and asking to stop the man, shut all the doors of your car. 2. Reduce your speed and go into low gear, thus be ready at any time to accelerate. 3. Using beam inspect the site of a possible accident. 4. During your stay, do not turn off the motor and do not leave the machine until you are sure that it was really an accident. 5. At the slightest Read more [...]
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In Italy there was a train accident

In northern Italy, April 12, 2010, there was a train accident. Passenger train derailed. It is already known about the six victims. The train belonged to the regional companies Sad. He left at 08:20 (10:20) and was due to arrive in Merano, according to the schedule, at 09:43 (11:43). According to preliminary reports, the accident occurred at 09:05 local time (11:05) in the railway section between stations Kastelbello and Laces near Merano. The primary cause of PE is called a sinkhole on a section of the path. Earlier it was reported that injured 20 people. However, rescuers have already removed Read more [...]
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In Kiev again failed piece of road. Photo

April 21 at 16:30 there was a failure of the soil on the corner of ul. Bratislava and Electric, which is housing an array of "Troeshchyna." On Friday the press service of "Kievvodokanala." Depth of the dip of about 2 m in diameter - about 10 m. According to the water treatment plant, the accident occurred due to damage to the reinforced concrete shell sewer collector drift. Leak is found. Currently, repairs are completed on the site, and the place of the accident prepared for asphalting. April 12 at noon in the street Mechnikov near the business center "Parus" failed asphalt, forming a pit Read more [...]
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In the center of Yekaterinburg again collapsed roadway

  Source: The company REThe failure of a size of about one meter was formed on Wednesday morning, 28 July, on-site roadway March 8, opposite the circus. According to preliminary data, because of the accident no one was hurt. As reported JustMedia witnesses, present at the place of the accident are the traffic police. Pit surrounded. The press service of the city traffic police clarify the causes of the incident. Recall that this spring, a similar incident has complicated the already difficult lives of Yekaterinburg drivers. may 3, on the street Malysheva in the capital of the Read more [...]
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Asphalt suddenly fell through the driving a jeep in Vladivostok. Video

By turning the ring on the street Bagration under the SUV failed asphalt. Nobody was hurt, however, to independently leave the pits, the car failed. Driver Mitsubishi Challenger rode on the Russian side Veselkova. Usually at this time on the ring Bagration car thread tight and no cars go fast. But the motorist managed to pass only to the middle of the ring. David, the driver of the Mitsubishi Challenger: \"in Front of me was driving machine, normally went, exactly went and got failed asphalt and then you can see for yourself\". Under the wheels Mitsubishi failed not only well Luke, but Read more [...]
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In Japan there was an earthquake of a magnitude of 6.9

September 4, 2013. In the Central part of Japan on the morning of 4 September earthquake of a magnitude of 6.9. About it reports Reuters. The earthquake affected Tokyo and all over the East coast of Honshu, including the Fukushima Prefecture. However, no damage emergency nuclear power plant \"Fukushima-1\" was not received. The earthquake no one was hurt. There is no tsunami threat. The focus lies at a depth of 400 kilometers in the Pacific ocean, about 580 kilometers South of Tokyo. In March 2011, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and subsequent tsunami accident at the Japanese nuclear Read more [...]
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In Nova Scotia found half a million dead fry

Salmon Minister of fisheries of Nova Scotia sterling Belive reported that about 500 thousand salmon fry that were bred on the farm, were found dead in the river Barnes. According to the Minister, it is unclear if the accident maslovaty to mass death of fish. The accident occurred on August 18, when in a ditch near the river poured the contents of the tank truck with 38 thousand litres of recycled engine oil. In the accident the oil caught fire, part of it fell into the river. In an accident killed two drivers. Minister Belive stated that the relationship of an accident with death of the fish, Read more [...]
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Massive fish kills in the river Elan

The accident at the Voronezh sugar factory has led to mass death of fish in the river Elan. «The fish died in the river section with a length of more than 2.5 km On each meter was found from 20 to 50 pieces of dead fish. The plant does not deny the fact released into the river substances, referring to the accident, and promises to compensate the nature of the damage», — said the Prosecutor Novohopersk district region Sergey Belenko. The causes of the accident will be known only after special review. If investigators find the crime will be prosecuted under article «The Read more [...]
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In the Gulf of Mexico appeared dead zone. Video. Photos

In the Gulf of Mexico near the site of an ecological disaster found «dead zone». The huge square is only 56 miles from the drilling rig killed all marine flora and fauna, according to «Russia 24». Scientists still can't understand what extinct animals and plants. Was it a consequence of man-made disaster or «dead zone» appeared in a natural way. «I have no doubt that spilled oil, as well as the products of its decay, causing damage to numerous colonies of sea creatures», — said scientist at Louisiana state University ed Overton. Emma Read more [...]
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Toxic waste spill in Hungary, were in one of the arms of the Danube. Photo

Toxic industrial waste, spilled after the accident at the aluminum plant in Western Hungary, on Thursday reached Mosoni-Duna (Mosoni-Duna), the Western arm of the river Danube, near the border with Austria and Slovakia, the level of contamination is not yet pose a threat to the population, according to the Agency The Associated Press with reference to the representative of the Hungarian Agency for emergency situations Tibor Dobson (Tibor Dobson). According to Agence France Presse, the content of alkali in the water a little above normal and now is 8,96 to 9.07 while the norm is 8. Agency staff Read more [...]
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The consequences of the ecological disaster in Hungary. Video

According to experts, a spill of toxic waste in the West of Hungary may become an environmental disaster for the countries of Eastern Europe and seriously threatens the ecosystem of the Danube. © RIA Novosti, Infographics. Paul Karaulov On Monday, October 8, owned by MAL Zrt large enterprise for the production of aluminum Ajkai Timfoldgyar Zrt 160 km West of Budapest was an explosion that destroyed the dam of the reservoir with toxic waste — the so-called «red mud». According to rescuers, after the explosion of the tank turned around 600-700 thousand cubic meters of Read more [...]
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In Astrakhan, thousands of people were left without electricity due to welter

On Tuesday evening, October 12, the element left in the dark a few thousand people living in the Northern and Central districts of Astrakhan. Heavy rain and squally winds damaged power lines. The breach in the two branches of power lines to substations \"Kili-Kili\" and \"North\" was recorded in 16.25 GMT. Teams and networks working on Troubleshooting, RIA \"Novosti\" with reference to the representative of Astrakhanenergo. It is expected that electricity will be restored in the next few hours. Earlier in late September without electricity also more hours remained the capital of Kalmykia, Read more [...]
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The accident occurred at two nuclear power plants in the U.S.

© RIA Novosti. Sergey Nickels The accident occurred at two nuclear power plants in the U.S., dangerous leakage of radioactive substances is not observed, reported on Monday the Agency The Associated Press. The explosion of the transformer, which occurred on Sunday at the nuclear power plant near the town of Buchanan (Buchanan) in Virginia, has temporarily suspended the work of one of the reactors. None of the employees of the nuclear power plant was not damaged. In the afternoon, another accident occurred at a nuclear power plant near the town of Vernon, which fixed the leak of radioactive Read more [...]
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Wrecked truck in China has resulted in large emissions of sulfur vapor

The truck with gray turned over, and then caught fire in southern China, the driver was killed, said Friday the Agency Xinhua. The accident took place on a Friday night on the road in the district of Nanning city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region of China. Truck for unnamed reasons, while rolled over and fell into a ten-meter ravine, and then caught fire. Reportedly, the driver was killed. About how many chemicals were in the car, not reported. According to the Agency, in the area of the accident recorded high concentration of toxic gases. Currently, the fire is extinguished. Local environmental Read more [...]
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Over a hundred localities of Moldova remained without electricity

Photo: From the archives "KP" Thousands of Moldovans from more than a hundred settlements in 14 districts of the country were left without electricity. Suffered the lines in Straseni, Criuleni, Orhei and Telenesti areas. As reported «Union Fenosa» the consequences of accidents already eliminated. In addition, the company is asking anyone who saw the dangling power lines, contact dispatcherqueue service (022 — 43-11-11). The cause of the accident was a strong wind had warned him about the State hydrometeorological. Recall that on 11 February on the website of Read more [...]
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Sandstorm was sent to repair 80 machines

Accident involving 80 machines occurred in East Germany. According to the latest data, 8 people were killed, wounded - 141. Highway A-19 - one of the main highways leading from Berlin to the Baltic sea coast - covered sand storm. Within seconds, the visibility dropped to zero. More than 10 cars after the collision is still lit up. Well, not off in the air trapped in them a truck with explosives. Stefan, participant accident: \"the Sand collapsed wall. Everything went black. I completely stopped something to see and bumped into the vehicles ahead, although I can't say exactly who I ran into. Read more [...]
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Swollen river flooded about 100 houses in the Orenburg region

ORENBURG, 10 APR — RIA Novosti. River Saguna overflowed in the Orenburg region and flooded about one hundred houses in the village Sladkovo, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the region. «On Saturday at 20.55 (18.55 time in a single duty dispatching service reported that as the result of a rapid rise in water level in the river Saguna in the village Sladkovo Iletsk district flooded about 100 private homes. In them live 160 people», — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, to guide the work on liquidation Read more [...]
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The explosion of the gas pipeline. Yakutia and Oklahoma

Yakutia The explosion and subsequent fire occurred on the pipeline in 197?kilometer highway peace-TAS-Yuryakh in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The accident no one was hurt. The explosion has not led to the shutdown of boilers in the town of Mirny. The explosion and subsequent fire occurred on the pipeline in 197?kilometer highway peace-TAS-Yuryakh in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the press service of the far Eastern regional center of EMERCOM of Russia. The accident area is in the taiga 40 km from the city of Peace and 500 m from the road Mirny-Lensk. The accident no one was hurt. Immediately Read more [...]
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About the effects of dust storms in the southwest U.S.

October 30, 2013. Dust storm that recently occurred in the South-Central part of the U.S. state of Arizona, has caused the deaths of at least three people; after meeting with the element on the track a little to the North, the semi-stretched fabric-Peak and South of Casa Grande for over ten residents were injured, getting in a serious accident.During the climax of dust storms wind speed rose to 48 km/h and visibility dropped so low that in that moment on the road 19 cars were not able to continue safe driving and collided, creating long traffic jam. It later emerged that the maximum visibility Read more [...]
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