Explosions in ammunition storage

Production blasts give rise to a number of sources of danger: toxic emissions from the strait and vapor products, shock-wave from the air and seismic shock waves, mechanical shock from the expanding solid phase explosion. Also, in general, may cause gas-aerosol club explosion products and ground flue outlet of the products of incomplete combustion of working media.After the explosion at a chemical manufacturing facility. Consider the most important hypothetical explosion accident in a warehouse with the components of chemical weapons. Such incidents may occur alone or be the development of Read more [...]
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Accident in Sverdlovsk

Placing plant for the production of biological weapons near a bigger city - is the height of folly. (Raymond Zilinskas, independent American microbiologist, of report on the incident in Sverdlovsk, 1980) "Biological product" was the most strictly protected object of the "cold war", a mystery, so carefully hidden from the public eye, that employees of different departments often have no idea what their colleagues. But even the best and the secret structure is based on human relationships. Gossip, professional conversations, competition, simple curiosity was the reason why we Read more [...]
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The world's largest nuclear accidents

The very first major radiation accidents occurred during the development of nuclear materials for the first atomic bombs. September 1, 1944 in the U.S. state of Tennessee, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for pipe cleaning enrichment of uranium hexafluoride, an explosion occurred, which led to the formation of hazardous substances - hydrofluoric acid. Five laboratory workers suffered burns, breathing a mixture of radioactive and acidic vapors. Two died, the other seriously injured. The first serious radiological accident occurred in the Soviet Union June 19, 1948, the very next day after the Read more [...]
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Ways to protect the population

When planning activities against accidents, we must remember that they include five stages: • accumulation of deviations from the normal process; • initiation of an accident; • Development of the accident, during which impact on people, the environment and the objects of the economy; • rescue and other emergency operations, location of the accident; • restoration of life after the aftermath of the accident. According to the release key ways to protect the population in emergencies: • shelter population in protective structures (funds NBC); • personal and health protection; • decentralization Read more [...]
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In the U.S. state of Wisconsin burst dam (VIDEO)

Due to heavy rain showers in Portage (USA) partially collapsed sand dam 1890s building, according to CNN. Proischoshla accident on the night of Sunday to Monday, in the flood zone were about a hundred houses.Residents evacuated from the area of potential flooding in the Blackhawk Park began before the collapse of the dam, but around 4 pm was interrupted by local authorities because of the accident. At the moment, it remains unknown number of people had no time to evacuate. The number of people locked inside them can be up to three hundred people. Information, but no casualties were reported. "People Read more [...]
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State of emergency declared in Guatemala due to rains

Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom declared a state of emergency due to continuing rains, which have claimed 19 lives on Saturday people, said the South American broadcaster TeleSur. For the past day, there were about 40 landslides and debris flows from the coast out dozens of rivers, destroyed roads and bridges. Evacuated more 10 thousand. Damage the national economy, estimated at half a billion dollars. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the rains will continue for a few days. The most serious consequences brought mud flows in the department of Chimaltenango in 80 kilometers Read more [...]
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