Disaster affecting the rate of progress. Impact of disasters on the rate of development

Global risk of the third kind we call any events that slow or accelerate, or change the order of sverhtehnology on Earth, and thus have an indirect but decisive influence on the possible scenarios of global catastrophe. You can find the following relationship between disasters and events of different scales and their influence on the development of technologies and priorities. Any major accident or disaster can slow the development of technologies. For example, the economic crisis, it is the economic disaster, will halt work on accelerators, reducing the chances of creating a "black hole" Read more [...]
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Other types of nanotech weapons

Nanotechnology can be used in the military and not resorting to the creation of robots. For example, as early as 2004 wrote employees Foresight Institute, made possible creation Bomb flywheel. The fact is that with the development of nanotechnology will be possible creation supermahovika. The maximum speed is limited by the usual flywheel resistance to the rim (and the diameter of the flywheel) in modern flywheels can be up to 2 km / sec. For this rim is made of durable carbon tape. With the development of nanotube materials such as rope for a space elevator, you can reach speeds of 100 km Read more [...]
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People want postapokalipsisa

In While serious writers and critics scream about the death of Russian literature and culture, science fiction did about it do not worry and do not even find that the current literature is in crisis, because of their "products" sold millions of copies.About why people are willing to read about Apocalypse and the destruction of the world, as well as how to become a selling author, in an exclusive interview with "Pravde.Ru" said a successful author of fiction, a military officer Sergei Tarmashev.       Withergey Tarmashev - an Read more [...]
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Survival in the train

DGadfly if you get in an accident, while on the train? It is unlikely, because it is extremely rare, and not be so lucky highly unlikely. However, this in no way means that it is not necessary to know the rules of conduct in such a terrible situation, especially because they are not so complicated.     PWhen a train crash heard the characteristic hum, creaking wheels, alarm locomotive pulling carriages. The collapse occurs mostly at level crossings in collisions with vehicles crossing the move. Are less likely to collapse in a collision of trains Read more [...]
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Chernobyl sarcophagus

Of the accident at Chernobyl was more than 20 years, but the problem did not go nuclear. Until now, in the depths of NPP is tons of radioactive fuel. In the first days after the accident, the mobilized forces began to build the sarcophagus around the reactor, in order not to miss the emission of radiation. The reactor plant was Abandoned 2000 thousand tons of sand and clay, 2,500 tons of lead, 50 tons of boron carbide and a few other substances weighing about 1,000 tons. All this was to fill the reactor and suppress fire in the reactor, as well as to prevent radiation escape. Later, around Read more [...]
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Did you have an accident in transport

Information for consideration: in Russia for the year under the wheels of cars and road accidents kill 36 - 37 thousand people. This is almost three times more than nine years of war in Afghanistan. At Smolensk each week is more than ten accidents, which killed 3-5 people and wounded various degrees 15-25. What to do? When a car accident importantly - timely first aid to the victims. And this should be done immediately, especially arterial bleeding, stop breathing and the heart, in other cases - within the first 20-30 minutes. Every driver of a passing car, every pedestrian, who appeared at Read more [...]
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Possible emergency situations in the Smolensk region (and other natural)

One characteristic of our age is the massive injuries among the population due to disasters caused by nature or human-technology. What can we Smolsnschine to be feared? Fear of earthquakes? Smolensk but does not apply to an earthquake-prone regions. Fear floods, landslides, avalanches? So we do not have mountains. Fear of floods, the share of which, by the way, all over the world up to 40% of natural disasters? In 1991, flood Bangladesh has claimed more than 130,000 lives. Disaster of this magnitude do not threaten us. Although it should be noted that the spring floods on the rivers of Read more [...]
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Set the necessary equipment to survive for 72 hours

"Ask any adult, whether he himself and his children for 3 days to provide food, water, warmth and shelter. I doubt that most deal with it. Of course, some will argue that cope. I often say, "I could do it if I really needed it," or "I can stock up on plastic mineral water." But this is only illustrates the arrogance of modern man, which is potentially dangerous to his health and life. Many of those who were so sure of himself, did not live in makeshift camps, camping for many years and are not familiar with the four basic principles of preservation of life. Read more [...]
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Electrical accident in the forensic respect

Electrical accident most often the result of an accident or injury. Suicide or murder by electric shocks are rare. The most reliable sign of the electric current on the human body are elektrometki which are formed at the contact of the human body with the current-carrying object, and they are often located on the hands (so they must be very carefully inspected) and in the current output, usually in the feet, the soles are also observed damage shoes. Elektrometki may be in the form of scratches, bubbles, burns metallized fabrics current-carrying metal object. In the absence of elektrometok (which, Read more [...]
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Inspection of the accident scene

Inspection scene of a traffic accident has specific difficulties and should be done with the obligatory participation of a forensic expert. Accidents on the streets of settlements involve stopping traffic to be restored as soon as possible. Victims should be taken immediately to hospital. In case of death the corpse of the victim also can not be left to inspect the scene. In connection with this very great importance attaches to the tracks that are on the scene of a traffic accident. Each type of car has a distinctive track and turning radius of the wheel. Prints wheels give a sense of a particular Read more [...]
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Последовательностьдействийна scene

First of all, calm yourself! Perseverance and focus. Your actions must be appropriate, deliberate, accurate and fast. Inspect place incident. Assess the situation and take action to stop the effects of damaging factors (compression of the victim, burning car, the effect of toxic gases and the like). Set pi alive injured, approximately determine the severity of his condition. This will help you understanding the circumstances in which an accident or injury, clarify, if possible, the time of its occurrence. This is especially important if injured is unconscious. Bring to assist eyewitnesses, Read more [...]
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Traffic accidents

One of the most commoncountrynnyh cause severe injury and loss of life - not violence, not disease, No fires in hotels and do not crash. This dorozhnotransportnye accident (DTP). And in some places of public entertainment you risk more: in developing countries Accidents occur in 7-13 times higher than in Western Europe.I began my military career in the first battalion of the regiment Haylendskogo in Northern Ireland in the early 1980s. It was a very tense time in the region, and for the two years that we have lodged there, we lost one person in a terrorist attack. After our term ended, we went Read more [...]
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Choosing a car and preparing for the trip

When renting a car abroad, it may be that the rules of rent may differ from your home. The chances of a no-good car can be great. In addition, the procedure for obtaining a driving license in the UK and Western countries provides a high level of the majority of road users. But in some regions simply buy a car.To travel by car abroad need to have an international driver's license (International Driving Licence) and the appropriate level of insurance. Notify your insurance agent that you are going to drive a car abroad, or you may lose your refund.Here are the basic rules for car rental abroad.Join Read more [...]
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Safe driving

When in 1996 I visited Egypt, I was shocked by the crazy driving on the roads. Drivers ignore the other road, and every moment I expected to crash. However, a few months in Cairo, I have seen very few accidents. One of our Egyptian colleagues told us that the Egyptian government has ordered the Japanese firm traffic management systems city. The firm has established a computer system monitoring traffic around Cairo. After a long period of monitoring discouraged Japanese expert said Egyptian officials that they could not understand how all possible traffic. They offered to leave it as is.Driving Read more [...]
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Weather emergencies and disasters in the world for July 2012

Bring to your attention, as an experiment, weather predictions of world events for July 2012, which sent us to the editor Nicholas cap. First of all,  forecast interest local accuracy by leaps and detailing events. Further, according to the author of the forecast. Astrologer, Nicholas Kartuzov: "I studied astrology for a long time, from about 1992 methods do not open - the secret - just about to say. Drawn horoscope of the day, the sun is not simple - mobile. Drawn of the day. Applied zodiac signs - all in motion. Essentially two horoscope - aspects and elements, and also drawn the Read more [...]
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Do not fall into the caste

In addition to the above criminal and professional categories, there are a significant number of criminals in their formal structure is not included, are like outside. They are among the thieves, swindlers, thieves, extortionists and adequately assimilate the status of professional criminals among criminals. It is no accident in the distribution of convicts on the production team, most of them wanted to get into those groups, where there are persons convicted of similar offenses. The same is observed in the behavior of professional criminals who are in conditions of freedom. In card fraud, Read more [...]
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Electrical accident

Electrical accident - is damage to electric shock. Electrical accident occurs in industry, agriculture, transport, and in the home. Telephone wire, radio, television, accidentally connected to the power lines, can also be a source of electrocution. Cause electric shock may be atmospheric electricity (lightning). In military terms electrical accident may occur from contact with barbed wire, is under high voltage electric shock. The severity of lesions in the electrical accident depends on the strength and voltage, duration of action and its physical properties (constant, variable). It is considered Read more [...]
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First aid in case of accident

Despite the comprehensive preventive measures conducted by the traffic police, Minavtotransom, medical and other organizations, there is still a large number of road traffic accidents (RTA) and the motor vehicle accident. Safety on the roads and at the fleet depends on strict compliance with safety rules and traffic discipline and moral character is not only individual, but of many direct and indirect road users (drivers, pedestrians, controllers, business managers, etc.). In addition, road safety across the country may have an adverse impact of climate, geography, and other conditions. This Read more [...]
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Post-accident monitoring

Environmental monitoring, which takes place after the accident, includes all the elements discussed above prirodohozyaystvennogo monitoring at local, regional and global levels, taking into account the changed background levels. You also need to assess the incident on the international scale emergency events by analyzing levels of chemical measurements and modeling of toxicant in different environments. The measurement of the toxic environment it is advisable to conduct mobile equipment, including aircraft. The quality of information must be provided guidelines for the organization of environmental Read more [...]
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Latent foci of danger

Quite often in practice after vidimovogo eliminate fire or toxic hazard remains latent - hidden pockets of danger. After some time, for no apparent reason again there hearth fire or create an emergency situation in which the environment comes quietly toxic. Such latent hotbed accident can be detected with instruments. Note that evaporation and (or) smoke emissions will occur in any large-scale incident, related to chemical weapons. The accident resulted in the wind flow will be wrapped themselves toxic substances and their degradation products. The danger of such a transfer is very high, as Read more [...]
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