Washington, D.C., Has the Land’s Whip Drivers

Drivers in Washington, D.C., are formally the near serious in the nation. Washington residents go but 4.8 eld 'tween accidents, flaming doubly as ofttimes as the internal modal, a sight released by Allstate's America's Topper Drivers finds. It's the one-sixth twelvemonth in a row that Washington has graded at the ass of the sight.“I wouldn’t say it’s the pip, I’d say it’s the least topper,” Allstate spokesman Adam Polak told The Washington Berth. “From look our information, drivers in Washington, D.C., on norm let collisions more oft.”Polak suggests Read more [...]
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Powerful hurricane in Yalta

In Yalta, eliminating the consequences of the hurricane. "This hurricane in Yalta not even remember the old-timers - wind gusts reached 35 meters per second," - said in a submitted message City Hall. "Affected schools in the village Koreyiz - quite badly damaged roof. In total, according to preliminary data, 50 houses suffered roof Yalta. Their repair will be associated with the most costly city to eliminate the effects of the hurricane, "- said the press service. Because of the strong wind that knocked trees on gas pipes, gas pipeline accidents have occurred ten. "At the time managed to turn Read more [...]
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The Far East has fallen heat waves

Due to the heat wave Far Eastern Regional Center of EMERCOM of Russia issued a warning about possible emergency emergencies in the Amur Region, Khabarovsk Krai and the Jewish Autonomous Region. According to weather forecasters Dalgidrometa, in the period from 25 to 29 June will dry and abnormally hot weather with daytime temperatures reaching 35-40 °, and in some places more than 42 ° above zero. Specialists Far Eastern Center for monitoring and forecasting the Russian Emergencies Ministry warned that due to overheating of the high-voltage transformer substations supply systems in settlements Read more [...]
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Sand storm in Saudi Arabia

The Central area of the Kingdom was covered by sand storm, and the wind is moving at a speed of 50 km per hour. The raging element caused major traffic accidents. Due to poor visibility in the city of TAIF faced 30 cars. In these accidents serious injuries received more than 35 people.Source: LiFun Read more [...]
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The storm left in the dark about 25 thousand of Novgorod

Storm wind blowing across the Novgorod region Sunday night and Monday night with speeds up to 15-24 meters per second left in the dark about 25 thousand people, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the «Novgorodenergo». «According to at 9.00 GMT, fully or partially de-energized more 100 Power lines and over 800 settlements, mainly small villages», — said the Agency interlocutor. The most serious damage to the energy Department objects registered in Borovichi, Malaya Vishera, Moshenska, Novgorod, Poddorsky and Soletskiy areas. De-energized a number Read more [...]
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First snow in the USA led to hundreds of accidents and the cancellation of dozens of flights. Video

USA. Minnesota. BlizzardBlizzard suddenly covered on Saturday, the American States of Minnesota and Wisconsin. In the region where the first snow usually falls no earlier than mid-December, the snow cover reached almost 30 see Lead Snowfall in the American States of Minnesota and Wisconsin became the cause of more than 400 accidents and led to the cancellation of dozens of flights, reports CNN with reference to local services. «Although we are seeing this year, for some reason the first snow of the year reveals that all have forgotten how to drive in this weather. So going on Read more [...]
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Central and Western Europe in the power of the snow cyclone

Central and Western Europe in the power of the snow storm. In Britain, France and Germany, the number of accidents has increased several times, there are reports of victims. Limited movement in dozens of highways. Emergency services do not have time to answer all calls.January weather in late November. English and Scots say that this was not the case 20 years. For the last two days in some areas dropped to 40 inches of precipitation, and the thermometer dropped to minus eight degrees. Due to numerous accidents on the roads kilometer tube. Drivers urgently «change their tires» Read more [...]
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In Europe all efforts on clearing the snow drifts. Video

In Europe all efforts on clearing the snow drifts. Heavy rainfall and frost, who brought with them «Jenna» that became the cause of many kilometers of traffic jams. Dramatically increased the number of accidents. Intermittently works railway and airline connections. Source: Lead In Europe winter cameThe Europeans have already felt all the charm of an early and unusually severe winter. In the UK frosts and snowfalls seriously violated the rail and brought a lot of problems for motorists. So, in Scotland hundreds of hapless drivers whose cars were stuck in the snow, had to seek Read more [...]
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Turkish resorts are blocked with snow

ANKARA, Dec 12 — RIA Novosti. Powerful wind, the force of which sometimes reaches 90 kilometers per hour, three-meter waves and hurricane rain negatively affect navigation in the sea of Marmara in Turkey. More than 20 local and foreign ships were forced to anchor off the coast during the night of Sunday, the number of ships does not set out to sea in the first half of the day, according to local media with reference to the management of shipping in the black sea Bosporus and the Dardanelles. A cyclone in Turkey from the Balkans on Saturday, has led to many accidents in the country, Read more [...]
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Europeans suffer from snowfalls and frosts

Europe pushes snowEurope blocked with snow. Under the impact of cyclone almost the entire Old world. UK fans were deprived of a number of football matches Premier League clubs can't vouch for the safety of spectators in the stands. Also cancelled or postponed a quarter of all rail connections. On motorways many kilometers of traffic jams. On the highway between London and Birmingham motorists are already a few hours. In airports, thousands of people spend the night in waiting rooms — air Harbor closed to flights. Including in the capital. In London «Gatwick» runway Read more [...]
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Switzerland poured freezing rain

6.01.11. Freezing rain was held on Thursday in the Swiss cantons of Bern, Aargau and Zurich, which has led to numerous accidents, says travel Agency Switzerland. According to experts of this Department, after such a rain, the road turned into skating rinks, resulting in only one Canton Bern happened more than 20 accidents. Many buses and cars trapped on the highways, reports \"Interfax\". In some areas of the country due to icing rails complicated movement of railway transport. Information about the situation at airports yet. Chaos on the roads of Germany. The movement in the North because of Read more [...]
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Freezing rain fell on Washington and Maryland

Freezing rain began in the U.S. capital and the bordering state of Maryland, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. Small wet snow began in the region at 19:00 local time on Monday (03:00 Tuesday Moscow time), an hour later, the snow when the air temperature is minus three degrees and gusty winds turned into freezing rain. Despite the fact that the utilities of Washington, Baltimore, and companies that serve the highway, prepared for forecasters promised snow and generously sprinkled reagent roads and streets, traffic slowed significantly, began to develop a small tube. The police power Read more [...]
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Japan’s role in the future of the planet. The threat of radioactive contamination

Have you noticed that all the nuclear facilities in Japan are located directly on the beach, just a few tens of meters from the water edge to almost zero height? And this is in the region where the earthquake and tsunami, so the usual thing. How is this possible? As any regular earthquakes can lead to such consequences that Fukushima will seem just a little incident.Simply smart and high-tech Japanese know very well how to assume. After all, what is a modern nuclear power plant? This can be altered and \"fancy\" locomotive. Yes, the usual pre-revolutionary engine, only instead of coal it Read more [...]
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In South Africa snowfall caused traffic jams and accidents on the roads

26 EULAs because of heavy snowfall in the South African province of the Eastern Cape on the roads was formed by a giant tube. The streets are dozens of snow machines in the province has already committed several major accidents. Source: Lead   Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Roscosmos now warns when the head can get

To prevent or prepare for possible failures of equipment, or to the deterioration of health can now use the space weather prediction. Predskazatelbstvom engaged Federal Agency Roscosmos. Now on the Agency's website in real-time publish pictures luminaries, as well as the analysis of its activity over the past 3 days and the forecast for the next 27 days it takes on average one revolution of the Sun around its axis. Judging by the color, on past holidays, space weather was favorable, outbreaks were not, the Earth's magnetic field remained calm. The increase of solar activity forecast November Read more [...]
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In Arizona sandstorm rages

on 5 October. Arizona has covered the strongest sandstorm. The giant was shrouded in cloud Tucson and Phoenix. Natural phenomenon provoked a real disaster on the roads. In conditions of almost total loss of sight in accidents faced more than twenty cars. In the result, one person died and 15 were injured. It is reported that two people are in critical condition, but send them to the hospital is not yet possible because of weather conditions. According to meteorologists, storm will last until tomorrow. Source: TV StarSandstorm in the United States caused a series of major accidents, died Read more [...]
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Europe has moved from summer to winter

on 8 October. The weather feels Europeans strength. For just one night temperature in Austria and Croatia fell from plus 30 to 0! Yesterday people were walking around in shorts and even bathed. But today the streets were covered with snow. On the roads — many accidents. From summer to winter for a few hours — not fiction, but the harsh reality. Such variability in the weather felt by the inhabitants of Austria. Yesterday there was about 30 degrees and this morning — slightly above zero.The sky is gray clouds, to replace the warm sun came cold, strong winds Read more [...]
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Per day in Irkutsk had the monthly norm of precipitation

November 1. Due to snowfall in Irkutsk on line no published approximately 60 buses. Happened almost 150 accidents. On the hydroelectric dam drifts the snow height on the hood of cars. Closed the airport. In some areas of the city ended transmission line. According to Irkutsk weather service, today, for the day had the monthly norm of precipitation. Utilities come out to clear the roads in support crews DPS. The machinery prevent numerous accidents and parked cars. It is planned that by the morning of the main roads in the regional center will be cleared. — I think that we will. At night Read more [...]
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Unexpected frosts in the North of Mexico caused chaos on the roads

7 December. Frosts with temperatures up to 10 degrees below zero hit last night North of Mexico, led to chaos on the roads and numerous accidents reported on Tuesday Mexican TV. On the streets of Ciudad Juarez on the border with the United States appeared in the ice that are unaccustomed to driving in such conditions Mexican drivers was an unpleasant surprise and led to numerous accidents. One man in the road incident killed, three more people were injured as a result of other accidents. In schools Ciudad Juarez canceled classes. Moreover, according to the weather forecasts, forced vacation, Read more [...]
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Frosts and heavy snow caused numerous accidents in Turkey

on January 28. Dozens of car due to bad weather are not missed in the capital — Ankara. Due to the large number of accidents in emergency mode are doctors and emergency services. The worst situation in the East of Turkey in the city of van, where in 2011 there was a massive earthquake. People that tragedy left homeless, forced to live in tent camps. Severe winter caught them by surprise. While the authority has no alternative housing for all victims. Forecasters predict that the weather will not leave Turkey alone, the temperature will be even lower. Source: TV news channel \"24\" Read more [...]
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