Accounting — 2015. Link without blood

Accounting for woodcock during the summer draft in 2015, could not be allocated among followed the set of counts held in the past, but some circumstances forced me it's still do. First, abnormally dry, cold, and prolonged with little water spring, which does not like to remember Can not. Secondly, where I had to account in Over the past few weeks it was cool and dry weather, which also does not could not exert influence on the behavior of woodcocks. So when I June 12 left his home in the village Staritsa district of Tver region about 19-00, Read more [...]
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WWF will use satellite transmitters to account for the Atlantic walrus

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia first applied to account for the satellite transmitters Atlantic subspecies of the walrus in the Arctic, said Monday the project coordinator of WWF-Russia biodiversity of the Arctic Michael Stishov."These walruses have nobody else did not hang, satellite transmitters were used only for the Pacific walrus"- He said RIA Novosti.Stishov explained that to provide full expert advice to oil companies, scientists should obtain full information on the habitat and movements of groups of this subspecies."We need to know where to go (walruses), where the stern, Read more [...]
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Let’s count …

It would all have been painted, how to spend the winter route accounting (SCM) determine the route and go, write down all the tracks that fall in your way. So we did more students in educational practice. You can additionally open the book remarkable writer and naturalist Vitali Bianchi "Lesnaya Gazeta", where he is wonderfully described how to read tracks in the snow.Over the years, keeping a bit more sophisticated, there were navigators. It seemed that it is the height of perfection of human thought, and we have the absolute numbers of living animals in our forests. Neither the hare is no longer Read more [...]
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From the practice of Kathakali

Scientists and armchair biologists, wildlife managers believed that more accurate data enables the PCA (winter route accounting). Obrashatsa demanded from the Council the submission to the winter track recording by the deadline, and if these data were reported, the household was denied applications for licenses for the upcoming hunting season.Hunting, like other sectors of the economy, can not develop normally and to function without the knowledge and accounting of its resources. For the hunting economy as the basis of management is based on the population and production, as we now say, of fauna Read more [...]
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Path Accounting

The idea of ​​monitoring the birds in the air for a long time, and it really was necessary, especially in a country as large as oursPhoto: Vladimir Simachev AT 2006 our country has become monitored meadow-field birds. In many European countries it is carried out the end of 70 s, and involved in this program about twenty countries.«Russian Bird Conservation Union» and previously conducted surveys corncrake, participates every year in International Birdwatching and other programs. Conducted surveys of cranes, storks, Read more [...]
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About the reliability of surveys of animals and birds

Hunting Russia has huge resources of game animals. Wild animals of game. There are about 200 species, including the wild ungulates, carnivores and fur-bearing animals and birdsToday, the main methods of hunting animals in the Russian government are annual winter trip records and aerial surveys, which is held once every few years, and is designed (because of its high cost and seasonality) mainly on account of wild hoofed animals. The results of these surveys is an allocation of limits and quotas on hunting game animals.During the winter route accounting, unfortunately it accounted for only about Read more [...]
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How are we going to spend the SCM?

November 14, 2014 order was issued FGBI "Tsentrohotkontrol" on the approval of a new, improved method of winter route accounting. Photo Paul Williams The technique has been controversial in among hunters and hunting users. On a meeting of the Public Council under the Department of Protection, Control and regulate the use of wildlife for Vologda region technique has been subjected to scrutiny.What are the notes and suggestions on procedure were made — from such a question addressed to the editors Chairman Read more [...]
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May 31 — Accounting for the evening woodcock traction

Last year was held All-Russia XV account woodcock at night cravings, which was attended by employees of hunting and many fans stand on valdshnepinoy traction. Coming XVI All-Russian accounting.Photos Erni -Dollarphotoclub DOWNLOAD card account can be HEREScientific Group «Woodcock» and «HORN» appeal to readers with a proposal to join this annual event, which will take place on Saturday May 31, 2014Why that day? The thrust of woodcock breeding sites does not end with the closing of hunting in late April — first half of May. On the contrary, it is activated Read more [...]
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Limits? Cut!

On a sunny afternoon in the frosty air, as always, suddenly, a shot was heard, and then in my breast pocket creaked radio - "Eliminated". Not wasting a minute, on the far side of the circuit shooters I gave the team the huntsman, "End"! Soon, like ghosts, began to appear in the clearing ruffled, frozen by a half hour of standing in the cold hand.Photo Joni sweetman / FLICKR.COM In the morning we were taken on a scheduled day of hunting elk on afternoon remained license wild boar, which, according to senior post, has now been taken, and This meant that the Read more [...]
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Why conduct surveys woodcock?

For the seventeenth consecutive year in Russia in the end of May held the All-Russian accounting woodcock. Many hunters happy to participate in this event. Link to this time is different from April, we are used to on spring hunting.Photo by Vyacheslav thus drawing In places where a lot of woodcocks, it starts long before sunset. The most active phase of its — by sunset for a further hour. It should be noted that the first time in many years, 2015 watch is not translated into saving time and so now all in the hour earlier than Last Read more [...]
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SCM: accounting or monitoring?

In the literature, modern materials and departmental information on the actual number of game animals in Russia do not have a high reliability and regularity, often contradictory and fragmentary. Change the situation had started to operate in 2010, a centralized system of state monitoring of the resources of hunting animals, but it does not change the status of the said issue.Photo Adrian Kolotilina Currently achieved the opposite effect: there was confusion in the terms and concepts, increased the number and volume of departmental reports and, as a consequence, reduce the quality Read more [...]
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May 30 — All-Russian thrust on account of woodcock

Association "RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz" FGBI "Tsentrohotkontrol" Scientific Task Force on Russian society woodcock preservation and study of birds them. MA Marmot, edition of "hunting the Russian newspaper" Seventeenth-Russian accounting plan woodcock in the evening cravings. The account will be held in a single day across the country - the last Saturday of the spring May 30, 2015.Places thrust spring and summer are almost indistinguishable. Photo: Vladimir Motkova The organizers sincerely thank all the participants in the previous counts Drawn in 1999–2014. and are Read more [...]
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Salary surveys: the practice of hunters

I want to draw attention to the difficulties encountered in the practical implementation of the recommendations of a multi-day techniques salary. Good goal of the state is clear - to increase reliability of accounting. In the near future hunting users will be obliged to mark the chips first elk and wild boar, and then - all other animals ... Photo by Ilya Lipin To fulfill the requirements of the state should be, but I would like to perform works on state registration of wildlife in any other way compensated performers work.Earlier in our small farm, 9 thousand hectares. ZMU performed Read more [...]
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May 26 — All-Russian thrust on account of woodcocks

Photo by Sergey Fokin Last year was held XIII All-Russian accounting woodcock at night cravings, which was attended by employees of hunting and many hunters - fans stand on valdshnepinoy traction.And now come XIV All-Russian accounting. Scientific Group "Woodcock" and "horn" appeal to readers with a proposal to join this annual event, which will take place on Saturday May 26, 2012The account is held annually in the midst of traction - at the end of May, and for the convenience of working people arranged on the last Saturday of the month. On that day ride or, if appropriate forest Read more [...]
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On the fate of winter route accounting

All summer and fall I spent on field work, far from civilization, and not know what is happening in the world of hunting.Photo by Vitaly Koshkin And when he came to Moscow and found that the Ministry of Natural Resources has approved and registered the Ministry of Justice Order of the Ministry of Russia on January 11, 2012 № 1 «On approval of the Guidelines for the implementation of the executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation transferred to the authority of the Russian Federation on the implementation of state monitoring of hunting resources and their habitat Read more [...]
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De jure and de facto

Revision "horn" held a meeting of leading Russian scientists in the field of hunting and discussion materials were published under the title "Professorial gatherings" in the number 39, 2015 meeting of the leading AI Lisitsyn formulated to scientists overall, a very important topic.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Everyone was talking about his, but in general all eventually reduced to legal designation of resources and hunting which should be based relations the question of their use.I personally I consider it necessary to maintain VA Kuzyakina. Read more [...]
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Tomsk thrust and accounting woodcock

This year, the first time I took part in the annual accounting woodcock on traction, but write out your favorite newspaper since 2003 and drawn a great interest in hunting is not the first year.But only now has decided, so to speak, to present themselves in the face of the Tomsk region, and then, as I understood from the newspapers, our region is silent in this regard. And this is a big influence on me has your newspaper and book SY Fokine and PA Zvereva «Woodcock and hunting for him». In this, the most southern, Kozhevnikov area I can safely say that the woodcock is listed only in Read more [...]
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His surveys

author photo Each year, after the end of the season, while the snow is still good to be read, it is run by their hunting places – something like keeping for himself. By the way, the data of surveys, for some types of game, vary with the official at times.Today just went for lunch, so I chose a more affordable place. The people is already talking about the imminent spring, but we do not have any signs except Trailing days.The nearest road to the same array showed that last week, a mass migration of roe deer. This unusually late for our seats, even though there are years when Read more [...]
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May 25 — All-Russian thrust on account of woodcocks

"The Russian newspaper for hunters," and the research group "Woodcock" appeal to readers with a proposal to take part in the XV All-Russian accounting woodcock, which will be held on Saturday, May 25, 2013 The account is held annually in the midst of traction – at the end of May, and for the convenience of working people arranged on the last Saturday of the month. On that day ride (or output) in a suitable timber and stand up where you can see the draft. Choose more open space – wide cutting, a large clearing, the edge ...If you decide to make an inventory, together with friends, in Read more [...]
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FMS offers unregister all who did not appear at his residence for more than three months

Head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovskiy offers in order to combat "rubber" apartments unregister citizens in the community, if they are absent for more than three months at home and nowhere else were registered. "I propose to put him on the wanted list and give the migration service authority to apply to the court for cancellation of registration," - said Romodanovskiy at a press conference in "Interfax". He stressed that it is necessary to solve the problem of "rubber" apartments "when prescribed at two meters and 200 Migration Service, other structures do anything about Read more [...]
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