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How to learn to shoot accurately from a slingshot

The slingshot is rogatino, little stick with a handle and horns, to which is attached elastic cords. One end of each cord is attached to the ends of the sling, the other ends attached to cogeco. The charge is placed in kagetoki, he is drawn back and released. Shrinking elastic fibers carry the charge, and he with the power of flies between the horns of a slingshot. This kind of propelling devices are called from time to time a hand catapult.To catapult painfully simple, but to shoot accurately is a difficult task. Typically, the years of constant practice is needed to become an expert marksman. Read more [...]
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Earthquakes near the volcano Kit

on 2 July. At 18:32 on satellite images show the ongoing eruption. EMSC has reduced the depth of the aftershocks of up to 5 km, but these data are also not very accurate. The border between Eritrea, where is the volcano Kit and Ethiopia, currently controlled by the army. It is connected with the experience of last year's eruption, which killed many people. June 1, 2012 recorded earthquake of 4.8 points in the immediate vicinity of the volcano Nabro. Expected satellite imagery, however, because of the error coordinates of the epicenter and the depth will not be accurate. Satellite imagery shows Read more [...]
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A blood test will show as soon as we die

Scientists from the UK examined the performance of blood taken from a population of wild birds, and found that using these tests can accurately predict the life expectancy of not only birds, but also humans. During the test measures the average length of tiny structures at the ends of chromosomes, called telomeres. Know that they are getting shorter each time, when the cells divide throughout the life of the organism. The experiment was conducted on populations of songbirds living in the Seychelles, according to the journal "Molecular Ecology". "We found that at any age telomere Read more [...]
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Reappraisal, July 1997ExtrasPickings Your Grooming Nigher to TickerBy Trick LehrerFreestyle Lap 5, Frigid Electro Protrainer NV, Accurate Insightfulness 330Contrary to democratic impression, purchasing a heart-rate supervise wristwatch isn't rather as complicated as subsidence on a laptop, and it won't turn disused in 18 months. Stillness, thither's no want to invite a gizmo that just takes your pulsing — you can do that yourself gratis.Search Read more [...]
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Developed the most accurate model of mantle flow and plate movements

Research has earned a place on the cover of the current issue of the journal Science. Geophysics at the California Institute of Technology and the University of Texas at Austin have developed an accurate model of mantle flow and the movement of tectonic plates. The model successfully combines data on processes completely different scale. It is known, for example, that the convection in the mantle drives the enormous lithospheric plates, but the result of these shifts is also strongly influenced by their interaction with each other. On their borders generates huge quantities of specific areas Read more [...]
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Floods will predict \»trainable\» warning system

March 26, 2013. Because scientists believe that the frequency and intensity of floods every year will increase the global community, it is imperative to devise methods for rapid and accurate prediction of the location and time of occurrence of flooding to prevent disasters. A group of engineers and researchers from the University of Exeter has developed such a model. It is 1000 times faster than what the existing prediction model is able to specify where and when we can expect flooding. The developed model uses its artificial intelligence to \"learn\" and to process the received data, as well Read more [...]
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Near Istanbul discovered ripening earthquake

June 19, 2013. Geologists have identified a suspicious area of the fault under the Marmara sea near Istanbul. The analysis of seismic data showed that there are already 250 years occurred tremors and this may indicate impending earthquake accumulation of mechanical stress. Details given log Nature Communications. Researchers from Germany, New Zealand and Turkey have studied the data of past earthquakes near Istanbul. They took into account how large the earthquake and aftershocks that were recorded only with special equipment; the result was a white spot to the South of the city beneath the Read more [...]
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The simplest way of geometrical measurements on the terrain: eye

A person's ability assess by eye, without the aid of instruments, the distance to surrounding objects and the size of objects is called the eye. The accuracy of the distance eye varies. At a distance of 1 km or more errors as high as 50% or more, at short distances are much smaller, and people experienced no more than 10%. In this case, the relative distances (near, on, above, below) eye estimates are much more accurate than the absolute. Everyone there is inherent only distinguishing features of his subjects. They need to find out through personal observations. Ability by eye assess Read more [...]
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The perception of distance-11

If it is true, this behavior should disappear in the absence of adults and reappear when attentive adults are close by. If the baby can reach the object, the behavior associated with the pulling hand, will be quite different. Examples of these two different forms of behavior are shown in Fig. 4.18. If this reasoning is correct, experiment Cruickshank was not proved that the six-month infants no accurate perceptual-motor action schemes. Moreover, other researchers have found that at this age Reaching available to the infant subjects are quite accurate (White et al, 1964, Viola, Trivarzen and Read more [...]
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If you are going to a new place, before leaving buy a map. In Europe and North America, it is easy to find a good map, but abroad cards may not meet the same standards. During a recent trip to Afghanistan, I found that the local cards are not accurate enough.The map can be found in the store or online. Decide what level of detail you require. Map of the whole country is not suitable for a hike or a trip by car. Its scale (see below) is so great that it will be difficult to navigate the terrain. On large-scale maps are usually the main city and a network of roads, and major topographical features Read more [...]
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Earthquake near the volcano Nabro

July 2. At 18:32 on satellite images show eruption occurs. EMSC has reduced the depth of aftershocks of up to 5 km, but these data are not very accurate. The border between Eritrea, where the Volcano Nabro and Ethiopia, currently controlled by the army. This is associated with the experience of last year's eruption, which killed many people. June 1, 2012 an earthquake measuring 4.8 recorded points in the immediate vicinity of the volcano Nabro. Expected satellite images, but because of the error coordinates of the epicenter and the depth will not be accurate. With satellite imagery shows Read more [...]
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