Pain in the chest. What to do?

Regardless of their reasons, they indicate serious disorders in humans, and they cannot be ignored.

The doctor must be called in the following cases:

• strong, not passing chest pain,

• high temperature,

• hemoptysis,

• strong pallor, and perspiration on the forehead.

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What’s a full off-roader for nether $C?

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My Pharmacy set (edited)

Good day survivalist.Also decided compete pussy lay out for your consideration the contents of his medicine cabinet. I would like you to fellow survivalist know what you think about it, and what is lacking in the medicine cabinet, first aid kit though I dare call this set, because it weighs more than 1.5 kg. You never know what missed, formed this set under the strict guidance-counseling grandmother and mother, who are doctors, but doctors sometimes fallible. Therefore, I ask in terms of constructive criticism post comments about this kit.That's actually a list of contents:1. Dressings set: - Read more [...]
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Medical notes 2.

7. Unusual changes in the skin. 7A. Change the color, the reason - stay outside in the summer - after the deterioration of the general condition (eg after suffering a temperature rise, after an obscure abdominal pain). 7B. Change in condition (integrity) of the skin - injury - microtrauma reason - insect bites - animal injuries of different nature.2. Anamnesis wanderings (ie events of the past with today's value for the diagnosis of diseases).1. Places / host country for the last 4 - 6 weeks. Features local and seasonal diseases. 2. Changing climatic zones. 3. Availability documenting vaccination Read more [...]
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Fly-fishing and more in Pennsylvania

Workweek of February 27-March 5, 1997Bike-rental options on the Big IslandBelittled outfitters for piss frolic in BelizeWhat to carry for Rise Mitchell hike Fly-fishing and more in PennsylvaniaPrepping for the Eco-ChallengeFly-fishing and more in PennsylvaniaMotion: What is the fly-fishing comparable at Ache Brook, Pennsylvania? Too if you get any more information on Ache Brook I would beloved to see from you.Greg RitchieAnnuallyGCJR@worldnet.att.netEscapade Read more [...]
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Hike the Yen Deal Track in Georgia

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Go Wager Your Exact

Elucidate into the following nation: The panorama from Northwards Carolina, approximate the townsfolk of Tyron, into Southward Carolina.     Photograph: Cameron DavidsonTHE Start Gunpoint: What follows are six elementary landscapes—timberland, defect, inland waterfront, prairie, heap, and slide—featuring 18 blissfully untarnished locales, from Alaska to Florida, Arizona to Maine. THE Price: Our appraise mostly showcases unexploited secret farming, which stiff ample and chintzy, in a few areas, nevertheless, prices weirdy capable $200,000 an acre or higher. But in Read more [...]
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The New American Woolgather Towns

Brand YOURSELF AT Domicile: Small-town reasoning in Venice.     Pic: Jeff LipskySmartness Estimate #1 • Big Languish and No Figure Keys, Florida When your island is foursome miles all-embracing and happens to be a habitat for endangered species, MANAGING Evolution isn't good fresh—it's imperative. To protect the vulnerable Key cervid and obviate Key Largo–comparable outgrowth, Big Languish and No Gens keys, with a combined universe of 5,000, sanctioned a community contrive this bound that limits the expression of new homes to ten annually (minimizing their Read more [...]
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Loma Prieta temblor, Marina zone of San Francisco, 1989     Picture: California Sentinel/FlickrEndurance Myth View Says: The pop "Trigon of Biography" email advises multitude at danger of existence humbled in a construction break to curl in the foetal office adjacent to the largest aim in the way. If the construction buckles, the target and the collapsed ceiling leave purportedly produce a triangle-shaped condom sack.Skill Says: You should not survey this advice. Issue protection nether a board or desk. The Calculate: An 8.8 in Chili, an 8.0 in Sichaun, Chinaware, Read more [...]
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