Hunting and roast game: gastronomic research

Photo by Igor Shakhov With the introduction of the federal hunting permit single sample «duty» Membership in public associations of hunters over, and came «moment of the truth». Survives ohotobschestva, or suffer the fate of all the others, died quietly «voluntary» relics of the Soviet era? Whether they are interested in maintaining the hunters themselves, a state that, according to the Law «On Public Associations» «… ensure that the rights and legitimate interests of public associations, supporting their activities, Read more [...]
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Piddle Your Own Fun: 5 Light Seaworthiness Games for Children

Terminated the by few years, my daughters and I let held self-generated cycles/second races, hopped wish frogs, reinforced forts victimisation upturned chairs, and balanced on a "tightrope" of boards set flatcar on the story. We're practicing equalizer, hand-eye coordination, and coordination the outmoded way: playacting. Children who don’t get old-hat playday may finish lacking out on staple forcible skills: operative, jump, throwing, detection, hopping, reconciliation, and impinging. That’s the canonic estimate backside the conception of “forcible literacy,” Read more [...]
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What awaits the Red Guard?

     "Is it true that "The Red" want to close?" – a call to the newspaper received at the end of last week. We decided to investigate the situation. Movie Theaters "The Red" and "Ural" part of the municipal institution "Kinovideodosugovy Center", So we asked for a comment in the management culture of the city administration.     – We are not talking about closing the theater, – explained the situation head of the Vladimir Trap. – Indeed, we are in active negotiations with the leadership Read more [...]
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The Scientific Council decided

    In the life of our city in 1987 , there was a significant event: the establishment of the State Museum of metallurgy of the Middle Urals. His will include Alapaevsky, Kushviisky, Nnzhnesaldinsky and Staroutkinsk old factories as a complement to the historical complex, which our museum possessed before.     So now his affairs - special attention. Recently held its first meeting of the Academic Council of the newly created Museum-Reserve, made a report on the work in last year and approved an action plan research and economic activities in the near future. Plan 1987 made Read more [...]
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Joint raid Fisheries and rescuers on the river Yablonevaya and sheepskin Rostov region

Last week, experts at Veshenskaya Fisheries Inspectorate, together with the staff of the Department for Civil Defense and Emergencies ISU on Kasharskomu district of Rostov region completed two joint supervisory activities. Inspectors examined the waters of rivers and Yablonevaya sheepskin. As a result of activities carried out offshore inspectors identified three violation of fishing regulations, drawn up three protocols on administrative offenses. Employees of the Department of Fisheries Lower Don continue to operate in accordance with the plan of joint activities in the field of aquatic biological Read more [...]
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District Irtysh

"Explore the landscape in the spatial relationship and identifying trends in their development through successive passage of the individual phases, it is possible to predict the effects of a deep and human intervention in nature". At the moment, the media once again raised the issue of resumption of project activities on the redistribution of the Siberian rivers and the direction of the water masses in the south of the country and in the countries of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Relevance of the subject demanded take stock of the long-term observations of the stationary nature of the Read more [...]
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EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY societies. org-tion, established to promote the development of cum. education and non-formal education. Ask a Ser. XIX century. as-you literacy, the Society spread of education, tech. knowledge useful readings and others. educational functions on U. in the second half. XIX century. performed zemstvo, Wole, Perm. an economic quantity, ECAT. muses. circle, the Bible., music. At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. in educational activities including most scientific. and prof. org-tions. In roar. 1905-07 kult. and educational activities have become a form of watered. struggle for Read more [...]
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PERM Decembrists

PERM Decembrists Populist rev.-org-tion. In 1880 on the initiative of the student of Kazan University, the local native V.F.Kazakova in Motovilikha originated circle. It consisted of high-school students, seminarians and clerks VG Kuznetsov, E.V.Popov, A.I.Kuzovnikov, V.Gribel, A.Gulin et al. Subsequently circle widened. At the end of 1881 he was involved group Motovilikha slave. V.I.Pershin, V.F.Ermolin et al. Most active period of 1882-1883 in the activities of the org-tion. Recognized hands. at this time was V.A.Pomerantsev expelled from Kazan University for participating in student demonstrations. Read more [...]
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From Muzeum to Demidov Park

     There is a Russian city, which is called "museum" is the capital city of the Golden Ring. Is it possible to call Nizhny Tagil city museum? Of course, yes.    Nizhny Tagil State Museum-Reserve of metallurgy of the Middle Urals is now diversified scientific and educational institution with a complex structure. Its activities are carried out in the historic, natural and scientific, artistic, literary and technical directions. The composition of the reserve consists of four branches in the city and six outside. During its more than 150-year history, Read more [...]
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THE SOCIETY OF LOVERS OF HISTORY, ARCHAEOLOGY, ETHNOGRAPHY IS BURIED REGION created in gongini June 4, 1899 at the initiative before. . district Council Daugiau (1862-1915). Charter approved on 18 Dec. 1902 in Min-ve int. Affairs. Consisted of teachers, local officials, merchants, clergy, etc. In addition to the 35 valid member, in O. was 9-13 honor of eminent studies. U. O. was in the Min-VA EXT. Affairs and was subordinated to the Imp. archeol. the Commission, through VT. the Governor annually delivered reports and post. Council. In Cherdyn ' activities Acting watched. the police chief and Read more [...]
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Populism within societies. thoughts and societies. plebeian movement of the intelligentsia in Russia in the second half. XIX century. Kind of cross. community-based social services. utopia. Populist view is held by a certain hour of paradise. Democratic intelligentsia W. Effect of ideas Alexander Herzen and Chernyshevsky was manifested in the late 50's early. 60s of the XIX century. in the activities of Perm. mug roar. Democrats to-eye hands. A.I.Ikonnikov (Perm. Secret of of). In the 1870s, small groups and circles roar. Populists acted Orenbah., ECAT., Perm, Kungur, Nevyansk, Troitsk, etc.., Read more [...]
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Kokovikhina Mikhail (desks. Pseudonym Benjamin)

Kokovikhina Mikhail (desks. Pseudonym Benjamin) (11 (23). 01.1883, der. Dresvyanovo, Vyatka province. 13.09.1965, Moscow), Sov. State. and desks. figure. He was born in a cross. family. From 1897 he worked on the evils. goldfields. Pers. RSDLP since 1903 in 1905-06 led roar. work in the arm., participated in the recovery. soldiers in Brest fortress (July 1906). In 1907-09 participated in the activities of the Bolshevik org-tion Minyar s de (D). In 1910 he sent to the Bologna desks. School (Italy). In 1911 he returned to Russia, he was arrested and exiled to Arkhangelsk Province. three Since 1914 Read more [...]
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Dombrowski Sigismund Vladyslavovych

Dombrowski Sigismund Vladyslavovych (25.02 (09.03) .1883, St. Petersburg. 1953 Sverdl.) Arh.-thin. In 1905-14 he studied at the Acad. thin. in Petrograd on the arch. Faculty are. Began to arch. activities Sverdl. in 1927 a mature master. In the late 1920s, he carried out projects of the City Council House number 1 at the intersection. Lenin and Pushkin (1928); Number 2 on the street. Pushkin, 9 (1929); Number 3 on the street. Decembrists (1929); Number 4 on the street. Lenin, 5 (1929), which are lived. complexes with the socialization of a series of household functions. In 1928-29 he worked in Read more [...]
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Dmitry Vasiliev I.

Dmitry Vasiliev I. (08 (21) .11.1904, p. Shchuchinskaya North-Kazakhstan region. 03.02.1980, Key s), engineer and architect. Rod. to cross. family. In Art. Shchuchinskaya graduated from high school, college network, then Siberian page. Institute (Tomsk, 1931). In 1935 joined the Union of owls. architect. (Sverdl. Branch). Architect. activities B. 1930 is associated with intense p. Lv. Since 1931 to 1935 he carried out projects: mine comb she lived. house (built) in Karaganda, pavilions Perm passenger train. d., House of Mother and Child in Perm, design hotels in Zlatoust Hotel Pervouralsk (built), Read more [...]
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In recent years, our lives suddenly invaded the word entrepreneur and entrepreneurship

In recent years, our life suddenly invaded the word entrepreneur and entrepreneurship, which has recently been associated with concepts such as speculators and speculation, has long been on our lips. Indeed, in a society where the build bright future of mankind communism speculates people despised. Perhaps, therefore, forced communist morality belongs to the genus Demidovs "as predators unparalleled suffering from acute mania for profit, greedy exploiters". These expressions were often used sharp writers, historians and ethnographers, who wrote about the Demidov, guided class approach. Read more [...]
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At the source of the Neva Sevzaprybvod uses state property for private purposes

First, in August 2013 spetsy Volhovstroevskoy transport prosecutor's office have checked the implementation of the legislation on the safety of navigation on the Neva River near the town of Schliesselburg. The result revealed a number of violations. The prosecutors revealed outrageous fact use of municipal property for personal use with a threat to others. So experts at the Department of the branch of the Federal Shlisselbourg economical municipal institution "Sevzaprybvod" jurisdictional Rosrybolovstvo workers and search and rescue team LO MAS "Managing plainclothes protection Leningrad region" Read more [...]
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American Relief Administration (ARA)

American Relief Administration (ARA) existed in 1919-1923. Its proclaimed goal to provide food and others. Europ Assistance. affected countries in the first world. war. During the famine in the Volga region, and others. Areas Owls. Prospect of permitted activities in 1921 ARA in the RSFSR. Guided ARA supply of food, medicines, etc.. Goods rendered great help in the fight against hunger. In November 1922 the APA had BASSR 46 canteens, 138 shelters, in a fed-ryh 21570 children, and in May 1923, 765 of table covering 118,487 people. However, in 1923 the activities of the APA was banned under the Read more [...]
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AGRONOMICS Zemsky Inst foster development. x-va. In 1879, the district council Verhotursky invited to the service of prof. agronomist. In 1883, Perm. lips. district council for the first time in Russia created Inst agronomic Zemsky rangers. Objectives and methods of their work were discussed at the congress. Originally ter. Served by agronomic caretaker, covered by two, since 1886 one at. In 1898, in Shadrinsk y. came the first district agronomist, serving several. cross. par. At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. W., as in the whole of Russia, Inst agronomic rangers expanded to the level of the Read more [...]
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Who are the judges?

    The Committee of Public security (Coba) is collegial revolutionary-democratic representative organization that existed in the province of Perm during the period from March to September 1917. Officially they recognized the Provisional Government and its representatives "field" as Only non-governmental organizations, but de facto were in the majority of real bodies the legislative and the executive at the same time authorities     Activities of the Committee Public Safety in Nizhny Tagil can partly traced back issues of newspapers "Mountain Region" Read more [...]
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What are the outdo leap gloves?

REI One Gloves     Pic: Courtesy of REIA:Goodness head. Determination a couplet of gloves that leave employment wellspring crosswise unlike activities can be a bother. But I’ve establish a fistful of gloves (so to utter) that can be victimised for fundamentally anything.My do-anything gloves for give are REI's One Gloves ($36). They're made from a softshell polyester material that resists hint and weewee and offers seemly warmheartedness. I vesture these cycling in Borderland and April in the Peaceable Northwesterly, and they're full in temps consume to the amphetamine 30s. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).