Alligator watch addict planted marijuana

In California, a drug addict put alligator named Tooth guard his marijuana from thieves. According to The Daily Telegraph, police found the reptile next to a container with a "weed" in the house Assifa Maillard, who was suspected of illegal possession and distribution of drugs. Total alligator tooth guard 15.5 kilograms of marijuana. However, the keeper of it turned nasty. According to the police, who conducted the search, the animal was very sick and exhausted. So it should not try to bite someone. Host gator was arrested for drug trafficking, but later he came out on bail of Read more [...]
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Hey, man, look, the walls floated!

Of various drugs vary in different ways. For example, marijuana and hallucinogen such as LSD, causes psychological dependence. A heroin causes chemical changes in the brain, and the addict is physically unable to do without the potion. But even those drugs that do not cause physiological dependence, lead the body in such a state that it only responds to a massive dose. With certainty describe the impact of drugs and alcohol is very difficult because such exposure is unpredictable and depends on the mental characteristics of each individual. And because drugs are illegal, you can not be sure Read more [...]
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Drugs. Conclusion

The material contained in this book is mainly based on data from foreign sources. This seems to us to be justified, as the U.S. and European experts are faced with a mass phenomenon of drug addiction and began the organized struggle against it is much earlier than we had - a few decades ago. Of course, the rich experience of foreign Addiction deserves close attention, but narcologists from the former republics of the Soviet Union, except the experience of foreign colleagues, to the realities of modern life and a number of specific conditions prevailing in our society. First of all, it concerns Read more [...]
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Instead of conclusions

The addict is a very sick man, so many people are questioning whether he should be treated in the hospital or at home. To date, even the experts do not have at this point are divided. Addiction practical experience shows that the solution of this problem should take into account all the factors, both internal and external. The young man is a developing personality, so long content in isolation can have a negative impact on the social and emotional maturity, and can lead to relapse of drug addiction. Inpatient treatment should be limited more severe cases, and the first phase of treatment, when Read more [...]
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The ability to use psychoanalysis in the treatment of addiction

Many people ask the question, is it appropriate to use psychoanalysis in the treatment of drug addiction. If we consider the analysis from the orthodox point of view, the way it has developed 3. Freud and drug addiction - as a condition close to psychosis, in view of the alleged failure to establish close contact with the patient's physician, the use of this popular method can be regarded as hopeless. This view is supported practical experience of doctors, notes that the results of psychoanalysis in the case of drug treatment is poor. We do not speak about the initial period of treatment, Read more [...]
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Return of the patient's sense of security

Method of returning a patient's sense of security is one of the most frequently used in the conservative therapy. Calms the patient and the doctor has given him a different form of emotional support. Very useful to say the addict, in a state of abstinence crisis, in other patients, there are the same problems and that the doctor could help him, but on condition that the addict truly wants it, and that his physical and emotional state will soon improve. Thus, the stronger defenses of the individual and increases the possibility of overcoming emotional stress, temptation or indecision. During Read more [...]
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Manners and Customs of addicts

Addict during chronic drug abuse is a victim not only of the chemical action of drugs, but also a specific way of life in which all the interests and initiatives of concern only the drug. Interest in social activities and events gradually decreases until it disappears completely. A sense of duty addict unknown. Old habits disappear, and instead there are new, - abnormal and contrary to the norms of society. The addict is chaotic lifestyle, he has neither the desire nor the energy to study or do any work or other meaningful activities. All social relations are reduced to the addict to communicate Read more [...]
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The role of parents in the psychotherapeutic process

The role of parents during treatment is very important for many reasons, moreover, in a positive or in a negative way. Necessary to dwell on mistakes that parents of addicts, wanting or not wanting to, make the period of treatment, it is very much difficult. Reaction caught unawares and distressed parents often leads to an absolute lack of understanding of the situation and can only deepen the misunderstanding between them and their children. Shocked to discover that their child is a drug addict, his parents transferred to their own sense of guilt for the situation and said the young man the Read more [...]
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Psychotherapeutic process

The process of addiction treatment is gradual and prolonged. Chronic poisoning organism drugs, impaired perception of reality, social and emotional immaturity, as well as a return to more primitive forms of behavior form a crescent, and from a social point of view, a sick person, for which a return to normal life is possible only in case of serious correct it with a long therapy and rehabilitation. Addict, consent to treatment, has significant gaps in the personal development and education. Therefore, he can not talk during the treatment that soon everything will be "as before", because Read more [...]
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Drug therapy compared with other psychiatric disciplines, which are also the responsibility of the therapist, has its specific nature. First of all, with the withdrawal symptoms that develop when you stop taking the drug, and the prevalence of physical symptoms in the initial phase of treatment, the therapy is based on the medication and seeks the elimination of physical complications. This phase also attempts to gain the trust of the patient. To this end, taking into account the patient's regressive behavior, and the doctor plays the role of a man who has good intentions, but in character Read more [...]
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Drug therapy

Drug therapy withdrawal is based on certain general principles, but it is not always the same and depends on whether the treatment begins the sudden cessation of the drug, a gradual discontinuation of the drug or replacement therapy. Each of these three methods has its advantages and disadvantages. 1. Treatment by a sudden cessation of the drug has long been the most popular among doctors. However, for drug addicts, this method always been the least popular, and even was one of the reasons to avoid treatment. The sudden cessation of drug withdrawal means mandatory occurrence of crisis, the Read more [...]
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The first contact with the patient's physician

Every psychiatrist, starting treatment addict must have good intentions and in full awareness of the issues and problems of drug addiction. To the patient, he should show some flexibility and a fair indulgence. Of course, he has to put the patient to certain limitations and work out the terms of cooperation in order to maintain their individuality and personality of the patient's physician. Initial treatment failure, as well as anti-social behavior and drug addict at the clinic, the doctor can often disappoint and other members of the medical staff. For this reason, many doctors avoid the Read more [...]
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Attempts at self

In the life of a drug addict, sooner or later there comes a time when the mind appears vague idea that he does not seem to stop to begin treatment. However, differing extreme suspicion, he does not believe medicine and doctors. Since the addict has developed a habit of experimenting with drugs and medicines, he begins to look for some way of treatment. He starts to reduce the dose of the drug, or to apply any kind of replacement therapy, replacing their usual drug in any other or other substances. This usually cannabis, codeine, barbiturates or alcohol. Such self-doomed to failure, which it Read more [...]
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Treatment of drug addiction is one of the most difficult parts of medical practice. Addict is usually a patient, who reluctantly agrees to the treatment, and constructive cooperation doctor and patient is essential for success in the treatment of not only drugs, but also for any other disease. Early treatment is necessary to consider the reasons for which the addict sought medical help, because it is from them depends largely on the success of the therapeutic process. At a time when the addict feels that he needs help, the first important step. When patients are forced into treatment, the chances Read more [...]
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Evaluation of sanity addict

Assessing the degree of sanity addict, that is, the ability to understand the meaning of their actions, and to control their behavior in the act, it is necessary to distinguish between two states: the state of drug intoxication and withdrawal state. Each addict behaves differently and, therefore, is a different degree of sanity. In the phase of the direct action of the drug, seriously altering the state of consciousness, responsibility can be significantly reduced. Because of impaired consciousness comprehension this action may be severely limited. Also in the case of a weakening of the primary Read more [...]
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Drug addiction and crime

The behavior of the addict is often unacceptable from the point of view of society and is subject to various articles of the Criminal Code. This is the reason that many people are looking at drug use primarily as a legal issue, ignoring the complex set of reasons for its occurrence. In reality, drug addiction is a very heterogeneous phenomenon, the origins and manifestations of the role played by a number of factors. Although, of course, can be considered drug abuse, especially among young people, from a legal point of view, especially as it does contain elements of criminal activity. Experience Read more [...]
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Violations of volitional

Activity volitional factor in the personality addict breaks very seriously. The addict has no real purpose in life, as well as efforts to achieve unrealistic goals. Therefore, he often gets into conflicts that cause a greater or lesser extent, an increase in affective intensity, from which the addict is saved, adopting new drug dose. Addicts prone to suggestion, do not hesitate to take other people's ideas, unable to evaluate them critically. They can easily be persuaded to issue an official, diplomatic, state or military secrets. Personality addict can be studied and observed, when he was Read more [...]
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Violations sphere instincts

Young addict shows serious violations of instinctual life. This means poor control of instinctual needs. In the nature of the addict is present only need to meet the desires as quickly as possible and at any cost. Some authors consider the drug people with characterological disorders, behavior dominated by instincts. Chronic drug addict feels the need, and because he can not resist it, do not stop at nothing to get the precious substance for himself. Postpone the satisfaction of this need, he can not. Drug alters even animal instincts. Sexual instinct it implements through the illusion of Read more [...]
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Team addicts

Communication with society chronic addict usually limited contacts with members of freaky. From the point of view of mental structure, the addict is of the type of personality, have shown little tolerance of pain and emotional stress. If he has no close contacts with like-minded, he loses confidence and visibility of optimism. Due to the inadequacy of social development of the individual addict tries to avoid any form of responsibility becomes hostile and distrustful towards those whom he considers part of his threatening world. Therefore, the union of drug addicts in the group is one of their Read more [...]
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Personality chronic addict

Personality multi addict different physical destruction and spiritual degeneration. Drug addicts are slaves of the same manners and skills, and live a very primitive life. In the later stages of addiction are individual differences between individuals are erased addicts and they all get the same. Different addicts alike, both in terms of appearance and in thinking, expression of thoughts and attitude to life. This was one of the reasons that addicts have tried to include a single category of personality and approach them in a therapeutic plan is universal, that is, of course, led to the failure Read more [...]
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