The largest supplier of canned food in the United States because of the huge demand has reduced deliveries to dealers 92 percent

Being one of the largest dealers of food products in the United States for several years, I can tell you that it's pretty ominous event. In the US there are fewer than a dozen food production freeze drying, among them Mountain House is the largest. On Wednesday evening I contacted one of their largest dealers. He said that the Mountain House in warehouses only four Packed in foil dishes. And the company's representatives told my friend-dealer, that it will be even worse.\" They do not confirm, how many bought the American government, it's just the opinion of my friend that \"they sterilise thoroughly!\" Read more [...]
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Scientists have found life under the ice of Antarctica

American scientists drilled depth of about 800 meters to the lake Uillans, held a series of additional tests and confirmed that along with the water they were able to get a lot of micro-organisms living in the dark waters of the Antarctic lakes from time immemorial.The first preliminary tests using sensitive DNA fluorescent paint it possible to determine the presence of water traces of organic compounds of biological origin. Scientists have conducted six additional tests using different methods, and then they could with certainty say, in the waters of the Antarctic subglacial lakes there microbial Read more [...]
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How to introduce its own currency

Now we briefly describe how to introduce an additional currency in small communities (and this experience will be useful after Armageddon), and in the next chapter - how to enter the currency in large regions. The most difficult thing in the creation of a new currency - it is not to come up with it. The hardest thing - to make sure that it is accepted and began to use it. The "normal" national currencies have a history, they are used to, not to mention the fact that it is "legal means of payment for the payment of debts, public or private." If you have the money to someone, Read more [...]
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Reasons and business forensics

In accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Union republics forensic medical examination of the victims and the accused can be primary, repeated, and in some cases, by a commission of experts. The initial examination is conducted at survey evidenced, and in most cases concluded by drawing a final conclusion. With the lack of clarity and completeness of the conclusion of law enforcement agencies assigned to additional expertise, which is entrusted or expert who carried out the initial inspection or the other. This additional examination seeks detailed, landmark study, which would Read more [...]
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Objects forensic basic conditions and regulation of its production

Objects forensics, the basic conditions and the regulation of its production. The competence of the forensic examination are: 1) examination victims, suspects and other persons, and 2) the study of corpses, and 3) the study of physical evidence, and 4) examination based on the investigative and judicial affairs. Without exception, all forensic examinations carried out only by decision of the investigative and judicial determinations. Expert evidence shows that the choice of methods, the timeliness of their application, the correct interpretation of the data set, the specific issues is greatly Read more [...]
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Contrast Mammography

Aeromammography (Or "gas mammography") is used mainly to improve the contouring assembly, located in the depths of the gland tissue, poorly visible under normal conditions of radiography. The study carried out after the introduction of a few needles, located in different quadrants of the prostate, 200-700 ml of nitrous oxide. Achieved clearer contouring assembly, having the form stellate scar or shadow irregular, especially without enlightenment zone around or in the absence of moving apart and offset gas tyazhevyh structure elements cancer in the area, have served as a basis for radiological Read more [...]
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Protein subsidy

Due to the lack of content in breast milk squirrel premature babies are often prescribed protein subsidy as a protein of milk, yogurt or cottage cheese № 5. Some maternity protein subsidy assigned to all preterm infants, since the second week of life. We do not hold the position that it was premature to all in the first 2 months is shown grant the protein. According to our observations, many premature babies gain weight well, receiving only breast milk. Such children, in our view, there is no need for additional administration squirrel. The question of protein subsidies should be decided Read more [...]
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Analytical level

Once a person will spend some time in the realm of the senses, is characterized by change perceptions, it gradually becomes the next psychedelic stage, which is dominated by introspective and samoanaliticheskie moments. Identity problems, especially the issue of interpersonal relationships and life goals are subjected to careful and thorough analysis. Important facts concerning the past, there is conscious and can be experienced again, enriched by additional emotions. Deeper self-knowledge, due to additional pre-analyzed information may be accompanied by eidetic imagery, long-forgotten or illustrate Read more [...]
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Tumor antigens-3

More recently, it seemed that the tumors arising in the depths of his own body, unable to bear any additional proteins that distinguish them from normal cells. It is a common opinion is not limited to purely academic observation. It implies understanding of futility of any immunological events. Indeed, what is a reason to artificially create immunity to cancer if the cells do not differ from other cells in the body and will not be recognized as a target for destruction? At best immunotherapy feasible by weakening immunity after drug or radiation therapy. Echoes of such views can be heard up Read more [...]
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By the nature of reactions are two main forms of motion sickness. The first of these occurs with pronounced autonomic manifestations (nausea, vomiting, profuse sweat, excessive salivation), joined by headache, dizziness, irregular heartbeat. In the second (hidden) form people complain mostly on weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, decreased performance. Contributes to the development of motion sickness, burdening its manifestation, a number of additional factors. They can be all kinds of smells (food, paint, kerosene), irritant olfactory system, intake of fatty and sugary foods, alcohol, smoking, Read more [...]
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Anomalies muscles

In the section on the structure of the muscular system presented averages of the form and structure of individual muscles, but in reality there is a way to start, attach and form. These features of the muscles do not have much practical value in comparison with abnormalities of the blood vessels, and therefore no way for a more detailed study them. However, when studying the anatomy of the system is necessary for beginning have an overview of the muscle abnormalities, which are expressed in the following: 1) the emergence of additional muscle, and 2) different topography, and 3) various shapes, Read more [...]
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In Perm regime introduced emergency because of drought

Press-service of the Perm region said that because of the continuing dry weather in Perm introduced emergency mode, in connection with the claim area for additional support from the federal budget. The press service said: "By order of the Government of Perm, in the region in view of the situation related to the loss and damage of crops due to drought, is set to the emergency. First of all, the problems of manufacturers affected grains and vegetables, while forage for livestock in the Perm region harvested in sufficient quantities. " The regional authorities have reported that when Read more [...]
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