Snowfall in Adygea

on April 21. Snow fell on the southern Republic of Adygea, Maikop and its surroundings. Snow in late April for the southern region are rare. Snowfall began on the night of 21 April 2011. Continuously lasted until almost 10 o'clock in the morning Moscow time, then moved to the small rare snow.  The snow cover reached 5-7 centimeters, but apparently it quickly melts. The temperature was kept 0 degrees Celsius, but gradually rose to +2. Already in full bloom fruit trees - plum, apricot, peach. Apparently with the harvest of certain species of fruit this year, residents of the region have to say Read more [...]
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Krasnodar villages flooded in minutes

24 mabole thousands of people have become hostages of extreme flooding in the Krasnodar region and Adygea. In the Absheron region fell supports power lines, damaged gas lines and destroyed the bridge. The traffic there now stopped work at the site of the brigade road builders. — It has never been... This woman's house from all sides surrounded by water. Even go outside without help she can't. The garden is flooded - the harvest was lost. Two piglets thread just took. Still early in the morning it was dry, but in minutes the river Farce overflowed. Almost all the village Dandyesque was Read more [...]
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More than 7 thousand residents of Adygea deprived of electricity

25 mapactivity hundreds of homes, 700 people were evacuated. Forecasts are not comforting in the coming days on the Republic will fall again powerful showers and snow in the mountains will continue to melt. So the water level in major rivers will only increase. In the region already have problems with the delivery of products and transport. Closed traffic on the Federal highway \"Caucasus\". The head of Adygea Aslan Tkhakushinov today overturned a working visit to Sochi and went to the worst affected flood areas.   Source: channel 5   26 mabole 2.5 thousand homes in four communities Read more [...]
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Landmarks in Adygea — peers Pyramids

Worldwide remains unexplained phenomenon of ancient stone structures. This Hendzh Stone and the Egyptian pyramids, and the mysterious sculptures on Easter Island.Who built them and whyOf course there are many opinions, but which one is right? Such interesting architectural monuments is in Russia. In the Western Caucasus, is about 2,400 dolmens - stone structures very ancient culture. Scientists suggest that they are about 5000 years old. - Dolmen is a megalithic structures of antiquity, which served as burial crypts. They perform various rituals. As a rule, they were built by hundreds in Read more [...]
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In the Republic of Adygea bloomed lilacs and cherry

on 8 November. In the Republic of Adygea was established so warm days in late fall bloom lilac and even cherry. Plots began eggplant and pepper. Snow in Maikop (climatic indicators not yet seen. The thermometer does not fall below 12 degrees, and sometimes up to 20 or even higher. Such at this time was not long. Forecasters say will last «November spring» yet less than a week. Well then, alas, blooming buds on trees and seedlings will most likely freeze. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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Natural disasters struck the Republic of Adygea and the middle Volga region

June 25, 2013. In Adygea liquidate the consequences of the floods, triggered by severe rainstorms. At nine o'clock in the Maikop district had the monthly norm of precipitation. Streams of water hit the Maikop and several small settlements. In the area of flooding was more than a hundred houses. Most suffered the village Soviet, where he broke the dam on a private pond. From the elements in the Republic suffered more than 400 people. Now the water from settlements is almost gone. Effects of the emergency eliminated more than 40 people and 17 units. From showers suffered not only Adygea — Read more [...]
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