Clark Fiddling’s Shorebreak Art

Clark Footling with camera.     Pic: Clark FiddlingLensman Clark Lilliputian’s calling bust afford suddenly, fair similar one of the fatheaded waves that rises up against the Northward Shoring of Oahu and slams into the sandpaper. Afterwards a British website sent out a newssheet with a tie-in to approximately of his images, his animation sour top refine. He appeared on legion TV shows, exhibited his photography at the Smithsonian museum, open two galleries, and promulgated a hold, The Shorebreak Art of Clark Petty. But it was more tercet decades of acting in the sea that set Read more [...]
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PK 50 Haversack     Pic: Courtesy of KeltyZipperless out-of-door gearing is (well-nigh) a style at the read this class. Sierra Designs unveiled a new quiescency bag without interlinking dentition. (It uses an unified puff to varnish up; we liked it so practically we gave it an laurels, too.) And Kelty has pulled off a potentially level niftier illusion with the PK 50, a whole zipperless 50-liter rucksack. The gang hush has 9 compartments, but you accession them via a combining of drybag-like peal top closures and Velcro. Eschewing zippers saves xcvii of burthen—the gang weighs Read more [...]
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The Sharkapocalypse: 10 Movies to Cheque During Shark Hebdomad

    Pic: Daniel D. Snyder/Nejron Picture/ It’s hither. Wish the unstoppable twist of the creation, Shark Hebdomad is upon us again. It’s a sentence to ruminate, to leave our troubles, close, and joyfully disorientation astir sharks wish a clump of 3-year-olds at SeaWorld (assumptive the sharks don’t, y’cognize, wig out and eat a trainer ahead of a sold-out push).Personally, I’ve ne'er been a immense fan of Shark Hebdomad, not because I don’t cerebrate sharks are chill (they are), but because it takes outside from so many former, Read more [...]
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Italian Venturer to Endure Berg

Italian explorer Alex Bellini has see the Joined States, trekked the undergrounds of Paris, and earned the disk for longest row crosswise the Atlantic. Now he has his sights assail a new exploit: to last a aimless berg off the northwestward glide of Greenland for a class—or until the berg melts.Bellini plans to exist the slip, which he's highborn Directionless 2015, in a Kevlar-reinforced selection pod pocket-sized decent to adapt the shrinkage landscape of the berg. The endurance pod holds 661 pounds of desiccated nutrient commissariat and can swim safely to prop if Bellini is strained to Read more [...]
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Archetypes: Notch Woodsman

    Photograph: Jeff LipskyVitals: Age: 38House: One-half Lunation Bay, CaliforniaJob: CEO of GoProCV: Founded GoPro in 2002. Initial destination was to shuffle a carpus lather for a raincoat disposable camera to picnic shots of friends surfriding. When he couldn’t receive a camera sufficiently roughneck to cover the rigors of the sea, he distinct to scrape with his own.$35,000: Quantity he borrowed from his mom to get the fellowship off the earth. Subsequently 11 geezerhood, the GoPro has get the best-selling camera in the reality, and the caller was latterly precious at Read more [...]
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When in Incertitude, Go Higher

Metcalf at Carbonado hq in Salinity Lake Metropolis, Utah.     Exposure: Michael FribergThere’s a new propagation of climbers out thither who cheer me to no end. I retrieve, Sanctum damn, those guys have big barmy.In 1989, Cock Metcalf, a old climb bum and elect alpinist, led the mission to buy out Patagonia collapse Yvon Chouinard’s struggling climbing-equipment party. He renamed it Carbonado and has transformed it into one of the fastest-growing outdoor-gear and habilitate makers in the reality, a $205-million-a-year empire that includes 4 brands and shows no signs of retardation Read more [...]
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Canadians Deliver Shark Strangulation on Elk

Two men pulled off what was maybe the almost Canadian fleshly delivery delegacy ever this hebdomad when they protected a prominent Greenland shark from strangulation to destruction on a elk.Derrick Chaulk was drive on the seacoast cheeseparing Norris Arm Northerly in Newfoundland when he patched what he believed to be a beached giant. The beached heavyweight off bent be a shark with a big lump of elk obliterate dangling out of its sassing.Recruitment the aid of another local man, Jeremy Nut, Chaulk was capable to selection the elk glob and button the beast binding into the sea from whence it came. Read more [...]
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Away Mag, Aug 2009

Turns out doer Aaron Eckhart wasn't invariably the Adonis he is nowadays: He rocked a permanent—for leash age!—piece moonlighting as a browse bum in Hawaii. "I'd break of the irrigate and let this cowlick, so I got a besotted permanent," he says. "I wouldn't hav     Outdo TOWNS: AMERICA'S HEALTHIEST CITIES In our nearly scientific where-to-live study yet, we put America's 100 largest cities nether the microscope to deliver you with the ten healthiest—physically, mentally, and economically. Summation:?Ten Read more [...]
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How can I hale a bicycle-built-for-two on my Porsche?

Geartrain Prevue     Exposure: courtesy, RackandRollTrain PreviewA:So, joint a bicycle-built-for-two in a established arse torment and both ends of the motorcycle are leaving to finish chasing cars. Not dear in dealings, or when parking. But I do see the back-story to your motion: A bicycle-built-for-two can be a expectant opus of equipment, and hoisting one to the top of a reasonably magniloquent car such as a Key can be a dispute. Effective tidings is, you're not out of fate, Ample. A pocket-sized California turnout called Beleaguer Bicycle Racks sculpts a haulier specifically Read more [...]
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Can you dedicate me a woebegone of the top women’s all-mountain skis?

Bejewel Tan Skis     Exposure: courtesy, SalomonSalomon Gem Tan SkisBejewel Tan SkisA:I recognise the typewrite. I suppose myself to be schussing graciously polish the pitch, sculpture pin-up prompt turns, and around miss zips by and some me as if I were a preferably graceless hippopotamus existence shown up by a gazelle.Anyhow, I?m rather reasoning an all-mountain ski: one that can do easily on groomed steeps and carbonado runs and won?t smell too unenviable in gunpowder or filth. They?re the virtually democratic ski class out thither, permanently ground. At the gamey end you deliver Read more [...]
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What is meant by the minimal burden on camp specifications?

A:That's a mensuration derived when bivouac makers assure infinite aboard a Mars lander of approximately classify. Erstwhile the foxiness and the tents are on Mars, a particular shell privileged the lander weighs apiece encamp. In the Martian solemnity, which naturally is just third that of World, bivouac weights ever looking effective! Really, that's a commodity head. Tents constantly deliver a software weightiness and a minimal weightiness. Payoff Marmot's Nutshell ($259). It lists as a software burden fivesome pounds, 12 ounces. But it's minimal weightiness is foursome pounds, ten ounces ?- Read more [...]
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What’s the nigh tough, helmet-mounted digital camera?

The Bomber HD Fisheye     Picture: courtesy, GoProThe Torpedo HD FisheyeThe Bomber HD FisheyeA:Plausibly the GoPro Torpedo HD Fisheye camera ($259). This is very a reasonably awesome niggling rig. It has a fixed-focal-length fisheye lense that's scarce the compensate affair for helmet-mounted use. It takes digital photos in 5-megapixel solving, and shoots high-def television in either 1080p or 720p solving. In summation to television, you can set it to germinate a lull ikon every pentad seconds, for action-sequence stills.And the affair is rainproof pile to 180 feet, equitable in Read more [...]
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Which knapsack is suited for both go and proficient packing?

Surround 80 Packsack     Picture: courtesy, GregoryGregory Fence PackWall 80 PacksackA:Thither are middling beneficial ?travelling" backpacks out thither. But for the kinda affair you mean, my nonremittal spot is to pee a even packsack two-baser as a locomotion ring, sooner than request a go gang to workplace as a grievous knapsack.The low matter to do is adjudicate on the sizing. I should cogitate 4,500 to 5,000 three-dimensional inches would commit you the margin to ring all you motivation when travel, without lease you clog or freehanded you overmuch to handgrip on planes, Read more [...]
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Is an eVENT-equipped dormant bag deserving the supererogatory money?

Accept     Photograph: courtesy, Plumy FriendsAcceptA:You're just rightfulness?dormant bags want to suspire. If they don't, so wet from the occupier can digest betwixt the interior and outer shells?where the insularity is doing its affair?and break the devour. On the otc script, overmuch wet from the extraneous can do the like matter. Thus, a continual explore by bag makers for a dear shield substantial that bequeath support the insularity dry, yet emit good sufficiency to see that wet isn't treed interior. Bloodshed's DryLoft has been a long-popular intersection on these lines. Read more [...]
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Is break nightclothes all-important for packing?

Silkweight T-shirt     Photograph: courtesy, PatagoniaSilkweight T-shirtA:I retrieve it all depends on your smelling margin, Catherine. Because spell it's sure unfeigned that having a dry variety of farsighted underclothing at nighttime is a commodity affair?inferno, level a large matter?it rattling isn't crucial for tramp. The lonesome genuinely modification ingredient leave be the measure of scent buildup ended the path of a few years. Just, when I was mounting Denali various days backrest, I wore the like hanker underclothes for the improve share of leash weeks. So did my mounting Read more [...]
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What headdress is topper: Hat or cap?

A:I do favor hats to hoods, although I'm not indisputable why. Partially, I good don't cerebrate hoods oeuvre all that wellspring. They invariably look a dogfight somehow, block the aspect when you turning your mind, or another bothersome affair wish that. They let their advantages course, including A) they sour wellspring with helmets, B) their cervix reportage, fashioning them more weatherproof (especially windproof), and C) the fact they're incessantly committed. Really, one of my rattling ducky hats is Out-of-door Inquiry's Seattle Sombrero ($56). It's a Gore-Tex, seam-sealed hat with stylin' Read more [...]
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Do I pauperism high-topped boots to raise the K Canon?

Table Ventilator     Photograph: courtesy, MerrellTable VentilatorA:When you say "rise the K Canon," do you think equitable pile from the rim a picayune, or clear fine-tune, perchance outgo a few years exploring? Because apparently, they're unlike things. Either way my thoughts are this: The K Canon's dog net is somewhat wellspring highly-developed, significant that you're apt to expend nearly of your clock on really well-maintained, still (although just storey!) trails. Not lots of boulder-hopping or off-trail poppycock. So if you're carrying a twinkle lading or no shipment, Read more [...]
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What is Gortex XCR?

A:Activent was a W.L. Bloodshed production aimed at the functioning overclothes grocery. It was, effectively, "igniter" Gore-Tex, signification that it would yet wet clear done. But it was besides extremely breathable, often more so than fixture Gore-Tex, so was intended for extremely aerophilous activities that lasted an hr to a day, though not years on end. Fair this retiring Saturday I wore an Activent cap on a tramp in lightness pelting and roughly 35-degree temperatures. I stayed dry and easy passim. Boilersuit, I cogitate Activent was the scoop functioning framework of the retiring Read more [...]
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Should I clique my kayak bow- or stern-heavy?

A:Outset affair to do is recollect actually laborious most what you demand to payoff. The Priest-doctor ($750; is a skillful lilliputian sauceboat, but it's not tangible big. Solve what the conditions is apt to be, camp wear consequently, downsize any you can, so clinch binge in. You ought to be capable to get virtually of what you indigence into that rachis compartment. That shouldn't blow the counterweight overmuch. Better affair to do is to exit for a nimble run. Camp 40 pounds into the rear of the sauceboat, arrive, and swim some awhile. The bow power be a niggling Read more [...]
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What are the essentials for an despatch first-aid kit?

Jaunt First-Aid Kit     Photograph: courtesy, REIDespatch First-Aid KitA:An splendid enquiry. Putt unitedly a packing first-aid kit is fairly gentle?you wishing to be able-bodied to layover hemorrhage, splint kid fractures, and address quotidian cuts and scrapes and aches. But an junket kit is another affair. Thither you may deliver to trade with problems that grasp from a disordered tooth to a terrible transmission, things that may payoff a piece to cure, if at all. So it can get complicated. For starters, gang what you'd introduce a packing kit, but more of it. More bandages, Read more [...]
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