Heavy snowfall in northern China

About 76 thousand people in the north of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China affected by heavy snowfall hit the region on December 6-8, according to news agency «Xinhua».

«Heavy snowfall almost paralyzed the life of the district, completely destroyed 23 houses and damaged another 2.3 thousand buildings. Because of the disaster killed thousands and affected 1.22 439 000 head of cattle. On a number of highways difficult to move «, — the report says.

Source: RIA Novosti

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Flooded part of Italy

Leadership of some regions of Italy has asked the government to officially declare the affected areas from the weather emergency. Over the last few days of torrential rains most affected central Tuscany and Liguria. In the area of ​​Pisa (Tuscany) military arrived - they will help local residents to eliminate the consequences of the floods caused by rains and river floods. Authorities of Lucca (on the border of Tuscany and Liguria) state that the total damage from the disaster in the disaster area is 20 million euros. While 1.1 million are needed immediately for emergency rescue operations. Head Read more [...]
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In the north of Algeria and southern Peru earthquake occurred

July 17, 2013. The earthquake, which arose in the northern part of Algeria, had a magnitude of 4.9 and depth of the epicenter about 10 km, which is only 3.4 km from several localities, for example, Buinana, Sjöblom and Bugara. The epicenter of the quake the morning and the capital city of Algeria shared by only 23 km. Information about the consequences of the earthquake is extremely small. Of local radio sources found out that during the earthquake affected seven people, four of them were injured by falling objects in Algeria and another three in Blida. On several houses earthquake left cracks, Read more [...]
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In the southern part of Colombia landslide

July 19, 2013. The landslide came down from the hilly area on the roadway in the southern Colombian department of Huila, caused the death of six people. Except for the people below the soil surface were two houses, which were located near the road linking the city of Suazo, Huila, and the city of Florencia, Caquetá Department, as well as an ambulance and a truck.A dozen local residents who were able to quickly remove from the struck hill urgently sent to the hospital and Garzuna Suazo Department of Huila. Survived if 26 more caught in a blockage of Colombians are not yet known. Since the Read more [...]
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The earthquake shifted the Chilean coast

A powerful earthquake that struck Chile on February 27, traveled coast. According to experts of the city of Concepcion is most affected by the quake is now more than three meters to the west of its former location. And the country's capital Santiago moved 27 inches to the southwest. Such precise data managed to get after studying areas affected state from the satellite. The results of studies also confirmed NASA officials. Chile moved because of the strong quake. Effects of the earthquake felt by several other areas of South America. There is a widespread movement areas. Source: ISRA.com Previous Read more [...]
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In France, due to the hurricane affected more than thirty people

July 29, 2013. Last Saturday, France was in the grip of a hurricane and torrential rains. The bad weather was expected - on the eve of the central departments of the country was declared a storm warning. Fears were not in vain. Holiday brought a strong wind, the speed of which reached one hundred and sixty-five miles per hour, reported by the news agency "RIA Novosti", referring to Sunday's information from Agence France-Presse. More than thirty people were injured, seriously injured when because of the terrible wind hit the big top tent in Joinville in the west of the country. Showers and thunderstorms, Read more [...]
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Emergency situation in Brazil because of the cyclone

State of emergency (Emergency) declared in 38 cities in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, in the south of the country. The reason was the recent past a powerful cyclone. This was reported on Wednesday the local civil defense service.Earlier it was reported only on the five affected communities. According to rescue services, as a result of flooding of houses 7500 people homeless, seen shortages of energy and fresh water supply. In all areas under reconstruction. According to updated information from the disaster affected 64 settlements. As a result of landslides and flooding caused Read more [...]
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Deadly flooding in Tennessee

Frame CNN from the scene As a result of the floods in the states of Tennessee and Mississippi, caused by torrential rains continued throughout the weekend, were killed, according to the latest data, at least 15 people. On this May 2 news agency Associated Press. Previously reported five killed in the floods. Now states that only in Tennessee, the worst affected by the disaster, 12 people were killed. Two more are unaccounted for. Search and rescue operations are complicated by severe weather conditions and the inaccessibility of the affected areas because of washed out roads. From flooded areas Read more [...]
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Mudslides in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, mudslides covered five provinces of the country. They descended from the mountains on Tuesday and Wednesday due to heavy rains on their way to the region. As a result, 20 people were killed and more than 20 were injured Afghan varying degrees of severity, according to TV channels in Afghanistan. Of all the affected provinces of Herat has received the most damage. It killed 15 Afghans and wounded 22 in Ghor province mudslides took the lives of five people. Among the affected provinces such as Herat, Ghor, Badakhshan, Balkh, Jowzjan and Parwan. In the vicinity of the city of Mazar-i-Sharif Read more [...]
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China tornado

As a result of hurricane winds and torrential rains that struck on Thursday morning at the municipality of Chongqing in southwest China, killing 23 people, another 161 injured. This is the agency «Xinhua» with reference to the local government. Stronger than all affected counties and Dyantszyan Lyanpin in which the disaster destroyed homes, farmland affected. At last the county, as previously reported, a tornado struck, killing six people, another 34 were injured. The county Dyantszyan from heavy rains and strong winds killed 17 people, injured 127. The local government shall take Read more [...]
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Floods in Myanmar have made 25,000 people homeless

Read more [...]
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In the north-east of China flooding in the south-west — drought

August 4, 2013. While northeast China overcome cyclones which poured rain. So in the last 12 hours a number of settlements fell more than 60 mm, and sometimes breaking the mark in the 90 mm. Heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms and strong wind. In some provinces there are floods that have affected tens of thousands of people, destroyed crops. According to preliminary calculations, the local weather forecasters here will continue to torrential rains, and the level of risk associated with flooding may increase. In the southwest of China, Guizhou Province is a severe drought, which has already Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Samara region

Because of the strong wind and rain last weekend were knocked down dozens of trees in a national park Buzuluksky Forest, located in the two regions - Samara and Orenburg. Most suffered from bad weather in Samara part of the forest. According to foresters, hurricane swooped suddenly, his speed was just fantastic. From the first gust of wind the trees began to bend and fall. Stationed on the territory of the forest people saved by the fact that the element found them on the site with young plantings. Hurricane raged for about an hour and a verse as suddenly as it had begun. Element spared Read more [...]
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In the south of France because of river flooding regime introduced a natural disaster

From June 22, in the south of France, in the areas affected by severe flooding, natural disaster mode is entered. Such a decision, transmits radio "Mayak", adopted by President Nicolas Sarkozy. Because of the unprecedented for this time of year of showers in the south-east of France came out of the river banks. The water rose rapidly and unexpectedly, more than half a meter in a few minutes. Despite warnings from forecasters, flood caught by surprise people and local authorities. Many people were trapped in homes, schools and shops, climbed to the roof in anticipation of rescue or Read more [...]
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Thousands of Filipinos were affected by floods caused by rains

August 5, 2013. Hundreds of thousands of people were injured in last weekend of heavy rains in the central and southern parts of the Philippines, said on Monday the internet news portal GMA News. «According to our data (of disaster) affected 22 towns, the water level in some areas can reach the knee, hip or waist»- Said the spokesman of Civil Defense of the Philippines Major Ray Balide (Rey Balido). In the southern province of Maguindanao by downpours caused floods affected nearly 250,000 people, with the information from the two cities have not yet received. The province was declared Read more [...]
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In the Yaroslavl region from hurricane affected more than 500 settlements

Damage from the hurricane in the Yaroslavl region was much more serious than previously thought. In «White House» held an emergency meeting on the elimination of the consequences of the incident. In total, from the disaster affected more than 500 settlements. Remained without electricity for hundreds of towns and villages. The total length of transmission lines break up almost 2 kilometers, and the repair of the roof area residents will need more than 17,000 sheets of slate. Large-scale destruction recorded in the May district, there are damaged buildings and utilities, Read more [...]
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The villages of Ivano-Frankivsk region was a tornado

Photo courtesy of Crime TV 29.06.2010 Natural disasters recently swept the west of the country. Ivano-Frankivsk region suffers constantly. No sooner had the poor villagers recover from the previous rains and hurricanes, as they were replaced by the tornado came. Recently, some villages severely affected by the elements revelry. Now, some people simply have nowhere to live. What was going on in the village, people have taken for end of the world. Huge clouds swept over the sky and strong wind tore trees from their roots. — When there were two clouds, we got a tornado. He is twenty-five Read more [...]
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More than 20 people have died due to flooding in Romania

Flooding in the area of ​​the Siret River in north-eastern Romania claimed the lives of 23 people in the last ten days, local media reported on Sunday. According to them, 40 districts affected by flood. Element destroyed about 250 homes, even 5.4 thousand houses and farms affected. Inundated 84,000 hectares of arable land and pastures, as well as 42,000 hectares of forest. More than 8,000 people have fled their homes in the disaster area. It is reported that several thousand policemen, gendarmes, soldiers and firefighters to help the victims. Local authorities are trying to ensure that people Read more [...]
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Around 4 million people were affected by heavy rains in China

Seven people were killed and three unaccounted for, 3.96 million people were affected by heavy rains in Hubei province (central China), lasting from July 3, according to Xinhua news agency. As of July 9 in Hubei from the water element suffered 53 county and 247.73 thousand hectares of agricultural land, brought down more than 5.5 thousands and damaged 27.64 thousand houses. In a matter of urgency were evacuated more than 103.92 thousand locals. "Due to the flooding in Hubei Province, the State Committee for reduction of disaster losses and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China on Friday on Read more [...]
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Showers in eastern China cut off from the outside world more than 50 000 people

More than 50,000 people from 45 villages administratively subordinate city Chizhou (Anhui Province, eastern China), have been cut off from the outside world on Tuesday as a result of continuous heavy rains, according to Xinhua news agency. Information about the victims and the injured have been reported yet. Early in the morning on Tuesday, townships and towns hit torrential rains. Within six hours of rainfall in 21 settlements exceeded 100 millimeters in eight points - 200 millimeters, fell in some places up to 245 millimeters of rain. The floods in the affected villages were destroyed by Read more [...]
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