Avalanches in Afghanistan. Photo

Total rescuers who assist the police and soldiers of the Afghan army and the forces of the international coalition, has already managed to release about 2,500 people got trapped in the snow near the Salang tunnel linking Kabul to the north of Afghanistan. (S. Sabawoon / EPA) As a result of avalanches in the Salang Pass in northern Afghanistan, killing more than 160 people. From the zone of the accident were evacuated 2,600 people. According to Afghan authorities, in the tunnel were blocked for at least 300 cars. Built in the 60s by Soviet specialists Salang Tunnel is the only thoroughfare that Read more [...]
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More than 20 people were killed in floods in Afghanistan

August 11, 2013. At least 22 people, including six children, were killed in the floods in the north of the Afghan capital. This was reported today by representatives of the Kabul police. According to them, the cause of the disaster became prolonged heavy rains accompanied by hail. The number of victims is specified. Farmland suffered significant damage. Destroyed a number of houses: water flows easily demolish these buildings, since many of them are made from low-quality materials, such as clay. Earlier this month, more than 60 people were killed in floods also caused by downpours in the region Read more [...]
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My story about the End of the World

End < < "light" in the "end" light >>. I never thought that one day I would be so scared ... Before us were piled sandbags in 50 meters ahead - mine stretch. We sat without a sound, because, like, the Afghans have at times more acute hearing, sight and smell than humans. Security measures have been taken the toughest: price too high a week ago paid former crew NTV Andryuhina familiar risked their own without the support of the warriors shoot behavior of Afghans. Guys just wanted to earn a living, because, they say, the FSB bad pay for a unique video material. Some hook or by crook, they climbed Read more [...]
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Lots of photos, really a lot! Continuing the story of life on a military base KAF (Start, continued number 1, number 2 continued) and the continuation of number 3 Due to the nature of the "object" most of the pictures are not made by me, taken in the public domain. However, the author makes sure that all the images he had seen them with my own eyes, touched hands, stomped their feet, etc. etc. The text will be meeting a lot of anglicisms. Please understand, their use in the story is intended to convey the atmosphere at the base, not the author shows no desire to show off. ANA - Afghan People's Read more [...]
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More than 400 houses destroyed by landslides in the North of Afghanistan

More than 400 homes were destroyed in the Northern Afghan province of Balkh as a result of landslides and breaks the soil, caused by a series of earthquakes that began in the County Marmal on Wednesday, said on Sunday the Afghan government information Agency Bakhtar. According to the Agency, referring to the head of the administration of the County Shira Mohammad Abu Tariq Majlesi, some villages of the County Marmal shared cracks in the ground, the depth of which reaches up to a hundred meters. In the affected area for several days continue landslides, the speed of which sometimes reaches 10 Read more [...]
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In the heavy rains the streets of Kabul has turned into a river

© RIA Novosti. Andrey Greshnov Some streets of the Afghan capital has turned into a river in the continuing for two days of heavy rains that Kabul is a rare phenomenon, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. The city is in full swing reconstruction of roads: old highway, built during the Soviet times, served faithfully opponent about 40 years, but today was almost broken, and instead lay new ones. However, built the roads, apparently, wrong — many areas of new trails in the rain was completely covered with water. Kabul motorists now drive through the streets of the city more like a boat Read more [...]
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The Kabul Expressage

Humankind Company: on the priming at Kabul Outside Airdrome     Picture: Seamus SpudThe Babur Gardens syndicate, one of Kabul's few oases Wheeling done the metropolis&#39;s bazar MIRROR OF THE WAR: wait on the banks of the once-flowing Kabul River On the outskirts of Kabul, a boy waits below an persona of the later Ahmed Shah Massoud. Ajnabi Gul ("Unknown Blossom"), a untested camel drover, out-of-door Herat Scatty FACES: Bamiyan, where the Taliban ruined statues of the Buddha, is calm the top holidaymaker hooking. Spring OF Religion: crossover the Harirud river from Read more [...]
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As a result of vanishing flow in Afghanistan two people were killed, 12 injured

on 5 October. Two people were killed, 12 injured in city Charikar, the administrative centre of the Afghan province of Parwan, as a result of descent from the mountains of debris flows caused by heavy rains, told reporters on Wednesday the head of the provincial administration of security forces, police Sidahmed Maldini. According to police, SEL hit the city on Tuesday at 23:00 local time, when the inhabitants of the city were already asleep. Mud river washed away or partially destroyed more than 100 houses in area Barca Asdah. Killed two children aged eight and 12 years, among the wounded — Read more [...]
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Ten people were killed by a landslide in Central Afghanistan

on November 17. Ten people were killed and one was injured in the landslide in the Central Afghan province of Panjshir, told journalists on Thursday the head of the administration of the County Change, where the tragedy occurred, ADI Mohammad Zarif. According to Zarif, on Wednesday evening, a big rock fell on Afghan family who built himself a house at the foot of the mountains. «Afghans built himself a house and podkapyvanii shovels big rock. As a result of digging the rock fell on their heads. Reinforcements neighbors managed to get out from beneath the rubble 14-year-old girl», — Read more [...]
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Avalanche has covered a village in Afghanistan

7 March. The number of victims of an avalanche that buried under itself in the night of Monday the dusty village, located at the junction of the counties of Shinkai and Darvaz the Northern Afghan province of Badakshan, has reached 47, reported on Wednesday, Afghan TV channels. More than 100 rescuers are trying to find possible survivors of the house, up to this time they managed to extract from under the snow 47 dead bodies, three living women and one living child. Earlier it was reported about 37 victims of the snow element. In the night of Monday avalanche buried a whole village in which lived Read more [...]
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The capital of Afghanistan threatens flooding

on April 21. A number of districts of Kabul in danger of flooding due to the sharp rise of water in the river flowing through the city, said on Saturday the Afghan Department for combating emergencies. As stated by the Department, transferred to the government information Agency Bakhtar, residents of the areas adjacent to the river should increase vigilance and be prepared for the fact that the river at any time may withdraw from the banks due to the torrential rains, which went three days in a row. Management recommended that the opponent in the case of the beginning of the flood to immediately Read more [...]
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NATO aircraft crashed in southern Afghanistan

Airplanes NATO fell near Godard Nava Baran district of southern Afghanistan's Helmand province, said Wednesday the agency Pajhwok Afghan News, citing a source in the Afghan security forces.The type of aircraft and the causes of its collapse has not been established. According to the press service of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF), we can talk about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), RIA "Novosti"."I can only confirm the incident involving an unidentified aircraft until the ISAF, which fell in Helmand - but until then, until you have completed Read more [...]
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Twenty people were injured in avalanche in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, due to heavy snowfall, which began last Thursday, hundreds of settlements and dozens of counties were in the snowdrift. The main countries Salang Pass is closed to traffic.Twenty people were injured by avalanches in the county Javan northern Afghan province of Badakhshan on the border with Tajikistan, Pazhvak news agency reported. On Tuesday night the avalanche struck the town Sholir, destroying about 20 houses. All the victims were recovered from under the snow and rubble of buildings, they are given first aid. The representative of the Afghan administration in the aftermath Read more [...]
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The news of the fighter, interception of Kabul Boeing 767 with hundreds of Russians, embarrassed the Russian Embassy

Passengers of the flight from the island of Bali in Yekaterinburg were under the gun fighter: over Kabul aboard Boeing 767 followed, accompanied by Afghan military aircraft. On arrival in Russia of Nordwind Airlines crew reported the incident Rosaviatsia and the source in the airline - edition Life News. Russian diplomats have questioned the validity of this information. According to a source Life News, Afghan fighter jet passenger aircraft approached very close, in fact, the board has been taken aim. On the plane, allegedly were 285 people, including 17 children. "Some passengers, Read more [...]
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Obama legalized Taliban

The American president, Barack Obama has legalized "Taliban", first announcing the organization not terrorists, and a full, legitimate participants in Afghan politics. In addition, Obama allowed the Taliban to open a diplomatic mission in Qatar and take part in elections after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Obama hopes to provide these free and early withdrawal of troops. The U.S. war against the Taliban began over 10 years ago after a series of terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Admitting for the war, that "the Taliban" is not a terrorist organization, Read more [...]
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Obama recognized the Taliban in Afghanistan, which the United States is still considered terrorists

U.S. Afghan policy radically changes orientation. This is made clear by President Barack Obama after talks at the White House with his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai at the end of last week. They were told by two important things. First, Obama announced plans to significantly speed up the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country by passing the full powers of its own army and police. Second, Obama and Karzai agreed for the process of reconciliation in Afghanistan to establish a representative office of the radical movement "Taliban". Representation settle in Doha, Qatar and Read more [...]
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Americans leave Afghanistan without paying land rent

Leaving the restive province of Kunar, U.S. troops left behind a huge amount of equipment, unpaid bills for the lease of land and a bitter dispute over the territory, which threatens to undermine the authority of the Afghan government, as reported by local officials and former landlords.The only sign that American troops ever leave the military base around which for many years was based village life Pashengar was roaring column of trucks in the middle of the night. In the morning, local residents discovered that the guard was gone, the buildings were blown up, and that was previously inaccessible Read more [...]
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U.S. Department of Defense report: Without the help of the NATO Afghan army will not be able to resist the Taliban

The Pentagon was disappointed in the Afghan army, without the United States, it will not be able to resist the Taliban. U.S. Department of Defense has submitted a report in which the state of the Afghan army is estimated extremely pessimistic. So, Pentagon experts concluded that of the 23 teams that are available today in the armed forces of Afghanistan, only one is able to conduct operations independently - without air, rear, intelligence and other support from the NATO forces. These conclusions confirm the fears that after the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2014, the Afghan army will be hard Read more [...]
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U.S. troops in Afghanistan threatened macaques

12/20/2012 American doctors are on duty in Afghanistan, had a special study on rhesus increased attacks on soldiers. According to doctors, the military command should take immediate steps to protect the military from monkeys. A report prepared by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, found that over the last month the Afghan rhesus monkeys ten times attacked people.Interestingly, in 9 out of 10 primates are an original biological weapons: monkeys sent employees Afghan National Army or locals. Rare animals owned by an American.It is worth noting, as a result of these attacks, no soldier Read more [...]
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Andropov. Last Hope

Andropov's rise to power was seen throughout our country with relief. Directly for the exploration and the KGB came bright days. The fact that six months before the death of Brezhnev, Andropov when went to work in the Central Committee, to the place he was appointed chairman of the KGB Vladimir Fe dorchuk, previously chairman of the KGB in Ukraine. These months are a real test of intelligence on survival. Fedorchuk martinet was the embodiment of the spirit. Nothing about international affairs, and not willing to understand them (never gathered experts and asked for the report on any matter), Read more [...]
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