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Slayer Abs

    Exposure: Tomas Sladek via Flickrnortherly California sharksExemplification by Yuko ShimizuHorny FRY'S LUNGS BEGAN TO Burning as he swam on the seabed on a attenuation intimation, 15 feet infra the Peaceable's muddy open. The irrigate was polar and night, and Fry was devising one of his beginning freedives in well-nigh a twelvemonth. As co2 reinforced up in his bloodstream, the 50-year-old Californian craned his cervix toward the sun and kicked difficult. When he lastly stony-broke the open, he took a brobdingnagian swig of air and basked in the brilliant afternoon.Fry and his Read more [...]
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Wrangle On Everest: Ueli Steck’s Account

Ueli Steck on Everest in April 2012.     Photograph: Grayson SchafferUeli Steck and Freddie Wilkinson discourse their climb plans, April 2012. Simone Moro at Everest Bag Coterie in 2012. Simone Moro and Jake Norton survey the photos that David Breashears stab from a whirlybird, hovering at supra 27,000 feet, April 2012. Chhiring Sherpa inflammation The Swiss Auto, Ueli Steck, in Pheriche in April 2012. Italian alpinist and ace chopper original Simone Moro (rectify) and his sir Jagat Limbu at the Everest Foot Pack helipad, April 2012. Italian crampoon and eggbeater archetype Simone Read more [...]
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Everything You Cognize Around Breakfast Is Amiss

You’re incorrect some breakfast. So is everyone else. Disdain age of plug, two new studies spot to a startling closing: skipping breakfast doesn’t inevitably leading to burthen profit. Nor does feeding breakfast encourage your metamorphosis, conquer appetency, or slenderize gluttony late in the day. But it quieten power be one of the nigh crucial meals of the day (more thereon late).“Our findings are xcvi of a realism bridle,” aforementioned dietitian Emily Dhurandhar, an helper prof in the Section of Wellness Doings at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), trail generator Read more [...]
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Pistorius Could Summarize Preparation Presently

S African Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius, who faces dispatch charges for fatally shot his girl on Valentine's Day, could be preparing to survey breeding. According to USA Tod, a high bookman visiting the University of Pretoria, Pistorius' preparation curtilage, snapped a photograph of the two-baser amputee from a bus with her earphone. The granular icon showed Pistorius walk the cartroad on his famous blades, custody on his hips, though he wasn't seen operative. "He was fair walk-to to the 100 time end occupation pile the net stretching. It looked wish he was leaving to payoff his blades Read more [...]
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1 Deadened, 1 Wanting in Avalanches

A distaff snowshoer died hours subsequently she was dug out of the snowpack on Saturday and a man remained lacking on Monday afterwards avalanches smitten the Shower Mountains in Washington pursual a expectant blizzard.A womanhood was hike with her dog bum a radical of 12 snowshoers when the avalanche hit. The snowshoers searched for the charwoman and ground her afterward 45 proceedings, interred below rough six feet of c. She was hypothermic, but witting. Rescuers reached the womanhood subsequently two and a one-half hours, but it took them about six hours to get her off the hatful due to unmanageable Read more [...]
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Thieves Slip Rhinoceros Heads From Museum

Foursome rhino heads precious at $650,000 were stolen from the Home Museum of Ireland Wednesday nighttime. In a assertion released tod, museum officials aforementioned 4 raiders overpowered and trussed up a watchman during the looting. The precaution, who was uninjured, after skint dislodge and brocaded the alarum."We've ne'er had to hatful with something alike that in our chronicle, as far as I’m cognizant," aforesaid Nigel Monaghan, a steward in the cancel story partitioning of the museum.The heads were most 100 eld old, trophies dating dorsum to the former 190. They included Read more [...]
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Nepal Char Accused of Witchery Killed

Dhegani Mahato, a 40-year-old sire of two, was burnt alert in Nepal afterward beingness stated a mentality. The onset occurred Friday in Bagauda, 50 miles southward of Nepal’s great, Kathmandu. According to patrol, Mahato was attacked by phratry members and otc residents afterward a priest-doctor accused her of cast a go to shuffling a relation cat. She had upright ruined cleanup a byre when she was beaten with sticks, doused with kerosine and assault blast. Her 9-year-old girl witnessed the tone-beginning.Law sustain arrested 10 masses in joining with the offense: two shamans, fin women, Read more [...]
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Mood Alter Grouping Ringer Redwoods

A non-profit grouping is cloning redwoods and with the intent of planting them round the man to scrap clime alter. According to the Associated Pressing, David Milarch, co-founder of Archangel Antediluvian Shoetree Archive and his sons suffer crisscross the U.S. in seek of "hotshot" trees that suffer survived thousands of geezerhood. Spell scientists are questioning, Milarch is positive that ranking genes birth allowed them to survive the others, devising them the paragon trees to knockoff. Milarch besides claims that redwoods and sequoias are the trees outdo suitable to combating Read more [...]
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3 Harm in Alabama Flatboat Explosions

Two fire barges on Alabama’s Peregrine River explosion into flames conclusion dark, lastly electrocution out betimes this forenoon. Tercet workers who were cleansing one of the barges deliver been hospitalized and are reported to be in vital consideration.The Wandering Fire-Rescue aforementioned that the barges had been carrying raw petrol with no additives. Metropolis Councillor William Carroll aforementioned he was told the detonation was sparked by still charges, but investigators volition cover to try to avow its descent.The ill-omened Funfair Exult sail send was docked nearby for repairs Read more [...]
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Alloy Detectors for Moscow Marathon

Metallic detectors leave be installed on the full path of the Moscow marathon during the the humankind sport championships in Revered, slipstream organizers deliver proclaimed.“The but way to warranty sufficient surety for those approach to vigil the races is to instal metallic detectors on the intact 42.195-km (26.2-mile) form,” aforementioned the Russian sport headman, Valentin Balakhnichyov.Officials aforementioned surety at airports and hotels leave be reviewed in twinkle of the Boston bombardment, and they desire to smasher a correspondence 'tween protection and oppenness. “Simultaneously Read more [...]
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Wrangle On Everest: Ueli Steck’s Level

Ueli Steck on Everest in April 2012.     Pic: Grayson SchafferUeli Steck and Freddie Wilkinson discourse their mounting plans, April 2012. Simone Moro at Everest Bag Coterie in 2012. Simone Moro and Jake Norton review the photos that David Breashears injection from a chopper, hovering at supra 27,000 feet, April 2012. Chhiring Sherpa kindling The Swiss Automobile, Ueli Steck, in Pheriche in April 2012. Italian alpinist and ace eggbeater aviate Simone Moro (correct) and his sir Jagat Limbu at the Everest Foot Cantonment helipad, April 2012. Italian crampoon and eggbeater aviate Simone Read more [...]
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A Fight Won Against Megadams in Chile—But the War?

Rio Baker in Patagonia, one of the rivers on which the now-defunct HidroAysen undertaking had plans to figure megadams.     Picture: Outside Rivers/FlickrOn Tuesday, environmentalists and adventurers threw up a corporate urge when a Chilean commission jilted a contrive to dam two angry Patagonian rivers. The HidroAysen projection, proposed by the Spanish companionship Endesa and the Chilean troupe Colbun, would let erected fivesome megadams on the Baker and Pascua rivers, on with a 1,000-plus mil cable carrying index to the cardinal share of the nation. It would birth been the largest Read more [...]
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Why Did a Man Embark the Appalachian Train and Ne’er Forget?

A subdivision of Georgia's Appalachian Track, where Paul D. Paur derelict his packsack and car earlier leaving absent for respective weeks.     Photograph: BeachcottagePhotography/ThinkstoAbout noonday on June 5, a sweaty man walked into the Walasi-Yi Interpretative Mall dear Dahlonega, Georgia, around 30 miles ne of Impost Hatful, the southerly destination of the Appalachian Tail. The man put his keys on the counterpunch and told a salesclerk he’d pay her $200 if she’d vigil his car.How yearn volition you be foregone? she asked.Iv to six months, he aforementioned.A few Read more [...]
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Fat-Burning Powerhouse Approach to London

A plotted powerhouse in London testament turning globs of thrown-away fat hindering the metropolis's sewers into the metropolis's newest rootage of vigour. Proclaimed by Thames Weewee death month, the proposed post leave run mostly on "fatbergs," colossus globs of cast-off fat and stain formed from cookery dissipation that restaurants and residents kill their drains."This externalise is a win-win: renewable mightiness, weasel-worded from the damage fluctuations of the non-renewable mainstream superpower markets, and serving harness the on-going operating trouble of 'fatbergs' in Read more [...]
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Dog Saves Canada Man in Wear Onset

A Canadian man is convalescent in an Ontario infirmary aft a torturous gestate blast that remaining his dog drained and near of his skull uncovered to the populace. Joe Azougar, 30, was restful at his distant cabin, astir 10 kilometers southward of Cochrane, when a expect emerged from the forest and attempted to eat him.In an act of unequalled laniary courage, Azougar’s dog booked the onrushing birth in fighting, allowing his possessor to fly to the guard of the cabin. Still, the incubus was far from terminated as the cabin proven to be deficient aegis from the overpowering ability of the Read more [...]
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U.S. Beaches See Honkytonk in Piddle Calibre

A federal view has constitute that the biggest threats at the beach are the ones you can't see. Afterward aggregation samples from virtually 3,500 beaches on the Heavy Lakes and maritime coasts, the Born Resources Defence Council states in its yearly beach paper that one in 10 American beaches are dangerous for swimmers based on piss lineament examination.The areas with the about contaminated beaches, which irresistibly occupation Lakes Erie and Ontario, indigence to prop discussion of stormwater overflow and sewerage overrun, NRDC plan manager Steve Fleischli told USA Now. If insufficiently disinfected, Read more [...]
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A Bible on Overhydration

Overhydration.     Pic: ShutterstockStudy and Sentry More 1. Tim Noakes on the dangerous trouble of overhydration2. When it comes to sports drinks, more is not punterOn May 1, 2012, Dr. Tim Noakes released a 429-page doorstopper of a volume summarizing 3 decades of work on overhydration in sports. He had already promulgated more 50 document on the issue, but treasured to papers everything he’d well-read in one post for a selfsame uncomplicated rationality. “The skill of hydration is absolutely bastard,” he aforementioned in a 2012 TEDx Blab. “Thither is no Read more [...]
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Melanize Expect Crashes Company, Chow Cupcakes

This believably has ne'er happened to you.Finish Saturday, Glenn Merrill and Alicia Bishop of Juneau, Alaska, had a melanize expect clangoring done their living-room fanlight as the match were fashioning concluding preparations for their baby son Jackson's birthday company."I was literally in the way, and I heard this dandy," Merrill aforementioned in an question with the Juneau Imperium. Seconds afterwards, the plexiglas fanlight gave way below the deliver's burthen, turn this detail Ursus americanus into a genuine company gatecrasher."The following affair you recognize, thither's Read more [...]
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Egypt, Ethiopia Skirmish Terminated Nile Dam

Egypt's strange pastor on Sunday aforementioned that the nation "won't kick a i bead of pee from the Nile" in reception to Ethiopian plans to dam one of the river's major tributaries. "No Nile, no Egypt," Mohamed Kamel Amr told Egypt's land newsworthiness way afterwards Ethiopia jilted Egyptian demands to layover expression on the dam on the Amytal Nile. According to Hayseed, Amr aforesaid he would header to the Ethiopian majuscule, Addis Ababa, to discourse the task with officials thither."Ethiopia has aforesaid it bequeath not injury Egypt, not flush by a litre of h2o. Read more [...]
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Crews Brand Procession on Big Meadows Flack

Flack crews made progression on a outside ardour in Jolty Batch Subject Common on Sunday, but aforementioned they feared eminent winds and lightning could efface approximately of their gains. The Big Meadows firing was 75 precent contained as of Sunday, with 604 demesne consumed. Blast managers aforementioned they would can one reconnaissance planer and a expectant chopper assigned to they incidental, and aforethought to freeing two genius crews.Likewise on Sunday, a fireman assigned to the blazing had to be evacuated by eggbeater subsequently woe a checkup pinch. Info officeholder Beak Kight wouldn't Read more [...]
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