27-year-old woman aged 40 years after birth

The face of a young girl from China six months after the birth of the child was covered with wrinkles and sagging. 27-year-old mother has become like an old woman.Chinese woman named Wu struck physicians amazing changes in my appearance that took place shortly after the birth of her second child.Young girl in six months that have passed since the birth of the baby, turned into an elderly person: the skin on her face sagged and was covered with deep wrinkles.According to a married woman, instead of enjoying the joys of motherhood, she is forced to hide themselves from the people. Ambient always Read more [...]
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Physiotherapy after birth

Physical education childbirth, became widespread. Along with the overall objectives (improve respiratory, circulatory, nervous and muscular activity, etc.) exercise in the postpartum period, together with an early goal by standing pursues prevention of thromboembolic complications, promotes independent chair and urinate and, most importantly, a good involution of the genitals and abdomen. Contraindications: pregnancy and childbirth (severe toxicosis, bleeding, surgical delivery), complications in the postpartum period. Classes are held in the morning in the first week (with 2-3-day) on the bed Read more [...]
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Recognition of former births

Examination of the former labor performed for suspected committing infanticide, kidnapping or substitution of a child, knowingly leaving the child without assistance, and other pop- The recent delivery may indicate swelling of the mammary glands, pigmentation of the nipples and areola, the allocation of colostrum or milk. If a woman does not feed, by 4 to 6 weeks, these symptoms disappear. In the study of the external genitalia revealed abrasions in the vagina, perineal tear, gaping gender gap, on the spot hymen - Areas of tissue bruising. In the 1st day after birth cervix flattened, and 10-12-day Read more [...]
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Birth control measures and means-9

If breast-feeding is not menstruating, you have to believe that it can not at this period and pregnant. However, there have been cases when a woman has never postpartum not menstruate, become pregnant, since the selection of an egg from the ovary occurs before the onset of menstruation. We must bear in mind that the majority of women in period nursing (lactation) ovaries are in active work. Therefore, in this period possible pregnancy and in the absence of menstruation (according to the literature, in 10-50% of nursing mothers). In general, breastfeeding women pregnancy often occurs within Read more [...]
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Pathology birthing mothers extragenital diseases

Childbirth dangerous complications for the mother and fetus in diseases of the cardiovascular system mothers: Vice butterfly valve with a predominance of stenosis, rheumatic heart disease etiology (endocardial lesions, the muscle of the heart), angina pectoris. During childbirth and the postpartum period may develop cardiac decompensation (rapid pulse, shortness of breath, cyanosis, edema, etc.), which can lead to the death of woman in childbirth. Births in diseases of the cardiovascular system are carried out under the supervision of a physician; widely used heart funds, administration of glucose Read more [...]
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Regression of genital. Using the method of palpation through the abdominal wall and the measurement of the height of standing uterus above the vagina, can be traced in the dynamics of the development of the inverse (involution) of the uterus. Surveillance should be carried out before the date of issue of women in travail. Immediately after birth uterus has a spherical shape. The bottom of it is somewhat below the navel, and in measuring the compass - 12 cm above the upper edge of the symphysis. The length of the uterine cavity 15-20 cm in height standing affects the degree of filling the bottom Read more [...]
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Gonorrhea in the postpartum period

Fresh gonorrheal infection occurs in the postpartum period is extremely rare, and its manifestations differ little from those outside of pregnancy. Typically, gonorrheal infection develops after birth as a result of astsendirovaniya in the first days postpartum latent gonorrhea. In sorts, especially soon after favorable conditions for the growth of gonococci and their penetration into the uterus. With the passage of the fetal head through the birth canal gonorrhea as it were "squeezed out" of the cervical glands, postnatal discharge, containing a lot of blood, make this a good breeding Read more [...]
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There are two main forms of intestinal obstruction in children: congenital associated with malformations of the digestive tract, and acquisitions, which are the basis of the pathological processes that occur after birth. Congenital obstruction is about 30% of all forms of obstruction in children. It manifests itself in the first hours and days of life. But not necessarily all forms of intestinal obstruction that occur after birth, attributable to the acquisition. There are several forms of intestinal obstruction that occur within a few weeks or even years after the birth of a child, but are Read more [...]
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First feeding

From birth to the first feeding of premature infants is a certain amount of time. The duration of this period depends on the property of the child at birth, and the degree of prematurity. Children born in a state of severe asphyxia, or manifestations of respiratory failure, and children with low birth weight, begin to feed at a later date. It is believed that a later first feeding facilitates removal of children from the serious condition, and prevents the development of their aspiration. Over the last decade, there was a tendency to lengthen the hunger gap. Crosse recommends children weighing Read more [...]
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Keeping postpartum

The normal course of postpartum depends on good hygiene regime. Aseptic and antiseptic in parturients toilets, high-calorie diet with lots of vitamins, the proper care of the breasts, early breast-feeding, regulation of bowel, kidney, skin, general toning the body through exercise, sanitary and hygienic conditions in the wards - all These measures provide a favorable course of the postpartum period, to improve the condition of the nervous system parturients, surges in labor, particularly pathological. In maternity homes USSR is that the principle of getting up early: the first 2 hours after birth Read more [...]
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Radiographs of the wrist and hand

In the pictures in the frontal and lateral projections visible wrist bone and joint spaces. The articular surface radius inclined at 65 ° to the axis radius. Consider the wrist joint, the distal radioulnar joint, srednezapyastny joint, carpal-metacarpal joint I thumb carpal metacarpal joints II-V fingers, metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints. The width of the joint gaps metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints of the same. Ossification of the brush is shown in Fig. 134. 134. Scheme ossification of hand bones (by Leonard). The shaded circles show months after birth, the Read more [...]
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