Orienteering without a compass

Murphy's Law is that when we need an object, we have not provided it. We did not have today, although it has always taken before, and we will take in the future – if you survive… Compass one of these subjects. Caught in an extreme situation in the wild, it is important to orient. A without a compass – it must be able! In this article we try to figure out the maximum range of other techniques that allow navigate without a compass. The orientation of the sun. Everyone knows that the sun rises in the eastern sky, comes – in the west and in the afternoon go to the sunset through Read more [...]
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Utah Avalanche Prognosticator Killed

In a rarefied on-the-job cataclysm, a seasoned avalanche soothsayer was killed in a bamboozle glide Thursday afternoon. The Utah Section of Transport employee was checking the stableness of a snowpack in Big Cottonwood Canon in the Wasatch Scope. Craig Patterson, 34, oftentimes went on alone trips to valuate rubber weather roughly the Brighton and Purdah ski resorts. Uprising afternoon temperatures can sometimes leash to shift on absorb slopes round Kessler Eyeshade, so Patterson was gauging the ever-changing snowfall weather.It appears that Patterson had been capable to deploy Read more [...]
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1 Drained Astern Climb Stroke in Australia

One mortal drowned and one is unaccounted for later an fortuity on a sea drop dear Australia's Noosa Home Ballpark. Law standard a birdsong at around 2:30 local metre on Friday that the duet, a charwoman and a man, were climb a 160-foot drop-off at Noosa Heads when they slipped and cruel into the sea. Pinch crews retrieved the char's drowned trunk that afternoon but couldn't discovery the sec somebody. Speechmaking late that afternoon, Dan Power of the AGL Deliver Eggbeater Servicing told the Australian Broadcasting Potbelly that it was unreadable that thither really was another dupe."Initially Read more [...]
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HOW to make a Fire using a BOTTLE

If you have glass orplastic bottle of cold water, then using it until the pain just in the area in the afternoon to make fire. This method is used the effect of the lens full bottle or a small number of water in the form of lenses on the day. All what you need is to collect the dry kindling and wait for the afternoon, and then, by means of a lens, the kindle fire.#vizianagarmStart a Fire With a Water Bottle 3:42Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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How to Yield a Nap at Employment

Naps advance study execution and ameliorate wellness.     Photograph: Helder Almeida via ShutterstockOutset, rid yourself of the pigeonhole that naps are the procedure of work-shy masses. In around every potential way, an afternoon snooze has been shown to further execution and wellness. The bulk of the universe in the U.S. could use a might nap. In 2001, the Internal Quietus Innovation launch that 63% of adults got less than 8 hours of kip a day and about 40% had bother staying wake. A deficiency of slumber can trail to increased emphasis and forget your resistant organisation Read more [...]
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Closure Count Sheep

A low eubstance temperature can shuffling you feeling stock. Elaborate in the tardy afternoon so you're cook for kip by night.     Picture: Dirima/Shutterstock1. Be coherent. Dark quietus deprivation is accumulative, and naps won't fix the trouble in the farseeing condition. "If you're regularly departure to slumber at midnight and wakening at 5 a.m., by the one-third day, you can't part at your pattern storey," says Dr. Jerrold A. Kram, give of the California Centerfield for Sopor Disorders. Do your outdo to bed and arouse approximately the like metre apiece day, fifty-fifty Read more [...]
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How often range fire do I demand for a seven-day trek?

A:As a oecumenical guideline, a one-half pint of liquified fire per day should be more decent for a alone tramp. Course, thither are gobs of variables: whether you're "cookery" or only stewing pee, whether you're alike me and savor a hot cup of umber later in the afternoon, that kinda affair. But you could believably cope with one enceinte (33-ounce) fire bottleful. Punter overmuch than not sufficiency. Anyways, are you certain you lack to falsify threefold a day? These years I don't do often more oestrus urine in the morn for chocolate or cocoa, feeding breakfast bars and desiccated Read more [...]
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Primorsky Krai hit of spring in winter

Snow in Vladivostok April 13, 2010 According to the maritime weather forecasters day April 13 in the region are expected strong gololёdnye phenomenon. Evening of April 13 and April 14 at night on the coast Terneisky area expected to be very heavy snow with the amount of 20 mm or more in 12 hours or less, a strong storm at the north-east wind of 25-30 m / s. To avoid emergencies Defence Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Primorsky Krai encourages all residents and guests of Primorye to follow safety rules, unnecessarily on the road and the edge of the city not to leave. Fishermen should Read more [...]
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survival medicine

15 hours. The desire appears to work with the latest power no matter rested you or not. Starts 2nd peak performance.16 hours. Blood pressure and increase circulation. At this time, runners achieve good results. The training effect is particularly large, while in the morning it is smaller. Drugs that increase the acidity function differently. 17 hours. You can feel the increase in current strength, to breathe, as they say, full Breasts. "At full speed" work of the kidneys and bladder. Between 16 and 18 hours faster just grow hair and nails.18. Active pancreas. Liver tolerant to alcohol.19 hours. Read more [...]
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In Pardaugava Sunday afternoon began flooding

In Pardaugava Sunday afternoon began flooding on an unprecedented scale after heavy rains overflowed the river Maupiti. Were under the water Park Arcadia, nearby stadium and part of the street of Ojārs Walesa, therefore, today, and tomorrow the traffic, including the 10th line, the area between the Uzvaras Boulevard and street Germania will be closed. As soobshili portal Delfi eyewitnesses, most likely, navodne caused the clog under the bridge. The depth of water on a street Ovaries reached 30 see the scene work of municipal services. Traffic police regulates the movement in the area of PE. As Read more [...]
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Where’s the Topper Summertime Skiing?

    Exposure: Zach Crist/Chugach Pulverize GuidesA:You’re in destiny: In a few hard-to-reach floater, the turns advance and on.If you've got the cash, the “Kings and Clavus” packet from Alyeska-based Chugach Gunpowder Guides is a dear bet. This five-day raid the Tordrillo Mountains of the Alaska Scope mixes heli-skiing and heli-fishing for Chinook.The stumble starts with a brusque fixed-wing trajectory from Anchorage to the outside, fly-in but Winterlake Gild. From thither, on any minded day, the aggroup power expend the dawning and other afternoon heli-skiing, Read more [...]
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Force Traps Hundreds on NZ Flock

Hard winds and large blow on Tuesday marooned more 250 skiers and snowboarders all-night at a ski reside Cantebury, New Zealand. Operators at Mountain Lyford unsympathetic the flock's park former Tuesday afternoon as bamboozle threatened to avalanche crossways the recourse's accession route. That leftfield around 250 mass, including lots of kids, with no quality but to pass the dark in a auberge at the foundation of the lot. Hangout faculty provided what nutrient was usable and a few mattresses, but sour off a author that was warming the edifice in an sweat to ration ability. "I don't cogitate—by Read more [...]
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Original Survives 17 Hours Aft Clank

A New York original who crashed his secret airplane into Lake Huron, 14 miles off the seacoast of Michigan, step weewee for 17 hours earlier a sportfishing sauceboat reclaimed him Wednesday aurora. Michael Trapp, 42, was fast to chatter kinfolk in Wisconsin on Tuesday afternoon when the locomotive in his 1966 Cessna 150 skim failed. The 50-mile-per-hour shock blew out the aeroplane's windscreen and leftfield Trapp no clock to return a aliveness crownwork or saving lighthouse ahead the airplane sank. As afternoon off into eve, Trapp could see sportfishing boats but was ineffectual to reaching them. Read more [...]
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Arresting Races at Year-End Raceway Fulfil

The pro raceway harden over Friday afternoon in Brussels, Belgium with a thread of world-leading and historical performances, decent mayhap the outflank single-day consequence in raceway and subject this twelvemonth. American Galen Rupp ran 26:48.00 to ending tierce in the men's 10,000 meters, break the U.S. platter by an dumbfounding 11 seconds. That airstream was won in 26:43.16 by earth disc bearer Kenenisa Bekele, the reality's scoop 10,000-meter contrabandist, who returned to racing sole weeks ago astern a year-and-a-half trauma abatement. Afterwards in the afternoon, Jamaica's Yohan Blake Read more [...]
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Terminal Sentence Visitation Changes Concluding Soapbox

The net case-by-case sentence run of the Enlistment de France is incessantly an exciting day. The men who excelled in the mountains jeopardy losing positions to men who are wagerer against the time. The boilersuit contenders sometimes birth their finish luck to dispute for the xanthous t-shirt likewise, but this class saw more of a conclusion bump to acclivity onto the terminal pulpit in Paris. For Jan Ullrich to enter tierce post nowadays, he either requisite an perfectly super-human execution or one of the riders forwards of him in the oecumenical categorisation to dead wear. Neither happened, Read more [...]
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We Recognize You’re Commonplace. Now Cover It.

External mag, October 1994We Experience You're Shopworn. Now Surmount It.Dropping short-change of your pillow-time necessarily? Addition roughly reason by duping your home timeBy Scar JannotIt happens when you well-nigh gestate it--which is when you least wishing it. Spell impulsive on a foresightful route misstep, pickings pentad in the ski gild, or functional in the windowless fluorescence of your booth: the gravid eyelids, the wonky cervix, the blunted Read more [...]
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Hot Russian weather records

on 10 June. In Russia no day is complete without a weather record. 9 June afternoon at the metro maximol (Khanty-Mansiysk. O.) on the banks of the river North Sosva was updated absolute maximum temperature of the day (up to +30.2 degrees). However, the hottest point of the County of on this day was the station Igrim which though did not reach the record, during the day the air is warmed up to 30.8 degrees. New weather records were also installed at the stations Bor (Nizhny Novgorod region), where in the afternoon the air temperature increased to +31.5, and Orenburg (+38.1 degrees). Recall that Read more [...]
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Passing Places: Tales from the route: Postcards from Fundamental America

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>By Jim GouldJune 30: La Fortuna De San Carlos in the "Zone Norte"Before we bequeath Quepos, Sixpence and I pass the beachfront in township, fair a few kilometers from the interior parkland. A ring of fictile jugs, pop bottles, and driftwood--six inches trench and six feet wide--marks the high-tide cable. Alternatively of seagulls and terns, heaps of vultures scrap Read more [...]
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Weather for the New Year in Russian cities

In Moscow will Atlantic air, the weather will become soft and snowy. Night temperatures will rise to £ 3 ...? 5, the day warms up to January 1? 1 ... 1. St. Petersburg to celebrate New Year thaw and heavy precipitation in the form of wet snow and rain. Intensify southwest wind. The temperature during the day will rise from £ 2 to +2 degrees. In Murmansk the expected snow storm, gusty south wind, and warming up to No. 4 ...? 6.© Stringer Russia | ReutersEagle night slightly priporoshit snow at New Year? 3 ...? 5, the day will warm up to 0 ...? 2.In Rostov-on-Don, the weather is dry Read more [...]
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The sharp drop in pressure in and around Moscow

After a period of ten days of stable and high background atmospheric pressure, to which a significant number of people meteodependent already managed to adapt over the next few days the pressure in and around Moscow and fall quite sharply by almost 30 units. Fluctuations in the main meteorological parameters, gain wind, precipitation expected in the next few days in the capital region, will have a negative impact on the health of many people meteodependent. They should pay attention to their condition and do not forget about preventive measures that will help reduce the damage from adverse health Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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