Hunter and the economy. The experiment on rodents

It turns out that once again responded to the material V.Masaytisa («Passion for water vole». See my comment «Do not share the hunting good and bad» his article «Salary or paddock?»).It should probably clarify that it's nothing personal, we do not know V.V.Masaytisom live, no intersections of life and work has not happened. My attention to his article, as well as to the previous one, due to the purely professional motives.Firstly, raised important issues; I am especially grateful for the latter, see below.Secondly, V.V.Masaytis – assistant professor of Read more [...]
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Kurgan Avenger

Modest Kurgan businessman Vyacheslav Bobkov in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Kurgan region known person. For four years, he is haunted by the officials, distributing the wealth of his native land – hunting, care «users» most eligible trans-Ural forests. And once I did not try to negotiate with stubborn: and attractive benefits promised, and threatened with death - and he does not give up – sues and wins.Here only «Matchmaker and brother»Since 2008, Vyacheslav and he tried to participate in tenders for the provision of Read more [...]
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The problem of poaching were discussed at the round table in Yakutsk

According to the head of the Department of hunting Nikolai Smetanin in ulus centers currently operate 35 representatives of agencies in 29 encampments permission to hunt, you can get into a multifunctional center. It is believed that one hunt inspectors in the ulus center can not cope with the issue of hunting permits, especially in the production of hunting resources in the spring and fall season. Many argue that hunters living in nasleg not have the opportunity to drive for such a document. Often this is due to bad roads, high cost of taxi services. Thus, there are cases of poaching.In the first Read more [...]
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Rejoice or cry?

ARTICLE TWOAbout two ways of revival of hunting proposed by VV Dezhkin and VG Safonov in the "horn» № 12Consider the subject of complex biological environmental management and the creation of State administrative structures, the unit for the protection and rational exploitation of natural biological resources. In this complex of the authors arbitrarily include forestry, fisheries and hunting on the basis that they have a lot in common.But other sectors of agriculture it does not include, because it is "autonomous, professionally involved in systematic conservation activities, operation Read more [...]
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Rejoice or cry,

or two ways of revival of hunting proposed by VV Dezhkin and VG Safonov in the "horn" on 21.03.07The article seems all right, rejoicing the heart, and some real ways, if you look, and no. The first - a utopia, at least in the coming decades, and the second is already being implemented. Renaissance Hunting NO HUNTING without hunting farm engaged impossible.How many times they are mentioned in the article as compared to hunting and wildlife? But we are all in the hunt and the authors too. This, in substitution of hunting management and control of hunting is the main threat and harm "environmental Read more [...]
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On hunting in Russia

Article TwoAccording to specialized studies, as compared to the previously unorganized territory «9 years yield of marketable products in Gospromkhoz Glavohoty RSFSR increased 23 times. The yield of marketable products with 1000 ha land has increased by 2.7 times» (Gorbushin, Sapetina, Smirnyakov, 1974.) Reconstruction in the present conditions of game farms without the support and investment of the state at least in the early stages can be considered unfeasible task.The root cause to the sharply increased prices for transportation in all modes. In such a situation there is no opportunity Read more [...]
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«Elm» strong roots

On the massive hunt is issued to local residents about 100 sezonokPhoto: Alexander Grishin Ability to create private game farms, which appeared every person by the law «On the hunt ...»Nevertheless generates an alarm. Would not that familiar from childhood lakes, flood plains and woods will now be «lordly sanctuaries»Where they can hunt only visitors from the city and where the locals living here for centuries, hunting will be prohibited?Observing the way there and developing private farms in Central Russia, suggests that without a fully-fledged partnership Read more [...]
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From 1 April next year, comes into effect the Law on huntingMost colleagues introduction of this law into effect is not optimistic.Countries in this is nothing, because at the stage of the bill document I received numerous comments of experts, which, unfortunately, were not included in its revision. So we got what we have now. I have already expressed my opinion on the content of the hunting law, but one thing I was lost. The question concerns ohothozyaystvennyh agreements.When I first read the article of the law relating to this question, remember the vicissitudes with Maksatikha, or as it has Read more [...]
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With a bunch of Volkogon

Mikhail Megeve worked huntsman hunting farm in the Rumyantsev Board SBI Moscow Military District, about fifty years.It is easy to imagine how much different it was hunting on account of a veteran. Among them is the hunting of ungulates, and upland game, hare and fox, a bear and a wolf.Unfortunately, Mikhail Ivanovich has died. During the last meeting with him, I recorded on tape his story of the wolf hunt.When Mikhail Ivanovich spoke about wolves, he even changed the tone of voice became harsher. He recalled that twenty years ago, in our press campaign was launched to protect the wolf, they say, Read more [...]
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On the hunt with Yuri Gagarin

April 12, 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the first flight in the history of mankind into space YA GagarinYuri Gagarin, Vladimir Komarov, Andrian Nikolayev on the hunt. author photo The significance of this event can not be overemphasized. It has gone down in the annals of our country in world history. President of the Russian Federation DA Medvedev declared this year the Year of Russian cosmonautics.Everyone who knew the first cosmonaut, indicate that Yury A. was extremely multi-faceted personality. Among his hobbies is not the last place was occupied with hunting and fishing.A Read more [...]
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Fowl Russia

The final publication on the monitoring of game birds in Russia, denoted in terms of hunting science major tasks of hunting country in monitoring wildfowl. Tasks, without which hunting is "vulnerable" place of the national economy, and hunting - poaching and legal headache for the state.Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Russia's chances to retain control of the main resources of the hunting enormous Eurasian migratory waterbirds are quite large, but Only under certain conditions.The most important of them is necessary to recognize, first, the existence of a real monitoring of the Read more [...]
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Hunting from the perspective of a regional government official

After five years of work in the administration of Vladimir region Gosohotinspektsii would like to share some observations, identify problem issues and possible solutions. Each person is unique, and I will speak only of the subject. I think that "America, I will not open," but I will give an occasion for reflection and discussion.Photo by Ilya Lipin Currently, the organization of hunting, and with it the work of state bodies, carried out in relation to hunting and hunting users, based on the Federal Law of 24.07.2009 № 209-FZ «On hunting and hunting on the conservation of Read more [...]
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Regional hunting farm: lifeline

Reform took place in hunting.Photo by the author  But as if in the future no events unfolded in whatever direction or swing our boat, they were and will be "sovereign people" exercising control and supervision of the hunting field. I've always wondered about their opinion, there is now the possibility of the survival of the public hunting farms and have a chance to survive this, if the "magic wand" hunting users - a wild boar will cease to be the main type of hunting.Of course, first of all, the people who control the hunt on behalf of the State, are themselves hunters. Excellent Read more [...]
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This is the plan!

Former deputy minister, who oversaw the hunt, and now - the senator from the Nizhny Novgorod region VA Lebedev recently wrote a letter to Vice Premier AG Khloponin, supervising, inter alia, natural resources, including hunting and forestry. In the letter, the senator proposed that the control functions in the field of hunting in the Federal Forestry Agency (FFA), which before retiring senator himself directed in parallel with the duties of the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources.The main postulate of the letter can not withstand the most superficial examination. It is not 80% of the Federation Read more [...]
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Wildlife SOS

Part 1Photo: Vitaliy Koshkin Natural resources – our national heritage, requires special and careful treatment. It has repeatedly drawn attention, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Hunting animals and birds – annually renewable natural resources. But their use is poor.The reasons for the low level of game management are many, but the main one — an insufficient number of qualified personnel, particularly top-heavy, which depended depends, and will depend on further development of the industry. That they develop imperfect laws, rules, regulations, orders. Read more [...]
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One point of the case is not correct

Photo by Ilya Lipin I read an article, an editorial of Game Biologists AE Berseneva and master of laws AV Kolodkina «Law on Hunting: can not execute the correct»(«HORN» Number 26, 2012), in which the authors ask the question: where to put the comma? I read, and crept into the consciousness of the idea, not whether the government is trying once again through the mouth of Anton Paton distract us from the urgent problems of hunting and hunting? Background The emergence of the Hunting Law and the subsequent adoption of criticism after it revealed that it does Read more [...]
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Why dry spruce forests?

People often happens in nature, must have noticed that something wrong is happening to our forests. Premature and mature stands of spruce in many areas of the central part of European Russia have weakened form, and individual trees and groups stand with rusty needles or already were narrowed and fell out.In Moscow, Tver and other areas in nearly every spruce woodland dozens of curtains – area from 0.1 to 1–2 ha. What is it? Ecological catastrophy? Why dry valuable forest plantations? Lesopatologi specialists argue that the reason for it «explosion» reproduction Read more [...]
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In search of a compromise

Photo by Vyacheslav thus drawing For the past 17 years (from the date of adoption of the law «On Wildlife») Is the reform of Russia Hunting and hunting management and hunting. And what is most interesting in this process – officials in all their endeavors interests of hunters take out the brackets.In their understanding of the hunt - a frivolous thing, just leisure with a gun, while they forget that hunting without a gun, foot, naked and barefoot not go. It seems they do not understand that in order to hunt all over the world, there are whole industries, specializing Read more [...]
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How to strengthen the hunting?

Increased state rangers and their interest in the performance of their duties will significantly improve management of huntingPhoto: Sergei Naumov Over the past two years, the media, including «HORN», Closely followed the changes taking place in the hunting economy of the country.During this time, significantly reduce the staff of inspectors, rangers and hunters. For example, in the urban society of hunters Ustyuzhanskom Vologda region the number of established posts was reduced from six to two. The consequence of this irrational policy is not to affect the sharp decrease Read more [...]
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Do I need to study hunting grounds?

Photo by Mikhail Balberova AT «HORN» received a complaint from a member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of game management, a member of the Academic Council IrGSKHA, Ph.D., associate professor, professor of the Department of Economics and hunting farm Kambalina VS with the request to tell the newspaper about what is happening around experienced Training Hunting «Golustnoe» (Further – Vox) where the practical training and manufacturing practices for future hunters.To the Editor «HORN» presented: • «The conclusion of the Read more [...]
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