UKRAINE, Announcements ..15 April 2014

Turchynov announced the beginning of military operations in the Donetsk region, in the region of troops and military equipment of Ukraine's armed forces. According to 1 of correspondents life news by phone from the scene - at checkpoints Donetsk region and already behind them, are fighting (?) .. people in dark form shot in the militia..according to unconfirmed reports, more than 20 injured..People of Donbass is preparing for the upcoming assault on the army of Ukraine.. According to unofficial data - the night is expected Stripping.Turchynov has received an ultimatum from the Right sector to deal Read more [...]
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In the night of Friday, 14 March 2014 was held on the 1st in the history of the mass landing of troops and military equipment in the Arctic. The landing took the role of the parachute battalion of the composition of the 98th Ivanovo airborne division number 350. The battalion army landed at 3:30 in the morning on the Playground "Temp"which is located on the Arctic Peninsula Boiler. This Peninsula comes in the archipelago of the Novosibirsk Islands. The airfield "Temp" was Fri strategic presence of the Russian Federation in the Arctic. He was open again on October 29, 2013 (in 1993, the airfield Read more [...]
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List of targets of nuclear strikes on the territory of the USSR

Soviet nuclear weapons T. Cochran, William Arkin, R. Norris, J. Sands Translated from English, edited by L. Feat Moscow: IzdAT, 1992 460., Silt. ISBN 5-86656-033-X original T.Cochran, W.Arkin, R.Norris, J.Sands «Soviet Nuclear Weapons», 1989 «Natural Resources Defense Council» Harper and Row Publishers, New York.Numbers on the right-coordinates of objects: the latitude and longitude respectively.1. Adler, airfield, base bombers 43-26N :035-58E 2. Azgeer NP (near - nuclear testing ground) 47-51N :047-56E 3. Aleisk NP (near - real SS-18) 52-28N :082-45E 4. Oleksandrivsk NP-Sakhalinsk (MB) Read more [...]
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Aerodrome for Uralvagonzavod

     In the Altai district during the war was airfield.     In the archives of the fairgrounds UVZ store documents, photos, maps, confirming the existence of the airfield during the Great Patriotic War. Copies of these documents are now on display at the Museum School №20. Educators and students of this school vagonskoy a good idea to install in place of the old airfield memorial. He perpetuate virtually unknown in fact activities during the war in the territory of Uralvagonzavod two aircraft factories. Every ninth legendary Il-2 had UVZ hull. Ural Read more [...]
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The Warmth is On

Airfield Notes From a Cataclysm     Study Notes From a DisasterAirfield Notes From a Tragedy Chasing LeapChasing Springiness From Our Pages When a admirer gave Out-of-door pressman Steven Rinella a imitate of Le Template Culinaire, the 1903 hellenic by French chef Auguste Escoffier, Rinella saw more a ingathering of churrigueresco stake and angle recipes. He recognised "an armoury of all that is flaky and magnificent and tantalising roughly procuring your own nutrient and sustenance off the raging." And he was dictated to surveil it to the missive. Expanding on a history Read more [...]
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Safety on small aircraft

In some regions, small aircraft - the only vehicle, for example, if you go on a safari or in the wild remote places. Small planes fly out of major airports themselves have specific risk.The following guidelines will show how to avoid it.On the airfield, stay away from the sites, designed for air taxi, and never come close to the plane on foot or by car without the permission of the airfield. Not all moving aircraft.On the airfield, stay away from aircraft, propellers, rotor blades and jet engines. The minimum safe distance from the propeller is about five meters from the front of jet engines, Read more [...]
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10. USATF Bows to Jock Insistence on Logos

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon     Exposure: PresidentBertho/FlickrRacetrack and airfield has a longsighted and shameful story of government bodies interfering with athletes’ rights, and U.S.A. Racecourse and Subject’s refusal to let athletes to put multiple frequent logos on their jerseys stricken many runners as unjust and bad for the sportsman. But veneer a opposition with athletes at a league in November and protests from two high-profile runners, USATF aforesaid it would backbone fine-tune from rules modification the bit of sponsors runners can rep on their uniforms. Read more [...]
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