UKRAINE . (the night of 27 to 28 February. 2014 )

About one and a half 10-CA military trucks with unknown armed soldiers blocked Belbek airport near Sevastopol. Who they are and what their purpose is unclear..So UNIAN said an informed source.The Agency noted that "unknown people in uniform with gun locked and the so-called "Guest house" in which, since Misha Gorbachev (1st and only President of the USSR), stayed senior bureaucrats".However, the source could not see on what grounds the arrivals at the airport is locked because the person that will block the road, don't answer questions. Read more [...]
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Snowfalls in Russia and the United States

At the same time there were heavy snowfalls in Russia, Vladivostok and the United States, Michigan and Texas. In Primorye, heavy snow cyclone moved further north. On his way caught Khabarovsk, Sakhalin and the Kuriles. Vladivostok was the biggest snowfall in 12 years On Saturday and Sunday (December 6-7) at night in Vladivostok fell more than two months of rainfall, heavy snowfall in the southern Primorye brought cyclone of the Yellow Sea. It is the largest snowfall in the past 12 years, forecasters said. In the United States a strong snow storm covered the states of Michigan and Texas Read more [...]
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Snow storms and frost in the USA

osulki frozen to Oranges January 6 in Lakeland, Florida. Farmers pollinate plants to protect from frost. In this area, the scale of the thermometer fell to -6 °, and farmers do their best to save the valuable harvest of fruits and berries. AP / Chris O # 39; Meara Snowstorms and sleet in large parts of the United States have led to chaos on the roads, canceling hundreds of flights and loss of life. According to the report of the international airport of Chicago (Illinois), have been canceled about 130 flights. Arrival aircraft is delayed, on average, an hour flight - for half an hour. About Read more [...]
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Flooding in the northern Mexican state

July 23, 2013. Northern Mexican state of Chihuahua has suffered from flooding caused by spills of local rivers. After a heavy downpour water in rivers and Nogales Kakauateles exceeded safe levels and flooded coastal areas. Flood victim was a man, another Mexican was able to pull out of the seething stream using a rescue helicopter.As reported by the weather forecasters, three hours in Chihuahua had the annual, or even 1,5-annual rainfall. Therefore, the flood was a disaster for the Chihuahua International Airport, which was forced to close and cancel all flights due to the complete immersion Read more [...]
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Flooded the South of Spain. Video

On Spain hit flood that filled the south. More than just hurt the town of Jerez, which was cut off from the outside world. Roads are covered with water, in connection with which they were blocked and can not drive the train. The local airport has suspended its work. The water crept up to the terminal building so close that the airport was forced to turn off the electricity in it. On the runways of the flow of water carried a pile of stones and tons of mud. Dozens of flights canceled flights, said "Russia 24". Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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In China a heavy snowfall

Powerful snowstorms hit the Northeast China, the air temperature dropped to -24 °. In Heilongjiang Province, which borders Russia, airports delayed more than 60 flights, interrupted bus service, closed four highways are marked with road accidents. The air temperature dropped to minus 24 degrees Celsius. In Harbin - the administrative center of Heilongjiang - a few hours the airport was closed "Taiping". Also closed the airport in Changchun - the capital of Jilin Province, which followed there planes land in other cities. Source: ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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Half a million homes in the northeastern United States without electricity

500 thousand. Homes remained without electricity in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states of the USA as a result of heavy rains that continue there the second day in a row, according to the American broadcaster CNN en. Bad weather and strong winds, which reached last Saturday hurricane values, caused flooding and disruption to airport operations. Despite the fact that the wind is now verse, rains continue in the vast territory of the Atlantic coast of the country - from the south-eastern state of West Virginia until the state of Connecticut, in the northeastern United States. According to the Read more [...]
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A hurricane does not fly to the Japanese

More than 10 thousand people today could not just fly out of the largest in Japan Tokyo‘s Haneda Airport due to strong winds, the attacking zone of the country’s capital. Already canceled 65 domestic flights, ITAR-TASS reported.

Because of the powerful wind gusts stopped traffic on one of the railway tracks to the north-east of Tokyo. On other lines in the metropolitan area of ​​the train are significant delays.

Gusts near Tokyo‘s Haneda Airport is 17 m / s.

Source: Conduct

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In the tourist state of India due to landslides killed five people

August 5, 2013. At least five people were killed in heavy rains and landslides provoked by them in one of the most popular tourist states in India - Kerala. Livni, who does not stop here for many days, led to the fact that the authorities were forced to close the local airport, located in the administrative center of the state, the city of Kochi. In many places, the rains washed away the road, blocking the entrances to the affected villages.All victims of the current landslide - residents of the settlements in Idukki district, known for its hilly terrain. District proved, in fact, sandwiched Read more [...]
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Signs of impending katastrovy: beware

Speaking about the pig flu and human mentality. According to eyewitnesses, are these days in various airports (for example, airport Koltsovo, Yekaterinburg).Sitting last week for several hours at the airport Koltsovo. Every 40 minutes a type declaration "We have an epidemic, don masks, mask change" and not a single person in a mask, and even in pharmacies anyone. Therefore, the following will be written some signs, which will begin with an urgent need to survive and remain passive or full dEbil, or sick, or already ... not alive. So:1. Disabling TV, radio, the Internet (in part) 2. Termination Read more [...]
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China continues to suffer from flooding. Expect even bigger disaster

In many provinces of China still does not stop floods, heavy rains, landslides and breakthroughs dams. Many rivers were overflowing. Continuously growing number of victims and the increasing amount of economic damage. Almost the entire territory of Shaanxi province on July 22, once again experienced heavy rainfall. In 19 counties fell from 100 to 200 mm of rainfall. According to local management for flood and drought on 24 July, heavy rains affected 3.65 million people evacuated 360 thousand people killed 100 people, 149 missing, destroyed 25 105 houses damaged 21 track; almost all the affected Read more [...]
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Heavy storms hit France and Switzerland

Severe thunderstorms resulted in the deaths of several people in France and Switzerland. This is reported by local media. Sunday night, 26-year-old French woman died under falling due to strong wind gusts tree during a walk in the Park in the centre of Grenoble. Her one-year-old child received minor injuries and was hospitalized. Also in the hospital in a state of shock were delivered to the woman's husband and her second child. As RIA «News» two people were killed in the crash of a glider in the Haute-Loire Department. French 18 years old, who took over the aircraft, Read more [...]
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Near the Rome airport was formed geyser

August 30, 2013. On Saturday morning near Rome Fiumicino airport detected a slight fumarola - hole through which the surface of the earth come the hot steam and gas. The depth of crater is about 1.2 meters, a diameter of 1.8 meters. The staff immediately put the fence and called seismologists, however, witnesses managed to capture the unusual phenomenon on video. According to witnesses, right in the middle of the roundabout was formed generatedby source, who began to throw mud and steam to a height of one meter. Now Italian geologists study the nature of this phenomenon, it is necessary to Read more [...]
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The airport of the capital of Chukotka closed due to heavy storm

Airports In Chukotka International airport Anadyr closed for the reception and departure of aircraft because of the cyclone from Kamchatka, all local flights cancelled, reported on Monday a representative of the Federal state unitary enterprise «Chukotavia». According to him, the scheduled departure Board from Moscow to the capital of Chukotka is pending. \"The cyclone from Kamchatka and brought heavy rains and wind gusts reach 35 m/s, does not allow to carry out flight operations. Cancelled as intra-regional flights, as well as the flight to Moscow airlines «Transaero», — Read more [...]
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In Brasilia measures introduced security from solar storms

Ban on UPS during peak solar storms introduced on Friday at the airport of Brasilia, said in the message center air traffic control air force of Brazil. To 20 September no plane could not fly from the international airport named Juscelino Kubitschek between 14.45 15.00 local time (21.45-22.00 GMT), said the service. According to the Agency, within a specified period of time on the Brazilian capital increased solar activity may cause interference at frequencies which aircraft is used for communication with air traffic controllers. UPS will be abolished in the interests of safety. At the end Read more [...]
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Sao Paulo flunked hail

Powerful hail covered the streets of Sao Paulo with a layer of ice several inches, said on Tuesday in an emergency Brazilian metropolis. According to the center for monitoring of emergency situations (CGE) são Paulo, in the most affected areas hail punched roofs and breaking Windows of cars. The most seriously affected elements of the North-Eastern suburb of Sao Paulo Guarulhos. Its streets for a few hours turned white under a layer of ice, and the traffic was completely paralyzed. Hail bypassed nearby the largest in Brazil international airport. According to airport services Brazil (Infraero), Read more [...]
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At the airport in Jakarta because of the ashes canceled about 40 flights, including international

HANOI, November 6. /ITAR-TASS/. The eruption of mount Merapi on the island of Java in Indonesia has violated the traffic on it the most populous island in the world. As during the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, pereproshivka the whole of Europe in April of this year, a thick mantle of volcanic ash covered the second largest city of Jakarta and its neighbouring town. The second week they almost do not operate the airports. And today 11 international airlines from Asia and Europe have abolished 37 flights, mainly from Singapore, the capital airport Soekarno-Hatta airport Read more [...]
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Due to bad weather delayed or canceled flights in a number of Russian airports

Several Russian airports delay or even cancel flights due to dense fog and wind. The most difficult situation in Volgograd, where the suitcases sitting 800 passengers - they had to fly to Moscow and Krasnodar. Better visibility in Samara and Saratov, but there in the sky not produce four liner. In Sochi adjustments in the schedule of flights made strong wind: from the black sea coast, with a delay of a few hours flew planes in Moscow \"Domodedovo\" and the St. Petersburg Pulkovo. Source:  TV And Radio Company \"Petersburg Volgograd airport does not receive or send planes because of the fog Read more [...]
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In Europe all efforts on clearing the snow drifts. Video

In Europe all efforts on clearing the snow drifts. Heavy rainfall and frost, who brought with them «Jenna» that became the cause of many kilometers of traffic jams. Dramatically increased the number of accidents. Intermittently works railway and airline connections. Source: Lead In Europe winter cameThe Europeans have already felt all the charm of an early and unusually severe winter. In the UK frosts and snowfalls seriously violated the rail and brought a lot of problems for motorists. So, in Scotland hundreds of hapless drivers whose cars were stuck in the snow, had to seek Read more [...]
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In Primorye — storm warning

The wind increases, the visibility is getting worse. In Vladivostok international airport canceled almost all flights. Drivers intercity buses not allowed to travel on the route, interrupted the movement of boats and ferries. Road machinery is unable to cope with snow. Cyclone - fourth over the last month came from Mongolia and China, during this time, in the region of precipitation two times more than the norm. Source: The fifth channel In Primorye raging snow cycloneIn Primorsky Krai was struck by a powerful cyclone. The main impact of the disaster has struck in the South region, Read more [...]
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