Why the TSA Can Takings Your Telephone

The adjacent clock you bestride a skim headed for the U.S., pee-pee indisputable all your gadgets are sufficiently supercharged. Not so that you’ll be odd in a monster metallic cylinder with no Quarrel With Friends to livelihood you entertained, but so that surety won’t nab your devices earlier you eve senesce the airplane.The Expatriation Protection Government is request 15 airports in Europe, the Midsection E, and Africa to forfeited any electronics that cannot be ruttish. The fearfulness hither is that any devices that don’t charge up could be hollowed-out shells with bombs Read more [...]
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In the United States without electricity more than 160 thousand inhabitants

Snowfall, which began the night on the north-eastern United States, has already left without electricity more than 160 thousand people. According to meteorologists, powerful cyclone capture a large region and will bring more than half a meter of snow in the states of New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and a few others. It is expected that snow will last at least until Friday, February 26. Currently, the areas covered by the bad weather has closed hundreds of schools and government agencies. Canceled events. Thus, in particular, in Maine will not take place the traditional sled dog Read more [...]
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Volcano throws up new portions of the ashes. Video

Volcanic ash cloud, which stood in the way of foreign delegations, only grows. According to recent reports, fully enclosed air space more than 20 states of the Old World. Is the second attempt to get home, Angela Merkel fails. Her first plane from the United States made an emergency landing in Portugal. Now the flight from Lisbon broke in the Roman airport. Continue the journey to the Chancellor will have to land. In Russia, delayed or canceled nearly three hundred flights to Europe. More than half - of the capital Sheremetyeva. Meanwhile, the volcano continues to exhale all the new portions Read more [...]
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The second volcanic cloud moves to Europe

British meteorologists on April 22 stated that Europe is approaching the second cloud of volcanic dust, which can occur over northern Germany, Denmark and cover a part of Sweden. Not exclude the possibility that a narrow strip of cloud make it to Eastern Europe, according to REGNUM. The day before, despite the hopes, the concentration of ash in the air over Europe again began to increase, so that the authorities of the European Union failed to fulfill his promise and fully restore air traffic in the Old World. Icelandic authorities on April 23 reported on the closure of the country's main airport Read more [...]
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When stop spewing volcano Eija?

© REUTERS / Ingolfur Juliusson Eruption Eija (Eyjafjallajokull) in Iceland continues, and there is no evidence that it is coming to an end, according to experts Volcanological Center, University of Iceland. "Characteristics of the ash plume rise and exit magma remained at the same level as in previous days. Lava continues to flow north from the eruption of the glacier towards Gigokudl (Gigjokull) ... Measurable signs that an eruption Eija end anytime soon, there is no"- Write the report's authors. Scientists report that significant changes in the nature of the eruption, "Icelandic smoker" Read more [...]
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Ash cloud canceled flights between Europe and North America

Hundreds of flights between Europe and North America were canceled or delayed because of the spread of volcanic ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland, which has spread over the Atlantic, the Associated Press reported, citing the statement of the European organization for the safety of air traffic control Eurocontrol. Currently, cloud-long 2 thousand. Spread km from Greenland to the south of Spain. "We assume that basically most routes transatlantic flights will be changed on Saturday. Because of this expected to be significant delays " — Eurocontrol said the representative Kyle Evans. Approximately Read more [...]
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Due to heavy fog life in Istanbul almost froze. Video

Photo: 1NEWS.AZ The largest city of Turkey Istanbul on the day with extra were dominated by dense fog. Life in the city almost came to a standstill. Not worked airports were delayed dozens of flights and arriving aircraft were sent to alternate airports. Was broken and navigation in the Straits of the Bosphorus. On the roads visibility did not exceed a few meters, which dramatically increased the number of accidents. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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The disaster has cleared in Europe from London to Berlin

21.12.2010 Europe's main airports are still working properly, some even closed. And where the snow had stopped to protect the fuselage from icing lack of special reagents: they can't drop off to airports — trucks stuck in traffic jams.The weather in the capital of the European Union to bad you will not name. Low clouds in Belgium — the phenomenon is normal, and quite clear, no strong winds, no precipitation. But that's already the second day of the international Brussels airport may not fly any plane. On the runway — snowdrifts. Reason: lack of aviation antifreeze Read more [...]
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New snowstorm in the Eastern United States; schools are closed, airports stopped working

On the East coast of the USA were again hit by the storm, according to AP. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, new York, new Jersey, Washington closed more than half of the schools and universities. Due to heavy snow, many companies have suspended work due to the fact that employees can't get to the office. The authorities of Washington urged residents not to leave their homes and stay off the roads due to the increase of the number of accidents. In addition, two airports in Washington has suspended work; half of the city's electricity. In new York the newly declared state of emergency for the second Read more [...]
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End Bliss

    Picture: Representative by Straightaway Dear(1) The lava-lamp decor and 360-degree views at LAX's Showdown (www.encounterrestaurant.com), the eatery/martini bar that's turn a movie-industry front-runner, are deserving braving the Los Angeles freeways for, level when we're not fast.(2) At the Paradies Shops (theparadiesshops.com), now in 62 Northerly American airports, travelers can buy new books and regaining them inside six months for a 50 pct repayment.(3) A ache substitute to passage our wanted multitools to aerodrome surety: the ReturnKey kiosks that are now in nine-spot Read more [...]
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TSA’s Weirdest Finds

More 2 trillion travelers passed done Transport Certificate Establishment checkpoints every day finish yr. From that current of travelers, TSA officers confiscated roughly passably uncanny hooey.The TSA promulgated its yearbook "Class in Reappraisal" blog berth for 2013, totaling the craziest and scariest things multitude tested to work onto airplanes conclusion yr. This is what they ground:1 homo skull. In April, officers at Fortress Lauderdale (FLL) ascertained fragments of a busyness skull at the behind of mud pots. The passengers claimed they'd bought the pots and had no thought skull Read more [...]
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Airports in Western Europe closed due to fog

on November 22. Many countries in Western Europe was enveloped in thick fog. In Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands visibility deteriorated to 100-200, sometimes up to 50 meters. Due to poor visibility closed many airports in Amsterdam, Berlin, Argute, Copenhagen, Geneva, Curie. According to hydrodynamic models, in the next day or two conditions for the formation of fog will persist. Source: IA «Meteoroloji»London airports continue to cancel flights because of fog on November 21. London airports «Heathrow» and «City» Read more [...]
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In London due to cyclone do not fly the aircraft in Poland — people die

on 5 February. Due to heavy snowfall around one-third of international flights will not fly today from London's airports, according to \"Russia 24\".In the terminal Heathrow cancelled two flights to Moscow. The rest of the aircraft should go to Russia on schedule. Powerful cyclone caused a lot of problems and land transport. On the roads, snow drifts, snow removal equipment fails. The strongest effects for a quarter of a century snowfall eliminate and in Rome. Emergency services to the disaster were not ready. The roads are lined with many kilometers of traffic jams. More than 150 thousand Read more [...]
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Dangerous tropical cyclone bearing down on the French island of Reunion

On the island of closed schools and kindergartens, as well as two airports. Population is recommended to stock up on essential food, water and medical supplies, as well as to prepare for possible evacuation.The Isle of Reunion - overseas region of France in the Indian Ocean - have announced increased (orange) level of risk with the approach of tropical storm "Dumil" (Dumile), transfers on Wednesday French TV channel TF1. On the island of closed schools and kindergartens, as well as two airports. Population is recommended to stock up on essential food, water and medical supplies, as Read more [...]
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Dust storm in Pakistan

Satellite image of sandy storm over Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The layer of sand almost completely hides the outlines of the continent. on may 21. Strong sand storm has hit many coastal districts of Sindh and Balochistan. Visibility was less than 200 meters in some places it fell to 50 meters. Difficulties with landing experienced aircraft on international and domestic routes from several South-Pakistani airports (Sukkur, Nawabshah, Quetta and Gawadar). Many of them just left and flew back to either landed at airports in other districts. For reasons of security at the airport, Karachi to Read more [...]
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Europe plunged into a snowdrift

Ice storms and blizzards have trickled down to Europe that now as Russia struggles with the elements, which by their standards ahead of the monthly rainfall. The number of accidents and traffic jams on the motorways. At airports, the Netherlands and Belgium with great difficulty operating airports and timely flight passengers many flights under threat. Due to the weather situation complicated by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, even had to cancel a visit to Milan. As reported by forecasters snowfalls in Europe will last another day, and then go on the wane.Category: Read more [...]
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Snowfall in Moscow sixth winter rates started its melt

Thermometer in Moscow rose to zero degrees. In the capital, after a day and a half of heavy snow came a thaw. At airports, Vnukovo and Domodedovo the rain and snow. Cars are covered with a thin crust of ice glazing after a weak, but still "ice" rain. The assurances of the Deputy Mayor Pyotr Biryukov, public utilities are willing to continue working in emergency mode, in which they have worked hard the last two days. "Of particular concern is a new area where a lot of air power lines," - stressed Biryukov care about the city authorities attached to Moscow July 1, 2012 Read more [...]
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Life due to heavy fog in Istanbul almost froze. Video

Photo: 1NEWS.AZ Turkey's largest city Istanbul on the day more than was in the grip of thick fog. Life in the city virtually came to a standstill. Not working airports, dozens of flights were delayed and arriving aircraft were sent to alternate airports. Been violated, and shipping in the Bosporus. Visibility on the roads as no more than a few meters, causing dramatically increased the number of accidents. Source: The first channelRead more [...]
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Storms in the North-East of the USA do not stop

on December 28. The number of casualties from tornadoes and snow storms in the United States rose to 15 people. These include two year-old child who died in an accident on the road. From the South of the storm and the storm moved to the northeast, and there have disrupted the work of many airports and other public transport. Passengers are forced to spend new year's eve at airports, waiting for the snow subsides, and the flights will again resume. In Indiana the amount of snow varies from 152 to 304 mm For clearing roads aimed 350 units of specialized equipment for which the work can be dangerous, Read more [...]
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Moscow hosted the freezing rain

February 9, 2013. In Moscow on the night of Saturday passed «freezing rain». Ice has significantly complicated the movement, as pedestrians and cars. According to the correspondent «Interfax» about midnight in the capital of the rain, the water falling to the ground, beginning to instantly freeze, forming on the sidewalks and the roads icy crust. Precipitation instantly washed away de-icing agents, which on the streets became very slippery. Pedestrians could scarcely walk on the sidewalks, which turned into a real ice rink. On the roads it was also very slippery, because Read more [...]
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