3 Harm in Alabama Flatboat Explosions

Two fire barges on Alabama’s Peregrine River explosion into flames conclusion dark, lastly electrocution out betimes this forenoon. Tercet workers who were cleansing one of the barges deliver been hospitalized and are reported to be in vital consideration.The Wandering Fire-Rescue aforementioned that the barges had been carrying raw petrol with no additives. Metropolis Councillor William Carroll aforementioned he was told the detonation was sparked by still charges, but investigators volition cover to try to avow its descent.The ill-omened Funfair Exult sail send was docked nearby for repairs Read more [...]
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The northern hemisphere is overheating

The dotted line designates the territory with an average temperature below normal; integrity of the loop marked overheated territory. Deviations from the norm are expressed in degrees Celsius. Source: University of Alabama Huntsville American scientists have published a map of "overheating" of the Earth. Abnormally hot weather recorded in the northern latitudes - near the Arctic Circle. American scientists from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (University of Alabama Huntsville) with support from NASA and NOAA published a report on recent climate change. To prepare the report, the authors Read more [...]
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Tourist note: Never make eye behind the wheel

Alabama, United States. Americans love again safe and secure legally quite trivial things. For example, in the state of Alabama has a law prohibiting driving blindfolded eyes. But nobody can claim in court after the tragedy that was his right, whose restriction violates freedom of civilians. Curious, is there any regulation that prohibited the firm control of the car just squinting? Read more [...]
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In the South-Eastern United States hail the size of a tennis ball

A powerful cyclone has covered a weekend in the South-Eastern part of the USA, revealed a region of strong winds, hailstorms and tornadoes. More than other affected States of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina, which had the weekly rainfall for this time of year. According to media reports, on Saturday in the state of Georgia and in South Carolina hail the size of a tennis ball. Fortunately, no one was hurt. People managed to escape, however, were severely damaged cars and rooftops. According to forecasters, the most dangerous area of the cyclone was Alabama and Georgia. They warned that Read more [...]
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The cyclone storm in the United States killed more than 70 people

In Alabama in the United States as a result of severe storms and tornadoes on April 27, killing at least 25 people, according to Reuters with reference to the emergency personnel. CNN reported that on the same day, five people were killed in Mississippi and one — in Arkansas. The disaster also led to the disruption of all three reactors at a nuclear power plant «Browns Ferry» in Arkansas.According to the nuclear regulatory Commission and the U.S., wind gusts were cut off 11 power lines that led to disruption of the supply of the NPP. While the Ministry said that the Read more [...]
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The South of the USA destroy the April tornado

About 300 people were killed in a series of tornadoes in the southern United States. Dozens of people still missing. The hardest hit Alabama, where the disaster took the lives of almost 200 people. The tornado width of over a mile away was the largest in the history of meteorological observations in the state. In just two days over the southern States passed not less than 300 tornadoes. Strong winds accompanied by rain showers and hail. Storm warning meteorologists announced in advance. But neither emergency nor gitel for a hurricane of this strength not be prepared yet.Lists of victims Read more [...]
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The number of victims of natural disasters in the USA approached 330

The number of victims of the tornadoes in the southern United States reached 329 persons, 238 of them — in Alabama, said on Saturday to the associated Press. Previously reported 318 dead. Last Wednesday and Thursday, the storm was the most destructive for the country since 1932, when tornadoes in Alabama killed 332 people.The number of injured when tornadoes currently uncertain — and the media, and the authorities say that their account is in the thousands. In Alabama without power remain from 500 thousand to one million inhabitants.On liquidation of consequences Read more [...]
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The consequences of tornadoes in Alabama

A series of devastating tornadoes that hit the United States in late April, was a record for the entire history of the country, according to the meteorological service of America. From 25 to 28 April in the southern States of the USA were 362 tornadoes that twice the previous record from 1974 with 148 tornadoes in two days. Has affected the States of Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and Louisiana. We present you a series of pictures taken April 30, during a flight over the University town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which was the most powerful tornadoes. There has killed Read more [...]
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Hundreds of black dead blackbirds in Alabama, USA

January 12, 2011. Hundreds of blackbirds found on highway I-65 in Athens, Alabama, USA On Wednesday morning we received many letters and calls from people who, according to them, a large number of dead birds on the side of the highway I-65 in Limestone County. And it was true.South of Athens, 347 mile, we found three hundred dead thrushes on the side of the road in a northerly direction. Eyewitnesses reported that birds apparently just fell from the sky, but the biologist, prisutstvovali at the scene, explained that actually happened in his menu. \"At the moment we believe that birds were Read more [...]
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To the South of the USA was hit by a series of tornadoes

A strong tornado swept through the territory of several States of the U.S., leaving behind mountains of destruction. The disaster has affected the States of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia. Only one died was the driver from Georgia, whose car struck a tree. In addition, the natural disaster has destroyed dozens of homes, some of which were even moved in space by the force of wind.As a result of natural disaster suffered by the residents of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana. On Wednesday here swept several tornadoes and tornadoes, as a result, one person was fatally Read more [...]
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Alabama’s scenic Pinhoti Tail

Workweek of September 5-11, 1996Alabama's scenic Pinhoti TrackDoubt: My wife, Carolyn, and I need to payoff a four-day packing actuate September 11-14, but we don't wish to locomote too far from Indy. We are thought approximately Alabama but don't recognise anything almost it. We similar lot areas, but we're not flock climbers--we bond the trails. I'd say we are mean power. Any ideas? We would considerother areas as farsighted as we sustenance locomote Read more [...]
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Self-destructive paddling in Alabama

Workweek of September 12-18, 1996 Sleaze-free out-of-door trips for singles Naive tenting in Florida A scout for Maine sea kayaking Self-destructive paddling in Alabama Well-chosen kiddies in the tropicsSelf-destructive paddling in AlabamaEnquiry: How may I find a canoeing map for the Self-destruction Incision of the Lilliputian River Canon in Alabama? Thanks.Can WingfieldLynchfield, VADSweeney37@aol.comRisk Advisor: DeSoto Land Common testament beam Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the tornadoes in the U.S. is growing. Photographic

4 March. The number of victims of the massive tornado that struck on Friday, March 2, on the States of the Midwest and Southern United States: Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia and Florida, has risen to 39 people, hundreds of people were injured, reports «Rosbalt». On the eve of the state police reported 34 dead, but in the second half of the day was recorded at least six foci tornado that hit a number of settlements, said the representative of the National weather service of the USA (National Weather Service) John Gordon (John Gordon).On Friday, the governors of the Read more [...]
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Tornado destroyed the town in the southern United States

3 March. Tornadoes that hit the southern States of the USA, virtually destroyed the town of Marysville, Indiana), three people were killed, said the American media, with reference to the local authorities.All three accidents occurred in Jefferson County in the South-East of the state. In the city of Chelsea completely destroyed some houses. In addition to Indiana, from the disaster suffered Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Ohio. «On the streets lying in the debris, many roofs destroyed, the streets impossible to pass around are trees. The staff of the utilities are trying to somehow Read more [...]
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Alabama packing finish

Hebdomad of February 14-21, 1996Bivouacking at Gunpoint Reyes Sea-coast, CAAlabama packing addressThe new Crater Lake InnBivouacking on Florida's roadblock islandsCycle touring Nova Scotia and the MaritimesExploring Puerto Rico's rainforestAlabama packing goalQ: Could you indicate a mid-March packing terminus in the Sou'-east? I would ilk to get my two dogs on for the tripper.Pam NiddrieDurham, NCpln@acpub.duke.eduA: I commend gallery refine to the Talladega Read more [...]
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More than 15 tornadoes left at Christmas without the light thousands of homes in the U.S.

Almost all the U.S. Gulf Coast from Texas to Alabama on Tuesday stormed Rain and storms that caused heavy rains and snowfalls. Because of the strong wind had to cancel more than 180 domestic flights.At least 15 tornadoes struck on Christmas Day on Tuesday at a number of the southern states of America, damaging several houses and leaving tens of thousands of Americans in a festive evening without electricity, said on Wednesday the website of TV channel ABC News. According to the channel, almost all of the U.S. Gulf Coast from Texas to Alabama on Tuesday stormed Rain and storms that caused heavy Read more [...]
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Tornadoes in Alabama

In Alabama, the hostess so fast asleep that she heard a tornado tore the roof of her house.
Category: Hurricanes
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U.S. South was invaded snowy tornado

12/12/2012 According to witnesses, at least six tornadoes swept over the four southern states in the U.S. for one night earlier this week. Their force was so great that under the impact craters could not withstand the roofs and walls of houses, as well as fragments of tubes and pumps from the local gas pipelines. This event is not only surprising number of tornadoes, who managed to leave a mark on the southern United States in such a short space of time, but the fact that they were formed and gained power in an uncharacteristic season. Indeed, in mid-December, the tornado season is generally Read more [...]
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America attacked a series of tornadoes

Following the snow storm "Nemo" that claimed the lives of at least ten people in America hit a series of tornadoes. According to "CNN en", on Monday in Mississippi from the action of tornadoes hit twelve. In addition, destroyed more than a hundred buildings, many mangled cars. According metesluzhb, in Mississippi raged three different vortex. The greatest damage was done Hattiesburg, in particular, there is located the University of Southern Mississippi. Many homes were without electricity due to power failure. Later, according to the authorities, a series of seven Read more [...]
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Florida flood

Road in the district of Escambia after a rainstorm. on June 11. Heavy rains and flooding caused the closure of roads and flooding hundreds of homes in the North-West of the U.S. state of Florida. About a hundred state residents were forced to evacuate to safer regions, and the local prison with 600 prisoners were left without electricity. In the basements of the buildings were up to 1.5 m of water.In addition to continuous rains in this part of Florida looked and tornado, leaving a twisted trees and damaged a chicken farm and a house. Kick tornado was felt in neighboring Alabama. On the Read more [...]
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