Alcohol hunting enemy?

As a staunch opponent of excessive alcohol consumption on the hunt, I have long hesitated to express their views on this subject in public, fearing that hunters are prone to alcoholism would justify themselves by saying that here, they say, even experienced Mergen is recommended to drink «a little bit» before shooting.Photo: Mikhail SeminOnly these «a little bit»Often, they are transformed into «oceans of drink». Therefore I hesitated to publish the truth about its use of small amounts of alcohol on a hunt, or to take tough but, alas, not quite honest position Read more [...]
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25 Mar 2014 11:46| I like 339 12 22 comments Evgeny Fenglin "Give us our shipment"( Kot Matroskin) 🙂 25 Mar 11:49| 14 Torhild Hops on the web site of the state Department almost 20,000 hollow for the referendum) for the filing of the petition need 100000. 25 Mar 11:54| 3 Ergli Bolchovski Guys, and here is the reason) 25 Mar 11:54| 1 Ilya Vorobiev said Ergli Bolchovski Ergli, yeah, to justify that part of the alcohol in the earth is absorbed and means and the earth belongs to us 25 Mar 11:56| 4 Torhild Hops Read more [...]
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DRY FUEL ( Intro + the testing of various types)

Although chemists known alcohols, which in the everyday aspects of liquid and solid (e.g., tertiary butyl alcohol, pentaerythritol, cetyl alcohol, and others), "dry alcohol" has no real alcohols in any case. More precisely it would be another name - dry fuel. But the "wrong" name stuck."Dry alcohol " referred to a variety of substances that actually burn Merkle flame without smoke and soot as ethyl or methyl alcohols, and burning, do not leave any small traces of ash.METHENAMINE is the 1st dry fuel is received in 1860 Russian organic chemist Aleksandr Mikhailovich Butlerov (1828-1886), Read more [...]
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Useful tips for those who want to quit drinking. What to do?

• If you have already decided to quit drinking, at any cost to refrain from the first drink, as it will be followed by the second, third, etc. • Try to stop communicating with drinking acquaintances or at least to minimize it. Go find new friends. Special value for you will be acquainted with those who had already solved the problem, similar to yours, or attempts to do so. • Always consult with your doctor, who can and should offer you tools and techniques to facilitate and accelerate the healing process. • Don't let the obsessive thoughts about alcohol without end to chase you. Make a Read more [...]
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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”The book instead of vodka\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”

In the numismatic collection of the historical-revolutionary Museum has an unusual lottery ticket. This ticket is the first all-Russian win-win knigonosha "Book instead of vodka, " organized by the Russian society of alcohol in the 1930s. The draw was held under the slogan "Down with the alcohol! ". Small green ticket. In the center of the background of the open book are the words of C. I. Lenin: "They (vodka and other dopes) will lead us back to capitalism, and not forward to communism ". Next shows the volume of the works of K. Marx and F. Engels, the projector, the soccer ball is all that Read more [...]
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First aid for alcohol poisoning

Read more [...]
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survival tips

The Usefulness of ETHYL ALCOHOL.• Comfortable alcohol fuel for special burners - even for rocket engines fits - ignition temperature 368 degrees, the flame is not higher than 900 degrees. But the flame and the fuel is acceptable odor to produce food, it does not bloat. No ash after burning. 1 litre of alcohol weighs 789 gr (95,6%).• The kindling for a fire to 20 ml of pretty. • 20-30% alcohol solution may vary shower in marching criteria (or train). Apply the solution on the cloth and wipe the body. Disappears "the spirit of vagrancy" killing bacteria is washed away Mus. Pretty Read more [...]
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31 Jan 2013 15:08| I like 11 4 comments Misha Mihai, Whose ALCOHOL DILATES BLOOD VESSELS 31 Jan 2013| 1 Bohdan Tkachenko said Misha the Mihai, whose Misha, Often even doctors recommend high blood pressure to lower pressure using a glass of brandy or other alcoholic drink. Really, a small amount of alcohol weakens the tone of the vascular wall, the expanding vessels. But along with this it also increases heart rate. And blood pressure is directly depending on the volume of blood pushed into the bloodstream. What this volume is greater than the pressure above. Because Read more [...]
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I wish scold,I wish not,but this Gifu should build каждыйrx3gmo30.gif6Mb

27 Dec 2012 20:19| I like 5 14 comments The survival. SV-BUNKER it seems to me that it has all been witnessed)) yeah well.. but not to get involved 27 Dec 2012| 1 Dmitry Aleksandrov and you will be the alcohol to burn?=) and where training video where the stove on the currency paper burns ...? 27 Dec 2012| 1 Boris Chernikov said Dmitry Alexandrov Dmitry 🙂 when will ledenice and hunt 2 things :keep warm,be warm porridge with meat,not to "not to save me those 100 grams of alcohol for a drink or to realize" 27 Dec 2012| Boris Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Food for winter fishing. Alcohol

Food for winter fishing. Alcohol. With regard to alcohol on ice fishing, it is everyone's business personally. Stupidly prohibit drinking vodka on ice, but alcohol on different people for different acts, and if one glass of vodka uneasy, for others it may well spoil fishing. Vodka definitely very relaxing in the cold, and the ratio changes to fishing. If implied use of vodka, it is best to put it to the house, or at least at the end of fishing. Read more [...]
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New year without suffering: antipohmelnye recipes from students

To drink or not to drink? New Year's Eve this question expires. Here's how to make the alcohol was not the cause of suffering in the first day of the new year? Recipes from the students.They say the New Year meet, so spend it. The mood on the first day of the new year is also significant for its further occurrence. However, after a long, happy and vibrant New Year's Eve Availability upbeat mood January 1 - not a fact. Often makes itself felt on the eve drunk alcohol."Hangover probably happens at all - regardless of origin and passport. Hangover - thing is international," Read more [...]
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Meet the winners of the Darwin Awards – 4

We have become accustomed to the annual award of the outstanding people who have attained some success in a particular area, marks of distinction. For example, filmmakers awarded with the prize "Oscar", the musicians - "Grammy", distinguished scholars and writers marked the prestigious Nobel Prize, etc. But people are so arranged that they want to highlight not only the successes but also failures. For example, there was a prize "Silver Shoe", awarded for the most ridiculous achievements in show business. And the Darwin Award, which conditionally awarded to persons Read more [...]
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The second wave of alcohol poisonings began in the Czech Republic on Christmas Eve

On the eve of the Christmas holidays the number of victims of alcohol poisoning in the Czech Republic increased to 38 people, the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague, died 61-year-old, the Czech news agency CTK reported with reference to the press-secretary of the Czech Police Stepanka Zatloukalovu.Local experts say that on the eve of the Christmas holidays in the Czech Republic the second wave of methyl alcohol poisoning, RIA "Novosti". "The man was hospitalized with severe poisoning in a hospital in Benesov. But then, his condition improved and the patient Read more [...]
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Onishchenko: do not go for a vacation away from home

Chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko, Russia warned the Russians of alcohol abuse in the New Year holidays and urged not to go to tropical countries not to subject the body to the test. "Ten days of gluttony and consumption of all types of alcohol - that is a disaster," - he said. "Long weekend" Onishchenko advised to spend with your family. "We need to rest in the suburbs or in the region, to get up on skis, sleep as you need physiologically normal moderate eating, visit the open air," - he advised. Ski resorts are not met criticism from the chief sanitary Read more [...]
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Patrols Sharia struggling with immorality Londoners

01/21/2013 In several areas of London there were so-called "Sharia patrols." Police Scotland Yard has launched an investigation against radical Islamists who are fighting for the observance of Sharia law, as they put it, "in a Muslim land." Hiding their faces behind hoods and presented "Islamic patrol," the young observant Muslims coming to passersby, who, in their opinion behave inappropriately and explain how to behave in accordance with Islamic law in force in those areas. Not in the most polite manner, it should be noted. It should also be noted that at the Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered the best cure for a hangover

Several shoots of asparagus eaten before meal can save you from a hangover. This is due to a high content of amino acids, which accelerate the decomposition of alcohol.Amino acids and minerals contained in the leaves of asparagus, can alleviate the symptoms of hangover. Scientists from the Institute of Medical Science and Jeju National University (South Korea) studied the mechanism of action of components of this plant on the human body, according to Fox News. Fact - From dehydration that occurs when a hangover, save carrot soup. These DNA. It was found that an extract of asparagus Read more [...]
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Fundamental constant of the universe has not changed in the last 7 billion years

12/14/2012 Studying alcohol molecules located in a distant galaxy, the astronomers were able to determine that a fundamental constant of nature has not changed over the lifetime of the universe.  This constant - the ratio of the mass of the proton to electron mass - has changed just one one hundred thousandth of a percent in the last 7 billion years, has been observed.Scientists have been able to fix it, sending a 100-meter Effelsberg radio telescope at a distant galaxy that lies within 7 billion light-years away. Telescope looking for special spectral features, which should be responsible Read more [...]
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Orbit: that the Russian heating, the American fire

Attitudes in Russia and America to alcohol in orbit is different. If the first, with certain reservations, he allowed, the second is completely eliminated. This is largely due to the different nature of space missions to the ISS is traditionally practiced by the two countries: in Russia it was "living" in space, while in America - Short-term "visit" beyond the atmosphere. Saturation program 10-12-day flight, the shuttle does not dismiss the time or the opportunity to "relax."Encounter with the American rigidity on this issue had a French test pilot and astronaut Read more [...]
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Human ancestors knew about alcohol for another 10 million years ago

According to ITAR-TASS, it showed an American study. Experts from the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainesville (Florida) traced the evolution of the human enzyme responsible for the metabolism of alcohol, alcohol dehydrogenase-4, and found that this enzyme appeared in the common ancestor of human, gorilla and chimpanzee about 10 million years ago.To conduct the study, experts have recreated alcohol dehydrogenases-4 extinct primate species. First they studied the DNA from 27 modern species of primates, and then began to move in the opposite direction. As a result, they were able Read more [...]
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In the vestibule of the taiga

The valley becomes narrower. On the left, near the river, towering cliffs and hills covered with forest. Kilometers in five cultivated fields suddenly ended, and we are in the threshold of the taiga. The road became winding and dirty. Sun were showing only occasionally. The air was still and humid, saturated vapor of rotten wood and leaves. Increasingly began to see a huge one and a half or two girth, only hardwood trees. We embraced a new complex feeling. It was a feeling of helplessness and insignificance before the majesty of the taiga and at the same admiration for the beauty of its Read more [...]
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