Alexander III — life is not for show

"We all remember the time when Emperor Alexander III died in Yalta, and the next few months after that, when he suddenly felt the whole of Europe, which takes the force that kept his moral figure in Europe in a peaceful and quiet position ..." SY Witte. Memories. From the standpoint of the history of the Russian Emperor Alexander III, ascended the throne March 1, 1881 after the assassination of his father by terrorists Alexander II, – identity is ambiguous. True, our very history – the lady is very capricious and fickle. And in the memoirs of contemporaries lot of controversy, but thanks Read more [...]
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In Tatarstan game manager arranged a hunt for a man

The incident occurred in Laishevskom near the victim's jaw injury. Inspector himself accuses him of abuse and poaching.According to Alexander Cherbyshev October 27, late at night, he was returning home by car Laishevo. The village fingering his «Niwa» UAZ pursued. The man was afraid to stop, because recently in the same area of ​​Kazan was brutally murdered fisherman Sergei Elesina.In the village Kuyuk from the darkness it leaped another UAZ blinded distant light and struck the side. Then he began to catch up and ram the car on the other side.– And then I saw that from «UAZ» Read more [...]
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A veteran in the ranks

April 25 marks 96 years Khinchin Untilovu — the legendary man, a veteran of the war, one of the most respected and authoritative people in Kaluga.Alexander Y. became one of the few heroes of the Great Patriotic War, received on February 20 in the Kremlin commemorative medal «70 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945» directly from the President of Russia VV Putin.On the roads of the Great Patriotic War Alexey Y. Siberian Untilov passed from the first to the last day. In the Red Army, he was called in October 1939. He served first in the Read more [...]
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Arctic we need

November 18 at TASS press-conference "The Arctic - the prospects for research, development and development", devoted to the beginning of the festival "Days of the Arctic in Moscow."Photos of Svetlana Khorkina Mashkova- The event was attended by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Minister Sergey Donskoy, vice president of public organization «The Association of Polar Explorers»Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Expeditionary Center Arctic and Antarctic «Pole»Polar mate 1st class and organizer of the high-latitude expeditions Read more [...]
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I thank the hunt!

From the article of Rachek "Why argue with opponents of the hunt?" ("EGR" number 39 of 2014) and breathes "non-resistance to evil." I have to refer to my article "What is the hunting and the hunters?" ("EGR" number 21, 2013). Otherwise, readers will be difficult to draw conclusions based only on "criticism" Rachek. True hunter, Alexander, not question — there are hunting? Believe me. I was upset about your words Scripture: «First of all, I want to note that not all the people share the enthusiasm for the author to this literary monument». Read more [...]
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With English Setter in life

On another exhibition of Leningrad Oblast, where I exhibited my Englishwoman Nora, I was approached by the chief judge of the ring of English setters Alexander GAVEMAN. From registration card I I learned that you live on territory of Forestry Academy (hereinafter — LTA). You have something to do with her?»«Related and very closely. I I finished most forestry faculty LTA. My mother was the first woman, he defended his thesis in LTA, my grandfather MM Orlov was director of LTA. My grandfather lived in Park LTA in house Read more [...]
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Hunting stories Vologda

For the first time we met with Alexander Kandaurova (pictured - left) in Soviet times, what helped us to our friend's father, who brought a group of our hunting team to hunt ducks in Ustyuzhansky district of the Vologda region. There were seven. Stay accommodation in the time for such a group was almost impossible. That Alexander and brought us to fishing hut on the high bank of the Mologa, structures with new friends his comrades. Alexander was very friendly on man and nature an experienced hunter, who knew the neighborhood. He openly spoke Read more [...]
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Christmas surprises Seliger

My friend Sasha has long wanted to go somewhere far away in the winter fishing, and preferably permanently. And that went on a winter vacation to Seliger. We planned to catch jig, float tackle and zherlitsy, but then we were in for a surprise.On Seliger we went to the horrible weather. It had been snowing constantly. In place reached when the order has dawned. By this time the snow stopped going, and the village was a ringing silence. The air smelled clean stove smoke, not even he could hear dogs barking. We were greeted by the hostess at a forest hut Victoria Antonovna, the mother Read more [...]
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XII tournament varmint hunting

In early July, in the north of Rostov region took a fascinating hunt. Its participants competed in varmint hunting - ability to produce marmots at long range. Already twelfth tournament varmint hunting organized by Moscow hunting club «Safari». The club came up with this format, does not Only a year has taken on the burden of care and organizational costs, but and attracts sponsors, could interest the winners with valuable gifts. AT This year's top prize — Challenge Cup, awards from the organizer and prize money from sponsors, Read more [...]
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Reproducers Bialowieza

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the death of Emperor Alexander III. During his lifetime he earned the title of Peacemaker, as 13 years of his reign, Russia has not waged a single war. Among the many reforms undertaken by Alexander III, of particular importance for the history of hunting in the Russian autocrat was a decision to change the fate of the most famous forests in Europe - Bialowieza Forest.Members of the imperial hunting for breakfast while hunting in the Bialowieza Forest. 1894Photo from the State Archive of the Russian Federation In XVIII–XIX centuries. Read more [...]
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Oh, the hunt!

I read in your newspaper is the third story where the main character is Alexander Rachek, and I think I have the right to express their views.I like Alexander, I live in the same town. The population of the town is small, with many hunters I know personally, but it happened that Alexander I do not know. Just I have not seen it in any raid on the protection ohotougody or exhibition of hunting dogs or hounds in the field trials. And I was hurt that Alexander about us schigrovtsah, speaks not very good. As if we all bad.Depletion ohotougody, indicated Alexander, applies not only to our region but Read more [...]
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About drahthaar and field results

Photo by Sergey Fokin Article Alexander Guryev «During that fight…» («HORN» Number 25) indicates Author indifferent to the fate of our breed. This It makes me answer him. Alexander Guryev says that 25 years ago «of working qualities satisfactory only tall, and some slow speed relatively short flair». Well, not tall directly related to the and working qualities by this time it was almost plagued breed of purposeful breeding work. Concerning «a slow-moving, and relatively short flair»Then it Read more [...]
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The problems of young hunters

Many hunters hunt begins much earlier than 18 yearsPhoto: Alexey Factor Hello, dear editors «HORN»!He writes you a hunter with 35 years of experience. Years subscribe and enjoy reading your newspaper, but the newspaper I never came across an article about the problems of the younger hunters. I understand from the new Hunting Act, will now be able to write ohotbilet only to the person who has attained 18 years of age. My son is 16 years old. He was 10 years old with me on the hunt. Good shooting at a round booth for the youth team, but in the hunt but a backpack, I can Read more [...]
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There are men, God is!

Finally, and my boss, Alexander Krivoshapov, bought a gun. Izhevka-vertikalka purchased them for ridiculous money in a thrift shop of confiscated militia - began his story Ilya Andrianovich.Photo by Vitaly Koshkin After zeroing the rifle was sent for finishing gunsmith. On the nose was New Year's Eve. And that's where some of December 15 Alexander at the end of the day suddenly called me to his office.– Ilya Andrianovich, – he said to me, – tomorrow we are with you to the meeting of the regional executive committee cause, the area plan for the wool does not fulfill. Read more [...]
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Los Invisible

Collective hunting — the most common and popular type of hunting elk. Nowadays large number of representatives of the deer has been growing steadily. The first corral was empty. Someone saw a deer, but long away. Someone imagined bearded moose, running away, and rangers reported deer standing in hazel in two hundred meters from the glade. But We came as a quiet, so quiet and gone. Only klatsnul closures discharge gun. When we have the whole day ahead, we try not to upset. Although the experienced know that each time will be more difficult Read more [...]
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Chairman of the Committee Hunting Khabarovsk Krai Alexander Ermolin Promoted

He became minister of natural resources of the entire region. I signed a decree on appointment of governor of the region Vyacheslav Shport.Location Khabarovsk Minister of Nature was vacant for two months, ever since the former head of Basil Shihaleva transferred to the first vice-president on economic issues the government of the Khabarovsk Territory.On the official website of the government about the edge of the biography of Alexander Ermolina said modestly that «since 2012 working in the ministry, since 1991 has worked in a number of commercial and public organizations ohotohozyaystvennogo Read more [...]
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Do not believe it, but it happens

End of October in the forest - not the best time for the soul, not the hunter here and did not even drive a stake. But our brother goes to this paradise at any time of year, because it is beautifully said Valerian Pravdukhin, we cheer this sweet incurable disease called hunting.I do not know whether ill Vaska Sorokin as well as we do, but in the woods  I go very often. He worked as a watchman on the master site, then a forest grows right outside. And during the day and guard nothing – circle of people. So what kind of work he was obliged to wander through the forest. And try to sit in Read more [...]
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22 Jul 2014 12:00 through the Android|I like22919 commentsAlexander Krasin There are many in the military spotivnykh clubs based on paintball, airsoft, laser tag, curious how many people use similar signs?22 Jul 12:07|1Sergey Luke Being most22 Jul 12:16|1Dima Ullman said Alexander Krasino Alexander, Many22 Jul 12:21|Nicholas Malinov replied Alexander Krasino Alexander, of course, when there is no ability to voice exchange... At a distance of, for example, or if you want quiet22 Jul 12:37|Kolya Fantastic All Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Videos You Should Not Suffer Lost Finish Month

Whether you didn't grab these viral vids the offset sentence approximately or fair lack to scout them again, hither are the top 10 videos from the month of May. 10. Ty's Inclination: LaggerIn what promises to be one of the virtually touch stories of the class, tercet strangers close to accolade a champion's aliveness that was cut far too brusque. 9. Butt the Scenes with Jemmy MentumWho doesn't honey a fiddling Pry Mentum? And if he needful any more nerveless points, the all about stone maven introduces us to his shcokingly cunning cocker under-the-table of his May back inject. 8. Huayhuash: Read more [...]
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Alexander Martin

    Exposure: Photograph by Alexander MartinAbout late college grads rucksack about Europe. "Zand" Martin precious something a picayune more Lewis and Clark. So the 25-year-old borrowed a 33-pound canoe, horde it to Portland, Oregon, and on April 4, 2009, actuate up the Columbia River Esophagus toward house—Portland, Maine. "I cherished to dispute the approximation that you motive to attend Patagonia to uncovering jeopardize," says Martin. "I liked that I was travelling done masses's backyards." Leaving on his own steamer write for a duet of rides Read more [...]
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