Spinning on the «grass»

Part 1. During the summer fishing with spinning on the waters with a small flow-through from the fisherman may be a number of issues: how to select a site for fishing, spinning the best way to catch what bait to use? In the summer, when there is a lot of algae ponds, predators often leaves them to hunt, because in the bush are good habitats for juvenile fish and she keeps it massively. In summer catch spinning may be very different predatory fish, algae appears near: pike, perch, pike, chub, ide, chub. To successfully catch them spinning, you need to constantly experiment with Read more [...]
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Pernicious ooze

Heat — bezrybnoe same time Kliazma not even bezrybnoe, and the most difficult to catch. And who is to blame? Blame the ubiquitous pernicious ooze — green filamentous algae. Braids of algae waving and stretching on the course, it seems, for kilometers.Wherever BOAD — Tina everywhere. Spinning impossible to catch — every throw brings mud river. Peaceful fish is also not easily accessible, where throw float — Tina everywhere annoying. Not only that prevents catching, so still and feeding the fish fed up, so that she will not bite or a worm, nor maggots or other bait. Read more [...]
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If you are tangled in the seaweed. What to do?

Your actions:

1. As soon as you feel that the feet began to stick algae, making it difficult to swim, don’t stop and barotitis in place, randomly touching your feet, you will get confused even more.

2. Sharply pushing off with both feet, try to break free.

3. If it had failed to do, RUB alternately one foot to another, sativa with them algae.

4. Do not dive, otherwise algae can catch the neck.

5. Freed, swim carefully, trying less to move your feet until passing a dangerous place.

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Azov sea turned green

Due to the very high temperatures in the Sea of ​​Azov is already full of algae. If the heat will last - their number will increase. The fact that algae appeared in the beginning of June, environmentalists are not surprising. In Mariupol there have been cases when the sea was filled with blue-green algae, and began to "blossom" in May, reports "Mariupol-Express." According to environmentalists, the number of these organisms may be reduced if in the near future will be rain or windy weather. Individual algae are not harmful to human health. But when a large cluster of them swim in the sea Read more [...]
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Black Sea turned red

Vacationers are scared and afraid to swim in strange water. Even old-timers not recall such. In Cossack Bay water near the shore of red, and at the edge of floating dead fish.- I went to dip, and then some pink clots - told the "KP" Andrew, who came to relax on the beach with friends. - The color of the water do not scare me - on the contrary, was curious what it is, so I climbed into the red wave. The water was cold, 18 degrees, although these days the sea was 23 ... + 25 °. And at a depth of three meters feet cramp at all, there is still the temperature a few degrees lower. No itching Read more [...]
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In the Baltic spotted blue-green algae

Due to the unusually hot weather on the surface of the Baltic sea formed a \"carpet\" of blue-green algae. At high concentrations, they may pose a threat to human health. Swim on the beaches of the Baltic sea while you can: scientists track the speed and direction of spread of dangerous unicellular. The latest images from space show that \"carpet\" of blue-green algae length 1.6 thousand km and a width of 190 km stretches from Finland to the Pomeranian Bay in the Northern part of the German island of Usedom and to the Northwest of the island of rügen. That is, they cover 377 thousand Read more [...]
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Algae in the Baltic sea threaten the lives of marine plants and animals

a carpet of blue-green algae Record summer temperatures, fertilizers for agricultural farms and the lack of wind contributed to the formation of giant carpet of stinking seaweed, which covered vast areas of the Baltic sea and threatening as marine flora and fauna, and seaside tourism, the scientists warn. 377 thousands of square kilometers of blue-green algae, grown on the area the size of Germany, were detected by satellite cameras. Infected weeds zone extends from Finland and the southern coast of Sweden to the Danish island Bornholm. Scientists from the German sector of the world wildlife Read more [...]
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Thermal catastrophe is inevitable

Scientists from around the world have provided compelling evidence that global warming continues to worsen and, obviously, cannot be stopped by the measures which are now taken. Not everyone is convinced that his cause is the greenhouse gases emitted by industry and cars, but all agree that it is becoming warmer and warmer. 80-ies of the last century was the warmest decade ever recorded at that time. But 90-ies was even warmer, and the first decade of the new century was warmer 80-'s. Ice all over the world are melting and the sea level rises. Scientists claim that in the near future Read more [...]
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Odessa beaches are attacking benthic algae

Strange stains on the surface of the sea frightened hundreds of tourists on the coast of the spit Karolino-Bugaz. Streaks of dirt, width up to 50 meters, and a length of 5 km, appeared near the sea coast, on Saturday afternoon. As reported by local resident George, strange stripes stretch along all beaches from the railway station \"Sea\" to the railway station \"Sunny\". On Sunday, like spots appeared on the beaches \"Dolphin\" and \"joy\"that has already caused a panic among the tourists of the city. However, caught near the site of contamination associate Professor of botany ONU name of I. Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in cranes residents of the Rostov region flows of low-quality water

The heat in the Rostov region have provoked in include reservoir cyanobacteria — blue-green algae. From contaminated water affects residents of the city of Konstantinovsk. For several days the townspeople felt out of the faucet and the smell of dust, and herring, and even manure. Such fluid scary not to drink and use for bathing and washing. Now the water is much lighter than I was three days ago, says Eugene Susalla. Yesterday, she was like «Tarragon». Already half pension she bought pure water, while to get used to now it can't. Says, life drank raw water from the Read more [...]
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Fish mortality occurred in Krasnodar

On the surface karasun lake spylo several hundreds of dead carp and carp. Citizens voiced different versions of what happened, including poisoning. As they say biologists, fish indeed poisoned. But not people or poor environment. The problem in the lake. After a hot summer day has accumulated a lot of toxic substances, which emit dying algae. In the air is clearly felt the smell of hydrogen sulfide, which is characterized by the decay of algae. Source: NTKnews Read more [...]
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In Latvia appeared dangerous algae

Photo vvd.gov.lv on may 13. Blue-green algae, found this week in the Gulf of Riga near Hipci most likely brought from Estonia, where the water is warmer. According to the Director of the Latvian Institute of Hydroecology Andes Ikauniece, algae discovered superintendent of Public services, environment, and delivered the samples to the Institute. Suspicions were confirmed.Most likely, the algae did not grow off the coast of Latvia, said the specialist. With great probability they could bring over from the coast of Estonia, where the water is warmed more. Satellite observations show that in Read more [...]
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In Nikolaev in the middle of may \»bloom\» water in the estuary

on may 21.The warm weather may finally pleased the Mykolayiv sun and good weather. Moreover, without any transition period came the heat. Naturally, in these days we want to go near the water — if you don't swim in the river, then at least to moisten our feet in the cool and refreshing water. But everyone who came in the second half of may on the beach \"Arrow\" unpleasant surprise — the water was covered with a green film is dull green. Even the sand at the water's edge have turned green. You do not need to be an expert in the field of ecology to understand — Read more [...]
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Algae has spread to 80 km in the English channel

Invisible from the shore algae, stretching East from the settlement of the Lizard Cornwall towards Salcombe of Devon on March 22. Great spot algae length of 80 km was discovered in the English channel. Colony Skeletonema (a type of seaweed, has a high survival rate, comment. translator) appeared on the surface of the water between the village. the Lizard graph. Cornwall and Salcombe count. Devon because of the warm weather. Thanks to satellite imagery, scientists from Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) found this spot from the South-East coast of Ireland.They say it poses no threat to people Read more [...]
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Thousands of fish found dead in lake, Florida

on March 25. Atlantic coast, Florida. Many dead fish rose to the surface of the lake in the Park Hannah. Floating fish was published by the smell of rotting and had a repulsive appearance. \"I saw a few people skated around on bikes, but as soon as they were near the place, he immediately turned back,\" said the visitor Park Cunning Lenier. The sight and smell of it was enough to keep people away.Scientists say that the cause of death may be the reproduction of Golden algae, which produces toxic to fish chemical compounds. When the fish come into contact with contaminated water, their blood Read more [...]
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The largest beach city Qingdao in China with seaweed

July 15 at the largest beach city Qingdao algae \"attacked\" coast. Thrown detachment of military and police to clear the water from algae. Recall that a year ago in Qingdao also saw a massive growth of algae.Source: The Great Era Of As the Yellow sea was greenThat's what the unbearable heat makes with people. Residents of the Chinese resort of Qingdao agree to even swim in this sea. By the way, Qingdao and is translated exactly as the green island. But the invasion of algae coast was truly unexpected. If you go into the water once more able, to go to the beach is not so Read more [...]
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Massive algae growth in China. Photos

China sent a fleet of more than 60 vessels, to prevent the massive distribution of green algae, approaching the coast of Qingdao in the North-East of the country. The sudden growth of algae, which is spread over 400 square kilometers, caused by increasing ocean temperatures and increased discharge of nitrogen from agriculture and fisheries.Scientists say that algae, Enteromorpha, must be caught before they begin to rot and the emergence of harmful gases. It was involved 66 vessels, and to intercept seaweed was extended network on the distance from shore as additional protection. Ten forklifts, Read more [...]
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In the West of France are investigating the deaths of wild boars

on July 27. An unusual phenomenon is marked on the Breton coast in the West of France. Every day for the last weeks in this area is found dead carcasses of wild boars. According to the latest data, the number had risen to thirty. While the official explanation of the deaths of animals scientists do not give up and declare that «consider all possible versions». But environmentalists blame the green algae that has accumulated in the coastal zone. In the decomposition of dead and beached plants released hydrogen sulfide. At high concentrations even a single inhalation may cause instant Read more [...]
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France urgently close the about fifty beaches

on August 11. France adopted a decision to close the beaches, which are impossible to clean from green algae. \"The priority in this situation is safety. None of the beach where it's impossible to clean from green algae should not be visited by vacationers\", — said the Minister of environment of France Natalie Kosusko-Morizet. The fact that algae have caused mass death of wild boars in Brittany. \"It's not even my decision. This requirement where I have to push the results of examinations\", — added Ms. Kosusko-Morizet. As it turned out, the cause of death 36 boars became Read more [...]
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In the coastal waters of Hong Kong reappeared red tide

on August 23. Marine waters off the coast of Hong Kong (Hong Kong - approx. edit again came under the control of the so-called «red tide». From the invasion of the brown algae mainly suffers from the sea area near the southern areas of the city. According to the local Department of culture and entertainment, on the evening of the 21st number 22 beaches posted warning red flags in connection with «red tide». The representative of the fisheries Department said that the experts analyzed samples contaminated sea water and came to a preliminary conclusion about the safety of Read more [...]
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