What do you ilk feeding on the lead?

Clif Bar     Exposure: courtesy, REIClif BarA:I'm with you, Rochelle. One vigour bar particularly reminds me of an sequence of that democratic British sci-fi serial from the 1950s—"Quatermass"—in which aliens veil their villainous activities by occupying what is purportedly a "semisynthetic nutrient" engraft. Whenever I collation into these compressed-sludge bars, I remember those aliens. Myself, I'm overtone to Clif Bars, which get many of the nutritionary advantages of otc push bars but in a more cookie-like arrange. The Crunchy Goober Butter Clif Bar particularly Read more [...]
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Sought Cams Cover On Marketplace

Spanish producer Fixe-Faders has proclaimed that it volition start manufacture Outlander cams, one of shake mounting's near desired items of gearing, a twelvemonth and a one-half later the cams went out of output. Aliens, minor camming devices that let climbers to protect themselves from waterfall, went off the commercialize undermentioned the 2009 decease of artificer Dave Wagoner. Wagoner, whose fellowship Colorado Usage Ironware produced the devices, stipulated that whatsoever producer took terminated output of Aliens be a small-to-medium sizing companionship that ill-used the like machinery Read more [...]
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The invasion of snakes in Namibia

on April 16. Residents of a small village in North-West Namibia sounded the alarm. Their village overnight, navodnili hundreds of unseen giant snakes. Of course, in the surrounding forests are snakes, but \"aliens\" do not appear as local — they are much bigger and bolder. Local resident David Noseb said that instead of living in the forest, uninvited guests are crawling to the people in the house. All shook case when living in one of the houses where the child was watching TV, crawled several snakes who started the \"fight\" with the image on the screen. The villagers began to Read more [...]
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The aliens among us — said Medvedev. Joke or a fact?

We already wrote about the statement of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev aliens, as it turned out this commentary, Russian Prime Minister did give no idea about what is video shooting. This is the answer he gave himself Marianne Maksimovskaya, REN TV journalist, but secretly took it to his I-Pad journalists are "Rain" Mikhail Zygar, Maksimovskaya forewarned about the issue after the formal interview has five channels on the traditional interview in the "Ostankino". Pubes: About aliens went on the air. Zygar: About it too, but it's our little secret with Marianne Maksimovskaya Read more [...]
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Two Australians involved in an accident, escape from the aliens’

Fairly strange story had police investigate Australian city Brisbane. Involved in the incident, two men, which caused the guards to the place of the incident, assured "that there was something very strange," and the accident was triggered by aliens. Trust only the facts of the police state that the driver of the car had increased proportion of alcohol in the blood. Repeat stories about UFOs Australians have a local court. How influential Australian newspaper reported, "the Sydney Morning Herald," at first it looked like a standard car accident. One of the victims he called Read more [...]
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Medvedev has decided to follow the example of Australia and told the prime minister about the aliens

Premier Medvedev decided to follow the Prime Minister of Australia, and the question of the presence of aliens on Earth, said: "How many of us - I will not tell, because it can cause a panic." As well, Mr. Medvedev said about the secret book of presidents, and that the film "Men in Black" is - "documentaries." Most interesting is that laughing at this point only the Ren-TV journalist, and the Prime Minister had behaved very seriously. Can of prime ministers began, some epidemic of stupid jokes? Or? In my opinion, the prime ministers of all countries, and especially Read more [...]
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Glasgow authorities promised a warm welcome aliens

Glasgow authorities expressed their willingness to warm and friendly welcome to the strangers in the event that they meet land in the largest city in Scotland. According to The Scotsman, so officials have responded to the request of one of the local residents who wanted to know what are the plans of a possible visit by aliens.In response to a request by representatives of people of Scotland Glasgow Information Department said that it was an alien arriving in the city, most likely, will not take place in the next five years, but if it does happen, any non-hostile-minded representatives of extraterrestrial Read more [...]
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Press conference of counterintelligence: In the interest of homeland security. From studying UFOs to search for contacts with aliens

In Moscow on Tuesday was an unusual press conference: "In the interest of homeland security. From studying UFOs and search for contacts with the aliens to prevent terrorist attacks." Get in touch with the press counterintelligence led Chelyabinsk "meteorite". In the near future they are going to write to Putin: oral already asked at the press conference and asked the president assist financially in further study of extraterrestrial life.The main sensation of the press conference was the story of Lieutenant General reserve, the former head of the Expert Department of the General Read more [...]
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Gods, animals — genetic experiment aliens

Images of gods with animal heads and human bodies are found in different nations. It is possible that these creatures - the fruit of alien genetic experiments.Joint Australian-American expedition that studied cave paintings of primitive people, in Australia and South Africa recently found more than five thousand images of the Stone Age, among which there are half-human, half-animals sketches: a horse with the body and a human head or the head of a bull and a human torso. Drawings of these unknown creatures made at least 32 thousand years ago.Anthropologist from Cambridge historian Christopher Read more [...]
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Alien body — a sensation or a fake?

Periodically, there are reports in the press: in the locality was found dead a stranger or some part of it (and even live alien). However, despite the excitement around the findings, there is no official document confirming this information. Are the organizations are trying to hide? Or is it only ducks that run with an unclear purpose?Well forgotten old? The corpse of a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization - The elaborate fake?Recently, the American scientist Steven Greer, director of "Project Discovery" - the research group, in 1993 the task of collecting documentary Read more [...]
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Humanoids rework people

In Ukraine, the 34-year-old resident of the city of Dubno Rivne region appealed to local ufologists, claiming that he and his wife abducted by aliens. According to the man, he just went home, when he saw in the sky above the river hung three lighted object. Considering that this "companion", he removed them to the mobile phone camera and later showed a photo of his 29-year old wife. At two o'clock in the morning husband woke her husband and told him that on their home something "light." Jumping into the street in a tank top and shorts, the future contactee said at Read more [...]
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Aliens suck the soul out of a man

Recently started talking about aliens as double vampires - sucking of human rights not only blood, but also the soul. Worth it for this version of something real and we have to deal with yet another fantastic fiction? The two types of aliens Summarizing the data accumulated by ufologists, it can be concluded that the aliens interact with humanity two fundamentally different types. The first type - a creature with, like humans, dense corporeal shell consisting of organic structures. The main difference between this type of aliens from us is not so much in appearance, but in their considerable Read more [...]
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The aliens and their hybrids waiting for x hours

There is a theory that aliens are going to populate the earth with their hybrids and mutants and humans to destroy or put in reserve. Apparently, the "X hour" is not far off. Teams hybrids, outwardly indistinguishable from humans and have psychic powers, already trained in remote corners of the planet ...The Lost Expedition In June of this year there were details about the circumstances of the death of Brazilian ethnographic expedition, who in 2007 studied the life of Indian tribes in the remote region of the Amazon, the rivers and Zhurueny Arinusa, State of Mato Grosso. When radio Read more [...]
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10 ways to be in the hands of aliens

In this film, we will talk about abduction by aliens. The authors make an attempt to find out, is it really aliens may be present in the world. Astronomer from the Search Center extraterrestrial intelligence leads his case there is another civilization on Earth, leading theorist understand the working principles of UFOs. Also, people who have been abducted, will tell their stories.Category: UFOs Read more [...]
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Apostle ET

In May 1995, Jim Sparks, the 41-year-old landowner from a small town in Northern California, there was an incredible event. Jim told him about Linda Moulton Howe, American journalist and writer, ufologist, researcher of paranormal phenomena. Here is the story of Jim in her writing.Air transport One of Jim's drawings, which capture his encounter with aliensIt all started at about 3:30 am. I woke up from a low, like a buzzing sound. At the same time, I was sucked in the stomach, heart pounding, but my head is pounding. Soon turned into a buzzing wail, and the sound was deafening loud. I Read more [...]
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Former Defense Minister will speak at the hearings on aliens

Paul Hello, Minister of National Security of the Government of Leicester B.Pirsona and Assistant to the Prime Minister in the government of Pierre Trudeau, will speak at the public hearing on the aliens in Toronto. This event is preceded by "Public hearing on disclosure" provocative Senate hearings about aliens, to be held in Washington in April. Helle made in the rules and talk about how he came to his belief in aliens. In the role of the Minister of Defense, he received numerous "reports of unidentified flying objects," most of whom, he said, were clearly identified as a Read more [...]
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Retroanaliz Mitrenkova

Curious stories of alien abductions, Denis Mitrenkov surprised that most of them are in English-speaking countries, mainly in the United States. Does this mean that the aliens are in particular need of the white Anglo-Saxons, and other neglected? Or another reason? The answer lies on the surface. Try thirty-six, fifty-fifth or eightieth year of the last century, someone in the Soviet Union to announce that its just now visited by aliens, as he immediately conveyed by a mental hospital, where he was treated for a long time Sulfazin, chlorpromazine, insulin, electroshock and other means rather Read more [...]
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Project Serpo: Interstellar delegation

Ufologists claim that a group of MJ-12 ("Majestic-12") oversees a total of about 20 carefully classified, the so-called black projects. Some (such as "Aquarius") aimed at gathering scientific and technical information about flying saucers and other equipment aliens. Others (like "Area 51") allegedly directed, including the creation of hybrid human and aliens. In the 1950s, even though there was a pilot project for developing "trophy" UFO. It was called "Snow Bird" and allegedly was a success. However, even against this background Serpo project Read more [...]
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Alien rapists

Many ufologists believe that aliens exploring Earth, then to populate it and turn it into a colony. But it seems that the aliens are also exploring the possibility of borrowing and the physiological and mental advantages of earthlings.As tempting Antonio Brazilian Antonio Villas-Boas suffered harassment from strangersAlmost from the beginning of contact with humans alien sex was an integral component. Perhaps one of the most famous heroes of the "interstellar" remains dating Brazilian Antonio Villas-Boas. Evening, October 15, 1957 23-year-old Antonio plowed field on his family's Read more [...]
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U.S. President met three times with the aliens, claims ex-Pentagon official

U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with the aliens on U.S. military bases and mentally communicate with aliens, a former consultant told the world the Pentagon and the U.S. Congress, and now the British UFO researcher and writer Timothy Hood in an interview to BBC2.According to the scientist, all at the 34th U.S. President had three meetings with aliens - all of them took place in New Mexico in 1954 and has been appointed by the earthlings' telepathic messages. " Unfortunately, no evidence of these contacts did not survive. But Timothy Hood sure Eisenhower even with the assistance Read more [...]
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