Turkic peoples (Turks) URAL

Turkic peoples (Turks) URAL resettled on both sides of the Middle and Southern U. from the Volga to the Ob are the north-western part of the vast Turkic ethnic and cultural space defined by the Mediterranean (Turks) and Eastern Siberia (Yakutia). Along with the Mongolian and Tungus-Manchurian peoples T. belong to the Altaic language family. In the languages ​​of the Kipchak branch of Turkic groups say the Volga-Ural and Siberian Tatars, Bashkirs, Nogai, Kazakhs; Chuvash language forms a branch of the Bulgar Turkic group. The ancestral home of the ancient T. many researchers believe the foothills Read more [...]
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The schemes of complex use and protection of the river Ob

For the river Ob reservoirs and its basin Russian Research Institute scientists embracing the use and protection of water resources to develop a scheme embracing the use and protection (SKIOVO-Ob), and standards of permissible exposure (NDV). Upper Ob basin aqua management reports on the conduct of the period from 21 to 25 January 2013 public hearing of the project. Presentations were made by the developers (FSUE RosNIIVH). Public hearings on the project is scheduled for: 21.01.2013 at 11:00 at Novosibirsk, Reddish Avenue, 18, the great hall; 22.01.2013 at 14:00 at Tomsk, ul. Shevchenko, 17, 4th Read more [...]
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Superbly been launched to collect information from Akinfiy Demidova

Years continuously lived Nevyansk, but was in charge of everything that was going on not only in the Urals. Who and what for Stone left and what is going to come back. Alert army Demidov clerks nobody left unattended.     Searches were carried out in the Altai ore long. Back in 1721, Fedor suffered Inyutin tracing on the initiative of VN Tatishcheva, but ran and hid in Akinfiy Demidov Nevyansk factory where "issue"As noted Tatischev, "never". To discoverers of ore deposits in the Altai include Stepan Kostyleva and Tobolsk Cossack son Michael Volkov. By 1723 about Read more [...]
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In Altai

While the offices in the capital still scribbling orders for Demidov, while heavily and slowly stirs the state machine, solving different questions about the construction of new plants, from the Altai Nevyansk already wander on foot, riding in carts, paddle Strugi Ural rudovedy, mining and smelting master workmen people. In June 1726, when still none of the decrees of the capital under any mountain, offices in Yekaterinburg or Siberian governor, Ural craftsmen have already reached places where last summer Demidovsky «rudovedets» scribe Dmitry Semenov, nicknamed Goat Legs, established Read more [...]
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Copper silver go?

More contemporaries resulted in surprisingly Demidov striving to Siberia. Why was it necessary to build a copper Akinfiev Demidov factories in the distant Altai, on what was then the end of the world, in places wild, uninhabited and dangerous, remote from the Ural Demidov residence dvuhtysyacheverstnym off-road? After all, very close, here, on the stone belt, plenty of copper ore, and no worse than the Siberian. But maybe still Demidov prospectors failed to find good copper deposits in the Urals and because Akinfiy Demidov forced to do business in the Altai copper? Look through the documents. Read more [...]
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Mamin-Sibiryak from all Demidov emphasized akinfiy

Mamin-Sibiryak from all Demidov emphasized akinfiy wrote: "the genius son of Nikita", "the second I" king-worker, it is its never-sleeping eye. Yes, Akinfiy Demidov was the main successor of the dynasty of the Ural miners, who enhanced significantly the wealth of his father. According to the testimony of B. Kafengauz: "The same predatory acquirer and the exploiter, like his father, Akinfiy perfectly knew how using bribery to get along with the authorities, and a wide construction of new plants was accompanied by new awards and privileges.     Events of Palace Read more [...]
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Hurricane blows in Altai buses

Due to bad weather in the Altai region on Thursday, March 18, the Barnaul Bus canceled all flights. But the ban on the movement started to operate since 9:40 am. Because coaches who left early in the morning, still managed to come out on their routes. Accident happened in Kosikhinsky area of ​​the Altai Territory. Raging storm blew the road, two buses, which followed the directions Barnaul - Gorno-Altaisk and Belokuriha - Barnaul. By happy coincidence, none of the passengers was injured, drivers also escaped fright. Buses have already been evacuated from the scene by rescuers, and passengers Read more [...]
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The Golden Age of Altai

Where is it found gold beasts Siberian collection? The answer to this question is looking for more Nikita Demidov Akinfiy. But Demidov looking for the golden path, which came on the golden beasts. And they found it earlier scholars on the edge of her least two centuries. The trail led them to the Altai region, and more specifically, to the headwaters of the Ob and Irtysh to the old, or, as they said, to the Lake Peipsi, kopyam. It was there and started Akinfiy Demidov put their plants. Hit the very center of the ancient deposits. Of the nearly one hundred (one hundred!) Ore locations, started at Read more [...]
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In the Altai Republic on the river Feeling passed competitions conductors

At the May holidays in the Altai Republic held the festival "Feeling Rally 2013". The purpose held within 5 days of the competition is to identify naisilneyshy sports teams, the popularization of extreme sports in the rough water, working out new forms of competition, the increase in technical and tactical skills of the participants, the exchange of experience, the expansion of friendly and business relations. Rescuers always produce control similar competitions in extreme sports. GIMS Specialists of Russia's EMERCOM in the Altai Republic and this time made the insurance of athletes on the river Read more [...]
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Altai silver from Nevyansk

One of the large rooms of the Winter Palace, now the Hermitage, the Russian silver hall call. Which only things there are no buttons, earrings, cups, dinner and tea sets, the objects created in the memory of historical events. Hundreds of artifacts on display. But one huge building attracts attention. Stand in front of him for a long time visitors. This silver tomb Novgorod prince Alexander Nevsky. It consists of a sarcophagus (crayfish), decorative pyramid, two pedestals with trophies and two candlesticks. All richly decorated with flowers, leaves. It turns out that for this grandiose product Read more [...]
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The incredible heat in the Altai

Tomorrow, April 27, in the Altai expected real heat. In some areas the temperature will rise to a very high level of 28 degrees, which is not typical for the end of April. In Barnaul is 24 + ... + 26 °. On Wednesday, April 28, the heat a bit cooler. It is expected to + 18 ... + 23 °. But on Thursday, April 29, the thermometer will rise again to 27 degrees. At the same time about Thursday is expected rainy cyclone, strong wind, but the temperature at the same time will not decrease. Heavy rains will be accompanied by the first rain of the season. Source: IA Atmosphere Comment: With various Read more [...]
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In Russia penetrated blue Brazilian mosquitoes

Found in the Altai blue mosquitoes, which, as previously thought, found only in Brazil. Unusual discovery expedition made zoologists Bijskogo Pedagogical University. Mosquitoes found near Kolyvansky lake in Zmeinogorsk area, near the river in the Altai Mountains Sema. As they note, they are completely harmless to humans, as feed exclusively on flower nectar. Externally, the insect is not a sweet tooth like ordinary mosquitoes and have a bluish tint. They are larger, they have only one pair of wings. Findings prove that an increase in global warming insects begin to migrate around the world, Read more [...]
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Showers in the Altai region turned streets into rivers

That's now look the streets of some cities of the Altai Territory. Torrential rains turned roads into rivers. Flooded homes, shops ... From the disaster affected and drivers, and pedestrians. Forecasters reassured locals. According to their forecasts, rains stop next week. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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Tornado in Altai

Tornado. Photo: portal.etherway.ru. Last weekend, more than twenty people Novokuznetsk went to rest in the Altai Mountains, in the region of Ust-Sema. When the tourists arrived, chose the scenic area and the night began to settle down from the sky rained hail the size of a little less than a hen's egg. On the part of the Katun became hang giant crater. Tornado threw dozens of mighty firs. Told portal «News of the Altai Mountains» From powerful people hailstones fell on the ground, under cover of «celestial bombardment». Funnel tornado passed arrived on holiday. But the Read more [...]
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The fire spread through the Altai with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour

The consequences of forest fires in the Altai region The rate of natural fire, which came in the Altai region on Wednesday with the territory of Kazakhstan reached 100 miles per hour, it could not hold even a 300-metre fire barrier, said on Thursday the regional forest Management. On Wednesday, the fire had crossed the Russian-Kazakh border and began to spread across the territories of the Altai Krai and Novosibirsk region. Novosibirsk managed to localize the fire, in the Altai, in the Mikhailovsky district, in a timely manner to stop the fire failed — the situation was complicated Read more [...]
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The area of the fires in the Altai region has doubled

More than a thousand people were left homeless in the Altai region as a result of natural fires that have moved into the region from Kazakhstan Five fires with a total area of 6.8 thousand hectares recorded in the Mikhailovsky district of Altai Krai, said Friday the Siberian regional center of EMERCOM of Russia. «The total area is 6841 ha», — the message says. According to the Ministry, all localized fires. On Friday morning it was reported that in the Michael area are two of the hearth with a total area of 3.3 thousand hectares. On Wednesday, September 8, in the area Read more [...]
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Kazakhstan fires again threaten Altai Krai

© RIA Novosti. Alexander Latkin Fires on the territory of Kazakhstan once again threaten the Altay region, — according to satellite monitoring, in Kazakhstan there are more than 40 foci steppe fires, 19 of which are in close proximity to the border, said on Monday the regional forest Management. The report notes that land Tretyakov Deposit areas of the Altai territory in present-present threat of fire, which is 9 kilometres from the border. According to the Department, Altai management specialists are in constant communication with the duty of forest inspection Kazakhstan, which Read more [...]
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Fuel coming trying to get from oat husks.

To make the tutu stained porridge, almost the third part from the raw material delivered to the Elevator, just throw. Grain separated from the husk. This part of the production chain. But what to do with this husk later? Moreover, in such volumes. Salivate and bury all this is expensive and not environmentally friendly, although so at the moment do. But researchers from the Altai science city Biysk believe that remade specifically such waste, which are not necessary, will earn a billion From the husk of the oat scientists have learned how to allocate cellulose. It, in turn, in laboratory criteria Read more [...]
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Three fires registered in the Altai forests per day

For the last day on the territory of Altai Krai registered 3 fire in the woods. According to EMERCOM in the region, the total forest area amounted to 0.14 ha, the correspondent of IA REGNUM news. All fire extinguished by forestry. Threats settlements and objects of the economy was not. As of the morning of current forest fires there. As previously reported IA REGNUM news in the province October 4 places on the South-West has a particularly high fire risk (grade 5 fire activity). Source: REGNUM news Read more [...]
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Israel preparing for evacuation: Crimea, Birobidzhan or Altai? (Part 1)

Israel preparing for evacuation: Crimea, Birobidzhan or Altai? In the midst of the Libyan events and philistine preparations for Women's Day TV RUSSIA.RU issued transfer "Program C" from 05.03.2011, the whole team of the leading political observers and most popular media of the country explaining the essence of the Russian audience in the world of social processes, riots and revolutions. Here for the first time on such a mass audience was made that many years hiding from society. Recognition plans colonization of territories of Russia and other countries close to us known community. But - all in Read more [...]
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