Freakish figures living in the skies over Israel

In autumn, millions of starlings are sent to winter in warmer climates. Most of them are going through the cold in the subtropical zone, adjacent to the warm Mediterranean Sea.A flock of starlings near the Israeli town of Netivot. © Amir Cohen | ReutersOne of the popular places of migration is Israel, where in recent days, flocks of starlings are discharged in the sky fanciful shapes. Local residents enjoy watching starlings.A flock of starlings near the Israeli town of Netivot. © Amir Cohen | ReutersSpend the winter in the Holy Land, too, like starlings. Although during Read more [...]
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How to conduct an ambush

Need to choose a good place to be held enemy. Do a good exploration in areas the enemy. Write a program. Mujahideen divided into groups. Each group to indicate its place of attack. Each group makes good trenches. Make a good disguise on all sides. Mine the road (artillery shell or anti-tank mine, always with electric detonators to blow up at the right time). Mining is performed at night. Each Mujahideen must do their work, do not talk in vain, do not talk, do not argue! Violations of this - ruthless punishment of Allah! Put a hidden observation post for a few hundred meters before the Read more [...]
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Ambush - this unexpected attack from sheltered place to destroy the enemy by fire only. Two things make the attack unexpected time and place. Distribution of weapons does your amir. Selecting a location for the destruction of the enemy. Must be chosen such place, where the enemy could not retreat, cut off roads, which may come to them for help; Amir should control their group from beginning to end.You can not open fire the column, until the whole column not go to the place of ambush. The first shot of the column opens Amir, which is located at the end of the ambush, then immediately Read more [...]
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Organizations and armed Chechen militias

Our squad - It is a major paramilitary compound led authoritative political or military leader, created to protect our power teip. We are composed of Commander (Commander), the staff and (for the period of hostilities) two approximately equal in size (up to 500 people) groups - battle, designed to direct the operation in the area, and the reserve deployed on the territory of Ichkeria, designed to build upon and planned (usually a week) to replace our fighting brothers. Our formation is divided into 5-6 groups (100 or more employees) that are managed by emirs (commanders) ... Squad, usually Read more [...]
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Version of the assassination of Prime Minister of Israel

Autumn 1995. Who's fault is it that under the noses of the most vaunted security in bogoposlushnom state emerged and there is an organization of workers, intellectuals and peasants? What to do? Many in Israel are looking for answers to these questions. Shabak security service, however, continues to insist that Yigal Amir was a lone assassin, a fanatic, not a politician. But this belief is based primarily on the application of the Yigal that helped him but God. Of course, having such an accomplice can be solved at all. However, the police department in the person of Moses Shahal conviction Read more [...]
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Actions of militants in an attack on federal forces base

In case of a surprise attack on the intelligence FS base militants any pre-planned and spent most of their action in BG not foreseen. The team leader (squad) NVF (hereinafter - Amir) decide on the basis of the prevailing conditions of the situation. Militants shun defensive combat, and trying to pin down the attackers fire depart. A surprise attack is rarely orderly retreat - on the principle of "Every man for himself." The militants are firing indiscriminately in all directions - they are afraid, throw all that prevents rapid departure, and the loss of control wander through the Read more [...]
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