Among the channels and islands

Each reservoir has its own history. But perhaps, in common that unites them is controversial to the feasibility of establishing artificial seas. How much there in Soviet times, it all was resolved, it is difficult to say, but development «Samaragidroproekt» somehow still led to the creation of the Cheboksary reservoir, flooding many luxurious flood meadows, beautiful forests, fields and villages with churches and cemeteries. The strong Volga villages inhabited by people yelling roosters at dawn, had babies, old people left. All this is the fate of many people. Overnight Read more [...]
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Discipline: 12 Proceedings of Recitation Is All You Pauperism

Barely deuce-ace four-minute bursts of high-intensity example per hebdomad is sufficiency to increment seaworthiness and decrement descent force and glucose readings, according to researchers from the Norwegian University of Skill and Engineering. Stream wellness guidelines hint that 150 proceedings of lead workout or 20 transactions of vigorous practice per hebdomad are the minimal to stop goodly and fit.In the survey, heavy but differently tidy volunteers ran at 90 percentage of their max pulse for four-minutes threefold a hebdomad for 10 weeks. At the end of the survey, their trunk's o ingestion—a Read more [...]
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TALITSKY PARKING (OSTROVSKAYA) archaeological. memory. Upper Paleolithic. Perm. region., Verhnegorodsky district. Located near the villages of the Island and Glyadenovo on Ave. Bank. Chusovoi. Parking is open in 1938, in 1939 the first Inst. M.V.Talitskim on the Square. 24 m. m. V.I.Gromova In 1942 expedition excavated approx. 40 m. m (archaeologists MPGryaznov and A.A.Iessen), and in 1945-48 and 1950-52 approx. 500 m. m expedition Bader. Cult. layer is powerful. from 7 to 20 cm, occur in the floodplain alluvium II floodplain terraces found on the square. approx. 300 m. m. structure cult. layer Read more [...]
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PERM Decembrists

PERM Decembrists Populist rev.-org-tion. In 1880 on the initiative of the student of Kazan University, the local native V.F.Kazakova in Motovilikha originated circle. It consisted of high-school students, seminarians and clerks VG Kuznetsov, E.V.Popov, A.I.Kuzovnikov, V.Gribel, A.Gulin et al. Subsequently circle widened. At the end of 1881 he was involved group Motovilikha slave. V.I.Pershin, V.F.Ermolin et al. Most active period of 1882-1883 in the activities of the org-tion. Recognized hands. at this time was V.A.Pomerantsev expelled from Kazan University for participating in student demonstrations. Read more [...]
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Singing books

Singing books handwritten memory. music writing, containing samples znamenny singing. Chants were recorded in the PK special notation, called Banner, or hook. PK, prevailing on the W. with XVI-XVII centuries., Close in composition to nepevcheskim liturgical. Among them Oktoikh, Triodion, Holidays, Irmologion, Everyday life, Stihirar, dec. type alphabet (listing, interpretation banners fitniki). In the Old Believers environment developed PK a kind of composition, often depending on which of the consents (bespopovskogo, the priest's), they corresponded. Entries scribes and owners of the fields Read more [...]
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ORENBURGSKAYA Border Commission

ORENBURGSKAYA Border Commission executive and administrative body for ter. first formed Orenbah. Territory in 1799-1859. It combines the functions of the lips. government, the House of civil courts. and criminal, of the lower land court and in a certain way the Treasury. The Commission was within the jurisdiction of the border or diplomatic office Orenbah. Military Governor, through him the Asian Department of the Foreign Ministry. Structure O.P.K. finally formed in 1830-40's. Consisted of fin .: Executive (1st table questions watered. 2nd host., And a cult.) Vessel: considered civil. litigation Read more [...]
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Finds on the streets Vogulsky

     Your gift to the city sends archaeological Expedition Historical Revolutionary Museum, the study area streets Ermak Lebyazhinsky, Vogulsky and transverse on high.     Under the demolished houses on the former Minor Vogulsky Expedition opened two construction period XVIII and XIX centuries, the river delta off the neck at the site of the old stadium Lebyazhinsky traces Vogulsky-Mansi culture XVIII century. This is a small workshop for making art, a set of favorite Mansi zoomorphic images. Among them are small statuettes of stone, bone, wood, glazes, iron, Read more [...]
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CAST COPPER ICON kind of thin. casting, Izv. W. on the works of masters and Solvichegodsk Solikamsk with XVII. In XVIII-XIX centuries. developed and was common among the local Old Believers. Availability of cheap raw materials copper spawned craft, serving the village of Old Believers. edge. Decrees of Peter I (1722), Nicholas I (1832) were officially banned relief carved and cast image. As the nest split and Ch. c. manufacture of illicit injection U. Math. Nevyansk, Kushwa, Nizhny Tagil, Casley, ECAT .; in the Urals Tyumen, birch, Tobolsk, Coorg. and Yalutorovskiy y. After the decree of 1883 Read more [...]
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Heavy rains caused flooding in Haiti. Video

Torrential rains have caused flooding in Haiti. In the flood zone were refugee camp, which is now home to hundreds of thousands of people. All of them lost their homes as a result of the January earthquake. Sediments eroded soil and caused debris flows. The water and mud sowed panic among the refugees. No casualties and no injuries were reported. Now, the lifeguard, to help eliminate the effects of the disaster. February 27, 2010 in Chile were documented numerous tremors to nine points. Up to 800 people were killed, hundreds missing. There are about 2 million people were left homeless. An Read more [...]
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Foreign workers and specialists in the industry of the Urals

Foreign workers and specialists in Industry in the Urals extensively involved in the period of industrialization, to help owls. HR master achieve peace. science, technology, and using foreign experience, tehn. overcome economic backwardness. On 01/07/1933 at 5601 W. labored people. from abroad. Among them are engineers with higher education in 1050, with the medium-tehn. 939, and a servant. 3612. I.R.S. who worked at the U., is approx. 17% of all arrivals from abroad to work in the prom. countries. Among them were Representat. pl. nationalities. On 07.01.1933 the Germans worked in 1552, 287 Americans, Read more [...]
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Urban Folklore

Urban Folklore h. folk. Heritage W., incl. a, in addition to commonly used types and genres of poetry-nar. specifically mountains. modification. Ex .: mountains. cum. festivals, mountains. romance, hot. play songs and dance quadrilles, etc.. Folk. entourage of traditional folk. holidays in the big city of W. (Perm, ECAT., Orenburg) in the XVIII-XIX centuries. was different than in the s-dskih pos., p. and village. On Christmas kolyadovschiki came only to homes of relatives; Pancake arranged holiday towns with huge slopes of the mountains, booths, rides. During Easter, Red Hills, on Semitskoy week Read more [...]
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Golitsyn ur. mine owners, one of the oldest noble families of Russia, descendants of the great book. Gediminas. Beg. ur. patrimony was laid marriage gene-l-Lieutenant Mikhail Mikhailovich A.A.Stroganovoy, a swarm under section V.P.Shahovskoy with her sister in 1763 went to the salt pans in N. Usolye LenVO and gender. Kusye-Alexander's and Nytva s-dy, as well as 1,211 thousand. Dec. land. and woodlands. MM significantly expanded Nytva zd, built in 1768 in the enterprise blast furnace. In 1785 he founded the Archangel Pashiysky blast and hammer zd. Since 1806 the owners have become fiefdoms sons Read more [...]
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GEORGIEVSKY GOLD archaeological. memory. Kirov region., Athanasian rn, p. Georgieva, etc.. Bank of the river. Kama. GK was found in the first half. XIX century. daughter of a local priest accidentally. Ch things A.A.Spitsynym treasure was published (1902). Total number of articles 593, from which one pronizki 471 dec. types: tubular, spiral (alloy and wire), with swellings, without slits, straight spanners bristles at the ends, ptitsevidnye. These types of hangers are integral h. Complex noisy suspension. In GK 12 know the basics of such suspensions. Several. items broken. Among the things GK Found Read more [...]
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Bashkir State Philharmonic

Bashkir State Philharmonic opened in 1939 (Ufa). United Bash. State. Ensemble cum. dance (it. F.Gaskarova 1989), choir, ensemble kurai player, brass orchestra. and orchestra. cum. tools, mobile team op-you, a pop brigade, literary and musical. lecture (1942). In preparation for the opening of the credit for the singer cum. Art. BASSR G.S.Almuhametova. The first concert was attended by art. Bash. theaters, opera houses: A.Mubaryakov, Z.Bikbulatova, B.Valeeva, G.Karamyshev, G.Habibullin, G.Tukaev, A.Sutyagin disciples G.Almuhametova D.Nurmuhametova and H.Galimov. In the years. BOB at the front Read more [...]
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Tremors of 3.5 points disturbed Stavropol

Photo: EMSC In the Stavropol region, an earthquake 3.5 points. Tremors were recorded in Stavropol and Nevinnomyssk. "According to updated information from the attendant seismic city of Kislovodsk, in the MSK 22.29 on Friday, July 9 at around 44.6 degrees north latitude and 41.6 degrees east longitude at a depth of 10 km recorded an earthquake of magnitude 2.8, the power of 3.5 on the Richter scale in the midst "- informs" Interfax "referring to a source in the regional emergencies department. To check the location and evaluation of damage a few attendants MOE units left the scene. Results of Read more [...]
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What contemplative paraphernalia should I get for jogging?

A:Respective options live for devising surely you're seeable in the iniquity. Firstly among them: vesture with Illuminite, a pondering framework that has millions of mirror-like particles embedded betwixt its duds. When smitten by a light?a car headlamp, e.g.?the wearer appears to illuminate. It's real efficient; I use an Illuminite cap for roughly night bike equitation. A real utile appurtenance for a smuggler power be the Microweave Enthrone ($60), a opus that can be careworn o'er early wear in a all-embracing compass of temperature weather. Illuminite can besides be base in insulating layers, Read more [...]
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What pensive cogwheel should I get for jogging?

A:Various options live for qualification certainly you're seeable in the nighttime. World-class among them: vesture with Illuminite, a meditative material that has millions of mirror-like particles embedded 'tween its duds. When stricken by a light?a car headlamp, e.g.?the wearer appears to brighten. It's real effectual; I use an Illuminite crownwork for approximately dark pedal equitation. A rattling utilitarian add-on for a offset mightiness be the Microweave Waistcoat ($60), a composition that can be raddled complete former wearable in a all-embracing compass of temperature weather. Illuminite Read more [...]
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What’s the scoop weekend stumble in New England?

Glide in Newport, Rhode Island     Pic: Dsearls/FlickrA:Betwixt the Gabardine Mountains, Greens Mountains, Atlantic Sea-coast, open lakes, whitewater, and seaward islands, thither are more awing adventures good you than I could maybe discover hither. So let me springiness you the fin New England things you moldiness do ahead the summertime dies.Off-roader Vermont’s Northeastern LandOne of the commonwealth’s top lead networks lies secret among the lakes, mountains, and maple forests of northeasterly Vermont, upright infra the Canadian delimitation. Called the Realm Trails, Read more [...]
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What’s the trump non-camping nightlong kayaking actuate in the Mid-Atlantic?

Icon of the San Juan Islands, Washington     Exposure: Jim Poth/Washington Country TouristryA:Genuinely? A multi-day kayak tripper with no tenting? What's your distaste to tents? Do you motive individual to do the paddling for you, too? And to discovery a way to shuffle trusted you don't get wet? The unhurt spot of a backcountry paddling tripper is that it takes you far forth from civilization—to places you can solitary see and live by sauceboat. Circumstance up encampment for the dark on approximately rude shoreline place is portion of the live. That's why junket kayaks accompany Read more [...]
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What’s the outflank software trips for dog functional?

Painting of Torres del Paine, Patagonia     Photograph: CorbisA:You acknowledge, thither's an easier alternative, Joshua. You can invariably scarce breakthrough a club with bang-up trails round it, and run approximately loops on them. So subsequently you can contract a cascade, vary into pick apparel, coterie your bags, and mount a bus (or into a cab or renting car) to the following goal. Barely a intellection. Just again, ultra-distance runners can ne'er do things the sluttish way, can they?You'll be felicitous to learn thither are a fistful of unlike dog operative jaunt services Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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