Ammonia in emergency medicine cabinet. Types of packaging

For those who are in the medicine cabinet emergency is ammonia.Given previous experience, first, some Materiel. Ammonia - is a 10% aqueous ammonia solution. Ammonia - is a toxic substance having an irritating effect. According to one version, when inhaled, causes a reflex stop breathing, increased blood concentrations of carbon dioxide, which causes excitation of the respiratory center of the brain and at the same time under normal conditions of affected outputs fainting. On the other - a massive irritation olfactory receptors (as well as the massive arrival of signals from pain receptors with Read more [...]
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History of anesthesia (brief review of methods with comment)

Ever since mankind appeared, people have tried to provide medical assistance to each other. Because these manipulations were almost always accompanied by pain, shamans, priests, mages and barbers and other "doctor" relentlessly tried to find ways to reduce the suffering of their patients neschasnyh. Some recipes were frankly insane, others - just ridiculous. Yet of the many ways you can highlight some who had some success. Their review is devoted to the following text.Kick. (General anesthesia) This kind of general anesthesia based on the fact that by striking a blunt heavy object on the head Read more [...]
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100,001 times of first aid kit

The second article in this sayte.Reshil write their composition aptechki.Foto still no (camera repair) Over packing for medicine until I was thinking, but here with continuously-its composition: 1.Permanganat kaliya.Da.est.Gde-got-was home. 2.Perekis vodoroda.Flakon, 20ml. 3.Fizrastvor 5ml.2 ampoules ampoules. 4.Obezbolivayuschee (all pulled out all hmest when Bele tooth, do not remember the brand, alas). 5.Dimedrol ampoules + Analginum ampulah.Lezhit in separate houses on okupit.Kak antipyretic (paracetamol idiosyncrasy). 6.Pan-angina nitroglycerin + + validol.Ot Serce. 7.Aktivirovanny coal + Read more [...]
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Testosterone (Testosteronum) - male sexual hormone (androgen). Produced by interstitial cells of the testes. Testosterone stimulates the development of sex organs and secondary sex characteristics in men, enhances anabolic processes. In clinical practice using synthetic drugs: methyltestosterone, testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate, possessing the biological and therapeutic properties of the natural hormone. Apply with sexual underdevelopment, evnuhoidizme, male menopause and related vascular and neurological disorders, with impotence, prostatic hypertrophy, etc. Methyltestosterone Read more [...]
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Pituitrin (Pituitrinum; List B) - hormones. Obtained from the posterior pituitary of slaughter cattle by aqueous extraction. Contains two hormones - oxytocin (see) and vasopressin. Apply pituitrin to strengthen uterine contractions during labor, postpartum hemorrhages under the skin and intramuscularly to 0.2-0.25 ml (1-1,25 IU) every 30 minutes. up to a total dose of 1 ml. Also used in the bed-wetting and diabetes insipidus, in these cases are adults and 1 ml (5-10 units). Contraindications: hypertension, nephropathy pregnant. Product: 1 ml ampoule (5 and 10 IU). Available as pituitrin M, Read more [...]
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