There was a case

Looking through his hunting diary, I brush up on a few episodes, struck me as interesting from the standpoint of not quite ordinary circumstances (comedic, dramatic and otherwise), in which we sometimes find ourselves hunters. We offer our readers three such episodes.Photo Matt / PlaguedAfter the end of the spring season, a Saturday, left two of my friend and I on patrol. It really counts to us as trudouchastie in improving and protecting wetlands. We got off the train at ten o'clock in the afternoon and went to maloezzhenuyu logging roads.When crossing it with the river Read more [...]
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The road winds, rapidly goes down, then abruptly pulls up the hill. The machine shakes, rattles, rattles inside the shovel, spare parts, boxes of provisions, some iron things, so it is necessary in the event of an accident. Photo Greeeny / FLICKR.COM Going to deer have brother Anatoly not closed license. Will spend the night in the his site. Andrei — stocky, broad shoulders, looks respectable older brother, his clean-shaven, powerful neck reminds me of the hero Kotovskogo. «What Sedney number? — he asks, — the Read more [...]
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Swallow …

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Nicholas called on the mobile phone about ten o'clock in the morning.What are you doing there? – with obvious reproach he asked. And not waiting for an answer, he continued. – Take spinning, spinners and blow on «trough». Pike went!Sunday began marvelous spring sun was shining brightly, briskly walked around the front lawn rooks on the roof sparrows twittered excitedly, poured from a height of sonorous song of the lark… Snow is already three weeks as the came, why not really begin Zhora pike?– And on what lure you catch?– Read more [...]
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One moment of life

This photo is often on the "vastness" of the global network. Always without comment and always causes an indescribable emotions. Once listref this picture - will never forget. We decided to find out who this heroic veteran, smiling no matter what.His name is Anatoly Leopoldovich Golembiewski. He is the engineer of the destroyer "Smart", is the only survivor of the entire group, the first who fight in Tsemesskaya Bay near Novorossiysk.Sailor Anatoly Golembiewski was in the first part of the landing party of Marines, landed on a Small Ground. They found him on the battlefield with no signs of life, Read more [...]
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9 Mar 2014 14:07|I like11014 commentsArtem Cumin Nazhmi_na_...gif 2MbMar 9 at 14:18|8Vladimir Ignatov Vova judoka, not sambist.Mar 9 at 14:29|Helen Adeyewa said Vladimir Ignatov Vladimir, and judo and Sambo9 Mar 14:36|Anatoly Baranov I begin to notice that all the last steps are very well-raised the prestige Volodya in Russia)))Mar 9 at 15:08|2Dmitry Tank But Saakashvili in fact perfectly cope with their obligations.Mar 9 at 15:13|2Nikita TEMNOZOR said Anatoly Baranov Anatoly, the Read more [...]
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Are you ready???

Open votingAre you ready??? Yes16116.5% No16516.9% Not quite42943.9% I will save the police, EXPLOSIVES, etc.131.3% I'm RAMBO I only need a needle and thread.13213.5% I puffi me home is not in danger788% Get the codeVoted 978 people.27 Feb 2014 23:15|I like6412345» 205 commentsDimitri Mikhailov To think soon will prevent the Nazis and there will be people in the kitchen to keep silent)))27 Feb at 23:32|1Anatoly Demchenko :( Oh Slavs.27 Feb at 23:32|1Yo Johnsen said Pavlo Kisekae Pasha, I though Read more [...]
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Zakharova Street

    In the history of Nizhny Tagil Anatoly F. Zakharov entered as the first Director of Metallurgical Combine.     He Uralets native, who was born in the village of addiction. He studied at the Visimsky school, where at one time gain knowledge Mitya Mamin (DN Mamin-Siberian) Having finished the Ural industrial Institute (later renamed the OIP), A. Zakharov 25 years working in the Ural plants. Talented engineer and organizer production, it is a lot of effort and energy given to the development of industry, especially Metallurgy of the Urals, and including the Lower Tagil. Read more [...]
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Tertyshna Anatoly T.

Tertyshna Anatoly T. (26/01/1939, Serov Sverdl. Region.), Historian, historian W. From the family of workers. He graduated from the east. Faculty t USU (1965). Since 1965 ass., Assoc. Prof., 1986 First Vice-Rector USUE. Dr. ist. Sciences (1988), Professor (1989). Hon. of Science (1996). Author of over 100 scientific. publications. One skilled in the region. Social-ek. and watered. Russian history of the twentieth century. known historian W. Vol .: Modern Historiography history of the Urals period Civil War (1918-1920). Sverdlovsk, 1984 (co-author.) Historiography Soviets Urals during the October Read more [...]
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Anatoly V. Sysoev

Anatoly V. Sysoev (9.01.1935, , Chrysostom Chelyaba. region), Metallurgist, org-p production). From the family of the worker. He graduated from Kamensk-Uralsky metallurgical College and Krasnoyarsk Institute of non-ferrous metals. Went all the way from operating the electrolysis cell operator, master, senior master, head of the electrolysis, the head of the technical Department to the Deputy Director for production of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant, chief engineer of the Tajik aluminum plant. Since 1987, the Director General Theological aluminum plant. The author 64 inventions, the winner of Read more [...]
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The fate of the portrait

In September 1975, in the newspaper "Pravda" appeared curious correspondence N. Prozhogin. In Florence, when visiting the Pitti Palace, he saw a large painting of a galloping horse on the hunter. Canvas painted by Karl Briullov and ceremonial painting was one of the descendants of the famous Ural of Miners, the owner of Nizhny Tagil factories Anatoly Nikolayevich Demidov About this picture was mentioned in almost all books on creativity Briullov, but always stipulated: "location unknown paintings." In the characterization of its critics usually referred to the oil sketch and drawing are stored Read more [...]
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Anatoly Sidorov

Anatoly Sidorov (30.03.1933, Leningrad. 31.03.1999. ECAT.), A scientist in the region. Mechanics, Acad. Russian Academy of Sciences (1991), Corr. Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1987), Dr. of Physics and Math. Sciences (1969), prof. (1971). Of the family servant. He graduated from Leningrad State University (1955). 1955-1963 worked at the All-Union Conf. scientific-Inst. in-those theories. Physics (Chelyabinsk-70). Since 1963 works at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (since 1993 cond.). Pers. nat. -ta on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Read more [...]
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Way up

    Our meeting took place, as it often happens by accident. The career duties of a journalist I got to the celebration, dedicated to the veterans of war and labor NTMK. In the hall gathered the men and women who had put on the the occasion of their combat and labor awards. They were such abundance, these awards, which seemed even that shining decorations and medals adds light the holiday table.     Head of Department Social Security Works Ivan Good on the question of who better to talk to the subject of publication in the newspaper, and not strongly hesitation, said:     Read more [...]
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Built two plants

    Recently turned 100 anniversary of AP Morgunova.     And who is he, it is reasonable asks the reader, never such names are not hear.     In short, it a man who has built two plants - say, in the Do many biographies can be written it? 1.     Morgounov born in 1908 in suburban Zagorsk, but later fate brought it in Nizhny Tagil - a city become home to thirty years, the city where many of his apparent talents.     Michael Prishvin acquainted with the young in Zagorsk Morgunov, said of him: "This mechanical man, it is Read more [...]
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The Last Hero

Among the 26 Heroes of the Soviet Union in Nizhny Tagil is the name of Anatoly Ivanovich Shmakova. It is believed that the living heroes of the Soviet Union for a long time there was none. In fact, the hero-city of Odessa until recently lived Anatoly Shmakov, who turned 90 on Dec. 8 years. Despite his advanced age, he kept good spirits and with great joy met the guests who came to the anniversary: ​​the representatives of the Primorsky council of veterans, members of the executive committee and the Commissar, members of the media. Unfortunately, February 16, 2012 Hero died. Anatoly Shmakov Read more [...]
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Department training: historical milestones

     Your story Department training NTMK leads to May 1939 – it was then under construction at the Novo-Tagil Metallurgical Plant was an order "The lifting of the cultural level of the working class" and the establishment of the Council for Technical Education, was established schedule works general mass days of technical training     Over 70 years of OPP NTMK prepared for the needs of metallurgical production of more than 400 thousands of skilled workers First Steps     The enterprise appeared Stakhanovite schools and courses technical Read more [...]
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He was a patron of the arts in the best sense of the word

     Now Demidovs began to remember more often. And still more talk about the first breeders rarely noting the anniversary of other representatives of the famous dynasty. And for them, too, there are all new information, clarification. Current Anatoly Demidov find a new date and place of birth of another. In 2003, the 190th anniversary of his birth.     Name Anatolia Demidov once enjoyed wide popularity both in Russian and European literature. Attracted the attention of the turbulent aspects of his character and the unexpected.     Anatoly was born Read more [...]
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Olga Adamishin. Demidov in Italy: San Donato, Pratolino, Abamelek

    Demidov in Italy – this is a special page in the history of Russian and Italian cultures.     First Demidov, who arrived in Italy, he was elected to his second homeland, was Nikolai Nikitich Demidov.     Nikolay Demidov, born in 1773, started its activity, as it was then in the noble families in the military field. Success attended him, at the age of 18 he was already a Lieutenant Colonel at the court of Catherine II. It became her favorite and personal Advisor. Under Paul I, who was the head (grandmaster) of the order of Malta, Nikolay Demidov Read more [...]
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About Demidovs

    Today there is no absolute connoisseur Demidov theme. In the press there are publications of many researchers Demidov era, covering different periods of its history. Among them, the doctor of historical sciences: Tula, now a professor in Moscow, IN Yurkin, Tagil historian EG Nekludov, Yekaterinburg Professor AG Mosin passed time to write only about the economic activity Demidov's in the field of metallurgy.     A new stage "Demidov" historiography EG Nekludov in monograph on the Ural breeders dated the end of the 1980s, linking the beginning of a new Read more [...]
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Our heroes

  Tagilchane – Heroes of the Soviet Union     Black Sergey – locksmith locomotive depot of Nizhny Tagil, Air Force Major General, fought in the Spanish Republicans against fascism.     Zalesov Prochoros Denisovich – driver refractory plant, served in the automotive parts.     Canopies Paul A. – locksmith shop of the plant domain name VV Kuibyshev, commander of Fighter Regiment.     Demin Alexander F. – working the farm, gun commander.     Zhbanov Michael Evlampievich – locksmith Read more [...]
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My favorite Nine

    March 21, 2006 at railway transport enterprises Vysokogorskogo Mining and Processing Plant the 55-year anniversary of the transition from the locomotive to electric traction.     Remember direct participants in the events fifty years ago - veteran railroaders Vladislav Kuznetsov, German Desk, Ivan Kozlov, Igor Ershov, Yuri Pankratov, Anatoly Tushin Alexei Guys.     "I came to Tagil in the 42nd year already with human locomotive engineer - says Ivan Kozlov, who has worked in transport shop more than 60 years and was awarded the For Valiant Labor Read more [...]
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