True and false zoozaschity

Currently, 40% of the animals of different species are on the brink of extinctionPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov The need for the introduction of environmental knowledge consciousness and professional activity a wide range of specialists of any profile and obvious not It requires proof. Environmental education, affecting the general outlook of the person contributes to the harmonious combination of the interests of society and environment. Base environmental education — preservation of natural biodiversity.However, to teach people how to understand Read more [...]
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Wild animals of the future

When, as a result global catastrophe or war, human civilization will perish, the balance of forces on the Planet will change and come back to prehistoric times. A small group of people that survive will not be so strong as it is now. Wildlife will move in and to retake the lost ground once and space. This means that wild animals will begin to actively proliferate and pose a serious threat to humans. In addition, under the influence of pathogenic factors and radiation activity, you may experience varying forms of animals (mutants), with new and unpredictable properties and characteristics. On the Read more [...]
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Food in the autonomous navigation

If you are drifting in the open ocean, in addition to the total problem of potable water, it is necessary to solve the problem with the food. Even if you go into the sea from the land and make some supply of food, then it still will not last long. The same applies to the case of a shipwreck. Even if we managed to capture the galley with some products before the ship sank – you still have to somehow replenish stocks. The first thing that comes to mind – this fishing. Still, the sea abounds in different animals. Well, if there is at the disposal of improvised fishing pole: fishing line Read more [...]
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Gifts of Water

Water – life itself! In conditions of extreme survival, water – It is not only a source of drinking water. Water Strider is able to provide many valuable things for survival. That may give the water and most importantly, how to take – we'll talk today. You were at the pond. The need for drinking water, is satisfied. With more or less effort, but satisfied. Now let's see what food you can get in the water and around it. In different regions of our planet, ponds inhabited by different animals. Firstly, you need to try and catch a fish, crayfish, crabs, shrimp. At the bottom and Read more [...]
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Poisonous animals and plants. Bright coloring

The wanderings of a man, anyway, in contact with the flora and fauna. Somewhere eats animals and plants, which it is using in everyday life and for the construction or establishment of ammunition or just touching, walking through the forests, mountains and deserts. And not all of these animals and plants as harmless and safe. Many of them are dangerous by their habits, and some just toxic. Sometimes, it is enough to touch some beetle or a tree trunk – and can be greatly ill or even die. So it is necessary a good understanding of the flora and fauna. Well, if you're an ordinary biologist – Read more [...]
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How to scare, to escape from wild animals

wild nature fraught with a lot of dangers. One of the threats to human in extreme environments are wild animals, large predators. Although, the most dangerous predators on the planet – human; without weapons, equipment, support, friends, lonely wanderer yield strength dangerous predators, moreover, in their habitat. Yet, the most powerful weapon a person – is the brain. And even when the forces are not equal, savvy can help resist in the confrontation with wild animals. On the methods of protection from predators and wild – we'll talk today. If there is the risk of big game or Read more [...]
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Safety Camp

Even when you are alone with the wildlife, in the struggle for survival, man needs rest. We need to break up a makeshift camp and arrange accommodation. Of course, this would not halt mnogozvezdochnym hotel, and feel safe It is not necessary. In this article we will talk about security camp, Parking in the wild. Rule №1. Ways to retreat. When choosing a place for the camp, consider possible ways of escape in the event of unforeseen circumstances. You may be attacked by wild animals and you do not have to be trapped. It is for this reason dangerous to arrange accommodation in caves with a single Read more [...]
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Catching fish from under the ice

Once in an extreme situation in winter taiga, forest, or a region, frost-bound, you should use every opportunity to get food. With food in the winter woods or on a snow-covered plain, as you know, very difficult. If on your way met frozen pond, whether it be a lake, river, swamp – worth a try catching fish from under the ice. About this talk in this article.First, you need to figure out how to break the ice. Well, if the ice is thin, it can be quite a powerful punch and a sharpened stick. If the ice is thick, the case becomes more complicated. You need to use the kind of ice: strong stick Read more [...]
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Ponds — food source

In conditions Extreme environmental survival must be search for ponds not only for replenishment of the liquid not only to guide and Road search for people, but also due to the fact that near water and in themselves You can get food. Thus, much easier and effectively than away from water. It is important to understand and to triple the efforts to detect rivers, lakes itp As practice shows, the closer to the water bodies, the richer and more varied vegetation. And the richer species composition – the more likely find edible plants. The same cattail, with edible roots, sugar cane and more. Water Read more [...]
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The storage of excess provisions

In marching extreme conditions it is important not only to produce and prepare food. Not less important correctly to get out and hide surplus food reserve. Why this squeamishness? Quite simply, in the area where you were can be large predatory animals that can smell the smell of something to eat for many miles, and «see you at the light». I do not think anyone would be happy in such guests, and even on their own territory ... For this we must all eat; waste carefully dig deeper, so far away from the Parking lot. If the food was left, not counting private preserves, it is safest to keep Read more [...]
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Packing Aft Bear

    Pic: Scott E Translate via ShutterstockAlaska is silvertip land. Bears drift done neighborhoods, marauding methamphetamine cans and dog nutrient bowls. They rove chief streets, college campuses. They get hit by cars. If you project to expend any clock external, respectfulness for bruins isn't optional. In 2003, 25-year-old explorer and Alaska transfer Dan Bigley was sportfishing the Russian River when a gray mauled him. The price he took was unbelievable: His brass and skull were chopped, he confused both eyes and his smell, and he'd undergo six surgeries in iii age fair Read more [...]
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Russian Distance Mice Reappearance to Ground

A Russian capsule carrying 45 mice, 15 newts, and a server of early little, mayhap lovely animals, returned from a one-month charge in range Sunday. The Bion-M spacecraft landed safely in the Orenburg neighborhood of Russia, around 750 miles s of Moscow, according to Russian Commission Ascendance.On with snails and gerbils, the capsulate holds recorded information that Russian scientists trust volition assist pave the way for the low manned flights to Mars. A battlefield lab has already been deployed good the landing locate so that scientists can get observant the effects of microgravity on the Read more [...]
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Junket: Roadkill

    Pic: Galyna Andrushko/Shutterstock.coRoute collisions suffer claimed a startling issue of Florida panthers, but redesigned roadstead sustain vitiated the price.Now that drive has befuddled its mojo among Millennials, mayhap we'll see a fall in the fearful wildlife last price that vehicles take on byways and highways from Augusta to Arcata: one to two trillion drained animals p.a.. So again, Sister Boomers are unassuming in droves, trading their casual commutes for maybe interminable RV roadtrips.Summation, the decease price could get as clime commute forces roughly animals to Read more [...]
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The Deadliest Animals in the U.S.

Alligators and crocodiles landed in the act 10 blot in the CDC's database.     Exposure: stephen via ShutterstockWhether it's by sting, stifling, mordacious, butting, boot, or any otc sort of inadvertent or villainous agency, animals hurt millions and obliterate hundreds of mass yearly. The Centers for Disease Command and Bar (CDC) keeps a database of the fatalities. Dr. Joseph Forrester and colleagues pulled all of the representation's statistics from 1999 to 2007, unionized and analyzed what they constitute, so wrote a report—fittingly highborn "Fatalities From Deadly Read more [...]
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U.S. To Fasten Chimpanzee Protections

A project by U.S. wildlife officials to hold confined chimpanzees as endangered could reduce restrictions on the use of chimps for checkup explore and amusement, finish a decades-long schism 'tween the way the administration regulates absorbed chimps and their wild-born cousins.Authored by the U.S. Angle and Wildlife Overhaul, the proposition would demand multitude utilizing, sidesplitting, or transporting chimps to utilize for a federal countenance. According to USA Nowadays, while creature rights advocates let applauded the determination, approximately explore groups bear place against it."Busyness Read more [...]
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Bailiwick: Pot Cleanup Uncommon Fishers in the Sierra Nevada

Poisons meant to hold shaving animals out from pot grows in California's Sierra Interior Timber are wreaking mayhem on the pekan, a rarified weasel-like creature, researchers say. In a report promulgated this hebdomad in Preservation Letters, a squad of veterinarian scientists for the University of California-Davis deliberate the endurance rates of 46 woman fishers and compared them against the localization of poison-laden ontogeny sites that had been observed passim the arena. The researchers base that illegal grows were the near probably crusade of intoxication, as real few of the radio-collared Read more [...]
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Pig in Sweatpants Reclaimed From Car

Seattle fauna ascendancy officials are investigation the suit of a man who odd a belittled dog and a pot-bellied pig erosion sweatpants to overheat in a car.According to constabulary, a bystander saw the odd couplet miserable and called 9-11. Government arrived to discovery the animals heaving and unenrgetic. They besides establish empty-bellied nutrient and urine bowls, errant dejection, on with the keys in the kindling and the doors unsecured.Officers gave the animals piss and were capable to site the car’s possessor in a bar refine the street. The man allegedly became agitated and Read more [...]
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Tigers In Indonesia Shoetree Six, Pop One

A radical of constabulary and commons officials reclaimed pentad men that had been cornered by six tigers for five-spot years in Indonesia's Rise Leuser Subject Common. The aggroup was helped from the branches, where they had subsisted off of rainfall piss. The 6th penis of their company was mauled to last originally in the ordeal when he fly from a limb.The six men earlier went into the common to explore for a uncommon agar-agar solicit ill-used in perfumes and exasperate. Piece caparison animals for nutrient, they unintentionally caught a tiger cub, angering its generate and leadership fivesome Read more [...]
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Townsfolk to Put Cervid on the Lozenge

Communities in New York’s Westchester County sustain foresighted victimised hunters to ascendence cervid populations, but now one townsfolk, Hastings-on-Hudson, is pickings a more reformist approaching. The townspeople, collectively Tufts University’s Plaza for Animals and World Insurance, bequeath behaviour the outset experiments in cervid regularization victimization immunocontraception, or, more but, nativity ascendancy.More 50 residents get already volunteered to assistance with the experimentation, trailing the animals so they can be cornered and hardened. “It’s bright,” Read more [...]
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Florida Panhandle Cladding a Birth Crisis

Melanize gestate encounters are on the advance in the Florida Panhandle, with 100 more sightings than common this class, according to officials with the Florida Angle and Wildlife Preservation Perpetration. With more bears roughly and twist trespassing on their habitat, officials program to clasp a shop to learn residents how to safely be aboard their four-legged neighbors.Officials promise to cut the bit of bear-human interactions by guardianship the animals out from populated areas and in the wood. But they demand to carry citizenry to blockage unwittingly alimentation—and attracting the Read more [...]
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