Photo Anatoly Mailkova Childhood is gone, youth flew, came maturity. As simple as it is destined to all! But we do not notice it. Weekdays devour our senses concerns, problems, routine existence. Yet zealous lives in us and makes sometimes shake and feel a unprecedented strength and energy.Finding his father's garage in an old box and ice screws-blade, I kindled a desire to go ice fishing. In Strogino, where my family settled, there was a huge number of water bodies formed in the floodplain of the quarries as a result of withdrawal of sand for construction.In those days, the area Read more [...]
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Functional Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim

We were unparalleled on the border of the humans, peering into inkiness. Dark silence had its hold on the G Canon, and solitary a fainthearted scrim of pink chicken seamed the view.Septenary track miles and 4,600 erect feet downstairs us, the Colorado River snaked, bottle-green and inhuman, done approximately of the oldest open shake on the satellite. The air was 35 degrees, with a igniter snap; the iii of us stood trembling in underdrawers and slenderize farting jackets, headlamps aflicker. Someplace crosswise the unobserved chasm, the N Rim loomed indifferently in the colored, wait for another Read more [...]
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TOKAREVA Maria (25.03 (06.04) .1894, Nikolaev 27.01.1965. Sverdl.), Actress, Nar. Art. RSFSR (1950). Rod. family servant. Acting skills gained in the Ukrainian kult.-raising on the island of Enlightenment. Theatrical career began in Simferopol, continued in Tbilisi, Mogilev, Nikolaev, Bryansk, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl. Season 1913-14 worked in the touring troupe M.Dalskogo. From 1931 to Sverdl. Drama Theatre. TV images were subject to dramatic and tragic sound, as well as typical. Roles: Shura (Egor Boulichev and other Gorky, 1933), Spring (Spring Love K. Trenev, 1934), Anna Karenina (Leo Tolstoy's Read more [...]
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City championship has gone beyond

     Open Championship City Figure Skating "Tagilskaya icicle" held in the Palace of ice sports behalf VK Sotnikov.     – Past few years, these events have gone beyond Nizhny Tagil. This year, the fight for first place came the young skaters from Ekaterinburg, Chrysostom, Orenburg, Krasnouralsk. Unfortunately, this year's participants less than usual, about 250 people, as our Championship City coincided with major competitions in Pervouralsk – said figure skating coach school sports "Satellite" Anna Boldin.     Age Read more [...]
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The best fishing on the lake Soldier

I love fishing, very often we gather with friends for a catch. Favorite place is lake Soldier lies on the southern edge of the town of Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai.Flows from the lake and little river, which flows into the river Rakovka on the outskirts of the City. Fishermen there are always a lot! Now I'm with a guy over the weekend I went fishing first bite was not very much and was caught a little fish. But later the situation changed and we caught a lot of whales. Fishing has left unforgettable memories and all were satisfied. Colmar Anna, Primorsky Krai, the city of Ussuriisk.#gallery-1 { margin: Read more [...]
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KIRPISCHIKOVA Anna (02 (14) .02.1838, Polaznensky zd. Perm. Lip. 17.04.1927, Perm), writer. Rod. in the family of the employee. Learned to read and write independently. The first story Antipas G. Merezhin and pov. Corrupted. Of national life publ. in the journal. Contemporary (1865). Moral support NA Nekrasov identified Lita. K. Its activities pov. How to live in Cumorah (1867), The Past (From the notes upravitelskoy daughter) (1876), recent (From the memoirs upravitelskoy daughter) (1877), Petrushka Rudometov (Essays on the mining life) (1878) publ. in the journal. Notes of the Fatherland. On Read more [...]
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Traps for Demidova

Absolutely brilliant and lucky for Akinfiy Demidov five years from the death of Peter, and to the reign of Anne had been changed for him over the years dashing and dangerous. Spring flood in 1733 washed away the newly built factory Revdinsky dam swept home with the mechanics, demolish factory buildings. About coastal erosion in Duck plant, water destroyed the pier, claimed harvested for blast furnace coal, wood, wood for building plows and raft. At the same time there was a big fire on Kolyvano Resurrection plant losses do not count But mining magnate struck not only an element. Appearing at Read more [...]
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Zbrueva Anna V.

Zbrueva Anna V. (25.06 (07.07) .1894, Moscow -06.09. 1965, Moscow), archaeologist, Dr. ist. Sciences. (1935). Rod. family servant. She graduated from the Moscow State University (1925). Worked cum. teacher, freelancer SHM, scientific. employee of Moose. Ethnology and the Muses. Anthropology, Moscow State University, from 1936 to 1962 -sotrudnikom State. Acad. History mat. Culture (Institute of Archeological. USSR). Specialist in archaeological. Kama region. The author of nearly 50 scientific. publications. Awarded hordes. Tr. Cr. Sign., Medal For Valiant Labor in the Great World War II. Op .: Read more [...]
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)) I just had to syskrinet ..Helen Adeyewa

14 Nov 2013 at 13:39|I like50123 42 commentAnna Leith replied Nicholas Malinovo Nikolay, why? You even wrote with typos, but I fully realized the meaning conveyed.14 Nov 2013|Konstantin Vasiliev replied Helen Dikaioi Helen, if we have the arrow indicator, then what to draw compass???? :) Just draw wind rose:) that's it Yes, all maps are based, and they do not care where the compass points. But if you draw a compass needle damn most important, his mother-etiti-through-three-snags-ereny-index14 Nov 2013|Nicholas Malinov replied Anna Leyte Anna Read more [...]
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Still alive

    Alas often something surprised in life. This time positive shock is associated with me with the following recent events. Deconstructing your home archive, active local historian Hope V. Klevtsova found a clipping from issue of the newspaper "Taghilsky working" 20 August 1936 with the picture of his sister and her friends, members of the City Flying Club. Once in this club came the first secretary of the Tagil City Committee of the Bolshevik Party, SS Okudzhava. His interested than girls live. Do they engage in such a risky sport? What they accumulated problems?     Read more [...]
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BYCHKOVA Anna Nikolaevna

BYCHKOVA Anna Nikolaevna (06 (18) .06.1886, Nyazepetrovsky zd ECAT. Y. Perm. Lip. 05.07.1985, Sverdlov.), Rev., Desks. figure. Rod. of a teacher. In 1905 she graduated from the ECAT. wives. gymnasium. Teacher in Shemakhi s de. Since that time, was involved in a roar. work: spread roar. Lita-py, led circle roar. configured slave. and teachers. Pers. RSDLP since 1906 In 1907, arrested, exiled to the Yenisei province. In 1911 he fled, emigrated to France, and then in the United States. In 1917 he returned to Russia. In 1917-18 secretary. Union of Metalworkers of ECAT. In 1919 he worked in the Information Read more [...]
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Florida’s Outflank Islands: Anna Mare Island

Anna Mare Island.     Exposure: Scar Winfrey/ShutterstockA:Evening though Anna Mare Island sits less than an minute s of Tampa Bay, this approachable, family-friendly sandpaper fleck feels wholly distant from the urban fuss. Thither’s no McDonald’s on the seven-mile-long island due to hard-and-fast zoning laws, local ordinances restrain buiilding high to no than iii stories, and unfreeze trolleys run upwards its distance on Disconnection Cause so you can hop a rag alternatively of drive your car. The solvent is a pretension-free hideaway that’s astonishingly Read more [...]
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What Are the Scoop Unexplored Island Escapes in Florida?

Anna Mare Island.     Picture: AHPix/ShutterstockA:I don’t cogitate thither’s a bandage of island larger than a postage in Florida that would characterize as “unexplored,” but thither are decidedly alternatives to Key W that are practically quieter and less trammeled. These tercet destinations, all off the commonwealth’s Disconnection Sea-coast, forthwith pertain brain. Apiece one has an unspoilt vibration that makes it sluttish to gaffe into island clip.Cedarwood KeySiesta KeyAnna Mare Island Read more [...]
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Stretches of Spain

Rio Years: Puente Romano and Rio Guadalquivir in Cordoba, Spain     Exposure: Kindra Clineff/Indicator NeckclothRio Years: Puente Romano and Rio Guadalquivir in Cordoba, SpainFEW MILES Downriver FROM ALMODÓVariant del Rio on Spain's Guadalquivir River, I saw what I'd been dreading for years: my wife, Rosalie, and our 17-year-old girl, Anna, bureau inscrutable in loyal irrigate, their crocked kayak sour vertical to the flow and pressed against a corner that had fallen from the cant. They had been paddling before, refine a specify channelize with infuse, wooded banks and approximately Read more [...]
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The Carpathian basin can become an active volcanic area

on January 25. As revealed in the new geological studies of the Carpathian basin may again become an active volcanic zone, said volcanologists University Eotvos loránd University (ELTE) in Hungary. The latest methodology used by geologists indicate that the crater scenic lake Sfanta Ana (Szent Anna - St. Anna), in the former Hungarian Transylvania region, can be a hot spot access molten lava, which ultimately can break the surface. Hungarian scientists have recently discovered evidence that the last known eruption occurred here «just» 30 thousand years ago. This suggests that mountain Read more [...]
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Electric people

For the first time the phenomenon of "electric people" was investigated in 1846 godu.15 January this year a French girl named Angelica koten, who recently turned 14 years old, had to go through a strange state, lasting no more than quire minutes. As she approached an object, they immediately bounced away. Even very heavy furniture from a light touch of her hands and started jumping around the room spinning. The French Academy of Sciences formed a special study group to study the case, and in the February issue of "Journal de Debat" report was published in this group. According Read more [...]
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In the Donetsk region hosts the Chupacabra

Local residents said they saw a strange animal in the area in the fall. Sinister and murderous Chupacabra appeared in the Donetsk region. Tonight she strangled rabbits in a private courtyard in the village Dimitrovo Krasnoarmeiskii. Lyubov hostess said they were awakened heart-rending barking dog. When looked out the window - saw an unknown animal. - The husband says that he saw only the tail. I considered - I'm out of the window he runs straight. Black, healthy - said Lyuba. Traces in the snow beast. People claim the animal is strong. For a few seconds he managed to hang on to Read more [...]
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1990 — Bronx Warriors / 1990 — The Bronx Warriors (1983)

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy CountryItaly Year: 1983 DirectorEnzo G. Castellari Cast: Vic Morrow / Vic Morrow /, Christopher Connelly / Christopher Connelly /, Fred Williamson / Fred Williamson Post-apocalyptic New York, 1990. A young girl, Anna (Stefania Girolami) runs from a powerful corporation. After it sends nutty killer (Vic Morrow). Do not blindly Anna is in the Bronx, where fighting gangs of thugs. Acquainted with the leader of one of the gangs of trash (Mark Gregory), Anna finds in him a care and support. Trash decides to help Anna get rid of his pursuers, and at the same time Read more [...]
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Earth is dying in tears / The Earth dies screaming (1962)

Name: Earth dies screaming / The Earth Dies Screaming Year: 1965 Country: United Kingdom Genre: Fantasy Duration: 1:02 Directed by: Terence Fisher / Terence Fisher Cast: Willard Parker / Willard Parker, Virginia Field / Virginia Field, Dennis Price / Dennis Price, Thorley Walters / Thorley Walters, Vanda Godsell / Vanda Godsell, David Spencer / David Spenser, Anna Polk / Anna Palk Description: Director of this low-budget British sci-fi movie is none other than the famous Englishman Terence Fisher - the creator of "The Mummy" with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, and other wonderful Read more [...]
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Infernal rain (Anna's Storm (Hell's Rain)) (2007)

Name: Infernal rain (Anna's Storm (Hell's Rain)) Genre: thriller / romance / thriller / fantasy Year: 2007 Language: Russian professional translation Director (s): Kristoffer Tabori Actors: Karen Austin, Eileen Barrett, Chuck Campbell, Robert Clark, Linda Darlow, Scott Hilends, William Jacobson, Paul Jarrett, Peter Lacroix Duration: 90 min Description: Anna Davenport, the mayor of the town ALTEK, used on a routine basis to settle complex problems, but now it will have to do the impossible, to help its citizens to experience a large-scale disaster. Without warning, fiery meteors wreaked Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).