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2011 in Russia became one of the warmest in the entire history of

3 anwana. 2011 in Russia became one of the warmest in the entire history of observations, yielding only 1995 and 2007, according to the hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation. «Ended 2011 was in Russia is very warm. He ranked third in the series. Only in 2007 (the warmest in the country's history) and in 2005 the average annual air temperature was respectively 0.4 degrees 0.1 degrees above», — according to the Weather. According to meteorologists, the strongest temperature anomaly was observed in the Arctic, where the average annual air temperature was 4 to Read more [...]
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Turkish Riviera quarter annual rate per night

Famous for its long sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast of Anatolia is a gem of a resort in Turkey. Summer under the influence of stable anti-cyclone is formed in dry and hot weather, with average daytime temperatures around +30. However, in winter over the warm Mediterranean Sea there is an active cyclogenesis, amplified difficult mountainous terrain. This period is called the "rainy season", which brings about 80% of average annual rainfall (1057 mm).© S. Kuelcue | Shutterstock.comThe initiator of the current wet anomaly was extensive deep high trough stretching Read more [...]
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Outfitting a annual actuate to Japan

Workweek of February 26-March 4, 1998 Kinsfolk vacations for high-powered boys Exciting honeymoons on a stringent budget Impulsive cross-country for $25 a day African campaign for a category of phoebe Outfitting a annual activate to JapanOutfitting a annual trip-up to JapanInquiry: I am preparation to exercise in Japan for one class. I am sole departure to yield a 72-litre ring but I wishing to be fain for any adventures that get my way in my unornamented Read more [...]
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Climatologists argue annual rings

February 5, 2013. Climate reconstruction based on annual rings, the latter being actively challenged. For example, in 1998 climatologist Michael Mann had the misfortune publish graph of temperature changes in the Northern hemisphere, called \"hockey stick\" because of the abrupt warming in the twentieth century. Since then scientist became the favorite target of critics of the hypothesis of anthropogenic climate change.Over the noise of the blogosphere, it is difficult to discern a truly scientific discussion on this topic, but it is and our hero recently also entered.Last year, Read more [...]
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The water crisis in Israel

The head of the water resources of Israel Uri Shani said that in 2012, Israel will suffer a very serious water crisis during the existence of the state. He alleged that the aquifer Kinneret will almost exhausted because of the ongoing seven-year drought. He said that the level of Israel's largest freshwater reservoir falls below the so-called "black" mark.Shani warned that the end of 2012, the total water resources in Israel will be reduced to 240 million cubic meters of natural sources and 300 million cubic meters, which will be obtained through the desalination of sea water. In Read more [...]
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The cost of nuclear capacity that is likely to threaten the survival of human civilization

Although nuclear weapon creates the theoretical possibility of universal destruction, the practical feasibility of such projects depends on their value. If you divide the cost of the nuclear program of the U.S. made bombs, the average price of the charge will be 1-40 million dollars, according to estimates A. Anisimov in the article "Development of China's strategic forces and the problem of the adequacy of the situation of U.S. foreign policy" [Anisimov, 2002]. If the total radiation contaminated soil to 1000 bombs from the shell of cobalt, such a project would cost about $ 40 Read more [...]
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Hunting Lesson

Some time ago I was invited to accompany the group of friends who gathered for the annual moose hunt. I was told that this company is going along for the ninth year. Finding themselves in unfamiliar territory, I could not pass up the chance. I went to learn topography closer acquainted with characteristic herbs and find hot spots animal habitats. I got the proper permissions and took with him a gun. During hunting season, it was possible, and I began to look forward to steak tender elk. Hunt was to begin at the ranch of a local farmer who is suffering from moose attacks that destroyed Read more [...]
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The climate is temperate continental. The average air temperature, according to long-term observations Truskavetska hydrometeorological station, varies from 6.5 to 8,8 ° C, that is very small. Minimum daily air temperature observed in the morning before sunrise, the maximum - about 14 hours of the day. The amplitude of the average monthly temperature is 30 ° C. The warmest months are July and August, and cold - January and February. In warmer months, the average monthly temperature is 20 ° C, in the cold - not lower than -10 ° C. The positive air temperatures are observed at all times of Read more [...]
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Rationing fishing boar

The shooting of a boar conducted under license. Standards are set for each fishing year based on annual increment. Hunting rules can not be the same everywhere. In fixing the use of hunting organizations should consider in addition to the annual increment fodder capacity, as well as damage caused by animals to the environment. If the land may, without prejudice to feed more animals than in their lives (for example, in the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia), it should shoot a smaller number of animals, the percentage of withdrawal from the population must be below the annual increment. If Read more [...]
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Gulyavnik - another crucifer for spring salad, or rather another kind of cruciferous because gulyavnikov only four in the suburbs, and all of them are edible. Frankly, that from this point of view, met with some of the most common herbs in gathering material for this book. And not just in theory. Although the determinant of plant Moscow region and stated that gulyavniki occur occasionally, do not pay attention. This applies to the whole territory of the region, and gulyavniki chosen for its location close to the existence of man, in the same determinant for each one and the same note: weed, Read more [...]
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Opatija - Former Abbatsiya - the famous seaside resort, the climate station and major tourist center of the former Yugoslavia. Located in the Republic of Croatia, 20 kilometers west of the port city of Rijeka. Located on the east coast of the Istrian peninsula, in the depth of Rijeka Bay, one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic. Protected from the north-west mountain range Učka (1396 m) and from the north chain Dinaric Alps resort its mild, temperate humid subtropical climate with an average annual temperature of 13,2 °, close to the average temperature of Sochi. Average temperature Read more [...]
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When the movement goal-3

Forests cover more than 17 square kilometers of the 38 square kilometers of the total area of Karlovy Vary. Special charm of these forests is that they are presented with the opportunity to come into contact not only with the flora and the fauna. A lover of jogging related how he had to play catch-up with the hare on the road leading to the monument to Peter the Great. Hare sitting quietly on the trail, when the bend it left a runner. Apparently, the rabbit did not want to go off the road, and he trotted on. But his pursuer was a seasoned runner, they also captured the excitement catch the Read more [...]
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Passed in 2011 in Russia was one of the warmest ever

3 yanvanya. Passed in 2011 in Russia was one of the warmest on record, behind only 1995 and 2007, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center. "Completed in 2011 in Russia was very warm. He is third in the ranked list. Only in 2007 (the warmest in history), and in 2005 the average annual air temperature was 0.4 degrees, respectively, and by 0.1 degrees higher, "- said the Weather Service. According to meteorologists, the strongest temperature anomaly was observed in the Arctic, where the average annual temperature was 4-5 degrees above normal. This anomaly was detected on the Read more [...]
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White birch, or fluffy

A tree up to 20 m tall, with white bark (young trees - a reddish-brown), and stretched up or facing branches, annual shoots pubescent. The leaves are ovate or rhombic-ovate, rounded at the base and tapered at the top, lubchatye, young leaves pubescent. Blooms in April and May, before the deployment of leaflets. Seeds ripen in late August and September. Is widespread in Europe (including European Russia), in the Caucasus and Siberia. It grows in damp places and relatively well tolerated with stagnant moisture, usually on the margins of swamps and bogs, on moist banks of various water bodies, Read more [...]
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