Journalists looking for 34 channels in the devastated ghost Dnepropetrovsk hospital

Dilapidated buildings - and their in Dnepropetrovsk - dozens - attract and fascinate. Almost every city of ruin, you can write a book or script for horror films. And even if there is nothing terrible happened - the historical truth still few will install ... - and the city will continue to go Xia legends and mystical traditions. The journalists of the "On The Road" reveals the secrets of ancient ruins. Hospital "Red Cross" in the street Korolenko looks ominous even in broad daylight ... Homeless, strange sounds and ghosts - the most innocent of what attribute this building. Read more [...]
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Plasmoids — a special form of life. Part-4

Expert in the field of geophysics and one of the most respected scientists on the study of plasma Bocconi Leo says that such plasma formations can take many forms, and can travel at speeds of up to 1500 km / h Notable attraction of these "creatures" to places where there are large fires or large industrial complexes, they often follow the aircraft. Meetings of plasmoids in the anomalous zones and "places of power" is not so rare, and they were seen on the dolmens and in areas of high radioactivity. Ilya Ivanov, researcher of anomalous phenomena suggests that escapes Read more [...]
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The burning land near Artemovsk

on 20 September. 15 kilometers from Artemovsky detected anomalous zone. Plot of land with a diameter of 30 meters strewn with ashes, there was formed a strange crater, the earth was steaming the second month, the trees were uprooted, and no one can explain this mysterious phenomenon.The land is completely covered with ashes, accidentally discovered a local gamekeeper Vladimir. To understand what happened, he came closer and regret - the red-hot ground burned his rubber boots: \"Fragments we have not found. There's a hole in the ground there, the ashes of many left - 30-40 centimeters in Read more [...]
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Magnetic anomalies and anomalous zones

If you look at the world map, in some areas you can see the Earth's magnetic field distortion or magnetic anomalies. They are formed by deposits of various breeds with magnetizable property, under the surface of the crust. This is primarily iron minerals. The study of Earth's geomagnetic field anomalies can find places deposits of valuable ores. But it is often associated with a number of different areas scary and fun. A lot of people lost in the anomalous zones, trying to uncover their secrets.Kursk Magnetic AnomalyThe most famous of the magnetic anomalous zone of Russia is the Kursk Read more [...]
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Fishing on the quot;fightquot;, quot;blowquot;, quot;splashquot; or quot;pullsquot;

Chub caught in a "splash" or "battle", a dozen more, caught a simple tactic. Designated the "battle" are quite diverse. Asp often going under dams, where he hits on the border of fast jets and relatively calm water. He regularly attends the "anomalous" land amid the monotonous coastline (Cape Island or outgoing from the shore shallows amid great depths). If the "anomalous" place one of its kind in the extended area of the reservoir, there accumulates a large number of predators. Generally, asp can be observed schooling and individual ways open Read more [...]
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