Heavyweight Canon Observed In Greenland

Scientists researching clime alteration let unknowingly observed one of the earth's biggest canyons below the ice sheets of Greenland. Carven out by a river more quartet jillion geezerhood ago, the concealed vale is 800 kilometers yearn and 800 meters recondite, fashioning it yearner than Arizona's Thousand Canon. “The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets cover lots," prof David Vaughan from British Antarctic Resume told BBC Word. "It’s somewhat surprising to obtain this canon. Greenland isn’t that big for a canon of that sizing, and for it to outlast in its pre-glacial Read more [...]
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Closedown Hits Antarctic Inquiry

The cockle gist from the authorities closedown in Washington D.C. is now organism mat more 9,900 miles off at the S Terminal. The U.S. Antarctic Syllabus efficaciously proclaimed that explore trips to Antartica suffer been canceled until farther observation. On October 14, finances for this plan testament run dry until a federal budget is sanctioned by Relation. As of Monday morn, ships and explore stations exploited by scientists passim the U.S. leave hap "caretaker condition." Icebreakers and airplanes testament sole be working nutrient, fire, and supplies for those already at Read more [...]
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"White CAPTIVITY" The action of the movie takes place in the vast expanses of Antarctica in 1993. Employee Antarctic station Jerry Sheppard and Dr. Davis Institute McLaren went dog sledding in search of a meteor. Because of the strong storm the station was evacuated, and 8 dogs Northern husky were alone, in the snow on the chain.At first it was supposed to come back after a number of days, but the storm lasted, and then the coming of winter, this is not allowed .The dogs had to survive the Antarctic winter in one for about 6 months, experiencing , actually human betrayal, hoping that Read more [...]
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Sea-level rise is inevitable

According to the latest report of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), as a result of global climate change, which will lead to the melting of ice in the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland, and as a result - an increase in global sea level, the water will be large areas of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives will be submerged and the archipelago of Tuvalu. Homeless can stay 100 million Asians, 14 million Europeans, 8 million people in Africa and South America. Stefan Rahmstorf German scientist, whose research is based on the forecast of sea-level rise of 1.4 meters, said that rising Read more [...]
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Communication between the Australian drought and Antarctic snowfall

New South Wales, January 2010, (AFP photo). Drought pursuing southwestern Australia from the 1970s, is associated with a heavy snowfall in East Antarctica. And the roots of this phenomenon lie probably in global warming. Employees of the Australian Antarctic Division Tas van Ommen and Vin Morgan believe that the drought, which resulted in winter precipitation decreased by 15-20% - a very unusual compared to what was happening in the region last 750 years. Hand in hand with this phenomenon is the same and just as abnormal growth of precipitation at Dome of the law - the icy mountain, on the coast Read more [...]
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In the west of Antarctica, everything changed

American research vessel Laurence M. Gould in Antarctic waters The climate of the Antarctic Peninsula is in three record for the rate of change. Its coasts are changing all the components of ecosystems. Scientists are trying to understand how it is possible to keep up with such a rapid process. Scientists from several American universities, led by Dr. Oscar Skolfilda (Oscar Scholfield) from Rutgers University in the pages of the journal Science, analyzed the most recent data on the state of ecosystems of the Antarctic Peninsula, and trying to figure out how best to explore this part of Antarctica.Antarctic Read more [...]
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survival medicine

Case samoopredelenia: appendicitis.November 5, 1960 Leonid went on diesel-electric ship "Ob" in Antarctica as Dr. 6-th Russian Antarctic expedition. In Antarctica, where the vessel arrived in December, Leonid Rogozov, in addition to its basic position, acting meteorologist and even the driver.After 9 weeks of preliminary work, February 18, 1961, in the Schirmacher oasis was opened a new Russian e Antarctic station Novolazarevskaya. During the first winter it was released, an event that made the 27-year-old doctor is known throughout the world. on April 29, 1961 Leonid found themselves in disturbing Read more [...]
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What are the humanity’s scoop hazard destinations?

Milford Fathom, New Zealand     Exposure: edwin.11/FlickrA:Wow, where to start? I conjecture if I were to tack an shortened pail lean for mankind travelers, it would admit these cinque destinations:Ski the AlpsI could try to get originative and severalise you to ski Chilly in the summertime, but the impossibly yearn slopes and notched, purple peaks that stretching into incessantly, not to cite the ethnic sapidity, micturate the Alps the ultimate skiing have. Contract your selection from Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, or Germany. My hint is Saas-Fee in the German speechmaking Read more [...]
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Lightbulbs Can Transmute Your Wellness

Unless your work is the big open, chances are your spot firing isn't salient—and that's not expectant for your upbeat. But researchers get hit the saving, deciding that a particular rather contrived lightness can helper hold your biologic rhythms right synchronised—and they've successfully well-tried it in the well-nigh utmost real-world weather.Scientists recognize that whiten igniter enriched with dark wavelengths efficaciously helps sync the personify's biologic time, which is staggeringly influential on things similar retention, cardiovascular procedure, and kip tone. But the Read more [...]
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What Happened to Antarctic Touristry?

Three-thousand fewer citizenry visited Antarctica conclusion twelvemonth, devour 8.3 pct from the 36,875 visitors recorded the class earlier. The External Affiliation of Antarctic Go Operators expects the totality to drib flush encourage for the coming 2011-2012 locomote mollify, when an environmental ban on the sail transport fire oils from the External Marine Constitution goes into force in Venerable. Death class, lone a reduce bulk of Antarctic tourists set substructure on the celibate. The balance sailed done the Southerly Sea, a far-famed terminus for glacier rubber-necking. In February 2010, Read more [...]
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Antarctic Explorers Cornered in Ice

More 100 geezerhood ago, Australian geologist Douglas Mawson and his crony Xavier Mertz made their way crossways a frosty celibate in the Southerly Sea during the Australasian Antarctic Junket of 1911. They ran out of nutrient and ate their sledging dogs. Mertz died and respective crevasse waterfall after, Mawson returned to Mantle Denison in 1913. Upon his reaching the beginning recoverer reportedly aforementioned "My God, which one are you?"Originally this month, a the Russian-made watercraft, the MV Akademic Shokalskiy, array to quicken Mawson’s journeying to figure a icon of Read more [...]
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Penguins Can’t Fly, But Evidently They Can Raise

"Maybe the less-agile emperor penguin is too capable to ascent slopes."     Pic: Daniel D. Snyder/Getty ImagesA new field shows that in late geezerhood, around emperor penguin colonies fleetly altered to a want of Antarctic sea ice by moving their procreation cause—to the super of nigh 100-foot ice cliffs.A grouping of researchers depart to settle why two colonies of emperor penguins are sometimes ground on sea ice and over-the-counter multiplication are atop big ice shelves. Analyzing imposingly pictorial orbiter images and airy surveys, they saw that, in age when Read more [...]
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Antarctica froze 37 million years, and now covered with grasses

Now Antarctica is one of the places on Earth where warming occurs particularly rapidly. And before that, over 37 million years, Antarctica has cooled down. During this period the temperature was not increased at any time, and only the last 50 years, scientists observe the reverse process, when the coldest continent began to warm up. This conclusion was made by a group of scientists led by Dr. John Anderson, John B. Anderson) from rice University (Rice University (Houston, USA) based on pollen analysis, ice drilling and seismic measurements in the Antarctic Peninsula region - the Northern tip of Read more [...]
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The invasion of the Royal crabs in Antarctica

Icebreaker ODEN is coming to the metro Macmurdo, the main American base in Antarctica. (Eric Niiler for the Washington Post) on March 21. Several years ago, Sven Tatg predicted the emergence of deep-sea crabs in shallow waters in the Antarctic. But this winter biologist and his colleagues have been able to look at the movement of predators seabed while traveling on the ice through the ice-bound Antarctic sea. The vessel was towed underwater vehicle with a pre-installed small digital camera, removing the bottom of the ocean. The camera transmits images of bright red Royal crab length of 10 inches, Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered the volcano at a depth of a kilometer under the ice of Antarctica

November 17, 2013. American geologists have found in the West Antarctic subglacial volcano, located on km depth beneath the ice, which indicates the onset of a period of increased geological activity on the southern continent of the Earth and the accelerated melting of its ice, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Annual ice sheet of Antarctica loses to 2.8 thousand cubic kilometers of ice, and in the last decade, the ice cover is shrinking faster and faster. For a long time it was believed that this is due to the accelerated formation of icebergs, but the American Read more [...]
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Whales and global warming forcing of Antarctic penguins starve

WildImages.)\" width=\"300\" height=\"213\" />Classic scene - \"penguins go hunting\" - in the Antarctic can be observed more rarely. (Photo WildImages.) on April 12. Global warming and limit whaling led to a sharp decline in the population of Antarctic krill is the main delicacy of Antarctic penguins. Ecologists from Southwest research centre for fisheries National oceanic and atmospheric administration research (California, USA) unraveled another food chain, linking penguins, whales, plankton, krill and algae. The reason for the study was a strong decrease in population chinstrap penguins Read more [...]
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World-wide Warning

    Lured by icefloe wildlife and the reality's finis leftover unfeigned wild, increasing numbers of manque Shackletons are venturing bey the Gelid and Antarctic Circles—the chili climes 66.5 degrees northwards and 66.5 s of the equator. Well-nigh 10,000 multitude visited Antarctica in Y2K (up from fewer than 1,000 hardly 25 eld ago). But are the plants and animals fix for a wafture of buzz visitors? Just. These highly frail ecosystems expect exceedingly low-impact traveling. Virtually Pivotal Animals, be they musk cattle in Greenland or Antarctic chinstrap penguins, deliver Read more [...]
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The ozone hole over Antarctica is relatively large

on October 21. The Antarctic ozone hole, which begins to grow every spring, reached its annual peak on 12 September. Its area was 26 million km? ninth indicator for 26 years of observations. The minimum concentration of ozone over the South pole was registered 9 October. Apparently, the average value of the current year will be the tenth place from the end is an encouraging result. Paul Newman from Space flight center NASA to them. Goddard explains that this year's ozone hole was larger than the average, due to the colder stratosphere. In the rest of the sizes of the holes are in the range predicted Read more [...]
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Underwater \»Icicle of Death\» kills all living things on the way

on November 23. Off the coast of British Antarctic research expedition BBC stumbled upon an unusual natural phenomenon. The researchers dubbed him underwater «icicle of death». «Icicle» formed in salt water and kills all the inhabitants of the seabed on its way. This is a strange formation of British scientists is also called brinicle, reports TSN.Terrible video education underwater icicle resembles a horror movie using computer graphics. This phenomenon occurs when the protrusion on the bottom surface of the ice down rushing over salted and the supercooled liquid Read more [...]
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Remote On-line Archives

AdventurersDestruction Soaring BowlerBy Decamp NovakCourtesy of The RacewayStitchery bee: Instauration Adventurer crowd workings to mending the beaten-up sailsAmerican Skim Novak, 48, has sailed 4 Whitbread Troll The Man Races, survived 300,000 bluewater miles and helped set two sea crossbreeding records. For The Wash, Novak is co-skipper alongside the 110-foot maxi-cat Creation Adventurer. Spell he and the bunch of Instauration Adventurer (which Read more [...]
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