Chinese Sportfishing Watercraft Sinks Off Antarctica

A burn, remote-controlled Chinese sportfishing watercraft that was zizagging off the sea-coast of Antarctica finale hebdomad washed-up on Sunday, suggestion an external deliverance travail. The Kai Xin caught blast finis Wednesday and all 97 gang members were reclaimed by the Norwegian krlll sportfishing vas Juvel.Fearing an oil wasteweir, the Chilean navy sent a sauceboat to tow the Kai Xin to refuge. The electrocution 341-foot transport sank ahead they could think it.The nautical collaborator for Chilly's parcel of Antarctica aforesaid that a heavy oil release is unbelievable. “An environmental Read more [...]
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Arctic, Antarctic and taiga

This book is an alloy of invaluable experience, scientific knowledge and practical skills for intrepid explorers of the most extreme places on earth - the Arctic, Antarctic and taiga. The Creator offers a true survival course in the criteria endless permafrost and the terrible taiga climate. What uniforms you need for a polar expedition and hike into the forest? What to do if you ran out of supplies of food? How not to fall into the hands of predators and to protect yourself from possible injuries and diseases? How to kindle a fire with one match? And in the end, how not to get lost in the vast Read more [...]
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Closedown Hits Antarctic Inquiry

The cockle gist from the authorities closedown in Washington D.C. is now organism mat more 9,900 miles off at the S Terminal. The U.S. Antarctic Syllabus efficaciously proclaimed that explore trips to Antartica suffer been canceled until farther observation. On October 14, finances for this plan testament run dry until a federal budget is sanctioned by Relation. As of Monday morn, ships and explore stations exploited by scientists passim the U.S. leave hap "caretaker condition." Icebreakers and airplanes testament sole be working nutrient, fire, and supplies for those already at Read more [...]
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Adjoin of the Engines: The Almost Challenging Gelid Excursion in Story

    Picture: Tyler OlsonFive-spot eld ago, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, oft referred to as the man’s superlative support adventurer, began plotting to glom one of the death big milestones in glacial exploration: skiing 2,000 miles crosswise Antarctica in overwinter. Fiennes, who was the get-go to stretch the Northward and S Poles by country and is the oldest Britt to get climbed Everest (at age 65), primitively conceived the despatch as a two-man violation. But the commission was deemed so parlous—a saving is almost unimaginable in wintertime because of the frigidity—that Read more [...]
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Ben Saunders Sets Out on the Excursion of a Lifespan

Ben Saunders in grooming.     Pic: Andy Cellblock/The Scott JunketBen Saunders is the thirdly in account to ski unaccompanied to the Northwards Rod and holds the platter for the longest unaccompanied Gumshoe journeying by a Britt. This month, Saunders and two over-the-counter adventurers began their endeavour to walkway south Rod from Ross Island, Antarctica. At 1,800 miles terminated the path of iv months it bequeath be the longest unsupported glacial travel in story, and the outset windup of Skipper Scott's doomed Terra Nova jaunt. British Naval Officeholder Skipper Robert Read more [...]
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Chicago-size Berg Unleashed

When the Titanic washed-up, newspapers estimated the berg’s sizing in feet; now, an berg that stone-broke off of Antarctica is existence deliberate in miles. According to The Surround Street Diary, an berg mensuration 270 feather miles that was erst parting of the Ache Island Glacier dislocated from Antarctica earliest this month. The drifting multitude could mannerism a risk for marine transportation 'tween S Africa and S America.“It’s almost the sizing of Chicago, or Singapore,” Robert Fenland, an oceanographer at the University of Southampton, told The Diary. “It Read more [...]
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Communication between the Australian drought and Antarctic snowfall

New South Wales, January 2010, (AFP photo). Drought pursuing southwestern Australia from the 1970s, is associated with a heavy snowfall in East Antarctica. And the roots of this phenomenon lie probably in global warming. Employees of the Australian Antarctic Division Tas van Ommen and Vin Morgan believe that the drought, which resulted in winter precipitation decreased by 15-20% - a very unusual compared to what was happening in the region last 750 years. Hand in hand with this phenomenon is the same and just as abnormal growth of precipitation at Dome of the law - the icy mountain, on the coast Read more [...]
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Huge iceberg broke off Antarctica

Mertz glacier on the coast of Antarctica in the Southern Ocean broke giant iceberg - the area of ​​the upper portion is about 2.5 thousand square kilometers, which is comparable with the territory of the Duchy of Luxembourg. According to scientists this iceberg was pushed into the ocean by another giant iceberg. At the moment the iceberg is moving towards Australia. At the same time it passes through the region of the ocean where the cold water streams are formed involved in ocean currents. According to climate scientists from Australia, the iceberg would have a serious impact on these Read more [...]
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Antarctica is hidden from warming the ozone hole

Paradoxical increase in ice off the coast of Antarctica in the global warming associated with the so-called ozone anomaly in the South Pole. According to the representative of the Arctic Research Institute Alexander Klepikova, reduction of ozone leads to a cooling of the upper atmosphere, and the strengthening winds, protecting Antarctica from warm air, reports RIA "Novosti". "Over the 30 years of observations that we have satellite data, we increase the ice cover in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica, more than 4%," - said the scientist. At the same time, the amount of drift ice at the Read more [...]
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Extraneous Mag, Aug 2000

International     F E A T U R E S Throwing Fine-tune a Slayer Maw Yield two hotdoggers, handwriting them the keys to a spic-and-span Subaru, inventory it with unfreeze boats and adequate cash for après-huck beverages, and beam the prosperous bastards off with two lyric: Receive urine. Wouldn't you deprivation to be a rodeo kayaker? By Cristina OpdahlCuba: A Rehearsal The aspiration: To ply Read more [...]
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Away Mag, Nov 2000

Exterior     F E A T U R E S THE Run OF THE Millenary Peculiar Navigation Off the Border Tied by the grueling standards of sea rivalry, The Raceway, which begins on December 31, 2000, volition be a judgment carouse: a 25,000-mile breakneck dash some Antarctica on state-of-the-art mega-multihulls subject of smashing earth records. That is, if the boats don't rip aside get-go.Go, Upper Racer, Go For Read more [...]
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Arctic ecosystems threatened by the melting of ice in Antarctica

August 7, 2013. According to Australian biologists, the melting of ice in Antarctica leads to the fact that the surface of the ocean floor becomes more exposed to the sun. As a result, underwater polar ecosystems may be "absorbed" algae. Animals that live in the waters of the Arctic and Antarctic, most of their lives in the dark. Sea ice prevents the penetration of sunlight into the water in the spring and early summer, and in winter the sun and all completely disappears behind the horizon. Thus, the only time when these creatures can see the sunlight - late summer and early autumn, the TV channel Read more [...]
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70-degree jump in temperature in Antarctica

The dome of the automatic meteorological station September 27, 2013. Dome Argus is considered to be one of the coldest places on Earth. This is the highest point in Antarctica (4093 m), although one of the least known places on the globe. It is located at one end of the elongated ridge (about 60 km long and 10 km wide). Ice thickness is more than 3000 m Paleo-scientists believe this place is suitable for collecting ice core, which will provide a record of past climate and gaseous composition of the atmosphere in the past, for a period of more than one million years. The lowest temperature in Read more [...]
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Penguin Gets Actually, Genuinely Missed

Penguins, birds that regularly transmigrate more 3,000 miles in the night of overwinter, are among the more directionally competent animals in the humankind. That makes tidings that an emperor penguin has surfaced in New Zealand, 2,000 miles from its house in Antarctica, all the more enigmatical. Biologists remember the penguin was inquisitory for nutrient off the Antarctic seashore when it became anomic and headed n to New Zealand, a area that hasn't had a penguin sighting in 44 eld. Virtually penguins eat slenderly, and the New Zealand raspberry appears swell fed. For now, officials from the Read more [...]
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Antarctica is melting

on may 23. Sea off the coast of Antarctica is warming up to the bottom. This is the conclusion reached by scientists who have returned from an expedition by sea to the Weddell sea. Over the past 26 years, the water temperature here rose by 0.1 degree. In the — melting glaciers, water desalination, the death of hundreds of living organisms. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Antarctica froze 37 million years, and now covered with grasses

Now Antarctica is one of the places on Earth where warming occurs particularly rapidly. And before that, over 37 million years, Antarctica has cooled down. During this period the temperature was not increased at any time, and only the last 50 years, scientists observe the reverse process, when the coldest continent began to warm up. This conclusion was made by a group of scientists led by Dr. John Anderson, John B. Anderson) from rice University (Rice University (Houston, USA) based on pollen analysis, ice drilling and seismic measurements in the Antarctic Peninsula region - the Northern tip of Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered the volcano at a depth of a kilometer under the ice of Antarctica

November 17, 2013. American geologists have found in the West Antarctic subglacial volcano, located on km depth beneath the ice, which indicates the onset of a period of increased geological activity on the southern continent of the Earth and the accelerated melting of its ice, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Annual ice sheet of Antarctica loses to 2.8 thousand cubic kilometers of ice, and in the last decade, the ice cover is shrinking faster and faster. For a long time it was believed that this is due to the accelerated formation of icebergs, but the American Read more [...]
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The Subterraneous Celibate "Rhythm the Crowds—Antarctica Now" by Rob Buchanan (November) implies that the tourism-versus-science fight is new. In fact, it has been approximately since the real commencement of touristry. The 19th-century antiquarians who explored antediluvian Egypt scoffed at the visiting cash-heavy Prudish ladies (but weren't shy astir striking them up for keep). I worked in Antarctica as a physician-scientist in the 1998-'99 flavor and was diverted to see distinctions made eventide among accompaniment stave ("my employment is more life-sustaining than yours") Read more [...]
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The Escapade Continues

Climbers in the Peruvian Andes     Picture: Susana Raab/SunriseClimbers in the Peruvian Andes "WE SHALL Chat THE Daydream now earlier identical longsighted, credibly inside the future chiliad days," Apsley Cherry-Garrard, one of frigid adventurer Robert Falcon Scott's men, prophesied short later slogging up Antarctica's Beardmore Glacier in 1911. This tempestuous misreckoning by the generator of The Whip Journeying in the Humankind indicates what a foresightful way we've travelled in barely 91 days. By 1977, when you may bear plunked fine-tune $2.50 for an other exit of Read more [...]
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Japanese tsunami destroyed parts of the Antarctic ice shelf

Satellite images from NASA show about the power of the waves generated by the tsunami on March 13 in Japan, reports Source: FinalNewsJapanese earthquake broke the ice of AntarcticaThe earthquake off the coast of Japan was so powerful that spawned the tsunami waves that reached even the coast of Antarctica. According to scientists, the strength of the shock wave was enough to split the ice shelf into several pieces. With improved aperture synthesis radar (ASAR) NASA experts received a series of pictures, which can be seen as two huge iceberg and several small total area of Read more [...]
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