The anthill to help extremals

In the forests of the middle band, in the forest, you can always find anthills. How can use the anthills in the end, the person who turned one on one with wild nature. It is known that nests with greater or lesser degree of objectivity used for orientation. On a more or less open glades or in uniform density of the forest, the nest is always located on the South side of the tree trunk, protecting the colony from the cold from the North. In addition, there are many original areas the use of an anthill. Large brown or black ants can be caught and eaten. Better to cook them, but there can be extreme Read more [...]
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Ants versprochenen around the world except Antarctica and some remote Islands and insects are public. More valuable nutritionally, not so much the ants as their larvae and pupae, or, as they are occasionally called, ant eggs. Testicles because of their appearance reminiscent of white or yellow rice grain.Testicular reddish ants - only versatile and nutritious food, and they can be eaten alone or as an ingredient in recipes, for example, in salads, soups and omelettes. In exotic countries, for example in Thailand, their little podsalivayut , wrapped in banana leaves and fry. There is a similar Read more [...]
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survival tips

WHAT MAY BE USEFUL ANTHILL?Ant colonies are more or least a modicum of objectivity to use for orientation. On more or less open glades or in a uniform density of the forest, the hive will always be located on the South side, behind the tree trunk, protecting the colony from the cold North.Big brown or dark antsyou can catch and eat food. Better cook, but extremes can be eaten raw and, previously rubbed with the palms or tearing of the head. But the red ants are not worth it.But the ants - it is far not a delicacy, in comparison with what you can get out of an anthill.Take a piece of cloth, tarpaulin, Read more [...]
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Ant hill in winter

Well, that did not in the winter, of course, but in the forest, in a large, multi-year anthill? ...Thaw - in December in our area now and then it does happen. Shines low winter sun. Softly whistling bullfinch on the tops of trees. Occasionally proshurshit the snow forest mouse or vole.On the sparkling snow glades smerzsya top crust crust, beneath-emptiness drifts slightly settled and separated from the snow crust. It is transparent, like glass, hanging below her big heavy drops. Nagneshsya, look close, and through a drop of a blade of grass, small particles are different, that lie at the Read more [...]
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Signs and habits

Ants - hardworking, numerous and mysterious inhabitants of our planet - have become my good friends. Here on the table home several species of ants. Here and huge kamponotusy and biting red Formica rufa (red wood ant), And secretive, fearful Formica Fusco. For each species - house special design according to the natural habits and customs of the ants. Forest and meadow ants settled in basins and bowls with steep slippery walls. Carpenter ants - in a piece of wood, glazed on one side. Tiny mirmiki live in a closed, closed on all sides by glass anthill. They can not be trusted, these crumbs: Read more [...]
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