Medical care in the United States of America

Modern conventional medicine today U.S. terminology may be defined as "allopathic medicine". This means that patients diagnosed with these or other disorders and diseases are issued special synthetic chemicals - antibiotics, they have to destroy microorganisms that cause this particular ailment. Modern antibiotics are working quite well and generally cope with the intended purpose - to deliver the leadership in the body, the native cells from the invading parasites. So most of us can easily take antibiotics without any ulterior motives. However, in our body are also useful and even Read more [...]
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Etiological treatment of infected wounds

Etiologic therapy is performed primarily by antibiotics. She, unlike the pre-can and should take account of the sensitivity of the wound microflora ANTI drugs. In this regard the following main comparative clinical effect of complexes of various drugs, not the action of the pathogen in vitro. In the period of infection antibiotics should be used in the same manner and to the same high doses, as in sepsis, even if the clinical picture is not heavy. Its severity is determined not by the dosage and duration of therapy only. So if, for example, with the introduction of penicillin 400 000 units Read more [...]
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In the early 20th century, the largest German scientist P. Ehrlich (1854 - 1915) demonstrated the possibility of synthesizing a given plan of drugs that can affect foreign organisms pathogens, and thus laid the foundations of a new section of pharmacology - chemotherapy. First successful experience in the field was cured animals from trypanosomiasis synthesized as directed by Ehrlich in 1904 dye (trypan red). In 1907, in search of anti-syphilis Ehrlich synthesized Salvarsan, an epoch in chemotherapy. Were then created derivatives salvarsan, led to a successful close combat parasitic diseases. Read more [...]
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Treatment and prevention of cholera

The etiology and pathogenesis of cholera epidemiologyThe clinical picture of cholera Cholera Treatment Cholera is mainly pathogenic, aimed at the restoration of the patient's body in the water and salt balance. Rehydration therapy equivalent to resuscitation and is held in the volume corresponding to the loss of water and salts. Patients were injected intravenously (in the subsequent drop) salt solution № 1 (5:4: 1) containing 5 g of sodium chloride, 4 g of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and 1 g of potassium chloride in 1 liter of distilled or, better, pyrogen-free distilled water. The Read more [...]
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The clinical course of odontogenic inflammatory maxillofacial

The clinical picture of odontogenic inflammatory processes to a period characterized by the use of antibiotics acute course, pronounced intoxication, a tendency to spread to the neighboring areas of the process, the transition of acute to chronic with extensive sequestration jawbones (AE Verlotsky, 1936 S. Vajsblat 1938, VF-Vojno Yasinetsky, 1946). The use of antibiotics in the treatment of inflammatory diseases has led to the first stages of a drastic change in their clinical course. According to Molchanov (1948, 1956), the mortality rate in the dental clinic of the 2nd MGMI from severe septic Read more [...]
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Phenols of malignant disease-8

Significant antitumor activity was shown as gossypol cottonseed, phenolic active ingredients of marijuana drug A-9-THC and its analogs. Cannabinoids also possess antiemetic effects, which also finds its use in treatment of cancer patients. Drug antozim of beetroot juice speeds recovery of cancer patients after surgery and radiation treatment. Undoubtedly the prospect of clinical application in the treatment of precancerous lesions and cancer of the skin and mucous membranes has also vitamin A, and in particular its synthetic derivatives - retinoids. Vitamin A is essential for normal functioning Read more [...]
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Apostematozny (blotchy) nephritis

Apostematozny jade a purulent metastatic kidney disease, which are the initial focus of suppurative processes in other organs - felon, furuncle, mastitis, purulent otitis media, sinusitis, etc., often have ended by the time of renal symptoms. Pathogenic bacteria - staphylococci, streptococci rarely - by hematogenous fall in renal cortex and in the form of infectious emboli, stuck in the glomeruli and small end vessels. Glomerular endothelial swelling, leukocytes accumulate in the capillaries. Formed multiple small pustules, the size of a pinhead to a pea, located mainly in the thickness of the Read more [...]
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Follicular tonsillitis and lacunar

Complaints of patients with follicular and lacunar angina about the same as for bluetongue, but all things are expressed with much more intense. When pharyngoscope patients show hyperemic and swollen tonsils. On the surface they appear as dots and white and yellowish-white film. They are a festering follicles tonsils. This follicular angina. Lacunar angina is characterized by the inflammation of the follicle does not begin with the tonsils, but with gaps. On congested mucosa tonsils initially formed from the depths of gaps persevered white or yellow limited raids. Increase in size, they will Read more [...]
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Tympanoplasty - Is operation to improve hearing and eliminate inflammation in the middle ear with hearing loss caused by the defeat of sound-conducting system of the middle ear (see). Produce tympanoplasty for chronic suppurative otitis media, adhesive otitis media timpanoskleroza. During the operation, in addition to removing abnormal tissue from the middle ear (carious changed parts of the bone, granulation polyps, cholesteatoma), create a new pneumatic cavities, using for this purpose the remains of the tympanic membrane, different grafts (more connective). As a replacement for the destroyed Read more [...]
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The first medical aid

The first medical aid has the following main objectives: prevention of shock, and the struggle against it, eliminate the immediate life-threatening effects of injuries and diseases (hemorrhage, asphyxia, cardiac fall, collapse, respiratory distress, etc.), the prevention of infection in the wound, preparation of the affected patients and to further evacuation. The first medical help has a doctor. Events first medical aid to the urgency of divided into two groups: a) emergency measures, and b) those that can be deferred. Immediate action to the first medical aid, conducted in conditions of life-threatening Read more [...]
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Preoperative period-2

Features of training in some pathological processes. Hemolytic jaundice, thrombocytopenic purpura disease shows high calorie protein-carbohydrate diet, sweet fruits, fish oil, vitamins, and calcium salts. In these cases, patients transfused svezhetsitratnuyu single-group blood, and with symptoms of bleeding - platelet mass. It also has a particular preparation of patients with hemophilia (see). In preparation for elective surgery in patients with diabetes appoint a diet with restriction of fats and carbohydrates, to reduce blood sugar levels below 200 mg% and eliminate acetonuria spend glucose-insulin Read more [...]
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Prevention of bronchitis

Prevention of acute and chronic bronchitis, is to carry out extensive hygienic measures to combat air pollution in cities and factories, compliance of labor, development of physical culture and sports in order to quench, are of great importance fight smoking and alcohol, as well as a thorough treatment of diseases predisposing to B. need for early detection and thorough examination "coughing" people. B. Acute be treated to a full recovery. Treatment should be directed against suspected or known cause of the disease, at relief or mitigation of disease symptoms. In cases of fever and Read more [...]
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The etiology and pathogenesis of the classification of postpartum infectious (septic) disease-2

Pathogenic staphylococci are less invasive compared with streptococci. Due to necrotizing effect, have pathogenic staphylococci, and in part to their ability to coagulate plasma relatively quickly come thrombosis lymph and fixing staphylococci in inflammatory foci. Thus, when a staph infection are conditions conducive localization of the pathological process, but at the same time the penetration of antibiotics in the area of inflammation. With substantial microbial virulence of infection may not occur or be inadequate. In the first case, the disease will occur by the type of acute sepsis, the Read more [...]
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Next page

The next page, I think, the most interesting event of the fill area is not herbal antibiotics, such as those extracted from the fungus mold, and animal antibiotics, which attracted the attention of Soviet researchers. Moscow professor Jacobson identified by Professor Zilber of the red blood cells of different animals substance called eritrinom. In the clinic of Professor Dobrokhotova treat children infected with diphtheria. There is a wonderful method to combat this disease - special serum infusion. This is a great means of saving the children from the dangers of diphtheria. But as to the treatment Read more [...]
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Diffuse peritonitis acute postpartum-5

Head of the bed, the patient should be raised. In case of introduction into the peritoneal cavity of four drainage tubes connecting the top two with a dropper filled with dialysis solution, the bottom two provide the outflow of fluid. With the introduction of only two tubes in the iliac region one of them, located far from the site of infection, combined with a dropper, and the other is to remove the dialysis fluid. Care should be taken as to ensure tightness of the dialysis system when the device to drip fluid, abdomen and drainage are like a unit. Dialysis is used liquid, containing 15 g of Read more [...]
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Diffuse peritonitis acute postpartum-3

Currently, drainage is used mainly for the introduction of antibiotics into the peritoneal cavity. For this purpose, use thin drainage tube (diameter 5-6 mm). Usually administered two drainage tubes - through small incisions in the abdominal wall of the right and left iliac region. In the later stages of peritonitis due to the serious condition of the patient is most often limited to interventions aimed at the evacuation of pus and reduced toxicity (laparotomy, drainage of the abdominal cavity through the abdominal wall and the posterior vaginal fornix, in some cases - enterostomy). Surgical Read more [...]
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Postpartum thrombophlebitis-1

Febrile period in iliac-femoral and femoral thrombophlebitis can last 2-3 weeks. Often, then within a few weeks there is low-grade fever. Edema of the extremities lasts 1-2 months, small swelling persists for a longer time. In the recovery period a sense of "pins and needles" in the affected limb, which gradually disappears. Always be aware of the danger of embolism, which is particularly high in the first 2 weeks of the disease. When thrombophlebitis have to reckon with the possibility of defeat, and the veins on the other side (often 10-12 days after a previous illness). The use Read more [...]
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Postpartum endomyometritis

Lohiometra accompanied by a rise in temperature, signs of intoxication, painful, cramping pain in the abdomen. Endomyometritis duration is 10.8 days. Febrile temperature (in remission and 1 °) is held in course 5-7 days, turning at the end of the disease in subfertil. Along with the described clinical endomyometritis observed easier form disease. Easy endomyometritis usually proceeds with subfebrile temperature, all clinical events with him are less pronounced. The disease is often short-term. Lightweight, abortive forms endomyometritis now, thanks to the use of antibiotics occur relatively Read more [...]
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Puerperal mastitis-4

It should be borne in mind that the treatment with antibiotics may be a worn picture of abscessed mastitis. Phlegmonous form of purulent mastitis is relatively rare. In these patients, chronic inflammatory process captures most of the breast in a set of small purulent foci, and they do not merge together and form large purulent cavities. The patient's severe, the temperature rises to 40 °, re-marked chill. Breast enlarged, painful, her skin becomes swollen, shiny, congested, with a bluish tinge. On palpation there are indentations in the skin of the breast yellow, lemon-like crust. Often Read more [...]
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Puerperal mastitis-1

Should strongly reject introduction antibiotics in the breast tissue around the inflammatory focus (obkalyvanie) or resulting in infiltration, as previously recommended by many authors. Clinical observations have shown that this method of treatment, especially when multiple injections and high doses of antibiotic, forms a dense, long-term non absorbable infiltrates. Often, after multiple doses of penicillin and other antibiotics to infiltrate (and a festering abscess cavity with mastitis) inflammatory process takes a chronic course with periodic exacerbations. When pathohistological study in Read more [...]
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