With music in the heart of

    Nizhny Tagil College of Arts (NTUI) celebrated in 2003 its birthday. Of course, 45 years old pillbox not Jubilee but significant, and for the birthday, and for the city, because NTUI is not only a professional educational institution that prepares teachers music schools, but also musical and educational center of our the city, the center of the main creative forces and the source of all creative teams of the Lower Tagil.     It all started almost Half a century ago, back in the 58th, when out of Sverdlovsk Oblast Executive Committee in Nizhny Tagil received a decree Read more [...]
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One of the glorious cohort

    Look at the old parageusia photo: all-Russian face, large open eyes, the bold scope of the eyebrows, smoothly combed hair with a parting in the middle, white collar shaded dark dress. Dr. Antonina A. Zjabliceva. She was very modest, this woman, the glory of which 40-50 years spread far beyond the city knew her throughout the Urals.     Antonina Alekseyevna there was the founders of the strongest specialized therapeutic services the second city hospital. However, upon arrival in Nizhny Tagil with the Perm medical diploma Institute in 1932, she was sent to work in clinic Read more [...]
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The defendant gave birth in custody

What to say to all this? In all of life can be. He likes people, or out of love, correct or change - this is after all the degree of personal freedom. But there is a world-honored moral taboos and spells, to go against that - then go against the human race. "Thou shalt not kill" - one of them. Irina Titova in quarrels repeatedly said his sister and her lover, that she would go to the police and tell all that she could not hold onto. At her threats. Another time in the good Julia implored her: "You do not want to destroy our future family happiness" is incomprehensible. In Read more [...]
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Again morgues mental hospital. Connect fortunetellers, psychics

In the second volume, I read the signature of the senior investigator of the 2nd police station Stupino ATS Art. Lieutenant Klenow repeated decision not to open a criminal investigation into the disappearance of Amy Novikova. The motif of the same: information about someone's crime and someone's guilt is not extracted. And it was already a month in June. Amy's mother, Antonina Ignatyevna with her husband, prihvatyvaya granddaughter (and with whom to leave?) Continued to drive, to look, to ask, did not see anyone here this young woman. Photo light seemed fading from those closely Read more [...]
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That the light was gone, it was found a few days later, when out of the Eagle Stupino called Amy's mother Antonina Ignatyevna Moses. The tube was removed Sergey. Shaking hands with his son, she asked to call the Light. -How to light, it does not do you have? She went to you! .. Panic was not there, maybe to her friend Svetlana in Moscow has called in, who knows what ... We agreed to call up and start broadcasting the news, if there will be. But the news was not. By the end of the week everything is in a serious agitated. Sergei Novikov, the husband of the missing Amy, wrote a statement Read more [...]
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